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rainbow bridge

July 20th 2010 8:40 pm
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10/16/1992 TO 08/23/2008


Wuff-Da! I can't believe its nearly a year!

October 17th 2007 7:16 pm
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Yappy October 2007!
What a year. Where to begin.....I just had by 15th birthing-day, yesterday...Mom got me a toy...but much more interested in the bag-o-treats Grandma Betty gave me. I am diabetic and take 6 & 1/2 cc insulin in the A.M. and in the P.M. So the treats were a good doesn't let me have much anymore.
High Paw up for treats!
Had a good summer...Grandpa Orrin passed away in August so my 18 year old cousin Brandi has come to live with me...thats ok...she is kind of cool..she still plays and we get a long very well...practically grew up together....but sometimes i get mad cause she lays in my kennell and eats my food and just kind of annoying at times...but kind of nice to have her around...(some days---just kidding!!)
I had a knee surgery in March....this time it was my Right ACL...darn neighbors keep up with the Labs in the neighborhood...That is what I get for showing em who's boss. Doing good tho! Dr. B in Rockford is PAWS-ome. after Left ACL repair, Right ACL repair, Spine surgery and Diabetic...I must be worth keepin around. I guess Mom loves me...I know Dad does to. and Brandi now. I miss my Grandpa Orrin and I know my mom does...
Anyway..getting kind of late...gotta go and see what Brandi is into of mine...darned dog!


colder weather here in Minnesota!!!!

October 24th 2006 8:05 pm
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Gosh, I can't believe its October already and its really really cold. Mom got me a new jacket for my birthday - I do like it. (i like it eveyone thinks I am cute-but I already KNOW that!-hahahha)
My 14th birthday has come and gone, and next week its HOWL-oween and before ya know SANTA PAWS will be here and it will be Chris-MUTT. Time Flies eh??? I have had a pretty good summer. visited Grandpa Orrin up in Northern MN quite a few times this year and that is always good. I love Grandpa!!! He is PAWS-ome!!
I am having a little trouble lately with everything with the surgeries Iwent thru last pancreatitis is acting up everyonce in awhile - so mom takes me too see Dr. Barlow (he is my vet and I really do like going to the vet..he takes good care of me and aussures my mom; I am OK! I can tell my mom not too worry but i know she does.
Anyway..time for bed just thought I would say hi to everyone and I will feel better for my FAVE night of the year.....HOWL-oween. (i can bark and bark and bark all night and mom won't say a word) its my favorite night.




March 28th 2006 8:08 pm
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WOOF WOOF!!! Long time no bark to!! How is everyone in dogdom?! I am soooooo glad 2005 is over and done with. My mom has added some new pictures so I thought I would update everyone on how its going in St. Michael MN! It has been awhile since my mom has updated my diary and I have a lot to tell. Here it goes.....Since my last entry on Sept 9th, I have gone thru quite alot. I had ACL - knee surgery Sept 23rd. My Doctor said I would be laid up for a few weeks. HUH! I was running around 10 hours after the surgery WITH my cast on! I had surgery 1 week after my mom had her surgery so re-couped at home together. Everything was great... I turned 13 Oct 16th and I had a GREAT HOWL-oween (the only night my mom lets me bark non stop and I don't even get told to be quiet!) I looked really cute in my costume. Since I had orthopedic surgery, my costume was a skeleton!! CUTE huh! Then came Novmeber. My mom was still recovering from her surgery and I from my ACL surgery when I blew 2 discs in my neck. I gave my mom quite a scare cause I didn't have any feeling in my legs at all.....I couldn't even get up. Lucky she was still home that day...Rushed me in to the vet and from there xferred down to the U of M Vetrinary Neuro Center. YUP...Spine Surgery. I was in the hospital for 1 week...and again I proved the Doctors wrong. They said it would be 6 weeks before I should even start to walk. HUH! again. I was walking 2 weeks after surgery and running 3 weeks post op. I am so glad I couldn't wear one of those collars on my neck, so my regular vet who did my knee surgery thought of an idea so I wouldn't paw at my neck and break the stitches. He made an out-fit for me! My mom took it 1 step further and being my name is PUCK....she made me an outfit out of a MN WILD HOCKEY onsie. I have to tell you...I LOOKED GOOD! I was (and still am) very proud of that outfit. I wore it all the way thru December and it looked festive to...(the MN Wild colours are chris-mutty colours...burgandy/ pine and white). I must say tho...after ACL / Spine Surgery / and the recovery-post op....right before Chris-Mutt....Ya get lots of stuff! Man I got toys....and toys...and more toys..... Dad bought me a new kennell with all new fleece blankets. I have puppy ramps and stairs attached to every piece of furniture. Even in my room its like an obsticle course but MOM did say NO JUMPING! I guess there is something to be said about recovering. The rewards are PAWS-ome! I AM glad its a new year and soon summer will be here and I can get outside and play...CAREFULLY of course. Anyway....its late now and time for bed. Hope all is well...Till next (yawn) time...WOOF WOOF AND A HIGH PAW UP!! :>)


