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Where was I...?

December 27th 2011 10:40 pm
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Oh yeah, Christmas Eve Eve. Well, after that comes Christmas Eve. Here's the drill: We all get up early, and I get a brushing. In the MORNING. Mommy and daddy dress up fancy. Then we get in the car, and I go to the Wag. I spend most of the day in Play Group, catching up on the news. We bark about where our pawrents are and what they're doing WITHOUT US. We're just guessing, we don't really know.

Then mommy and daddy come and get me and the day turns pawsome! We go downtown, where there are lights and music and gazillions of peepole and good smells and dropped food and everyone wants to pet me and take my picture! We walk up here and down there, and look in store windows, and sometimes I get to go inside! In one of the windows I saw another doggie, and she saw me and we tried to bark a greeting but couldn't hear each other! Mommy said she was up fur adoption. I hope she found a good home. I also got lots of treats fur being good while mommy and daddy stopped to sit and drink their coffee and hot chocolate.

Finally we went home. This year when we got there mommy and daddy started taking things out from under the tree and making paper piles! I wanted to help, but then I got a new toy, a lambie with lots and lots of squeakies, so I got distracted.

After all that it should have been bedtime, but mommy and daddy put their coats back on, and I got a Kong and befure I knew it I was Home Alone. I was supposed to be on guard dooty, but to tell you the truth I curled up fur a nap. Soon mommy and daddy came back, and we all went to bed.

To be continued...


Christmas Eve Eve!

December 23rd 2011 8:50 pm
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I haven't had much to write about fur a few days or weeks or something. Mommy and daddy have been furry busy, and I've been home alone or at the Wag a lot. But today we all went on an adventure! I could tell it was gonna be more than a short trip, because daddy packed my backpack full of treats! (It is my backpack, even though daddy wears it!) And mommy strapped me into my car harness!

We drove and drove and drove. Finally, daddy said we were There! I got to jump out and stretch my leggies and do my business, and then we went inside. I know this place! We go evfurry year! They like doggies, and we all have treats, and mommy and daddy drink something with bubbles in it. And then we got back in the car.

But we didn't go home. Not yet.

We went to the place that smells like meat and cheese! I can't go inside there. They have tables outside, and daddy goes away and I watch and watch fur him, and finally he comes back with lots of stuff fur him and mommy to eat. This year I got a BIG treat! It took me a l-o-o-n-g time to eat it. When I was done, there wasn't any of mommy and daddy's food left fur me to sniff! I think daddy did that on purpose! Next, mommy went off to "shop." Then we all got back in the car again.

But we didn't go home.

Next we went to the Castle! That's what mommy and daddy call it. It's a big big place all made of rocks, and I can go inside! We go up stairs and down ramps and there are towers and big rooms and little rooms, and way down in the bottom a room with lots of peepole and lots of bottles stacked up all ovfur. A man let daddy taste some of the stuff that comes in the bottles, but I didn't get any treats. I did get a lot of attention, though! Then we walked around some more, so mommy could shop. Mommy loves to do that! Then we all got back in the car again.

And this time we came home!



Christmas at the Wag

December 7th 2011 10:44 pm
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Daddy and mommy have a lot of Stuff they do at Christmastime. I guess it's secret stuff, or stuff where I'm not allowed to go, because I spend a lot of time at the Wag Hotel. That's where I went today. During the week in All Day Play they have special activities fur the howlidays. Today there was a gift exchange! I got a tennis ball that I wasn't allowed to unwrap until I got home. It's red and green and I love it! I played with Buck the miniature poodle. We also had a treasure hunt! Here's my report card:

"Hershey was very excited about hide-and-go-seek and he ran around and found several treats! He is such a gentleman. :)"

If there are treats around, I'll find them!


I'm sorry, pals...

November 30th 2011 10:27 pm
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... if I missed your Barkday, or your Gotcha day, or a Dogster honor in the past few days. Condogulations, and I hope you had a pawsome day, and got lots of treats and attention and pressies!!

I try to keep on top of things, but mommy's confuser has been out of commission. Daddy took it to the office on Monday, and mommy didn't get it back until last night, and then it was all different and she didn't even know how to use it! A man from the office had to come today to show her what to do. I liked him, and he liked me, too! I soopervised while he poked at mommy's confuser, and he scritched my ears.

Mommy's still trying to figure it all out, but I did get to visit a few groups tonight. And I saw my pal Rascal was Dog of the Day! And Jelly, DFB and Whisper were all Daily Diary Picks!!! I already knew Beanie was Dog of the Week! I love having famous pals!!!

Mommy is still wrapping pressies and trying to turn our house into a cross between Bethlehem and the North Pole. She hasn't even started addressing my Christmas cards! And now she has to start working again, if she can figure out how, BOL!! But she promised to let me come play on Dogster just as much as she can!


Thanks, Dogster!

November 25th 2011 8:02 am
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OMD, I'm a Daily Diary Pick! I'd better write a new entry, BOL!!

I'll write about yesfurday, which was Thanksgiving. I heard an awful lot about food in the past week, especially turkey. Well, I didn't get any special food. In fact, I spent the whole day at thew Wag Hotel, and I got kibble for din-din, like always. That's okay, I love my foodz!!

