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Black Pearls of Wisdom...

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We all Walked!

October 9th 2008 9:10 pm
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The other day the big man came home from the job. The lady had the day "off". It was time for the big man to take me on our nightly "sniff". I smell ever tree. I smell ever bush. And not a quick smell. I put my nose right into the green... sniff... sniff... The big man said to the lady "why don't we both take Dixie"? And they did. I did my happy dance where I leap and turn and scamper and the big man said "what is she doing"? The lady said "It's her happy dance. She does it for the first block of our walks and then she calms down. Doesn't she do it for you?" And of course, the big man said "no", because I only do my happy dance for the lady. It's my "happy to be going on a walk with the lady" dance. It's special just between us girls.


The dog Park!

October 4th 2008 5:41 pm
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The lady and the big man took me in the car for a long ride. We stopped at a strange place. It was all fenced in, like a back yard. But you could walk all around it. I sniffed every foot of the fence. Dogs ran up on the other side to sniff at me. Then we went inside the fence and the lady took my leash off. I got to sniff some more. There was a basset hound that I liked at first... He was nice. A big yellow lab ran up to bother him. I knocked her away from my new friend. Then a dog tried to go by my lady. I wouldn't let her get near my lady. Then my new friend tried to mount me. I showed him my teeth. Then we left. Who knew? I'm an "alpha" dogpark dog!


I forgot to be Afraid.

September 29th 2008 12:05 am
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I went by the lake today. To walk for shelter dogs. I liked seeing all the dogs. There were a lot of people too. The big man and the lady came with me. But they didn't hold my leash. They let NancyLady hold my leash. NancyLady used to have a dog named Daisy. Daisy went to the Bridge. It made NancyLady feel nice to hold a leash again. I did my happy dance today for her. And I forgot to be afraid. That was good.


PAWS 4K Walk Sunday Sept 28th

September 27th 2008 9:35 pm
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I am going for a walk. For shelter dogs. I was a shelter dog. It is a good thing to help other shelter dogs. I will get to see lots of nice dogs. I like that. I will also see lots of people. I am not so sure about that. But the lady and the big man will be with me. It will be ok.


I can't Wait!

September 26th 2008 10:23 pm
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I like when the lady comes back from the "job". She always takes me for a walk. Right away. The big man doesn't do that. He comes back from the "job" and he feeds me. Then he eats. Then he watches the pretty picture box. He is suppose to walk me. Now. I do my happy dance. I jump on his lap and off. I scamper around. He still watches the picture box. What does "15 more minutes, Dixie" mean? I can't wait!


I see Bunnies!

September 25th 2008 5:07 pm
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This place I live in is called a city. It has lots of houses and people and dogs. But every day when the lady takes me for walks we see bunnies! The lady will not let me chase them. I want to chase them. This is not fun. I want to run. After the bunnies.


I miss you, little fat dog...

September 20th 2008 9:59 pm
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I miss you, little fat dog.
You made life so interesting
with all the sounds you made.
The house is very quiet.
I do not like quiet. I miss you.


Don't honor me, honor the REAL heroes...

September 20th 2008 6:02 pm
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This is WINston XXLP, doing a quick fly-by... So many Dogsters have written to say that my fight to battle back from the Menu Foods/Nutro poisoning has made me source of inspiration and a hero in their eyes. I'll tell you who the real heroes out there are... the rescue people on the front lines battling Puppy Mills and the poor pups that spend their entire lives as breeding livestock.

Today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day. And what better way to honor those heroes than with a donation to a bulldog rescue that is actively removing bullies from the puppy mill breeding population? Here's a recent email from CEBR about their last auction success:

Hello Chicago English Bully Rescue Friends and Supporters!

You most likely read our last email several weeks ago as we were preparing for a
puppy mill rescue mission. I have great news to report! Through generous
donations from friends of rescue we were able to save 14 bullies from a horrific
life in a puppy mill! What a success.

We plan to have a complete Website live by this weekend which will allow you to
get to know each of these girls. The URL:

As you can imagine, it has been a heck of few weeks trying to get all of these
bullies, plus our other beautiful rescues, settled and healthy.



The little fat dog went to the Bridge... I am very sad...

September 19th 2008 6:20 pm
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WINston XXLP passed today, at the grand old Bulldog age of 11 years 7 months. He passed suddenly of heart failure while at the vet's office. WIN now joins his Golden sisters HoneyBunny and LuckyLucy and his Golden brother Remo the Red at the Bridge.
No words can express our sorrow.
Larry and Rhonda Brenza

please make any memorial contributions to Chicago English Bulldog Rescue at


In the great Chicago tradition, Vote Early and Vote Often

September 17th 2008 1:58 pm
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PetFinder has really blown the doors off of the voting process--sort of like Chicago politics: vote early and vote often! Just select Illinois, and scroll down to As Good As Gold-Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois to help the organization that rescued LuckyLucy and her doggy mom Sheba. Since May 2003, As Good as Gold has rescued over 800 Golden Retrievers. At any given time, they have 30-35 dogs, males and females, from six months to upwards of 14 years of age; being cared for in the private homes of foster volunteers.

The Foundation will *donate an
additional $5,000 *each to the two Petfinder member shelter and rescue
groups that get the most votes. Vote here : cgi

(no spaces, even though for some reason Dogster is putting a space that I didn't type between Vote. and cgi in this diary entry)

select Illinois & then select As Good As Gold

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