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Riley"s Big Adventure

The Big Surprise!

January 2nd 2009 11:59 am
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With the haze of too many treats and way too much Christmas food filling my belly, I heard the rumble of a large truck in the distance. My ears went up, my pointer-sense putting me on alert. In a dash I rushed up the stairs and jumped up into the window. As I looked out I saw the very thing that had stirred me from my sleep and it was pulling into the driveway.

Before I get ahead of myself, I should describe a few events that lead up to the start of my tale. Starting a few days before Christmas and continuing the days after, my folks were running around the house putting things in boxes and tapping them up. Items from the basement were being brought up to the dining room. Dishes were being removed from the cupboards. A series of unusual activities were taking place and I couldn't put my paw on it. It seemed familiar, but at the same time different.

Now, as I gazed out the window that overlooked the driveway, I saw it and it all made sense. Scampering up beside me was Rosie. She, too, jumped up into the window and looked from side to side but her shorter stature didn't allow her to view what was in the driveway as well as I could. Even if she could have, I don't think she would have known the significance.

"Rosie!" I barked. "We're going camping." I told her. She looked at me with a puzzled stare. I could clearly see she had no idea what I was talking about. "That truck, the one in the driveway." I continued. "The last time I saw a truck like that, oh maybe a year and a half ago, we all went camping. It was great fun and the truck was there with us and all of our stuff was in it."

I jumped down and made tight little circles as I do when I get really excited. A year and a half ago, my folks, Cookie and I went camping for several days. We had been living in a townhouse, removed everything from it and put it in the truck; just like one now sitting in our driveway and we went camping with everything. When we were finished camping, we unpacked the truck and were living in our current house. I can't believe we're going camping again. It's certainly much colder than when we went a year and a half ago, but oh boy is this going to be fun. I quickly described everything to Rosie. I didn't leave out a single detail. "There's nothing like sleeping under the stars," I told her.

Then, one box at a time, each went onto the truck. I danced with anticipation and excitement. Camping, an open fire, the smell of nature. I couldn't wait!

When the truck was packed, Dad put Rosie and I in the car. "This is it, Rosie," I said. "We're off to the camp site." The car started up and slowly pulled away from the curb. A few minutes later it stopped and Dad put the leashes back on us. The door opened and we jumped out. "This doesn't look as you described," Rosie said. I just turned my head at an angle and looked. It doesn't, does it? I thought.

Dad started off towards the house in front of us. To one side was another house clearly still under construction, while on the other side was a vacant lot. Into the house we went. The smell of new was everywhere. That same smell I soaked up a year and a half ago after we returned from camping.

I dashed around smelling, searching, checking out every inch. Beside me was Rosie, she also was checking out the new surroundings. When I went upstairs I paused in the upstairs family room. Strange I thought. Very strange. I continued to explore. I went into every room. When done I made my way back downstairs and stopped just outside of the kitchen. I looked at Dad. A large smile, or should I saw smirk stretched across his face. I tilted my head to one side as I often do. Then, like a blaze of lightning it all came to me. This was our new house . . . but it seemed strangely the same.

Dad let out a laugh. He clearly found something very amusing. I looked around again. Yeah, this place is very familiar. It's the same house as we lived in, but everything was reversed. Who buys the exact same house but reversed, I thought. That's just crazy, but true.

Dad let out an even bigger laugh as he was very amused by the fact that he thought I was confused by the house being the same but reversed. Yeah, very funny, Dad.

Rosie came up beside me. "So are we going camping or not?" she asked.


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