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July 16th 2012 7:00 am
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BOL, I'm a Daily Diary Pick and I didn't even write anything! Thank you, HQ!!! All the other DDPs are my pals, too, so that makes it an extra speshial day! Condogulations Cleo (a brand-new pal!), Fizzy (who hasn't been feeling too well), and DFB (whose mommy might appreciate a pawrayer or two!)!!!

As long as I'm writing, I'll quote our latest Wag Hotel report card, from yesfurday:
"Hershey and Winkie had a lot of fun in All Day Play today! They played a lot with Lance, a Lab-Rottie mix, and also mingled with the other dogs. They enjoyed getting attention from the staff!"

I used to get my own report card, but Winkie always sticks to me like a shadow, so now they lump us togefur! BOL!!!


I 'Sploded!

July 9th 2012 7:32 pm
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Two sleeps ago, I went to the vet. I love my vet! But he wasn't there. Instead there was a lady vet. She was furry nice, too, so I didn't mind. I was there fur a needle, but mommy always has a list of other stuff to ask about. One thing was the cyst on my knee. It's been there fur awhile. We've been watching to see if it would grow. So the vet lady found it (under all my fur!) and said, "Oh look, there's a discharge. So she wiped a little, and then she squeezed a little, and then WHOOOSH! all the gunk came out and now I don't have that lumpy any more! That means I won't need surgery fur it! Mommy and the vet couldn't believe it. Daddy couldn't look, BOL!!

In other news, Winkie and I went to All Day Play at the Wag today! Here's our report card:
"Hershey and Winkie had a great time in All Day Play! They loved lying around in a circle with the other mellow dogs in the room like Cody, Luna and Biscuit. They also really enjoyed meeting all the other spaniels. Hershey liked Nanu and Winkie stuck by Oakley (both Cavaliers). It was really cute to see them all together!"

We're going again tomorrow!


NASCAR Saturday

June 24th 2012 6:53 pm
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One time evfurry year, after the weather turns sunny, we all get up early in the morning and take a long road trip. We stop when we get to daddy's friend's house. He has a little poodle doggy named Babbay who always yaps and snarls at me when we go there. So then he gets picked up, and daddy lets me off my leash, BOL! I go running all ovfur Babbay's house to find all his leftovfur bullies and piggy ears and treats! Mommy thinks it's rude, Babbay thinks it's an outrage, and daddy and his friend and his friend's pawrents think it's hilarious! I think it's pawsome! BOL!!

We fill up the back of the car with lots of his friend's stuff, and then we sort of head home. Sort of, because it takes us all day. We go through the wine country and make lots of stops. We start at Ravenswood winery, where I'm the official mascot. The nice lady there was so happy to see me yesfurday, and gave me a special tag fur my collar! Then we went to the place where the hoomans get their lunch, and then to the one where the wine has bubbles in it, and then to a new one where they let me and Winkie in, but they were furry fussy about where we sat.

Daddy was so tired when we got home that he fell asleep in mommy's chair without even taking off his shoes! His friend brings a bed fur the floor that inflates itself like a big balloon! Pretty soon we were all asleep.

This morning daddy and his friend got up way early and we said bye-bye and he's been gone all day. At the NASCAR race, mommy says, whatevfur that is. Mommy and Winkie and I have just been lounging around, napping and watching movies. I hope daddy gets home soon!


Out on the Bay

June 12th 2012 10:44 pm
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We had fun today! Daddy didn't go to his office. Instead, we all went to the place where we can walk around on wood ovfur the water. They call it the Wharf. There are shops there fur mommy, and one of them is fur us doggies. We got to go in, and the nice man gave us cookies! We also saw the sea lions who sun themselves out on the dock. I don't know why they call them lions. They look like doggies and they bark a lot. Although, I don't understand their language. And they smell like fish and the sea.

Then we went fur a ride on the ferry, across the Bay to where mommy likes to shop. Daddy likes it, too, BOL!! It was Winkie's furst ride on the ferry. He wrote all about it in his diary. He was funny, instead of riding up on a seat where he could see where we were going, he mostly rode under daddy's feets! It was fun being out on the water, and walking around the town meeting other doggies and their people, and getting treats while mommy and daddy were eating. We should have fun like that evfurry day!


Furst adventure of the summer!

June 10th 2012 8:28 pm
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Okay, maybe it's isn't officially summer yet. But around here, where we have cold fog something like 300 days out of the year, we take a sunny day when we can get it!

Today it was not only sunny, but acfurrily warm! So I decided it was a good day to take my new brofur to the beach! Daddy drove.

We went down to Montara Beach. Today a lot of other doggies had the same idea! They were there with their people, and because there were so many of us we all had to be on our leashes, most of the time. Winkie is such a kid! You'd think he'd nevfur seen the ocean befure! Well, okay, he never had seen the ocean befure. He didn't know which way he wanted to go! He looked this way and ran that way and then he turned around to run the other way, and then he'd see another doggie and tried to run that way!! He even went into the water with daddy and got his feets and belly all wet!!

