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Six plus one day

October 23rd 2011 6:28 pm
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Well, Mommy took me to the vet this morning after daddy furgot to give me my brekkie!

This isn't my usual vet, but he was furry nice. I don't remember much, I took a nap almost as soon as I got there. When I woke up I felt kinda loopy and my neck hurt. I had to stay in a cage fur a little while, but it was okay, I napped a little more.

Befure I knew it, mommy and daddy were there to take me home. But furst mommy and the nurse put a sweatshirt on me, with a hood that was supposed to go ovfur my head. That was the vet's idea. Only the hood was too small and kept popping off, BOL!!! That was okay, because my neck was really itchy and I wanted to scritch it. But evfurry time I did, mommy and daddy would yell "NO!!" and try to grab me. Then mommy would pull the silly hood up again and we'd start all ovfur.

That was fun until I got a really GOOD scritch, and then I sprung a leak and started bleeding all ovfur! Mommy had to get a dishtowel to hold against my neck, and back to the vet we went!

This time he put staples in my neck, and then he wrapped bandages all around my head so I can't get to the itchy place. It kind of hurts, too, but mommy gave me a pill after din-din, and now I'm napping again. There's a piccie on my page of me in my bandage, crashed out in daddy's lap!



October 20th 2011 6:53 pm
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It's a momentous occasion. Truly monumental. Today, I turned six years old! You might bark, "What's so special about that? I know furs who are more than twice that old!" Well, of course evfurry barkday is special, and the more we have, the happier our pawrents are! But at my house, six is a milestone.

You see, both mommy and daddy have had other doggies in their lives. But neither of them has evfur had a doggie fur more than five years. Daddy had three little doxies growing up, and one after the other they each went to the Bridge befure turning six. :( And mommy's doggies all had to leave her fur new homes, or she had to leave them, sometimes after only a year or so.

I'm the furst doggie they've had togefur, and they wondered when they got me if I would break their streaks. They always knew we'd celebrate my sixth barkday in a big way! Oh yeah!! I'm six today!! And I'm happy as can be! No one knows the future, but my plan is to stay right here for at LEAST another six years! Happy Barkday to ME!!!

But, we're not having the kind of celebration we expected. I have to spend the day at home, with a donut on my neck. This week mommy found a boo-boo on my neck. It got worse and worse until we had to go to the vet last night. And the vet says I need to have an operation to fix it. He wanted to do it today! But mommy and daddy said it was my Barkday and he said it could wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, I can't go to Fort Fun in case I got some dirt in my boo-boo, and I have to wear the donut because I keep scritching at it.

On the plus side, after the vet we went shopping fur a barkday toy and I got a new loofa guy! And I have some furry special treats my pawrents got while they were visiting daddy's mommy. And really, there isn't much I'd rather do than spend a day on the couch with daddy anyway! Happy Barkday to ME!!!

I also want to thank all my pals who have sent me rosies and photos and cards and other wonderfur barkday gifts! I love you all SO MUCH!!! I always say, I have the best pals on Dogster!!!


There's No Place Like Home

October 14th 2011 3:23 pm
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It was an unusual day from the furry beginning. We all got up early, and mommy gave me my brushing while daddy was still in the shower. I know what that means: an adventure! Soon we were in the car, and the next thing you know, we were at the Wag Hotel. I go there a lot. Sometimes I'm in an all-day play group, and then mommy and daddy come and we all go home. Or sometimes I go in the evening when there is no play group, but I get my own place to hang out in and nap, and then mommy and daddy come and we all go home. This day it was All-Day Play! I wagged my tail bye-bye and trotted off with the Wag lady, and had a furry nice day with lots of other doggies.

But at the end of the day mommy and daddy did NOT come fur me. Instead, I got a room and my din-din and a new stuffie that smelled like them, and I spent the night. Well, maybe they just furgot.

The next morning I got my brekkie in my room, and then I went into All-Day Play again. I made some new furiends and sniffed around and took up my post to, supervise, and had another furry nice day. But mommy and daddy still didn't come, and it was was back to my room fur the night again.

The next day, it was the same story. I was beginning to get the picfur.

