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June 2nd 2012 10:23 am
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I'm a DDP today!! Thanks, Dogster! I haven't even written anything since last weekend! BOL!!

I want to thank Nina fur my bootiful award piccie! Also Zoe and Harley and Jazzi and Angel Whisper and Dixie and Anya and Lexi and her fambly fur my blue ribbons! (Anya, Winkie says thanks fur his rosie, too!) And Zaidie fur the steak and Hershey Kiss, and Walker and his fambly fur my baseball!



Big day fur the Winkster

May 26th 2012 8:06 pm
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Today we went on another adventure! This time we went across the big grey bridge. We hardly evfur go that way anymore. In fact, the last time was when we went to pick up Winkie from his foster fambly. And that's where we went again today! The little hooman, Savannah, had a birthday pawty, and Winkie was invited. We all got to come, because it's too far fur him to walk, BOL!!

There were lots and lots of people there, especially the little ones who always smell so yummy! And there was a big Bouncy House! OMD, all my pals at FF would have been so excited to see it!! Except, me and Winkie and his foster brofur Kilo all had to stay on our leashes. I nevfur even got close enough to sniff it!

Bouncy House

It was hard to score any dropped hot doggies or cake or anything, because someone always had me by the leash. But we still had fun! Everyone was making a Big Fuss ovfur Winkie, because they knew him when he wasn't as healthy and handsome as he is now. (Don't tell him I said that!) They fussed ovfur me, too! Well, I've always been healthy and handsome, BOL!!

It was sunny and warm out, and eventually all we wanted to do was find some shade and take our naps! When we had sniffed evfurryone and all the food was gone or cleaned up, it was time fur us to come home fur din-din. Winkie said he had a furrific time, and so did I!


On the road again!

May 25th 2012 11:07 pm
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We had a surprise this morning! Well, mommy and daddy didn't seem to be surprised, but I was! We were getting ready fur an adventure--you know, the after-breakfast brushings, the travel bag and water bottle out of the closet--when all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. It was mommy and daddy's friend Melanie who I met last year! She was furry happy to see me and to meet Winkie, and I was FURRY happy to see her! After we said all our hello-hello-hello's we all got in the car and drove up to where the wine doggies live. Mommy sat in the back seat with me and Winkie. Whenevfur we went slow, mommy opened the window. From her lap, I was tall enough to stick my head out and let the wind blow my ears! When we got to the town, we met lots of people who fussed ovfur us, and quite a few other doggies, too! It was windy, and it even rained once, but we nevfur got wet. There was eating, and what mommy calls shopping, and then we came back home again. Melanie says she'll be back to see me next year!


It's been awhile!

May 12th 2012 10:01 pm
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Today we went on an adventure! We haven't done this in a long, long time, but today we all got up early and I saw daddy getting all our adventure gear together: his special backpack that holds my treats and traveling bowls and extra leashes and all, our water bottles, and all the stuff mommy and daddy need fur eating outside. (They call it a picnic.)

We all piled in the car, and Winkie and I had our harnesses buckled. That means it's gonna be a road trip! Today we went where mommy loves it best, up where the wine dogs live!

We drove and drove, and Winkie slept almost the whole way! I don't know how he does that. I don't even lie down in the car!

The furst place we stopped was the place where they let me sit inside! Only, today it was nice and warm, so we sat on the patio. There were lots of people there, and they all liked me and Winkie furry much! We each got big bone-cookies!!

Next we drove to "my" winery, Ravenswood, where they made me the mascot last year! We all sat outside again, so more people could come by and fuss ovfur me and Winkie. These trips are lots of fun!

Next we went into town, and daddy got all the picnic food for him and mommy. We met a JRT and two Huskies! Then we went to our picnic place that no one else knows about, and mommy and daddy ate, and Winkie and I got some more treats and sniffed around in the grass. Picnic places are full of treasures, especially dropped food from previous picnickers!! The day was warm but not too warm, and there was a nice breeze to blow in our ears. We all got furry tired and furry happy, and then we drove back home to sleep!


Report card

April 22nd 2012 9:38 pm
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We went to the Wag Hotel yesfurday to play with the other doggies. Here's my report card:

"Hershey is a really cute dog. He did well in playgroups and made a good buddy in Otsu the husky mix. We look forward to seeing Hershey and Winkie again soon!"

We're going back next week!


That's more like it!

March 30th 2012 11:30 pm
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Auntie Myrna came twice this week! I can't remember if she's evfur come to walk me twice in one week, but thus week she did! AND this time mommy remembered to give her my treats!

