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Black Pearls of Wisdom...

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Happy I'm Home!

November 7th 2008 6:53 pm
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Today it rained. A lot. No walks to my Park today. So the lady took me for a long car ride. To the Bank (where I peeped outside like a good girl). To the Post Office to mail something for Sully & Socks. To PetsMart (where I pooped outside like a good girl). To Kohls. To CVS. Then we came back home. I sang when I saw our house. I ran up the steps (I always beat the lady to the door--she's slow) and sang some more. When the lady let me in, I took off! I ran through the house. At top speed. Jumping on and off the couch. Through the house back to the kitchen. Back through the hall to the front room and onto to couch. Back through the hall toward the kitchen. Where I almost knocked the lady over! The lady said "Dixie, you have the Zoomies!" Zoomies? I don't know Zoomies. I just know I'm Happy I'm Home!


I can Sing!

October 30th 2008 6:33 pm
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Yesterday I went with the lady and the tall boy in the car. We drove a long time. All the way to the big lake. Lake Michigan. Then the tall boy got out of the car. He had to go to one of those "job" things at something called McCormick Place. Then the lady and I drove for a long time. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. We were on "city streets" instead of the "expressway". It took a long, long time.

Then we stopped. I looked out the window and saw my park. The BIG Senka Park right by my house. I got so excited I started to sing! Woooo-arrooo-oooo. A chortle, high, singing bark, with lots of spins around in the back of the car. Good thing there is a lot of room. The lady laughed and said "Dixie, I didn't know you could sing!" Sing, shming, let me out of the car!

Today we drove to the park again. I had a good long walk with lots of sniffs. I like to kick my back legs out -- kick, kick, kick -- and make the dirt and grass fly! I leave MY mark in MY park! The lady says "oooo, tough girl, Dixie, you're a Tough girl!" I leave my Mark!

Then we got in the car and went to a store. I was a good girl. I waited in the car. Then the lady came out of the store with PIZZA! I like pizza. The lady and I had pizza in the car. Then we drove home. And when we got home.... Wooooo-arrooo-oooo!! I started singing again! I am happy. I can Sing!


I am Blessed!

October 28th 2008 1:48 am
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The Big Man and the Lady took me for a walk. It was a nice day. We took pictures by some pretty flowers. Then we were in front of a Church. They were having a "Pet Blessing". I met a nice brown dog named Newman. And a very fat little beagle who wasn't nice. The beagle belonged to the "Deacon" man. The Deacon-man shook the lady's and the Big Man's hands. I did not like him touching their hands. He walked away to get me treats. I jumped after him and tried to bite him. I missed. I guess it was bad that I tried to bite the Deacon-man. And good that I missed. He still gave me the treats. Then the "Father"-man came out of the Church. He talked about how animals helped people in the Bible. He sprinkled us dogs with his special water. Now I am Blessed!


Darn that Cat!

October 25th 2008 7:55 pm
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I was on the bed. The cat was on it too. Then the lady came in. I started to wag my tail. It hit the cat in the face. Whap. Whap. Whap. Whap. The cat grabbed my tail. He used claws. Then he bit my tail. I did not bite him. Even though he bit me. I am not a toy. Darn that Cat!


Princesses keep Dry!

October 22nd 2008 6:44 pm
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The lady and I have been going to the park every day. It is a big park. It has paths and lots of things to sniff. It is right by my house. But I do not like to walk on the wet grass. Maybe because I was a truck dog. I walked on concrete. When the park is "wet" I like to walk on the concrete by the fence. Not on the wet leaves. Not on the wet grass. The lady laughs and calls me a "Princess" because I don't like wet. The lady took photos and video of me walking on the concrete. Doesn't she understand? Princesses keep Dry!


I smell Horses!

October 18th 2008 8:17 pm
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The lady and the big man and I went for a ride. Soon we saw trees. Lots and lots of trees. The lady said it was a "forest preserve". Then we got out of the car. I was surrounded by trees. And bushes. And smells!!! But I didn't see any bunnies or possums or raccoons. I see them every day. But not in the forest preserve. The lady said it was because we made too much noise. Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch... We scared the all bunnies away. There were lots of things to smell. Big smelly piles in the middle of the path. The big man called it a "horse trail". Those horses must be some really big dogs. Maybe like a mastiff? I don't know. I didn't see any. But I smell Horses!


We can Snuggle!

October 17th 2008 7:37 pm
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I miss the little fat dog. Very much. I can lay on his couch all day. And he isn't here to grump at me. I miss him. I miss him grumping. But now he is on the couch again. Sort of. And we can snuggle!


No to Drugs!

October 15th 2008 12:01 pm
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I am smart. I watch the big man. Yesterday he put little pink pills in the treats. I ate the treats. I did not eat the pills. Today he put one pill in a Pill Pocket. I ate the Pill Pocket. I did not eat the pill. Then he tried to smash up the pill inside the Pill Pocket. I did not eat the Pill Pocket. Then he put the Pill Pocket in my food. I did not eat my food. The big man said "Dixie, you have to take your Benadryl". I say No to Drugs!


I make Noise!

October 14th 2008 6:44 pm
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I make noise now when I walk. It scared me at first. Crunch, crinkle, crunch, crunch. When the lady would step on one of the leaf things, I jumped. I would jump too when I was the one stepping on a leaf. Now I don't jump anymore. The leaves are very pretty. But if I can, I don't walk on them. Today at the park I walked on the cement next to the fence instead of on the grass with the crunchy leaves. The lady laughed and called me a "princess". I think that this "princess" must be a good thing to be.


She came Back!

October 13th 2008 6:59 pm
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Today the lady gave me my breakfast. Then she took me for a car ride. I like car rides. Then she left me at the groomer place. I do not like to be left. I worry that the lady won't come back. But I am a good girl with the other dogs. And with the bather lady and the groomer lady. I am there a long time. Long time. Long, long time. I worry lots that the lady won't come back. And then she does. And the big man comes too. And I almost jump off of the grooming table. I am so happy. She came back!

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