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Black Pearls of Wisdom...

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Queen of All Things

March 9th 2010 5:01 pm
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So, the Burt got up from his dogbed in the TV room. To get a drink. When he came back into the room, I was laying in the dogbed. So Burt jumped up onto the daybed. With the Mom. Doesn't he know that is MY place?

Later, the Burt left his cushion that's between the Mom and the Dad's chairs in the Living Room. To go outside. When he came back into the room, I was laying on the pillow. So Burt jumped up onto the couch. And laid down on my couch pillow. Doesn't he know that is MY place? (Later I got back up on the couch and sprawled out in the middle--just in case Burt had any more smart ideas...).

The Mom and the Dad have started calling me "Queenie". The way they say it, I am NOT sure it's a compliment...


Crazy Little Thing...

March 6th 2010 4:36 pm
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I'm told it was a Chihuahua. The smallest, itty-bitty, teacuppy Chihuahua ever seen. Off it's leash. At the park this afternoon. Luckily, Burt did NOT mistake it for a squirrel or I shudder to think of what might have happened!

Here we were, minding our own business, enjoying the park on a warm Saturday afternoon when we were swarmed by this little yappy thing. Circling and circling and circling, and yapping and yapping and yapping. And it's people trying to dodge our leashes, chasing it around in circles (have to admit it WAS pretty funny how this little itty bitty thing had these people all in a FRENZY).

What a panic! Guess they thought Burt and I would eat their baby for lunch (us being big mean lookin' black dogs and all... BOL). Would have been TOTALLY avoided if they'd OBEY THE LAW and LEASH their dog. And me and Burt? Totally calm, totally in control. Totally on a harness and leash.



I Discover Liver

February 25th 2010 6:42 pm
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Liver sausage, actually. The Mom is anemic, so she's been buying foods high in something called "iron". She makes sandwiches with the liver sausage, and gives Burt and I a dollop of it. VERRRRRRRRRRY Yummy!


I Don't Do Bones

February 23rd 2010 8:02 pm
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It was Burt's birthday on Sunday (also angel WINston XXLP's). The Mom and the Dad took Burt and I to the park for a walk. Then we went to a different, smaller pet supply store (we usually go to the PetSmart and the Petco where the Mom once worked).

Burt FREAKED! He did NOT like going to a new place. He did NOT like meeting new people. I hardly had a chance to sniff around and get some treats from the employees admiring my beautifulness. Burt kept jerking around and trying to bolt for the front door, so we left :(

The Mom and the Dad bought Burt a couple of new "babies" (the word Burt associates with little stuffies). They also bought me and Burt these things called "Merrick Bones". I don't get it. The bone SMELT good, but it's HARD! Not worth the trouble, if you ask me...

(but the stinkin' CAT liked the bones! He was licking them and biting the grizzle off of them. Go figure...)


I find Mud...

February 18th 2010 3:43 pm
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The Mom was NOT pleased. Let me explain... Burt and I went to the Groomer's Monday. Today we had a "melt" here in Chicago. It got up to 39 degrees! So we HAD to go for a walk this afternoon. Without our coats!! Wooooooo arrrrrrrroooooooooo! Senka Park (three blocks from our house) was in full melt-mode. Lots and lots of puddles and mud! There's nothing like mud oozing up through one's pads. Walk through mud, walk through a puddle. Walk through more mud, walk through more puddles! Such Fun!!! (the Mom did NOT see it the same way...)


A Triple Treat--The Mom, The Dad, AND My BarkDay!!!

February 9th 2010 2:38 pm
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Well, I don't know where they were for eight days, but the Mom and the Dad are BACK!!!!! Wooooo arrrroooooo woooooooo!!! They came back last night and it was like PARTY!!!! They brought TREATS, and gave PETS and HUGS and KISSES, and we got to SNUGGLE in bed all night long!!!!!! I am SUCH a happy girl! I kept breaking into a combination Happy Dance / Zooooooooooooomies all through the house!