I am now known as GIMPY or FRODO (the hobbit from Lord of- the rings-I have a swollen leg below my knee)

September 9th 2005 7:57 am
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I know its been awhile since I have written.....I am running on 3 paws...YES, I tore my ACL and have to have surgery coming up on Sept 23rd! What luck huh?! Here I was running the fence with my neighbor Snickers (chocolate lab) and I turn the fence and there it went.....My mom tells me I can't run like I used to but I try.
I am nervous about the surgery, but, My mom is also having surgery on 091505 - I am scared for her, but, she will be home for awhile to take care of me! That is good. My mom I KNOW is more nervous for me than for her, but, I guess that is good. My mom and dad love me. So that is what is going on with me...I hope all my friends in DOG'Dome are doing well, especially all those doggy-friends in the GULF COAST area. My mom worries so much of those stray dogs and those left behind, she makes me worried and very sad. Anyway....donate if able to animal relief groups.
TILL NEXT TIME....HIGH PAWS UP (but only 3 in my case-Since my mom now calls me Gimpy or Frodo)
Till next time....WOOF WOOF. Puck Llewis - aka Gimpy or Frodo.


I am DOG-tired!!!

June 2nd 2005 8:35 am
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WOOF WOOF TO ALL AND HIGH PAW UP! Well my mom is once again back to work! She was again off for a time, and now that she is back to work, I can finally get some WELL needed rest! Man oh Man...(dog oh dog) OH THE PRESSURE I HAVE!!! My dad didn't need to tell me to watch her....I do that anyway, but, I had to follow her around all day long-keeping BOTH eyes on her just too see what she is doing... (a dogs gotta do that so as not too miss anything!) Not too mention digging all my fave toys out of my toybox and the rawhide from the rawhide bin; I thought if I gave her all my stuff she would feel better!!! I am such a GOOD dog! One advantage to her being home and when she was feeling better; Mom took me in the car ALOT! That was P'AWS-ome! Anyway, I am glad I now only have to follow her around everywhere at night. I keep one eye on mom and one eye on the kitchen. One never knows when a good treat may unexpectadly come flying out of the fridge or cupboard!!!!!! till next time....Puck Llewis, the very tired watchdog



April 18th 2005 12:46 pm
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Its springtime, and as mom would say..."time to air the ole nose out!" Mom and Dad finally got my hair cut - short to!! No more waking my mom up at 3am cause I was too warm!!! Now I just wake mom at 3am cause I can! A PUCKster TIP: to wake up parents....jump on the bed while they are sleeping (don't get in trouble for that) and pant and/or get as close to their face as you can get! That works EVERY time!! :>) Since its springtime, I now just have to deal with the rain. Thunder and loud noises don't bother me (I have to be big and protect mom from the noise) now RAIN on the other paw, I don't do very well!!! Mom stands in the rain though, waiting for me to go. YEAH RIGHT! I do it everytime...act like...ok..YAY going outside......I am really gonna go this time....wait till she gets in the rain...and stand on the step, under the awning where its nice and dry....and NOT Move an inch! I AM TOO FUNNY! Anyway... Be careful out there... Don't stray too far exploring the new greenage/scents and smells! PLUS...If ya don't keep your feet when ya walk out the door...ya never know where you'll end up! HIGH PAW UP! YAPPY SPRINGTIME!!



