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It's a Chocolate Life

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D/C Magic

April 26th 2010 6:57 am
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It's been two days, and mommy is finally letting me tell you about the D/C Magic Dogster meet-up. It started with a ride in the car, already one of my favfurite things. We went to the same place we'd been to a week befure, only this time befure we even got out of the car I saw a familiar fur. It was Bonzer! He was bigger than I expected, and I couldn't wait for daddy to park so I could get out and sniff him! He was with his mommy, and I liked her a lot!

On the way from the car to the picnic tables, we saw Reba. I couldn't sniff her, because she's a little shy, but her mommy was real nice, too!

Daddy and mommy and I took a few walks from the car to the picnic tables, and more dogs kept arriving. I met Mickey and Jenny, otherwise known as the Roo Crew. Then Josephine and Jolanda came, and then George and Merry. They're married, but they hadn't actually met until last week. My daddy thought that was furry strange, BOL!!

There were also two stuffy dogs, who are on tour. They are being sent from Dogster to Dogster around the world, and they both just happened to be in San Francisco this week. Lulu is staying at our house, and Fetch came with Josephine and Jolanda! They mostly kept to themselves, but on the way home Lulu told me she had a furry nice time!

After that the dogs came so fast I couldn't keep track! We all had to stay on leash, but daddy was furry nice to let me lead him from butt to butt so I could say hello. I met Satiba and Nala and Tillie and Joey and Sara and Mia and Kitai and Casper! And all their mommies and daddies! My nose and my tail were furry furry busy, I can tell you! I even met mommies who had to leave their furbabies at home, Alex's mom and Abbie's mom and Guido the kitty's mom. They were furry furry nice and good fur extra attention!

And there was much more to sniff than doggie butts! The hoomans all brought truckloads and tables full of FOOD! I sniffed chicken and cheese and fruit and egg rolls ad taquitas! Bonzer's daddy had brought moose! And salmon! He made fires and cooked mooseburgers, and Abbie's mom gave me a little taste of the raw meat! (shhhhhh! Don't tell my pawrents! They never give me human food on purpose!)

The eating and cooking and talktalktalking went on fur quite a while. It was a little warm in the sun, so most of us doggies found spots in the shade to lie down and let the hoomans pet us. I really couldn't settle down, though. I kept seeing someone over THERE I wanted to say Hi to!

Then there was a big commotion, and the next thing I knew the Dogster Dog was there, walking around with Lori form Dogster HQ and her dog Lucy. Now, I had nevfur seen him befure. He's BIG! Taller than mommy, and he walks on his hind legs and he doesn't really smell like a dog. Most of us were pretty suspicious of him, but fur some reason our pawrents all wanted us to stand right next to him while they snap-snap-snapped their camera boxes.

The next thing the hoomans decided to do was get us all together fur a group photo! Boy, was THAT fun! Daddy was holding me up in his arms, so I couldn't play with the bigger dogs, but I had a pretty good view. When a hooman would say Sit! or Look this way!, the doggies would turn around or find a better place. BOLBOLBOL, they really had their hoomans going! But finally all the cameras were going snapsnapsnap and then it was over. After that the Dogster Dog disappeared.

By this time we were getting kinda warm and tired, so the hoomans decided it was a good time to see our tricks, if we had any. Lucy was furst. She can jump straight up in the air fur a treat! Bonzer can jump up, too, to give his daddy a kiss. He really only has to stand up on his hind legs, he's so tall. Josephine can count! Her mommy would hold up her fingers, and Jojo would bark how many. Jolanda was supposed to fetch a shoe, but she wasn't into it, BOL!!!

Then they started giving out prizes and pressies and awards. Merry won an award for coming the farthest, all the way from New York! They called mommy's ticket number twice, so she won a book and I won a bag of treats! Josephine won Most Talented, and I won for Friendliest Pooch!!

After that it was time to clean up and get back in the car to go home. I'm gonna remember this day fur my WHOLE LIFE! I wish all my pals could have been there.


Lulu arrived!!

April 23rd 2010 7:32 pm
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Mommy left me to mind the house in the middle of the day, and while she was gone the mail came. Nothing special, but I barked my head off anyway. It's my job.

Right after she got home, our mail carrier knocked at the door. He nevfur comes twice, but he had found a package in his truck and it was addressed to ME!!! It came from Baci in Pennsylvania! Mommy said, "It's Lulu!" But it smelled like Baci to me.