Mommy and I don't go in fur all that sort of thing. We walked up higher where it was dry. I tried to crash a couple of picnics, but other than that I just mostly helped her keep up with daddy and Winkie.

After the beach we went to a couple of places where mommies and daddies and doggies can sit outside and eat and enjoy the smells and the views of the ocean. When we go to places like that, daddy always brings yummy treats!

Then we came home and got a light din-din, and Winkie fell asleep almost right in his supper dish! He's such a kid! BOL!! Bo.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........



June 2nd 2012 10:23 am
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I'm a DDP today!! Thanks, Dogster! I haven't even written anything since last weekend! BOL!!

I want to thank Nina fur my bootiful award piccie! Also Zoe and Harley and Jazzi and Angel Whisper and Dixie and Anya and Lexi and her fambly fur my blue ribbons! (Anya, Winkie says thanks fur his rosie, too!) And Zaidie fur the steak and Hershey Kiss, and Walker and his fambly fur my baseball!



Big day fur the Winkster

May 26th 2012 8:06 pm
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Today we went on another adventure! This time we went across the big grey bridge. We hardly evfur go that way anymore. In fact, the last time was when we went to pick up Winkie from his foster fambly. And that's where we went again today! The little hooman, Savannah, had a birthday pawty, and Winkie was invited. We all got to come, because it's too far fur him to walk, BOL!!

There were lots and lots of people there, especially the little ones who always smell so yummy! And there was a big Bouncy House! OMD, all my pals at FF would have been so excited to see it!! Except, me and Winkie and his foster brofur Kilo all had to stay on our leashes. I nevfur even got close enough to sniff it!

Bouncy House

It was hard to score any dropped hot doggies or cake or anything, because someone always had me by the leash. But we still had fun! Everyone was making a Big Fuss ovfur Winkie, because they knew him when he wasn't as healthy and handsome as he is now. (Don't tell him I said that!) They fussed ovfur me, too! Well, I've always been healthy and handsome, BOL!!

It was sunny and warm out, and eventually all we wanted to do was find some shade and take our naps! When we had sniffed evfurryone and all the food was gone or cleaned up, it was time fur us to come home fur din-din. Winkie said he had a furrific time, and so did I!


On the road again!

May 25th 2012 11:07 pm
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We had a surprise this morning! Well, mommy and daddy didn't seem to be surprised, but I was! We were getting ready fur an adventure--you know, the after-breakfast brushings, the travel bag and water bottle out of the closet--when all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. It was mommy and daddy's friend Melanie who I met last year! She was furry happy to see me and to meet Winkie, and I was FURRY happy to see her! After we said all our hello-hello-hello's we all got in the car and drove up to where the wine doggies live. Mommy sat in the back seat with me and Winkie. Whenevfur we went slow, mommy opened the window. From her lap, I was tall enough to stick my head out and let the wind blow my ears! When we got to the town, we met lots of people who fussed ovfur us, and quite a few other doggies, too! It was windy, and it even rained once, but we nevfur got wet. There was eating, and what mommy calls shopping, and then we came back home again. Melanie says she'll be back to see me next year!


It's been awhile!

May 12th 2012 10:01 pm
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Today we went on an adventure! We haven't done this in a long, long time, but today we all got up early and I saw daddy getting all our adventure gear together: his special backpack that holds my treats and traveling bowls and extra leashes and all, our water bottles, and all the stuff mommy and daddy need fur eating outside. (They call it a picnic.)

We all piled in the car, and Winkie and I had our harnesses buckled. That means it's gonna be a road trip! Today we went where mommy loves it best, up where the wine dogs live!

We drove and drove, and Winkie slept almost the whole way! I don't know how he does that. I don't even lie down in the car!

The furst place we stopped was the place where they let me sit inside! Only, today it was nice and warm, so we sat on the patio. There were lots of people there, and they all liked me and Winkie furry much! We each got big bone-cookies!!

Next we drove to "my" winery, Ravenswood, where they made me the mascot last year! We all sat outside again, so more people could come by and fuss ovfur me and Winkie. These trips are lots of fun!

Next we went into town, and daddy got all the picnic food for him and mommy. We met a JRT and two Huskies! Then we went to our picnic place that no one else knows about, and mommy and daddy ate, and Winkie and I got some more treats and sniffed around in the grass. Picnic places are full of treasures, especially dropped food from previous picnickers!! The day was warm but not too warm, and there was a nice breeze to blow in our ears. We all got furry tired and furry happy, and then we drove back home to sleep!


Report card

April 22nd 2012 9:38 pm
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We went to the Wag Hotel yesfurday to play with the other doggies. Here's my report card:

"Hershey is a really cute dog. He did well in playgroups and made a good buddy in Otsu the husky mix. We look forward to seeing Hershey and Winkie again soon!"

We're going back next week!

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