A little birdie reminded me that tomorrow, February 10th, is my 7th BARKDAY!!! Well, we're not sure WHEN I was born, as I was dumped at the shelter in the middle of the night. But I turned up on Feb 10th, so that's the date we use. Originally I was going to the V E T tomorrow for a semi-annual check-up, but we rescheduled due to it being my BarkDay (not really--severe snow in the Chicago area, and EXTRA lake-effect snow falling in Indiana where my Vet is). So, I get to have another day with the Mom and the Dad and treats and pets and hugs and kisses and snuggles. It's so GOOD to be ME!


Listen, buddy, Divas DO NOT do fetch!!

January 30th 2010 4:26 pm
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Well, I sooooooo don't get all the excitement around here this afternoon. The Dad had this stuffy ball thingy, and he kept telling Burt "are you gonna get it?" over and over again. Then he tossed it across the room and down the hallway, and Burt ran after it and picked it up. "Good Boy, Burt, Good, Good Boy!" You'd have thunk he performed a super-canine feat or something they way the pawrents reacted.

Burt ran into the bedroom with the stuffy in his mouth. Then after a bunch of "Come, Burts", he brought it back into the living room. Such excitement over what??? I just DON'T get it (literally and figuratively). Dad tried to toss a stuffy for me to chase and I looked at him like he'd lost his marbles. Divas DO NOT do fetch!


Burt is taking over MY job!

January 26th 2010 3:50 pm
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For some reason, Burt has decided that HE has to watch over the Mom. He's even sleeping on the daybed, at the Mom's feet. Listen, buddy, that's MY spot!!! There is a perfectly comfortable dog bed ON THE FLOOR next to the daybed. Try it. But just get OUT of my SPOT!!!


Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is Up and Running!

January 20th 2010 4:51 pm
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Yes, the puppy cam that started the whole puppy cam craze is back for Round Two!

From UStream:

Tune in daily to see the cutest Shiba Inu pups... EVER! ;)
The five Shiba Inu pups (3 boys and 2 girls) were born on Saturday, January 16th, 2010.
This was the second litter by their mom, Kika.
Names pending...
Girls (both red):
B1, B2
Boys (1 red and 2 cream):
B3, B4, B5

First photos of the new litter -

For more information on the Shiba Inu dog breed go here - or2.pdf

Please do NOT purchase pet store (puppy mill) puppies! All they care about is money and not about proprly testing the parents of the pups for genetic defects. Do your research to locate reputable breeders in your area!

Likewise, do NOT buy puppies over the internet! No reputable breeder will ever advertise pups/dogs for sale on the internet (this includes streaming sites). You should be able to visit the breeder to see the conditions of the pups/dogs and get a chance to bond with the pups before you decide on whether or not they are right for you. If the breeder doesn't allow you to visit beware, it's likely a puppy mill.

Do note, that most reputable breeders have waiting lists prior to a litter being born. Once you have located a breeder you feel good about ask to be placed on the waiting list.

Another option would be to consider adopting a rescue Shiba. Go to this link to view rescues across the country or to make a donation:


We are so very happy for Kika and her new family. Congratulations!!!!!


We need a RAMP!!!

January 14th 2010 6:49 pm
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So, today the Mom got us dressed up in our coats to go to the park. Burt and I love going to Pasteur Park 'cuz we get TWO things we love to do--a ride in the Jeep AND a walk in the park. But last night the Mom had to park down the street from our house. (The new Garage Door is coming Monday--woohoo). She got into a really small parking space, but ended up a bit from the curb.

Burt and I got to the Jeep and the Mom opened the door. I jumped up, missed the folded down seat, and ended up with my paws in the gutter, ankle deep in melting snow. NOT FUN!!! The Mom kept saying up, Up, UP... but I kept saying no, No, NO!!! And Burt took my lead--no, No, NO!!!

So, the Mom lifted each of us up and put us in the Jeep. (Well, it was more like she picked us up, fell against the side of the Jeep and pitched us through the door opening). I think it's time we invested in a RAMP, don't you?

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