Now in case you don't know, Lulu is one of two stuffed doggies that are taking tours around the world from Dogster to Dogster. We've been waiting and waiting fur Lulu, because here's an amazing thing: the other dog, Fetch, is also here in San Francisco! We've been hoping that Lulu and Fetch would be able to get togefur at the D/C Magic Dogster Meet-Up picnic. But the picnic is tomorrow, and we had almost given up on Lulu.

BUT SHE'S HERE! If you look over on the right-hand side of my page, you can watch a slideshow of me opening my package. Besides Lulu, Baci was nice enough to send me two keeper toys. Oh, I LOVE them!!!

I have evfurry intention of tearing Lulu into tiny pieces and pulling all her stuffing out, but mommy seems to have other ideas. This is not, apparently, Lulu's last stop. But she's mine fur a little while, and I'm gonna make sure my smell is all ovfur her befur she moves on!

Mommy promises to take pictures tomorrow at D/C Magic so you can see Fetch and Lulu and all the rest of us. AAARRROOOoooOOOOO!!!!


Who's chicken?

April 18th 2010 10:08 pm
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Today we went fur a ride in the car up to where the winery doggies live. We visited two of the wineries, and then had our picnic in our favfurite place by the viney-plants. It was warm and the grass is still green because of all the late rain, and I met a lot of furry nice doggies.

On the way home we went to the place where the big Dogster Meet-up picnic is gonna be held next Saturday! It's a furry nice place. It has a lot of grass and trees fur sniffing and peeing, and a little park fur playing off-leash, with agility stuff and evfurrything. There are animals there that are not dogs, in a pen where hoomans can pet them. Mommy was taking pictures fur all the famblies that are coming.

When we were going back to the car, I saw some big birds walking around. Not as big as me, but bigger than any bird I evfur saw! Daddy called them "chickens." I didn't like the look of one, and I told her so! "BARKBARKBARK," I said. "BARKBARK!!!" (I was on leash or I might have got in her little feathered face!)

I thought she might have been deaf, because she didn't pay any attention to me at all. She just stood there, and strutted around a little. So I barked another thought. I admit it wasn't furry nice. I guess it was the last straw, because all of a sudden she turned in my direction and screamed at me and got all flappy with her wings!

OMD! I was so startled, I started screaming as if she'd pecked me, even though she was nowhere near close enough! I nevfur saw anything like that in my life, and I backed up QUICK! Mommy said, "Who's chicken now, Hershey?!"

What the heck does that mean???



April 15th 2010 8:36 am
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My furiend Zaidie had a lumpy on him that worried his mommy. But they took him to the vet and it turned out to be just a reaction to a shot he had. It's gone already. YAY!!!

That's not the ut-oh. I have a lumpy, too. I've had it fur a furry furry long time. (A year or so, mommy says.) We're pretty sure it's a ::blushing:: fatty tumor, but now she and daddy and Susan my sitter all think it's gotten bigger. So we're all going to MY vet on Saturday to get it checked out. (Well, not Susan, BOL!!)

Mommy's not too worried, but you know how they are. If you are a pawraying pup, pawlease pawray we get good news like Zaidie! Fanks!

UPDATE 4/20: Mommy just called the vet, and he says my lumpy is a "fatty deposit," even though he says I'm not fat! This kind of thing can't even get infected, so it's nothing to worry about. Thanks fur all your pawrayers and concern!


I love my daddy!

April 7th 2010 7:53 am
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Yesfurday I went to the groomer. I don't mind it at all, in fact it's nice to get the fur out of my eyes!

While I was gone, mommy washed and cleaned all my blankies and towels and efurrything I like to sleep and roll around on. She always does that. It makes a lot of work for me to have to start over, but we have this agreement.

But it was such a nice day that when daddy came home, he decided to take me to Fort Fun, where I can run around off-leash! Oh boy, I had fun! It's by the beach, so it's sandy and the wind was blowing and I made a furiend and we played tag! So now I have a BIG head start on getting the house back to Doggy. I even got sand in mommy and daddy's bed!

Mommy just rolls her eyes.


My Easter

April 4th 2010 8:32 pm
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This morning my pawrents both got up furry early, before the sun was up. Befur even I was up! Daddy fed me and befur I knew it, they were out the door and I was home alone with my Kong. I wasn't real happy.

