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Alex's Tail's !

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Sunday DDP!

August 4th 2013 5:32 pm
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I got a nice surprise in mommy's email today. I am one of the DDP's for today :) Thank you very much HQ and friend's!! You are so very sweet ♥


Happy 9th Gotcha Day!!

August 1st 2013 9:25 am
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Yep that's right! My 9th. OMD! It doesn't feel like that long at all. I am very thankful for my forever home and family and all my furiend's. Thank you sweet fur's for the pmail's, pictures and rosettes. But rosettes are not necessary. They should be for the ones that have went on to the Bridge, sick and lost. As you know out Catsis Edwina(Eddy) went to the Bridge Friday the 26th. That was a sad day. But all you fur's here and at catster have showed us so much love and it help's more then you know. This is the bestest place around! Thank you for making my day a GREAT one ♥


It's My 9th Birthday!

July 3rd 2013 9:33 am
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I don't feel that old but I am beginning to look it BOL! But mommy says the white hairs are beautiful :) I still have a hard time with very loud fire works that go off near our house :( The thundershirt is great for the ones that are just pop's and its ok for thunder storm's. I just can't stand the very loud fire works, so I do have some pills to take and I do have my thundershirt on. Walker, Molly and Pooks always rally around me and thats a big comfort. We have lavender candles and air freshener but when you get shook by a very loud sound it's kinda scarey.
It's been a good day, mommy snag to us and we've been outback some.
There are a total of 1155 doggies having a Birthday today to!
Thank you sweet fur's for the pmail's, pictures and rosies. Rosettes aren't necessary though, you send them to furs that are sick, hurt or have gone to the Bridge. Just a note is enough for us. Anyway thank's very much to;
Bailey NWD
Lord Pippin
Abigal June
Austin & Doo
The Bush Fur's
Pepper, SD, CGC
Mable and Bumble
Hershey & Winkie
Redford & Family
Krickette CGC TDI
Tessa and Fitzcairn
Peek-A-Boo & Family
Tinkerbelle & Natasha
Buttercup Mom's Angel Girl
Sarge, Abby and RockyAngel
Abbey-Forever Loved and Buddy
Abby, Lucian and all the kitties
The Family of Lexi-in Loving Memory, Lulu & Romeo
The family of Oscar (Our Special Angel) and ♥Bear♥
The Family of Angel Buddy, Dino and Buddy B. Boston
The family of Charlie, Abbie, Teddy, Maggie and more!
The family of Flicka ~ CGC, Lucas and Cleo (In Memory)
The family of Lexi, Monnie, Angel Lexi ...Gone But Never , ROSCOE
The family of NOT Hurricane Sandy (aka Thump, Kramer, Kisha, Molly and more!
The family of Coco Rose, Logan Benwizzen - 1996 - 2006, Simba Blue, Bay-Ling 04/16/01 - 03/04/13
The family of Wanda, Norman Dreamboat # 93, Tess 9-10-2005 to 9-15-2012, Rupert and more
If I have left anyfur out, I didn't mean to. We love you all ♥


They Picked Me Again!!

September 10th 2012 9:05 am
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HQ picked me again for one of the DDP's today. As Zaidie say's, I'm stuck in the Time Woop Continuum BOL! But I'll sure take it! This is a wonderful surprise. Thank you HQ and all you sweet fur's for the rosies and pmail's and thank you Forrest for the beautiful picture. Who would think you could get so much DDP mileage out of a Diary Entry about poop? I am just about all 100% and so is Walker. We are glad and so is mommy, we have kept her running in and out BOL!! There is a sweet doggie named Chance 1266985 that is a DDP today. Him and his brother Brutus are new to Dogster so how about making some new pal's and send them a Friend Request? They are very cute!
Today is a most beautiful sunny day in the upper 60's. Fall is creeping in. That is a beautiful time around here.
Thank you all again and The Time Woop is a fun place!!WOOF!!


I Did It Again!!

September 6th 2012 5:13 pm
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Yes! I got picked for one of the DDP's today! Also yes I have pooped again to BOL! I and doing pretty good and feeling pretty good finally. Walker is to. he didn't have as much of a tummy bug as I did but he did have it.
Thank you furiend's for the pmail's, pictures and rosettes :) It's been a fun and busy day. My catbrother Nekko is having a Meowday today to!
Also my husis is expecting a baby in march. She has a hernia and has been coming over to house this week in the daytime's while her hubby is at work. The hernia and baby have been getting crowded and husis has had bad tummy aches this week, except today she said she felt better and if she walk's slow she don't have to support her tummy BOL! She has 2 boy's, Coal is 5 and is in kindergarten and Parker is 3 and a very busy little boy! So Parker and us doggies and mommy spend a lot of time outdoors playing and reading and that's fun.
Thank you HQ and all you doggies and kitties for thinking of me today. This is the bestest place around!!


WOO HOO! I POOPED! Also Thank You All!