March 29th 2005 6:47 pm
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Just had to put my 2 cents in and say I hope all had a YAPPY EASTER!!! Easter Doggy was good too new squeaky toys......JUST WHAT MOM WANTED! Deep down I know she thinks I am cute when I tear the stuffing out of them to get at the squeaker!...SHE LOVES THAT!!! I also got a new Soccer Ball! Well actually; I kind of helped my self to the neighbors ball...They didn't mind was kind of deflated - mom blew it back up good as new...(I didn't tell my neighbors tho!) Since the days are getting warmer up here in the North Country...time to get out and play now before the pesky bugs come...EWWWWWW! hate bugs. I do hate wiping my feet of mud to, but, mom says gotta wipe the paws off....Anyway...type to ya later....HIGH PAW UP AND WOOF WOOF...later....Puck Llewis...


YAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!! (and not a moment too soon)

February 22nd 2005 12:09 pm
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OH YAPPY DAY! My mom finally went back to work today; so I can have the house all to myself!!! She has been off work for 3 weeks and SHE TRULY IS A PAIN IN THE PAWS! I tell ya..I had no time to myself, and I am SOOOOOO tired of following her around the house EVERY TIME she got up. (and she gets up alot!!) Ya know, a dog HAS to keep an eye out and see just what was going on...what she was doing and to see to what extent I was involved. I think she just walked in the kitchen just to see if she could REALLY beat me in there! (I WON THE RACE EVERYTIME!!) This went on EVERY DAY for 3 weeks and 2 days! I am just DOG-TIRED. I mean EVERY DAY! Being my mom was home for awhile, she kept watching the same movie OVER AND OVER! This so frustrated this "movie" she obessessed over - I swear every other word was PUCK!! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!??! The word PUCK was said ALOT! alot alot alot! A dog could get wiplash turning around only to find out a bunch of yahoos on TV were saying PUCK. Mom said something about 1980; Miracle on Ice; Hockey and Olympics.....I would like to know why my mom named me PUCK (I know Hockey is her fave sport) but she could have like named me JERSEY ... or STICK ... or even BLADE.......?! ANYWAY....that is all for today......and I AM SOOOOOO glad she is FINALLY back to work. I can now get some peace and quiet and some much needed rest!! I am going back to (yawn) sleep...WOOF WOOF AND HIGH PAW UP! Puck Llewis....... p.s. I guess I did get good stuff for Yappy Valen-dogs dayfrom both Mom and Dad! woohooo But MOM, come on...even dad said enough with the movice MIRACLE.......... ever here of ANIMAL PLANET???



January 10th 2005 1:01 pm
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Oh Santa Paws came and was very very good too me! I and my mom and dad ventured up to Northern MN over the Christ-mutt weekend-did a lot of said we had to travel to get presents and by the amount of 'stuff' I came home would think we were gone for months!! The only thing that was a bit upsetting to me - my human grandpa has a new dog (someone just dumped him off to fend for himself) so Grandpa, in a sense, "rescued" him...for that I am grateful...but the dog is a Belgian Sheepdog...or GROENDALE. (too me...he is a monster in a dog suit) Don't much care for him as he is LARGE...he out weighs me by about 80 pounds (my mom says 80...I say 487 pounds). My Grandpa and my mom kept calling him Stanley so that must be his name. (I myself call him SATAN.) I admit...I was a little disappointed I didn't really get to play with my poodle cousin BRANDI. (she is used to Stanley THEY get along fine.) Maybe when we visit Grandpa again ... my mom will get me a big "mastiff" suit and dress me up in that...I will be REALLY scary then! But, Stanley just has to realize I am top dog and what is his, is mine and what is mine, is mine, and what is everyone elses, is mine to!! I must say, I am glad my mom was there to protect me was nice to hide behind her when Stanley ran full speed trying to play with a toy! Well anyway the presents made it all worthwhile. I just want to wish all dogster pals and visitors....A YAPPY NEW YEAR...till next time....HIGH PAW UP! and woof woof! Puck Llewis.....hmmmmmm I wonder what I can talk my mom and dad into for Valentines Day....hmmmmmmmm

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