Finally the sun came up, and pretty soon mommy and daddy came home. They got all dressed up and mommy gave me a brushing and then we all got in the car. Where to? The Wag! Oh boy, All Day Play at the Wag! I had a fun time, and got a good report card:
"Hershey had a great time in All Day Play. He loved running around with the other pups while [take note, pawlease] they all played fetch. [I'm just sayin'!] Hershey also loves to receive pets from the staff. [I sure do!] He is such a good boy!"

When mommy and daddy came to pick me up I was so tired I was just stretched out on the floor. But I perked right up when I saw them! Outside, it was POURING down rain! I got soaked walking from the car to the front door when we got home, and mommy and daddy had to towel me off in their good clothes! HAHAHAHA!!!

I've had my dinner, and now I'm just gonna take a little na........ZZZZzzz.....



March 26th 2010 7:35 am
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OMD, I'm a Daily Diary Pick again! Not only that, but so is my furiend Jojo AND the Dog of the Week, Pogo!! (Maybe I should change my name to Hoho fur the day!) Thanks fur putting me in such stellar company, Dogster!! Congrats to all the other Picks, too!!


The Good Life

March 21st 2010 6:02 pm
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I don't know where mommy and daddy went this weekend, but I guess they couldn't take me. So mommy packed my overnight bag and I went to the Wag Hotel. I stayed all day yesfurday and then overnight, and half the day today. That means I got two report cards:
"Day 1: Hershey is definitely a Wag favorite! He's such a sweet, loving little guy, and he gets along so well with everybody. He hung out with all the usual suspects in All-Day Play, including Dylan the Puli and Ollie the greyhound mix.
"Day2: Hershey had a great time in All-day Play over his stay. Hershey is super social and he listens very well. He is a great dog. Hershey played with Steve the doodle, Brody, Cody the Bichon and Lucy. He also loved running around with the pups while we played fetch."
Notice, it doesn't say I played fetch. I'll chase anything, but I do not, do NOT, do NOT fetch, BOL!!!


The Wearin' o' the Green

March 17th 2010 4:16 pm
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I wasn't going to say anything. It's so embarrassing, not having anything green to wear on St. Patrick's day. Daddy's wearing green. Mommy's wearing green. I see my Dogster furiends in green bandanas and green coats and with green bobblies on their heads. (Okay, I don't think I'd put up with a bobbly on my head, BOL!)

I know, I have a photo that looks like I have a hat on, but I don't really. I was so afraid I'd get pinched today.

But I have a furiend named Savannah, and she has a mommy who is SO TALENTED and SO GENEROUS!! She offered to make me a collar tag, a slip-on kind with my name in needlework. She asked me what color I wanted. I wasn't even thinking of St. Patrick's Day, but we both thought emerald green would go nicely with my chocolate fur. And guess what?


It came just in time fur my walk, so I could go outside with my head held high and NO ONE was gonna pinch ME!

I put a picture of it on my page. You can't see furry well, but it even has a Hershey's kiss over there on the left. SO COOL!!!

Thanks so much, Savannah!! And Savannah's mommy!!!


Pretty Exciting Weekend

March 8th 2010 6:55 pm
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It was such a busy weekend, I haven't had a chance to write about it until now! On Saturday morning my Uncle Milt and Aunt Mary came to our house. We all got into their car, and Aunt Mary drove me to the Wag fur All-Day-Play! WHOO-hooooOO!!

Here's my report card:
"Hershey enjoyed his time at All Day Play so much! His tail was near constantly wagging, and he excitedly spent the day going from one dog to the next to exchange sniffs. He was pretty relaxed but super friendly, and of course enjoyed some staff pets. He's really an awesome dog!"

Mommy loves that stuff!

The hoomans were spending the day going places where I'm not allowed. At one place, guess what! My mommy met the man who started Dogster!!! They were just walking around shopping, and she saw this man in a Dogster shirt, so she stopped to say Hi. (He didn't have his doggie with him, either!) Mommy was so excited when he told her who he was!! She shook his hand, and daddy told him how she spends almost all her waking hours on Dogster, BOL!!

Yesfurday daddy took me fur a jog. He says we ran two miles, but I could have gone farther. Then it was Oscar Day, a big deal at our house. It means I get popcorn!

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