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It's a Chocolate Life

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Furst Adventure

June 11th 2010 10:36 pm
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Today was not Saturday. But it sure ACTED like a Saturday. Daddy did NOT go to work. Mommy didn't get up until WAY late. I got my brushing while daddy was in the shower. And then we all got in the car!

We went to where the boats and sea lions live! There are always a lot of peeples there, and I get a lot of attention. I also find a lot of dropped food! So we walked around there fur a while, and then we got on the Boat. This is one of my favfurite things to do. You walk on a wiggly sidewalk and then into a room and up a bunch of stairs and then you're out in the sunshine and way up high. And then the Boat moves, and you go across the Bay with the wind in your ears! WHOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!

When we got off we were in the town where mommy likes to shop and daddy likes to eat! So they did that. While they were eating I kept reminding daddy that I wanted food, too. I would scratch his leg, and he would say "Down!" and give me a treat. It's like a game we play.

It was kind of hot out, so when they were done, we went across the street and daddy bought ice cream fur himself and mommy, and frozen yogurt fur me! It was so yummy!! But after two or three licks I urka-gurka'd my treats. Oooops! Was it the heat? Was it too many treats? That dropped food? I dunno. After that I was fine, and finished my yogurt. ::happy dancing!::

We took the boat back, and then drove back home. Daddy even gave me a little dinner. I'm gonna sleep like a DAWG tonight!

We're going on another adventure tomorrow!


Gotta love Saturdays!

June 5th 2010 10:34 pm
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On Saturday, Daddy doesn't go to "work," whatevfur that is. He stays home with me, or if he goes somewhere, he takes me with him. (Oh yeah, and Mommy usually comes, too.)

Today after the Dawn Patrol we came back inside and snuggled on the couch fur HOURS until mommy got up. Then we went fur a jog!

Then we went fur a ride in the car, and when we got out we were at a place full of stores where dogs are allowed! The furry furst one sold doggie treats, and mommy bought some. Then we went into other stores selling mommy and daddy stuff. There were a lot of other doggies to sniff! Then we all had lunch, at an outside restaurant. Then we went to the cupcake store and I got a pupcake! Then daddy and I found a place to sit and nap while mommy shopped some more!

After we came home, I got a bully stick! I'm just sayin', Saturdays rock!


A Daily Diary Pick...

June 3rd 2010 7:47 am
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..should really keep a daily diary! Sometimes mommy gets lazy (she has another word for it: busy), and everyfur must think my life has...just...stopped. But it hasn't! Fur instance, two days ago I got to spend the whole day at the Wag doggie hotel, and it was Wild West Day! The whole place was decorated with cowboy hats and boots, and we played special cowboy games, and I got my picture taken with a real wild west bandanna!

That was the third day in a row that I was in All Day Play at the Wag. Yesfurday I stayed home and SLEPT. When Daddy got home he took me to Fort Fun where I could run around off-leash by the ocean. I met a couple of other furs my size and we had a game of tag. That was fun!

Today I got my regular food fur breakfast. I sure liked that canned sensitive-tummy food, but I'm all better now, so it's back to my normal diet. I think that means I can start getting treats again, too!

Thanks, Dogster, fur reading my diary! And thanks to all my pals who read it, too! We love you all!!


Lessons learned

May 29th 2010 7:59 pm
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I had to spend over an hour at the vet's today. Not my usual vet, because he took the howliday weekend off. So we went to the back-up vet hospital. They're nice there, too, and FURRY thorough!

Mammy and daddy did a lot of talktalktalking, and the vet people did a lot of writing and taptaptapping on their confusers, and evfurrybody kept sniffing me. The dogter agreed with mommy: NOT skunk. He thought something plantish, like a compost pile or maybe some fertilizer. He said it may or may not be why I got the urka-gurkas. Then he took me into the back where they took pictures and gave me a shot and sucked stuff out of me and poked around. They were furry gentle and nice. I didn't make a fuss.

A l-o-o-o-o-n-g time later mommy and daddy came back, and the dogter told them:
it is not a virus
it is not an object I ate
it is not a liver or stomach or intestinal or heart thing
it is probably something I got into and then licked

So I had the shot to stop the urka-gurkas, and mommy has to give me pills, and I got a new food (canned!) fur this week. BUT I can't have anything to eat until tomorrow! And the dogter said to give me a bath in Dawn dish soap, like they use on the oil-soaked birds, to get the nasty stuff off of me so I don't ingest any more. That made mommy feel guilty, because she didn't give me a bath yestfurday, but the dogter said a regular shampoo wouldn't have done any good anyway, it needs to be Dawn to get rid of the oily stuff I probably licked.

So when we got home, I got a bath. Now, you have to understand, I don't get baths at home. That's what we have Michelle the groomer for! But mommy bought a bottle of Dawn and we all shut ourselves into the bathroom, and we managed. Now I'm wet and starving, but relaxed.

Mommy still thinks I stink, though, BOL!!! Daddy thinks I'm better. I think we're all gonna survive this! Thanks fur your pawrayers!


Stinky Dink

May 28th 2010 6:28 pm
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That's what mommy's calling me. I think I smell furrific!

I was out on my Dawn Patrol with daddy this morning when I thought I saw a critter running into a hedge. Daddy uses the retractable leash that mommy hates, so I was able to give chase! I bolted into that hedge until the leash stopped me. I didn't catch any critter, but I came out smelling SO GOOD! Daddy was so excited he got mommy up so she could enjoy it, too.

