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A Lucky Life


August 6th 2009 1:01 pm
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Well we have not been around much like we had hoped but Auntie's computer does not work real good sometimes and she has not had the extra money to do anything for it. We are hoping that she might have a little extra and might be able to do some stuff that might help. She has had some health stuff too, but we figured you didn't want to hear that again.
When we first got on dogster a year ago we were real excited, but we have come to see that some people on dogster are friends and outsiders don't fit in and sometimes that is how we have felt.

I hope we can still be part of dogster because we have made some friends, but I would not be surprised if we got dumped from other groups, this has happened to us already when Auntie was sick.

So I guess I hope if you read this and you are an old timer don't forget the new folks.


adopt stroll

May 3rd 2009 5:13 pm
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What can I say I was one day away from being put down when they sent me to Pets Unlimited and once I got there I was kinda ugly and had some medical issues (minor skin stuff) but when my Daddy saw me he said thta's the one we want. You see my Daddy is learning disabled but he knows what he wants. My Mommy thought I was a good choice too. Then they brought my Auntie to meet me too.

Well they did all the paper work, I got groomed and my skin stuff taken care of and on April 20, 2002 they brought me home. It was easter sunday so they called me their gift from the easter bunny.

I was not use to the love they wanted to give me so when I first got home I was a pretty mean boy and they almost sent me back. But once I started to realize that they loved me I mellowed out.

Now people that knew me when I first came home and how I am now say that Love really changed me into such a sweet boy.

I am so Happy now and I am so glad my family picked me.

I hope that all dogs that need to be adopted can get as LUCKY as I was.


I Got tagged

December 28th 2008 8:16 pm
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Well Talley tagged me. She said to write 7 things that most of you don't know about me and the tag 7 of my friends. She also said the lazy way to doit was put it in my diary. So that's what I did... So here are the 7 items most of you don't know about me.

1- I live on an island
2-I sleep with my mommy and daddy
3- I snore
4- I must have my collars on or I freak out
5- I have a favorite scarf
6-I like to wear clothes
7- I love to cuddle in my aunties arms

so now the 7 I have tagged are
Mini Mischief


best gift

December 27th 2008 3:03 pm
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Well Christmas day was fun I got lots of gifts from my cool secret santas, (Auntie and I will be sending Thank yous soon) my auntie and mommy and daddy gave me lots of toys too.
But I realized the best gift i got is Love. The Love of my family here at home, and the love of all my friends on Dogster. Being a rescue you know what it's like to be alone so you really appricate being with your family and friends. I know that I was close to being put down when I was lucky enough to be adopted. I wish that all dogs and cats could be as Lucky as me.
I guess that is one of the reason I am enjoying Dogster so much is that I have made so many friends and some are like me lucky because they a forever home at low times in their life too.
But for me there is no looking back, I love my life.
So like I said the best gift is Love.


We got cards

December 9th 2008 12:01 pm
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Boy oh boy things have been so crazy, my auntie has been so busy with other things that we have been away from our daily Dogster stuff.
We really look forward to welcoming new people to the groups I'm in and sending birthday wishes and stuff.

Auntie is running for this board on the island we live on and so she is stressing about that and she had to do a postcard and the printer was not doing what it was suppose to. So if everyone can keep their paws crossed the election is next Tuesday.

We have gotten some cards already it is soo cool. My Mommy is jealous. It is so funny, when the mail comes she is more cards for you. It is fun getting mail. My Auntie did my cards on Saturday, except the ones I just got the list of. We mailed them on Sunday. Auntie is going to take care of my secrect santas after tomorrow when she gets her Social Security.

Well auntie is going to work on my emails now. I hope she gets them caught up.



December 3rd 2008 11:45 am
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Well I am thinking that today we will be going out in the car, and I can't wait I love to ride in the car.

I have gotten my card lists and secret santas I am so excited about being part of this. It is just another way to enjoy my new friends at dogster.
I take it upon myself to welcome new group members inthe groups that I am in, I just want them to feel welcome and know that they have made the right choice, by joining. I wish I could chat more with everyone, but my auntie can only type so much. So we do what we can.

I had a rough time, but there are so many other pups and kittys that are really suffering and I hope everyone is remebering them in their Prayers. I am sorry that we are losing good folks too. I know that all things happen for a reason, but losing good pals is still hard.

My aunt has made some great friends on dogster too, she did an interview with a paper called Fetch about how great Dogster is and she tells everyone about it.

Well I guess that is the all we have to say today, I hope everyone has a great day.

Oh yeah and I hope all the pups and kittys that have been honored today have a great day. And the pups and kitty that have been given some special title for December really have fun and enjoy yourself. I was humbled to be named Royal Pup of the month in PCPD and boy it makes me so proud.

Welcome to all the new Pups and Kitty that have just joined Dogester or Catster, you are in for a great adventure.


no cone

November 22nd 2008 9:31 pm
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well I did a major happy dance yesterday, Igot the stiches out and the cone off. I had to wear that thing for ten days and belive me it is not a fashion statement at all.
I can eat out of my bowl again, it is easy to drink water again and one of the biggies is I don't keep running into walls, chairs, legs anything that I walk pass any more.
Auntie took me out after and let me pick out a new toy since I had been such a good boy, putting up with the collar and the medication.
I do not wish the collar on any one. Iguess deep down, way deep I knew it was for my own good, but boy am I glad it's gone.

I want to say that everyone on Dogster has been so supportive of me through this whole ordeal, Thank You.
Auntie says that she knows that all the prayers and good wishes are what got us through this.

So I love all my friends at dogster and so does my Aunt.

Hugs and Licks,



November 16th 2008 8:12 pm
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Well we sent 2 boxes of my old toys that were still in good shape to Dogtown. My family spoile me with toys so I have lots and I wanted to share them with puppies that needed them. Of course I have my favorite toys which I would not part with, but I am happy to let someone else be happy.
I guess being in this cone has really givin me a new insite to the needs of others.
I am happy that we are back to being able to welcome the new faces in the groups I'm in.




November 15th 2008 5:27 pm
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Well another day with this dumb cone. I hate it I was in the car and sitting on Aunt Becky's lap and I could not look out the window as well as I'm use to. I can't press my nose at the window when I am waiting for them to come back and I get no respect when I bark at people all they say is oh what a cutie in his cone. I can't wait until I get it off. Oh and they say it is on so I won't scrach the stiches and what does Mommy do last night but almost pull out my stiches, thank goodness Auntie told her to be careful that was where my stiches were, Mommy thought I got food there.

But the I go on to Dogster and I am Prince for the day in one of my groups...Prince Charmings and Princess Divas.. so I was so excited about that. I always let my humans know I was royality.

Now I know why we are on Dogster it is because the people are great and when We are having a bad day all we have to do is come her and it makes our day.

Lucky and Aunt Becky



November 14th 2008 5:19 pm
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Well I am still wearing this sill cone and I have to wear it another week until the stiches come out. I did figure out how to take it off once and I got in BIG trouble, so I have left it on. I keep hitting everyone with it though so they know I am upset.
When ever I eat I get stuff all over it. They have me on antibiotics and my humans have been giving it to me in yogart, but I am wise to them so today I did not want the yoguart.
This also gets in the way when I play ball.
My auntie is still hurting but we missed our time on Dogster so she says she is going to struggle through it so we can be on line.

We really like dogster so hopefully you will see more of us.

Lucky and aunt Becky

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