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Austin's Diary

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Dogster Closing Down our Pup Pages

January 17th 2014 10:03 am
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Our crew is saddened to learn that Dogster will be closing all of our pet pages by March, 2014. We have made so many wonderful furriends on here and, without Dogster we would not have made it through many dark days. Our Pup Pals have laughed, cried, worried and celebrated with us for many years. This has been a place fur us to let our voices be heard, seek advice on medical issues from pup pals who may have been through the same experience, share our special days and photos to accompany same.

We love all of you so very much and have anxiety over losing touch with many of you!! As such, mommy has asked us to let everyone know how to find us once we are gone from Dogster.

Mommy has a Facebook page and her name on there is “ Deanna End Bsl Coleman Smith”. She set up a new email address to keep up with all of you and it is
Please keep in touch with us…we love all of you!!!


Dinner ideas...

October 9th 2013 5:14 am
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Mommy is trying to figure out something different to make with her beef tips. I have suggested mixing them with some hard dog food but she wasn't in agreement. BOL! She says she is tired of the "same ol' same ol'" recipes like stroganoff, kabobs, spaghetti and beef stew. Anyone have different ideas? I know ya'll find it funny I am asking my pup pals for a recipe but, hey, we love food too!


Hurt leg:-(

October 7th 2013 5:48 am
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I hurt my leg running and playing in the back yard on Saturday. Mommy has been taking such good care of me and keeping me off of it as much as possible so, this morning, I was actually walking without a limp. I loves my mommy soooo much!!


Dogster Diary Pic!!!

May 28th 2013 7:35 am
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Bah humbug! I was Dogster Diary pic of the day on Monday which was a Holiday so my mommy missed it. She has got some making up to do!!! BOL!!! Thank you for the honor, Dogster. A special thanks to my pal, Redford fur always making me a special frame to celebrate special days. You are pawesome!


Awesome as always

May 23rd 2013 10:56 am
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Just checking in on all my dogster pup pals. Mommy is making her rounds to all of our pages to give pupates for us.

I am, well, awesome as ever. I have much more grey hair than I used to have but, it makes me look charming daddy says.

I have been keeping my brofur and sisfurs in line. They like to act bad sometimes and I have to step in and bark at them to make them straighten up. That is my responsibility as the elder dog in the house.

The whole family is doing well. No one has gotten sick lately except for the regular allergies that Ginger and Braun Boy like to partake in but they have meds for that.

Mom and Dad are happy as ever and that makes us happy. They love each other so much and for a dog, that is a very peaceful feeling. You see these families fighting and arguing in front of their furchildren and it is just heartbreaking that they don’t realize it scares us so very much. All pawrents should be aware of this. Mommy asked one of her friends not to raise his voice when he was visiting one time and he had no idea why. She explained that Braun Boy will cower and hide if anyone raises their voice. Not sure why but that is what he does. As such, mommy is very protective of all of us when it comes to noise level in our home.

Sorry to keep this short & sweet but, gotta go look in on all my dogsters to see how they have been doing before mom leaves this site!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!!


Your Birthday is never just “Your Birthday”.

January 31st 2012 10:57 am
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I have come to realize that my birthday isn’t just “my birthday” given our large family. And, believe it or not, I wouldn’t have it any other way! All of us got to enjoy some special dinner, frosty paws and even all got the NEW CESAR MILLAN toys!!! Whooo Hooo! I am super excited about killing all the squeakies in all the new toys.

To all my wonderful Pup Pals out there, thank you so very much for the most fabulous day of prezzies and birthday wishes. You all make us so very happy!!

Love & Hugs, Austin


Life as a P.I.M.P.

January 22nd 2012 5:20 pm
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Ello Dogsters. Yes, it is me, the P.I.M.P.! I just wanted to check in with all my Dogsters to let you know how life has been going as a dog living life as a P.I.M.P. (Pup in Major Perfection). BOL!!!! Scared ya didn’t I???

Life has been up-n-down in the Smith household over the last several months. We have had so much going on with our furless and our furfull. Notably, my brofur Braun battled Bone Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) and it seems he won. We were told on diagnosis that we had six weeks but, as you all know, our mom decided that was not going to happen on her watch and (after a full day of crying of course) did her research on the internet and via her wonderful friends on Facebook she found options. Braun had a couple of amputations and is doing so well now.
Our furless brother, Michael joined the Marine Crops and was gone for an entire 13 weeks at this place known as “hell” as well as we could gather from his letters. He has since graduated and is heading to Camp Lejeune for his Infantry training tomorrow.

Tina is as spoiled as ever. She demands attention 24 hours a day and gets it. Mom and Dad made the funniest video of them telling her it was time to get off the human bed and in her dog bed; the look on her face said "call the ASPCA, I am being abused", yet we all know whe wasn't being abused, just asked to do something she didn't want to do. She actually broke out the "whale eyes" in the video!! Sadly Mom is bad at the internet and she can't seem to figure out how to move a vid from her new Blackberry to the internet which is, so sad because it is HILARIOUS! We are all used to that by now. BOL!

Nugget has yet to decide it is better NOT to pee or poop in the house when mom & dad are at work. Mom and Dad know she is trained because she always asks to go potty when they are home but, she always wants to pee/poop as soon as they leave for work, etc. Mom says it is anxiety and we wonder why she still has it. Mom hates the idea of drugging her for same and she hates the idea of crating her with all of us running free (as we are accustomed to) so she is stuck. She and dad have resorted to leaving “painter’s tarp” down in the area we stay when they are away from home. She had some suggestions from pup pals to use a Kong but, she also has “food aggression” so this could lead to further problems as well. Needless to say, she has been a handful. Mom and Dad say “thank God we love our dogs endlessly because any one else would have taken her back.” I say, yes, my pawrents are AWESOME!

