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My Crazy Dog Life

V - E - T

September 21st 2006 8:50 am
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Uh, oh! I think mommy is taking me to the vet next week. She caught me scratching at my ears a lot and none of that horrible cold stuff she puts in there is helping. She also found a little lump on my side during a B-A-T-H and wants to get that checked out since it did a little bigger. I can't wait to go because that place has so many smells and people pet and love me there. It should be fun unless they put more of that cold wet stuff in my ears. I can't stand that!

Wish me luck on being good and getting a treat after my visit!


Having so much fun!

April 26th 2005 7:40 am
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Oh my gosh have I been having fun. Mom and dad keep bringing these people into the house and I get to bark and bark and bark at them. Then I get to run around in circles in the kitchen until they pay attention to me. It is so much fun. Meeting new people is my favorite thing to do...well maybe not. I do kind of like eating...

My sister (Becka) says that she is going to figure out how to get those water cubes out of the big box. I really hope so because those are so much fun to eat and chase around the kitchen floor and they are fun to eat. Did you know that water cubes are fun to eat?

I can't wait for mom and dad to get home and we can run around outside with the little people. They love to visit and I can't wait to chase them. They always smell so good. They smell!


More Snow

January 21st 2005 11:27 am
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Great, we have more snow on the ground and my mom tells me there is more to come. Perfect. I hate going outside in the snow and rain. I wish they would just let me stay inside where it's dry, warm, and all the food is available.

Did you know that I love food? I do. It tastes so good and feels so good in my tummy. Mom says I can only have the food she gives me and I can't help my sisters finish their dinners because of some kind of thing with my weight being bad for my joints...sounds like a conspiracy to keep my favorite thing from me. One of these days I will figure out how to get the lid off that bin full of food.

I think I heard whispers of a trip to the park this weekend, I hope my ears were just acting up and those aren't the plans. Don't they realize it's cold and there is snow on the ground?!?!

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