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Molly's Muttering's

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My 8th Birthday!

February 15th 2013 12:37 pm
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WOOF! Today is my 8th Birthday. It doesn't seem like I'm that old. Mommy remembers the evening that I got to come home. That was a very fun evening to. See the people that had me while I was waiting for mommy and dad thought it would be funny if I drank some coke a cola . Well I think I was on a sugar high because when I got in the door at home, I ran and ran and Walker and Ms Alex chased me and sniffed me and licked me and OMD! We had a great time!! Pooks came on the scene later.
I'm in the Dogster Birthday stroll along with 1,483 other dog's, but some of the spaces are blank so they must be gone :( Thank you all sweet dog's and cat's for the wonderful pmail's, pictures and rosies!! I have had a great day. It's cold and spitting snow at my house outside but I love the snow :) You are all so very sweet ♥


Grooming Update!

January 16th 2013 8:17 am
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Something has been on mommy's mind off and on since I went to a new groomer. What if I would dash out the new groomers front door?I did get out my back yard years ago when dad left the gate opened and we went to potty at 2AM. I was gone for around 1 1/2 hour's. Callie has one dog over at a time when she groom's and her 3 dogs and the dog to be groomed gets the run of the house and out back also with her 1 outside dog. At home us doggies never go in the kitchen unless we are going somewhere. The kitchen is where the door is that leads to the outside of the fence and the driveway. We always have baby gates up at certain places. Mommy talked with Callie about that. She told Callie she feel's more comfortable with the other groomer. Before mommy talked to Callie, she called the old groomer(of 6 years) up and asked her if we could please come back. Faith said yes, of course! Mommy also told Faith my long eyelashes are gone!
You see, I've had 3 groomer's. The first one I had 2 times. The second time she used cologne on me and I broke out in a terrible rash. I had to see the vet, get some medicine and the 1st groomer wouldn't give the grooming fee back and she wouldn't pay for the vet visit or med. So then we found Faith and we all just clicked. She is a wonder lady and knows I love the long eyelashes on the end of my eye. You can't see them unless you see me in person but I've alway's had them until last Saturday. Mommy told the 3rd groomer, Callie that she did a good job, she just feel's better with the old groomer lady. Faith has a building all set up for grooming apart from her house, but still on her property and yes there are cages. But mommy trust's her and always has. We tried this 3rd groomer because of prices on just breathing goes up every year. But live and learn.
When Faith said yes of course we can come back, mommy said to her Bless You, you are a dear. Thing's will work out and we are very used to bumpy road's BOL!
Have a great day pal's, I sure am :)


My Saterday

January 13th 2013 5:00 pm
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I went to a new groomer. She lives two block's from my house, so that save at least $10.00 in gas and she only charges $25.00, that save another $5.00 from the groomer we had. The one we had is a very wonderful lady and I've been going to her for six year's. But with the prices of everything going up most all the time we had to change. Mommy called the old groomer Friday and they talked and she said she understands and me and Pook's can always come back. Mommy felt like crying because the old groomer was so sweet. The new groomer only has one doggie at a time, so no cages. I got to meet her 4 doggies. She has a big German Shepard that lives out in the back yard and has a dog house. Then there is a black lab and tw0 poodles. We all played and ran around in their house and in their backyard! OMD! There were toy's all over the place!
When it's nice I can even walk there. There were no cats at all. It was a lot of fun, like a vacation. She gently rubbed my tummy and talked puppy talk to me :)
It rained all night and then this afternoon we got SNOW! About 2 inches so far. When I came running in to eat, I slid on the deck but stayed upright.


I Got A Big Surprise!!

January 4th 2013 10:26 am
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OMD! I went to the group Pets That Love Fun and WOW! I am Pet of the Year!! I never expected it. I don't get there everyday but try to stop by often. Sometimes things at home (stupid things) keep us from playing at some group's because there's only so many hours in a day BOL!
Flicka and Lucas' mommy Pam made pictures for me and Lucy- Admin of the Year, Spike- Arts and Stories of the Year, Jimmy- Joker of the Year, Lovi- Romantic of the Year, Chloe- We Love You and Whinnie- Chef of the Year.
Pets That Love Fun is a fun and happy group full of very caring furs.If you miss days one of them checks into it. So if you want some fun join Pets That Love Fun.
Thank you Flicka, Lucas, Pam and furs again and again ♥


Yummy, Yummy, Yummies For Our Tummy, Tummy, Tummies!

September 28th 2012 5:31 pm
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WOO HOO Furs! Me and my dogsib's won Nutro Naturals Biscuits ! I tell you they are so GGGOOODDDD!! Pepper made this college for Nutro. The UPS man left a big box at the door, mommy brought it in and said, what's this? So she opened the box and there was 3 bag's of Nutro Naturals Biscuit's for us doggies.So far we have only opened the Lite bag, but we would eat them all at once if we could BOL! We left a comment at our pup friend pepper's blog. She has different giveaway's. Doggies clothes, cat treat's and one time dog toys and a pink bowl. She's a very sweet pup!Have some fun and check her blog out! Thank you Pepper and Nutro for the very yummy and good treats!