Ginger missed Michael the most when he was gone to Boot camp, though Mom might argue the point. Ginger was Michael’s dog at his other home (real mom and step-dad). My mom was pet-sitting for them when they would go out of town and noticed evidence of negligence as well as abuse. She thought about it and told Daddy we had to save her before they sent her back to the pound (because they have a reputation of doing same) and she told Daddy that we HAD to save her because this was Michael’s dog & this would break his heart. And then there was our new family member…the BEAUTIFUL GINGER! It took a lot of rehab to make her trust again. Michael was so grateful.

Then there is me!!!! I am doing very well. I am still the protector of the house and I keep the lil’ one’s in control. I make sure Dad works out by making him (and mom) take us on walks daily and, on occasion, I get a little spunky and make him chase me up-n-down the house hall for fun…he needs the exercise! BOL!

That is an update from The Smith Household and the P.I.M.P I hope all of you are well and those of you who aren’t please share with us so we can pray for you and your family. As evident in Braun’s case, POTP is a STRONG vibe and we send it to all who aren’t well.


Thanksgiving with Family

November 27th 2011 5:20 pm
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We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family. For all those out there that didn’t have a forever family; we thought of you and prayed for you. We know that many, many of us are still out there in a cage with concrete floors, warm/hot water, bars as a door, pee on our floor and a person passing by on occasion to make sure we are still breathing. We know that your Thanksgiving was not one of celebration, thanks and love. We know you cried yourself to sleep the night prior and the night of. Our wish on our Thanksgiving was for YOU! Not US! YOU! We want everyone to realize that while they had the warm surroundings of comfort, family, friends and great food…you were in hell. A cold, careless H E L L! Bless all of your sweet souls for holding on to hope and understand we are doing EVERYTHING WE CAN to get you and yours out of the hell you are in. WE LOVE YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! There will be no peace until there is PEACE FOR ALL!


Is it October yet?

September 19th 2011 10:48 am
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We send prezzies to all our pup pals saying "Happy October" and wonder just how many will notice and reply! BOL! We do however wish everyone a Happy Every Month of the Year!!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! p.s. If this is found not to be funny by anyone, I blame Mommy! BOL!


Family Update

September 7th 2011 3:28 pm
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I haven’t been on here very much lately so I asked mom to please transcribe this message for me. I call it a family update because I am the Alpha Dog and I feel as if I am the Head of the Family!! BOL!! That sounds like a mafia thing huh?

I am obviously still looking good and cute as evah! I have lots of gray hairs now and I move slower but, that works well for me because I am able to “slow down and smell the bootays”. Mom gives me arthritis pills now and they really help me to feel more flexible. I don’t like to move too fast first thing in the morning but, neither does mommy so fair is fair right?

Nugget, our newest addition is still a little testy. For some reason she is hard to train insofar as she still pees in the house on occasion and, typically does it after mom and dad have been home for vacation or something. I think she is trying to let them know she is pissed they aren’t home. BOL! Her nose healed after having a stand-off with Braun over food about a month ago. She has a cute little scar that I am sure she can see if she looks down with her eyes crossed. For some reason, the bite, vet visit, stitches, etc. didn’t teach her a lesson. Mom is still working with her to increase her sense of security and decrease her food aggression.

Tina…what can I say about Tina. She is giving all of us a bad name. She cuddles with daddy all the time, she is a delicate eater, she takes treats so nice avoiding nipping fingers, she doesn’t pee or poop in the house, she alerts mom & dad when I am outside & come back to the door wanting in (I taught her that), she loves all the other dogs unless they mess with her stuffed bear or Alf, she gets in her dog bed when she is told it is time to go “nappy doodle” (that’s mom’s words for get off the bed and into your own), she stopped escaping from the backyard but that is mostly due to daddy “Tina proofing” the back yard. Overall, no complaints about her.

Braun is getting gray too. He is still an anti-social dog and loves mommy most. He has always been that way. I think that comes from her being the one to save him from the rescue and when he first came home, he would cry at night and mom would lie in the floor with him, cuddling him until he fell asleep. That would spoil anydog right? He likes to play with toys all by himself. If anyone tries to join in he stops playing. I guess some dogs are simply born that way. He is super, super cute when mom comes home though. He literally smiles and his eyes bug out. Mom thinks that is the greatest thing ever!

Ginger’s anxieties have dissipated to some degree. She feels less anxious and doesn’t always run from the room when a box or package or anything new is in her presence. She still can’t control her licker…I hear they have support groups for that. Maybe we will look into it. Her summer cut has finally grown out and we are all happy about that because we were uncomfortable with her running around nekkid all the time…though she seemed to love it. She had a hard time when mom and dad bought us new dog beds insofar as she couldn’t figure out which one she liked most so she would go from bed to bed all night long. She recently developed storm anxiety so we give her a little “druggy poo” before bad storms. That makes her a happy little camper. We are still trying to figure out why she toots every time she jumps up on the bed, couch, loveseat, etc. She was laying in the bed the other day with her bootay facing Nugget’s face & tooted. Nugget actually heard it and stuck her nose in her butt as if it was a present. Silly Nugget.

Anywho, that is my family update. I hope all of you are well and want all of you to know we love you so very much. Our Dogster pals are the most awesome, loving peeps and we are blessed to know all of you!!

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