She got out my grooming table right away, and started wiping me with doggie cleaners, and spraying me with doggie fresheners, but nothing is getting this smell offa me. In fact, I have the whole house smelling nice! We don't know what it is. It is NOT skunk. Mommy says it smells more like natural gas, with metallic overtones. She calls me Stinky Dink. That's a compliment, right?

Meanwhile, we're getting used to the new Dogster look. Some of my pals are having flea problems, but evfurrything seems to be working pretty well fur us. Some ads are getting in the way in the forums, but I bet that'll get fixed. I love having all this grass to roll in!!

The BEST thing is, we have MEATZ in the Gift Shop! Hot dogs and hamburglars, and they're all FREE!!! My pal Zaidie is beside himself with delight, BOL!!!


Adjusting to my new life...

May 26th 2010 11:23 am
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Life at the Wag is way different than life with mommy and daddy. I sleep in a little room, sort of like my crate at home. But the door is shut and I can't go fur a wander in the middle of the night. And my water is in a bowl, instead of my rabbit bottle. My ears get wet when I drink. Also, I have a bully in there, and my rope toy that smells like mommy and daddy.

In the morning someone--not always the same someone--comes to get me and take me fur a "business walk" and then I get my breakfast. After that we all go into the big playroom. There are lots of other doggies in there! Some I know and some I don't. Some you see once and some you see evfurry day. There are hoomans, too, like my good furiends Diana and Steve. If I don't feel like playing with the other doggies, I can play with the hoomans, or just cuddle up fur snuggles. If the sun would come out, we could go up to the roof and play outside. But it's cold and rainy right now.

I don't get a brushing evfurry day, but some of the doggies do. Some of them get baths and other things, too. Some go swimming, but I don't like the water so I just stay in the big room.

When it's time fur dinner, they put me in a crate with a bankie ovfur it so I can eat in peace. It's kinda like my own private dining room, BOL.

Bedtime comes, and I'm furry tired, so after my last business walk I'm glad to get back to my room and my bully and my rope.

So I figured this was my new life. It wasn't awful, but I missed my mommy and daddy.

And then guess what!! Last night, in the middle of the night when I was sound asleep, the nighttime hooman came and opened my door and put on my collar and leash and pointed me toward the lobby! I took off running, I can tell you!! And when I turned the corner, there was my DADDY!!!!!! And behind him, there was mommy!!! OMD I was SO HAPPY!!!!! We hugged and snuggled and smiled and grinned and I jumped all ovfur in circles and then we all got in the car and now I'm HOME!!!!!

I'll probably sleep fur a week. :o)


Back after this...

May 19th 2010 9:23 pm
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It's happening again. It's never happened at this time of the year, but I know the drill by now. Mommy and daddy are putting their clothes in boxes with wheels. Mommy stopped buying groceries. I saw her packing my food in little plastic baggies today. "Dinner, breakfast, dinner, breakfast, dinner, breakfast, dinner, breakfast, dinner, breakfast, dinner." That can mean only one thing: they're leaving town, and I'm not going with them.

Actually, mommy already told me. They are going on an airplane to a place called Saint Loois Misery, where daddy's pawrents live. And I'm going to the Wag Hotel. I don't know about mommy and daddy, but I'm gonna have a ton of fun!! I love it at the Wag. Evfurrybody knows me there, and they're always happy to see me. And I'll get to play with other doggies all day, evfurry day! Or chill. Whatevfur I want. At home I only get a bully stick once a week, but at the Wag I'll get one evfurry other day! Daddy arranged fur that. And only one brushing, instead of evfurry day. Mommy arranged fur that, BOL!!!

I don't know if I'll be able to come to Dogster. Mommy has a baby confuser she's taking with her, and she says maybe we can come sometimes. How can that be, when we won't be togefur??? I don't know. And, they will have lots of stuff to do. So if it looks like I've disappeared, don't worry. "I'll be back!"


Mother's Day

May 9th 2010 8:14 pm
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Here's what happens on Mother's Day at my house. Mommy and daddy go to church, and then they go visit mommy's mommy. I can't go, so I go to the Wag fur the day. I play all day, then come home and crash. Happy Mother's Day!

But yesfurday, mommy and I (and daddy, too!) had a furry fun day! We went fur a car ride! And if that wasn't furrific enough, when we got where we were going we found a lot of furry furiendly people there, and some winery dogs. And the people were eating snacks, like cheese and crackers. Best of all, they didn't have plates, just paper napkins, so they dropped a lot of snacks on the floor fur ME!! Mommy and daddy didn't really understand that those floor snacks were mine, but I managed to get a few anyway!

Next we went to the place up on the hill where mommy and I sit in the big wooden chairs outside while daddy goes inside and gets something. I like this place, because there are more furiendly people, and they all like to say hi and pet me.

Last, we went to the ice cream shop! That was fur mommy. I didn't get any ice cream, but mommy and daddy brought treats fur me. I met two furry nice little girl hoomans, and if I would sit and lie down fur them, mommy let them give me treats! I was up and down like a yoyo, BOL!!!

So mommy says, yesfurday was her Mother's Day, because she got to spend it with me and daddy. And today was Gramma's!


Daily Diary Pick 5/1

May 1st 2010 11:31 pm
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What a surprise to wake up this morning and find myself a Daily Diary Pick! Thanks to all my furiends who sent me rosies and p-mails and sweet messages. I'm glad you like my piccies from the D/C Magic picnic! I hope you can all come if we do it again!
{{{hugs}}} and ::licks:: to everyfur!


My D/C Magic Photos

April 27th 2010 7:53 am
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Just click on this:

DC Magic 4-24-2010

I hope you enjoy them!

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