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Harley's New Adventures

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Tagged Again

November 9th 2008 12:49 pm
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Well my good friend Miss Jasmine has tagged me, so I gonna make this a short tag, cause I running out of things to say about me. (Can you believe that)

1. My sister, Sophie Claire is a German Shorthaired Pointer
2. I loves green beans and carrots.
3. I love to get tummy rubs when I in bed with momma
4. My sis and I stay all day by ouselves in the house and don't get in troubles.

So here are the 5 friends I gonna tag.

Fais Do Do
Jimi Leroy Hendrix


Tagged Again!

November 8th 2008 5:59 am
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Well my friend Oscar has tagged me so here are some new things about me that you might not know.

1. I don't like to wear clothes
2. I love to eat ice cubes.
3. My sister Sophie Claire is always stealing my toys.
4. I love to eat Natural Balance dry chow.
5. Most of all I love all my friends on Dogster.

My 5 pals that I am picking are:

Now these pups will have to tell 5 things about themselves and pick 5 pups to tag. Be sure and leave them a pmail and tell them.



November 4th 2008 3:43 pm
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I have been tagged by Miss Brea! I am writing 7 things in my diary about which I am very greatful.

1. Me love my momma very much
2. My sissy, Sophie Claire is my pal and trained me on everything I need to know.
3. That we have all the brave men and women serving in the armed forces to keep us all safe.
4. That me loves to be loved.
5. That I have the bestest home in the whole wide world.
6. My best pals are Sebastian, Cash, Buster, Sugar, Brea, Brandy, Babe and Brea.

I have tagged the following pups. Please read my diary and then you gotta tag some pups.

1. Buddy
2. Uno
3. Snuggles
4. Remington
5. Zoey
6. Shakespeare
7. Mr. Tuggles


Harlely's Great Day

November 1st 2008 3:54 pm
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First thing right off the bat mom dresses me in my muscle shirt with the sparkley H on it and off we head to the new Petsmart. Well, I made a haul there, let me tell you. New Harley Davidson collar ( oops I chewed the other one up at the groomers). Next we go home and give Sophie Claire her new toy. Then mom puts my new charm on my new collar that Sebastian sent me. Rest for an hour. Then we head off for K9 University's Halloweenie pawty. I still wearing my muscle shirt and see lots of my old pals and make a bunch of new ones. Then they say LET THE CONTESTS BEGIN!!!! Mom entered me in Best Recall (small dogs), Best Obedience, Agility, Lap Sitter Oner and Costume. Well guess what? Me won FIRST PLACE IN RECALL and Honorable Mention in Agility. Whoa doggie, me come home with great big bag of goodies. Being the gentleman schnauzee that I am, me shared all my great stuff with my sissy, Sophie Claire. Then me gets home and finds out I won First Place in the Snobbydogs photo contest!!!! Let me tell you folks, THIS HAS BEEN A DAY OF ALL DAYS. Now me is one pooped schnauzee! I thinks I will take a well deserved nap. Hugs from Harley D and a big thank you to all who voted for me in the contest. I have the bestest friends in the whole wide world from Dogster. Yawn, stretch, me little eyes close slowly, I dream of my big day.


Today - What A Day-Am I dreaming?

October 19th 2008 6:15 pm
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Well me wakes up this morning, give momma her kisses, go outside and then have me breakfast. Mom gets her coffee and turns on puter to get her emails. Whoa doggie, she say to us. What going on? Harley D, you have all these pressies waiting for you at Dogster. So we hurry over der to see what going on. Holy macaroni and cheese, me named Schnauzer of the Week on Schnauzers Rule!!!!!!! Me get sooo many pressies and pmails that it took momma all day to send thank yous. Me got me own thread for the week at SR. All of my furiends at Dogster helping me with contest at Snobbydogs. Me have fun in contest at Dogster. Sometimes we have to stop and thank the heavenly father above for being able to make so many new and very dear friends. Aren't we all absolutely the luckiest furs there are? Sophie Claire has been wonderful today, but did whisper when momma wasn't watching that today is my day, but, tomorrow I better make sure dat my head fits through the doggie door. Wonder what she means by dat? Anyhow I can't imagine any better day than today. Thanks to all of my buddies, furiends, both canine and feline, for making this such a very special day in the life of this schnauzer. Hugs to all, me getting sleepy. Can't wait to dream tonight!


Happy Wednesday

September 3rd 2008 7:10 pm
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Well Mr Diary,
Today was a great day. My friend Miss Lexie is feeling mucho bettero and survived her tussle with the vermin and burrs. Buddy has learned a new word "intrepid". I asked mom about that big word and she said to remember when I get goobers in my beard and she gets the comb out. I said Yikes, I guess I know what that word means. I have my moon suit for Thursday night at the Kit Kat doings and that is with great thanks to Miss Barbie III! Sophie got in big troubles tonight when she chewed a big hole in one of moms shirts. I think she better watch out (her birthday is Sept. 6th) or we might not have a party. Well I'm going to bed, so, a big goodnight to everyone. Oh, I almost forgot, great pics Duke.


Wow, I won something

September 2nd 2008 6:20 pm
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Well, I didn't come in first, but second place is swell in the Hat contest.
I hope mom doesn't starting getting me some more. I have a bunch in my hat drawer! I have made so many new friends, gone to parties, got oodles and oodles of gifts and bones. What more could a little schnauzer guy like me dream of? To all of you my, eternal thanks and am I ever glad mom got me on Dogster. Well this has been one terrific day. I've been playing with my big sister Sophie and she has be dragging my little stubby and tripping over my tongue. I hope its time for bed.


Holy Haloweenie

August 31st 2008 7:57 pm
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Well Shucky Darn, Dagnabit!!!!! Mom anounced tonight what my costume is going to be this coming Spook night. Well, it seems I'm going to be a Bark Ranger. She bought a teddy bear outfit with a shirt and Ranger Hat and my green bandana says Bark Ranger. Maybe I can hide that night and she won't find me. I've been a pirate, biker and last year I was a scarecrow. Anybody want to borrow a costume?
Besides that its been raining and I don't like wet! Hope we don't have to get a boat. Well its getting late and Sophie and I just came in from bug hunting. Hope I don't have nightmares about Smokey The Bear.


Howdy Mr Diary

August 30th 2008 11:32 am
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Mom went shopping today for Sophie's birthday. I wanted to go with, but she said I have a big schnauzer mouth and I can't keep it shut about presents. I don't know who she is talking about. hehe. Its a good thing I didn't go to the barber shop yesterday cause it rained huge cats and dogs last night. Sophie do not like thunder boomers and she gave um heck last night. Needless to say I stuck like glue to her and mom during the storms. Thanks to all of my new friends and groups on dogster. A special thanks to Spike!!!!!!!!! Hope everybody has a furtastic weekend. P.S. I do know where Sophies gifts are but I'm keeping my little yap shut.


The Best Day So Far

August 26th 2008 6:21 pm
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Wow, I am so excited. I have so many new Pup Pals and have joined two groups. I asked mom to call the barber shop and make an appointment for my haircut. I have to look really good for all my new friends. I have been out in the yard playing with my big sister, Sophie Claire and now I am really POOPED. We got to have a snack and mom gave us green beans! We love them and we also like fresh blueberries, banannas and watermelon. Oooh, I better quit talking about them, I'm getting hungry again. Well bedtime is looking better and better. Woof back later. HD

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