It was furry crowded at the Wag. I guess a lot of pawrents were doing whatevfur my pawrents were doing. I had a lot of fun! Here's my report card:

"Hershey spent Thanksgiving in Tiny Town, a playgroup for the cuddly cute littlest All Day Play pups. There, he got to cuddle up with staff and play with his friends while they discussed whether or not they should go to Pawtrero or Pet Food Express to score some Black Friday savings! Today he is thankful for tennis balls, soft beds and his family." My playmates were Sophie the spaniel mix, Brownie the mini dachshund, and Cupcake the terrier mix. I was bigger than all of them, but they didn't mind.

I'm going back again today! I wonder who will be there?!!



November 22nd 2011 9:01 am
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I got a package in the mail!!! And it isn't my barkday or Christmas or anything!!!

Mommy had just lifted me up onto the grooming table fur my brushing, and we heard *knock! knock! knock!* on the door. I couldn't jump down (it's too far!), so I BARKBARKBARKED while mommy went to see. And there was the postman with a box! Mommy put it down until after my brush-and-walk. She didn't even tell me it was MINE!!!

When we got home she opened it so I could see inside. There was a note from my pals Abby and Lucian!! I could smell them!

Inside the box I found a Hershey bar!

and a giant kiss!

OMD, I LOVE them!! They even squeak!! I might not even de-stuff them. I'm still deciding. Thanks, Abby and Lucian!!!!


An Adventure

November 19th 2011 9:29 pm
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This morning mommy and daddy took me to the vet so he could see how much better my ears are after his ear-scrunching bandage came off. He says I'm just fine now!

From there they took me to the Wag Hotel. Again! I spent the last two evenings there, and today I got to spend the whole day! They put me in All Day Play so I could have fun and meet the other doggies. I sniffed Hello to everyfur, then I found a comfy bed and curled up and went to sleep! BOL!!

At the end of the day mommy and daddy came back fur me. When we went out to the car, it had been peeing! Daddy drove it fur a few blocks, and then it started beeping at him and a light came on. He had to stop, and there was steam coming out of the front of the car! Mommy took me to find some water to drink. When we got back we saw a big truck with flashing lights. There was also a big man, and he was chaining our car to his truck! The next thing I knew, mommy was strapping me into my car harness. I figured we were on our way home, but mommy and daddy didn't get into the car. They disappeared! I couldn't see them at all, and then the car started to raise its nose in the air!! I was in the back seat all by mywoof! And then the car started moving! I couldn't see where I was going, but I decided it was kind fun, driving the car all alone, with its nose in the air like that! I was the king of the road!!

Finally the car stopped, and all of a sudden mommy and daddy were there! They let me out of the car and I looked around--and we were home! I think I did a pretty good job!


Free at last!

November 3rd 2011 12:36 pm
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I'm back from the vet, and my ears have been LIBERATED!! He took that awful bandage off my head fur good, and he took the stitchies and staples out of my neck and I feel like a dog again and not some kind of mummy! My ears are kinda sore and itchy, though. Mommy keeps wanting to squirt junk in them and wipe around in there and squirt more junk. But at least when it's ovfur I can jump down and shake and scratch and rub them on the carpet! I'm free!!!


Getting better...

October 27th 2011 10:54 am
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This is just a quick update, becuz I promised! Mommy took me back to the vet this morning to get my bandage changed. Just when I had almost gotten it off!! He took off the old, dirty, ratty one I'd been working on, and put on a new one just like it! All clean, the way mommy likes it. Now I have to start all ovfur!! That's the bad news.

The good news is that my lumpy was a benign sebaceous tumor, and it's all gone! :0) So now I only have to get the bandage changed one more time, and after that I'll get the stitchies and staples out, and then I'll be as good as new!

All of you pals have been so kind and generous with your pawrayers and rosies and encouragement, I can't thank you enuf! I just want to say to Coco, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!


Six plus one day

October 23rd 2011 6:28 pm
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Well, Mommy took me to the vet this morning after daddy furgot to give me my brekkie!

This isn't my usual vet, but he was furry nice. I don't remember much, I took a nap almost as soon as I got there. When I woke up I felt kinda loopy and my neck hurt. I had to stay in a cage fur a little while, but it was okay, I napped a little more.

Befure I knew it, mommy and daddy were there to take me home. But furst mommy and the nurse put a sweatshirt on me, with a hood that was supposed to go ovfur my head. That was the vet's idea. Only the hood was too small and kept popping off, BOL!!! That was okay, because my neck was really itchy and I wanted to scritch it. But evfurry time I did, mommy and daddy would yell "NO!!" and try to grab me. Then mommy would pull the silly hood up again and we'd start all ovfur.

That was fun until I got a really GOOD scritch, and then I sprung a leak and started bleeding all ovfur! Mommy had to get a dishtowel to hold against my neck, and back to the vet we went!

This time he put staples in my neck, and then he wrapped bandages all around my head so I can't get to the itchy place. It kind of hurts, too, but mommy gave me a pill after din-din, and now I'm napping again. There's a piccie on my page of me in my bandage, crashed out in daddy's lap!

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