I had a new life and a new routine. Not a bad life, spending my days with some furry nice doggies, and lots of different people who gave me lots of attention and snuggles. A guy could get used to this! But, where was my daddy?

It went on like that fur seven days or years or something, until TODAY!!! I got up and had my brekkie and went into All-Day Play as usual, but just as I was settling in, the get-out gate opened and someone said MY NAME! And the next thing I knew, I was on my furry own leash and on my way out to the front desk, and mommy and DADDY were there and OMD OMD OMD!!!! They took me outside and I jumped in my car and they brought me home again!!! And my supper dish is still here, and my water bottle and my crate and all my toys and my couch and EVFURRYTHING!! Daddy took me around the neighborhood so I could catch up on my pee-mail, and now we're both snoozing on the couch! The Wag is furrific, and All-Day Play is a lot of fun, but there's NO PLACE LIKE HOME!


Us Versus Them

September 20th 2011 7:27 pm
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In today's Dogster Newsletter is an article about our doggie parks here in San Francisco:

Us Versus Them

I've written about this befure. My pawrents and I are sure hoping I don't lose my fun places!

Tomorrow I get my stitches out! Tonight when daddy came home he took the donut off my neck FUR GOOD !! And the next evening he has free, we're going to Fort Fun!!! That's one of the places they want to lock me out of. :( So I have to play there as much as I can, while I can!!



September 10th 2011 9:40 am
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WhooooHOOO!! Dogster picked my diary again today! Not only that, but my pals Puff and Lucy are DDPs, too! That's so fun! I don't know the Diary of the Day puppy, but he's so cute I sent him a PPR! Willy is brand new to the world and brand new to Dogster, and mommy thinks he's ALMOST as cute as me.

Now, I'm furry honored of course, but my furst thought was "Oh no! Everyfur will see the photo of me with that donut on my neck! Even pups I don't know!" Furst impressions are important, you know. And then I thought, maybe if a lot of furs will leave a comment and tell my mommy to TAKE THIS THING OFF OF ME, she might cave! So, Thank you Dogster!!!


A day at the vet

September 7th 2011 7:21 pm
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For a couple of years now, my vet has been saying I would need to have my toofies cleaned "soon." Well, "soon" finally turned into "now," and today was the day. I didn't get any breakfast!!

But it wasn't just my toofies. I've also had a "fatty tumor" fur a couple of years, and the vet said he might as well take that out, too. And mommy felt a few other little bumpies, so those came off. AND, yesfurday my groomer said I yelped when she tried to clean my ears and she found goop in there, so today I also got them flushed. It was quite a day! And did I mention that I didn't get any breakfast??!!

I stayed there all day, and then daddy and mommy came and got me. I'm a little groggy and wobbly, and my feets aren't doing what I tell them. And here's

my boo-boo

I got a big din-din, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna furget about the missing breakfast. I'd stage a protest right now, but I'm...kinda...s-l-e-e-e-p-y.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz....


Road Trip

September 4th 2011 10:11 pm
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I've been out of town. Almost a week ago, when it was time fur daddy to go bye-bye in the morning--he didn't! Instead, he and mommy started packing things in the car, including my crate and food and brushes! That can mean only one thing: road trip!!

Soon we all jumped in the car and off we went. It was like going up to the wine country, except we kept going and going and going! The road was right by the ocean, all twisty and turny the way daddy likes it. We stopped evfurry now and then fur peeing and leg-stretches. We saw big trees, and big rocks on the beaches, and cliffs, and big doggies mommy called "cows" and "horses." I smelled smells I nevfur smell at home. But I remembered them. We've been up this way befure.

When we finally stopped, we were at the place with the big meadow, where we all sleep togefur in a little tiny house. Daddy lets me run in the meadow off-leash, even though I pick up a bazillion burrs! There are lots of critters around there. I can smell them, and sometimes I see them and bark at them! We stayed at that place fur two nights. During the days, we went hiking and running on the beaches and shopping. I can go into most of the shops at this place. Mommy and daddy like that! It was sunny but not hot, and we were all furry tired at the end of each day!