4th Annifursary!

August 15th 2012 6:50 am
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WOOF! Thats right , we've been here 4 years today! The first 11 of us BOL!
As some of you know we got Jerry and Tinker way after we all was here. One summer evening mommy was watching The Greatest American Dog tv show. She saw an advertisement for and wanted to check it out. But she kept forgetting then finally two week's passed by and she did it. Mommy had never been on a social network place ever before. So the first time she was here she signed up Walker, Alexandria, Molly, Pookah, Edwina, Emily, Nelly, Morris, Cleopatra, Nekko and Itsumo.
We had the regular membership for a couple of month's and then moved up to plus. You can have a lot more pictures that way! Mommy didn't know about, copy and paste even BOL! She learned that and how to get a picture in a post and last year a very sweet doggie mom Pam, Flickas mommy helped her learn to make our pages beautiful.
There have have been a few bump's, Many, many smiles and laugh's and some tears to. We've made a ton of friend's and saw some cross on to Rainbow Bridge. Those times mommy has to cry and gets very sad. We've had good friends go on before us, Cats Sunny Bono, Athena ( a sweet 3 legged calico),many more. Dog's Lexi,Sunny and many more. But it really help's to have fur's here to share the pain and of course to share the happiness.
Mommy wishes we would have found Dogster sooner. It is full of very helpful people and lot's of fun group's.We even get to help in some! But right now with summer, some group's have slowed down.Some fur's have left saying they didn't like all the changes and such. We will just wait it all through all the fleas and play and post when we can.We don't get fleas to often.
Thank's to all you sweet fur's for being here! It has been a great 4 year's!


New Treats!

August 5th 2012 1:08 pm
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Yep I got some new and natural treats, Grasshoppers! I love chasing them and running from mommy with one in my mouth and eating them! We have some rough looking sunflowers at the fence out back and there is a short 2 1/2 foot wire fence in front of the flower's. Well I jump over it everyday and hunt for toad's and grasshopper's there. Also I can get away from Pook's to BOL! I never eat the toad's ever! But grasshoppers are great! They hop up to the wooden fence that is behind the flower's and then I get them. Then I jump over the short fence again go under the patio table and have a yummy snack. Come on over and join me. Don't bring cake because we have plenty and I'll also serve some orange and grape drink's BOL!



August 2nd 2012 8:38 am
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WOO HOO Do I Love Cake!! We were very happily surprised Wednesday when we saw all the cake notices in our email! We did wonder what is going on? Then we saw and OMD! Us fur's will need to go on a DIET now BOL! Thank You HQ!! Way To go! Also thank you furiend's for all the very yummy cakes. We are freezing some so everyday we can have more. We have been sending cakes back but if we have missed anyfur we are sorry, but it's a yummy cake overload! Just enjoy.



July 22nd 2012 3:23 pm
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This afternoon us doggies were out in the back yard. I was supervising mommy while she was moving a pile of wood from behind the storage barn to beside the storage barn. She blocked the side that the neighbor dog's and us dog's run and bark at each other. Anyway mommy picked up some wood and there coming toward here was a long garter/garden snake! I saw it and lunged at it but mommy grabbed me by my collar and picked me right up! Walker was laying on the deck, Ms Alex was eating grass and Pookah was running around in his own little world. Mommy yelled Biscuit's, who want's a biscuit? That always gets the others headed to the door. I always take another round of the yard but this time I was in mommy's arm's. She got us in and gave us biscuit's and then called the son-in-law to come over and get the snake. When he got here him and mommy moved more pieces of wood till they found the snake. Then they saw a baby snake. So son-in-law took both mommy and baby snake, told them they weren't in trouble and mommy told them they were relocating, BOL! So they will live in a garden and help it grow.


Today Is My Gotcha Day!

March 23rd 2012 7:20 am
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This morning when mommy was checking her email there was pmail's and rosies for me. Mommy said Molly something must be up. So when we got to dogster and checked my pmail from a sweet pup named Nina, mommy remembered. It's my 7th Gotcha Day! I should bop mommy over the head, she plum furgot! But she's been sick most of this week with a very bad headache and us doggies and the cat's have been taking care of her. Extra cuddling and hugging. But yesterday she was able to eat and kept it down, she lost a few pound's this week but that's alway's good BOL!
Anyway sweet pup's thank you for the picture's, rosettes and pmail's. You all are just the greatest fur's around! I'm also Royal Member of the Day at Princess Divas & Princess Charming's. OMD! Dogster is the best place even with the changes. They are going to bring back the pretty colored button bar's and matching bottom of our pages soon. Thank you fur's again!

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