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Surprise !

January 4th 2010 4:00 am
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WOOHOO!! I'm Royal Member of the Day ! At Princess Divas & Prince Charming's ! Thank you Bailey for the beautiful card. I love pink thing's ! We have so much fun at PD&PC. We play games and go on trip's. There are so many nice dog's and cat's there also. It's a group full of love. Come on over and join. Have a great day furiend's !


This Morning

November 15th 2009 5:30 am
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Hi pup's, This morning I got a pretty pink ribbon. It's from Elmer(he's a black cat). He told me I'm Black Beauty of the Week at the group Black Beauty. Thank you furry much Elmer. It's a fun group for dog's and cat's that are mostly black, but you can have some other color's also. I'm in it and so is my sister Alexandria and my cat sister Emily. At Princess Divas & Prince Charming's we are still on our RV Roadtrip and we are going all over the place. Right now we are in my state of Indiana. I'm the host. We have many more states and even England to see. Come and join us fur a great time. I gotta go and get back back to the trip. See you there ! Have a great day furiend's. Molly



November 14th 2009 4:54 pm
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Hi pup's today I soent the morning at the groomer's. She was kinda sad but doing ok. Her 4 year old Rottweiler girl, Tiny has cancer. 2 week's ago the vet had to amputate Tiny's front leg. That didn't stop the cancer. Faith ( my groomer) is very brave and so is her doggie. I hope that when Tiny's time comes she goes in peace. When I saw mommy I just stretched up to her and we hugged and cuddled. At this time of year we are all reminded of what we are thankful for. I am very thankful for my family and furiend's and all the love that goes along with them. Molly



November 10th 2009 1:01 pm
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I just added a new picture of me. I am a turkey ! BOL ! At Princess Divas & Prince Charming's they have a new game. Who's That Turkey ? I got to be the first one. Wow ! Thank's Bailey. Come on and join us. We are still on the RV Road Trip. We will be for many month's. Maybe you can even be a turkey. Gobble ! Gobble ! Molly


Memorial For HARLEYDOG

November 4th 2009 5:38 pm
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Hi pup's, a great friend to many, HARLEYDOG went on today to The Rainbow Bridge. He was great fun to play with at Dog Park USA. He made great pictures for the fur's when they would win at the game guess how many is in my yard. The how many each time was the winner from the previous game. Some in my family even won and the picture's are still on their pages. This Thursday evening at 6PM dogster time at Fancypant's Cafe there is a memorial service for HARLEYDOG.
They usually play bingo at the café however this week are going to put that aside and remember a dear friend to everyone. Bring your pictures, songs & memories to share. We will gather starting at around 6 pm dog time. Everyone is welcome !!!!!!! At Fancypant's Cafe 24/7. Hope to see you all there. Thank's


The World's Coolest Dog and Cat Contest !

October 26th 2009 6:31 am
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Hi pup's, We all , every dog and cat in my family have entered the World's Coolest Dog and Cat Contest . Please go to our pages and click on the link to go and vote for us. You also get Zealies for voting. The more you vote, the more Zealies you get. You get them when the contest is over. So do like us and get voting ! Thank you.



October 19th 2009 5:14 am
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Tell 7 random facts about yourself. Post these facts & the game rules in your diary. Then tag 5 dogs (don't forget to list their names) who must tell 7 random facts about themselves. Let these dogs know they've been tagged by sending them a Paw-mail or rosette.

Here are my 7 facts...
1. I am third of pup's in the family
2. I love to hunt toad's in the back yard.
3. I love to walk anywhere with mommy.
4. I Love mommy bestest.
5. I alway's sleep right beside mommy , sometimes in her arm's.
6. I will be 5 years old in February
7. I love when mommy throw's a ball or toy's so I can run after them.
I am tagging some furiend's and maybe they will play.


Tagged by Buttercup !

September 25th 2009 4:26 pm
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Answer all questions, post them in your diary, then tag 6 friends by sending a rosette or PawMail. If ya don't want to p-mail 6 than just p-mail one pal !

1. What color is your collar? I have 5 to chose from.Right now I have one on that is purple checked with light and dark purple daisies on it.

2. What kind of food do you eat? Purina Dog Chow Regular size and sometimes Purina Dog Chow Little Bites

3. What are your favorite treats? Milk Bone Original Treat's

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? no , just my family

5. Do you get table scraps? No !

6. What is your favorite toy? A big knotted rope

7. When is your Birthday? February 15, 2005

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? 2

9. Do you have a favorite color? pink

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? Only if they have time !
Thank's Buttercup !


Grooming and Other Thing's

September 11th 2009 10:50 am
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Good afternoon pup's ! This morning I went to the groomer's. It was a good morning there. I get to see and talk with the other pup's. It's alway's nice to visit a while. I got a shampoo, nail trim, ear's cleaned and a very pretty pink and purple bow. Faith ( the groomer lady) makes the bow's she gives us doggies. She's a very nice older lady. She has a couple big dog's herself and a nice husband. You might have noticed that me and my other dog's have pirate pictures as our top picture . Teddy from Pups N Purrs made them. I think we would have made good pirates. I love running around and sniffing in the back yard and when I get to go for a walk. I find toad's. You never know what kind of treasure you might find somewhere. Also today is 9/11. I wasn't born when all that bad stuff happened that day. But I want to say a prayer for all those lives lost and changed forever. Human's and animal's . God Bless America. Molly



September 2nd 2009 3:58 pm
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Hi Pup's, I am Pup of the Week at HTT-Happy Tails Town. WOW! I sure didn't think I would be choosen .Thank you all so much. HTT is a very happy group of dog's and cat's. We have a lot of fun games and great member's. You should come on over and join us. See you there. Molly

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