Finally it was time to pack up the car again and go back home. We went a diffurent way and didn't stop as often because it didn't take as long. But I don't sleep in the car, so when we got home I was one tired cocker spaniel!

The next morning, yesfurday, we got up early again, but this time it was to take me to the Wag Hotel! I was in All Day Play, but to tell you the truth I didn't play all that much. My buddy Max and I mostly just chilled. I slept furry well that night. This morning the same thing happened. Up early and off to the Wag. Today I hung out with a new pal, Jake, a King Charles spaniel. I also grabbed a nap or two! But I still don't feel like I've caught up on my sleep. Daddy says tomorrow he and I are gonna spend the whole day snoring on the couch! Works fur me! BOL!!



August 28th 2011 1:50 pm
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OMD, what an exciting day I had! So many pressies and well wished from so many wonderfurl Dogster pals! Thank you Zoe, Harley and Jazzi, Pepper, Jojo, Walker and family, Bailey, Austin and Doo, Freckles, Tiki and Colossus, Sunny, Lexi, Monnie and Roscoe, and Pepper! And thanks, Dogster, fur picking my diary!

If you do Facebook and wanna see my official mascot piccie from the pawty, you can go here:

Ravenswood pawty



August 27th 2011 7:35 pm
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Some of you know, I'm the official mascot fur the Ravenswood Winery Tasting Room. It doesn't come with any treats or anything, but I get a lot of lovin' and my picfur taken whenefur we go there, BOL

So today, they were having a big pawty! A 20th Annifursary, whatefur that means. Last time we were there, mommy promised that we'd all come. But mommy's been sick all week, so she wasn't sure she was up to the hour's drive. This morning, she decided it would be good to get some sun, and she had promised after all.

We went to another winery furst, where I was fussed ovfur while mommy and daddy had some wine with bubbles in it. And then we went to Ravenswood. But when we got there it was furry crowded, and they had parking guys who were taking everybody's cars somewhere else to park them. The parking guys said they'd be sure to find a shady spot so I'd be comfy in the car, because this event was No Dogs Allowed.


No way mommy and daddy would EVFUR leave me in a car! Furst of all it's just cruel, and second it's illegal! Mommy was ready to turn around and go home, but daddy told them, "He was invited! He's the mascot!" So the parking guys sent me and daddy up to talk to the people in charge while mommy waited in the car. Daddy talked to one guy, and then another girl, who went to talk to my friend Kristin, who said, "OMD (or something like that), of course HERSHEY can come!" She even walked me and daddy back down to the car and tied a V.I.P. badge around my neck just like mommy and daddy's, and told the parking guys I was A-OKAY!

Ravenswood VIP

So then we went right up to the deck and staked out our chairs, and fur the rest of the day I entertained my fans and wagged my tail and begged fur treats and got my picfur taken and mommy even gave me two bites of HER cheese! It was a pawsome day!


It's my Annifursary!

August 14th 2011 1:48 pm
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As of today, I have been on Dogster fur three whole years!! And mommy furgot!! Furtunately, my old pal Molly reminded us! She always knows, because her fambly joined the day after me! We've been pals furevfur!!

I've made lots and lots of pals ovfur the years, and I love you all SO MUCH! We've laughed and barked and whined togefur, we've seen good times and hard times. Some I've even met in the fur, especially last year at the DCMagic meet-up!

My pal Tiki got me a cool T-shirt fur my annifursary and I wanted to post it on my page but I can't. You can see it in a diamond Tiki sent me, though! It will make you laugh!! I also have a bootiful picfur from the Pawrayer and Pawraise group that my pal Harley made. I can't wait to share that in my photo book!

Which reminds me, I've been wanting to say, I know there is stuff not working quite right since Dogster did the server upgrade. It's pretty frustrating. But the Techno Dogs are working just as hard as they can to get evfurrything fixed as soon as possible! If you're not already in the Upgrade group, you should join so you can talk to them. You can also meet furs from all kinds of groups, and you'll see that whatevfur problem you're having, you're not the only one.

Anywoof, I just want to say on my third annifursary, I think Dogster ROCKS!!!!

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