September 3rd 2012 2:29 pm
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BOL! I just pooped for the first time in 3 day's. After having the ploppy poop's for day's, then no poop for 3 day's and now I pooped! Me and mommy have breathed a big sigh of relief. The vet said I had a tummy bug and gave me some meds, powder and pill's. I have been on a boiled diet. Chicken, rice, egg's and cottage cheese. So thank goodness it's all working. Mommy did thank the Lord to and we want to thank all of you wonderful fur's for all the prayer's, rosies, pmail's and good thought's. Big Hug's fur you all :)
Today I am one of the DDP's! Thank you HQ for picking me and thank you fur's for the rosies and pmail's and Mick and Family and MrJackFreckles for the beautiful picture's.So today has been a very good and a very happy day at my house.
Hope you all are having a Happy Memorial Day to!


I Have A Tummy Bug!

August 30th 2012 10:56 am
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The results are in and The vet says I have an intestinal infection (bug). I have powder and pill's for 14 day's. I have to take the powder,Fortiflora 1x a day and the pill,Metronidazole 2x a day, but not at the same time. Also I am to stay on the chicken, rice, egg and cottage cheese a while. Mommy and dad are very relieved relieved I do have my calming collar on to help me relax cheer So we are breathing a bit easier.
Me and mommy have been running in and out a lot but now it will slow down and soon I'll get back to my normal BOL!
Thank you all for the good thought's, prayer's and rosette's. You all mean very, very much to us.
PS- I can't answer Abbies comment now? Thank You Abbie & Family & Fur's!!


Could You say A Little Prayer Fur Me Pawlease?

August 29th 2012 10:09 am
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I have the ploppy poop's :( It started late Friday. Mommy is giving me boiled chicken and Rice and boiled egg's. Today the vet said to add Imodium AD to my bland diet. 1 this morning, 1 tonight and 1 more in the morning, then if it's not better they will need a poop sample. They also said there is a lot of doggies with ploppy poop's this year. The doggies is ok except for the poop's? I go out every few hour's even during the night. Mommy don't mind getting up, she say's anything for Sweet Alexandria is ok. Yesterday me and Walker had bath's in the back yard and it felt so good and cooling. Silly Pookah got soaking wet! He kept catching the spray from the hose. When we was all done we all got a brushing and that's a lot of brushing BOL! I do love the chicken, rice and egg's. I'm fine in all other way's. I run, roll, bark, no moaning or groaning. Thank you fur's ♥


I Gots A DDP Today!!

August 19th 2012 10:03 am
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Yes! Its my turn now BOL! Thank you HQ for your DDP puter picking me :) Thank you sweet fur's for the pmail's,rosettes and Nina and Mr Jacj Freckles for the beautiful picture's. I wrote about our 4th year Annifursary. Actually we all copied and pasted. With 13 fur's in the family sometimes we copy and paste, then maybe one of us will get picked BOL!
It has been a wonderful 4 years here. Mommy has learned a lot. Harley Diva-Girl taught us how to put more then one thing in the fun stuff boxes and Flick taught us how to have pretty pages. Of course there are thing's you pick up from just trying and trying. This place is the best and most fun. Also the fur's and people really come together when another is sick, injured or passes on to the Bridge. When I discovered my fatty tumors there were so many, many sweet furs praying for me and again when I sprained my front wrist/ankle. That helped me and mommy more then you know.
Again We thank you all for being here and just being you! Have a most beautiful day ♥
Sweet Alexandria


4th Annifursary!

August 15th 2012 6:49 am
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WOOF! Thats right , we've been here 4 years today! The first 11 of us BOL!
As some of you know we got Jerry and Tinker way after we all was here. One summer evening mommy was watching The Greatest American Dog tv show. She saw an advertisement for and wanted to check it out. But she kept forgetting then finally two week's passed by and she did it. Mommy had never been on a social network place ever before. So the first time she was here she signed up Walker, Alexandria, Molly, Pookah, Edwina, Emily, Nelly, Morris, Cleopatra, Nekko and Itsumo.
We had the regular membership for a couple of month's and then moved up to plus. You can have a lot more pictures that way! Mommy didn't know about, copy and paste even BOL! She learned that and how to get a picture in a post and last year a very sweet doggie mom Pam, Flickas mommy helped her learn to make our pages beautiful.
There have have been a few bump's, Many, many smiles and laugh's and some tears to. We've made a ton of friend's and saw some cross on to Rainbow Bridge. Those times mommy has to cry and gets very sad. We've had good friends go on before us, Cats Sunny Bono, Athena ( a sweet 3 legged calico),many more. Dog's Lexi,Sunny and many more. But it really help's to have fur's here to share the pain and of course to share the happiness.
Mommy wishes we would have found Dogster sooner. It is full of very helpful people and lot's of fun group's.We even get to help in some! But right now with summer, some group's have slowed down.Some fur's have left saying they didn't like all the changes and such. We will just wait it all through all the fleas and play and post when we can.We don't get fleas to often.
Thank's to all you sweet fur's for being here! It has been a great 4 year's!

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