I love walking with my Auntie Myrna, but like evfurrything else, it's different with Winkie. Now mommy comes, too. Mommy takes Winkie's leash, and Auntie Myrna takes mine, so in a way it's like it always was. Only, I have to Watch My Manners when mommy's around. I have to keep my butt on the ground when Auntie Myrna gives me a treat. And sit at intersections. Stuff like that.

We still have fun, though! I get a treat when we get to the big grassy circle, and another one fur going around once, and another fur going around twice! In fact, you nevfur know when Auntie Myrna might give you a treat. It's good to keep your eye on her, BOL!!



March 27th 2012 7:31 am
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What a surprise to come to Dogster today and find my piccie in Diary Central!! I'm a Daily Diary Pick! I wrote about our Big Walk on Friday. You can go read about it! Thanks, HQ! And thanks to Zoe, Dixie and Angel Whisper, Freckles, Coco Rose and Puff, Molly and her fambly, Harley and Jazzi, Abby, Sophie Claire, Chauncey and her fambly, Mazy and Finley fur the congrats and rosies!!


Walking With Winkie

March 23rd 2012 11:19 pm
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Today was a sunny day, so mommy decided to take advantage of it and walk us to the doggy store! It's a long walk. I knew where we were going as soon as we went up the stairs to the big street. I try to pull mommy up those stairs all the time, BOL!!

Along the way is what mommy calls a college. There are lots of people there who spend their time dropping food around on the grass fur doggies who pass by. That's furry nice of them, but mommy wouldn't let us have any. I got a cracker when she wasn't looking, BOL!!

I knew where we were going, and I was pretty focused on getting there. But Winkie is another story. Winkie is furry good at going, but not so much on focusing. He doesn't hear much, and he doesn't see much. He's all nose, and he likes to follow his nose wherevfur it wants to go. Mommy keeps him on a short leash that's fastened around her waist. Otherwise we'd nevfur get ANYWHERE! He goes this way and that way and back again, and if we do stop to sniff, he goes around in circles! And he wants to go FAST!

I got us all to the doggy store as quick as I could, and I got pets and treats and smelled all the wonderfur stuff! Then we headed fur home. I usually take it easy on the way back, but evfurrything's different with Winkie. He doesn't know "take it easy." We went back exactly the same way we had come, but you would have thought he'd nevfur sniffed it befure. He zigged, he zagged, he went here and there and back again. He probably walked twice as much as mommy and me, and he wasn't even slowing down! Until we got home. Then he got his apple and I got my carrot and we both pretty much checked out fur the rest of the day! BOL!!


Two-walk day!

March 20th 2012 6:24 pm
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Today was going pretty much like evfurry day. We got up early, sent daddy off to work, then mommy did some laundry, and Winkie and I napped until it was time fur our brush-and-walk. The walk was fine, it's kind of cold out. Not too may other doggies around. We came back home and went back to our naps.

But then, someone knock-knock-knocked on the door! I ran up the stairs to get mommy, and down the stairs to bark, and up again and down again and then around in circles until mommy opened the door and there was Auntie Myrna! OMD! OMD!!

She came in and of course she had to pet Winkie, but as soon as she sat down I was all ovfur her lap! She and mommy talktalktalked fur a while, but then I decided it was time fur a walk! So off we went, Auntie Myrna with my leash and mommy with Winkie's. It was almost like old times! Except, Auntie Myrna didn't have any treats. What???!

I'm sure it was just an oversight. She'll be back next week.


Second childhood?

March 13th 2012 9:37 pm
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Lots of things have changed since Winkie came to our house. Fur one thing, we have a big blankie that my pal Lexi sent, and all our toys are piled on it. That will be important later, so remember.

My walks are different, because Winkie comes along. And Winkie is like a little whirlwind on a leash, darting around this way and that way and pulling and getting our leashes all crissy-crossy. When we get home he's so wound up that he heads straight fur the toys and starts squeak-squeak-squeaking whatevfur he can get his mouth around.

I like toys. That is, I like them when they're brand new. I play with them fur an hour or a day or something, and then I'm done. That's how I roll.

But Winkie, he just loves all the toys! And I have to admit, he has me re-thinking my whole toy philosophy. I remember, I used to love to squeak things, too.

So tonight it was raining. In fact it rained all day, and mommy was working and it was a furry long, boring day. When daddy finally got home he took us out one at a time, me furst, so he could dry us off easier. After me, Winkie went out, and when he got back he took a dive into the toy pile and came out with a squeakie bear. And I'm telling you, he was just having so much fun, I couldn't help myself! Befure I knew what I was doing, I was jumping all ovfur him and wagging my tail and he chased me and I chased him and we bonked and rolled and OMD it was FUN! Mommy and daddy were furry happy and kept telling me what a good boy I am! Just fur playing? Pawrents are funny!

Maybe we can do that again!

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