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Everyone loves me


November 23rd 2006 9:39 am
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I'm singing the pap rap
The Papillon's clap trap
That's sung while
Sitting in your lap!

I'm singing the pap rap
That only the pap sings
The dogs with the
butterfly wings!

I'm singing the pap rap
Just like the fat cat
Whose jealous
It's me in your lap.

I'm running around and around
And I'm making the Papillon sound
That's why I'm
The town's best clown.

I'll show you my fun tricks
And give you a bunch of licks
While you take
Dogster's best pics.


Spring is faster but Meiren is quicker

May 18th 2006 4:53 pm
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HI, all,

Meiren and I are the best friends now. After I got over my problem last year with the constant pain and all, we started playing more together. I can still jump higher but Meiren beats me at my own game at times. I hate to admit it. She is very stubborn and doesn't want to admit that I am the top dog. Well, actually Cutey is the top dog, so I must be #2? Well, #2 is ok, I try harder. I will never be as fast or as strong as Cutey, she is the queen! Anyway, MeiRen and I are best buds now and we play constantly. I just wish she wouldn't throw up in car when we go driving.

Well, that's it for now. All of you keep safe, and watch your hind legs.


Mochi Secor


Much better today

November 11th 2005 8:39 pm
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Hi, Meiren,

I didn't know you cared.

When I was in the hospital, tubes sticking to my legs and trapped in that wire cage, I thought of your beautiful smile, and I dreamed that you were thinking of me. And when I woke up, Mommy and Daddy came to get me, and it was true, you were thinking of me. You are the very picture of feminine beauty. Now a friend of mine recently told me that I can't get a cow if I don't drink the milk, or something like that, or was it why drink milk when you can have the whole cow? OR maybe it was why buy the cow when the milk is sour. Anyway, I don't want a cow at all, I only want a dog, that it, I want you to me my love. I will bark for you, I will bite for you, and when I feel down, I know you will lift me up, and I will lift you up. Be my valentine?

Oh, I know, it was why throw stones when you have a glass cow? Wow, I won't throw any more stones at you.

Bye for now,

You getting better friend,

Mochi Secor


Sicker than a ... dog?

November 7th 2005 12:56 pm
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Hi, all,

I don't know how, but I was sicker than a dog. I am a dog, so I am not sure that makes any sense. Why are dogs thought to be sick? Anyway, I couldn't eat, I felt weak, when I pooped my Mom put the poop in a little bag and took me to the vet, whatever that is. I just know I am "under the weather" (again, isn't everyone "under the weather" except maybe birds?) I can't jump on the furniture, I can't and don't want to beg for food, and now that I can't eat, Daddy and Mommy are offering me all kinds of delicious food. That's not fair. When I can eat, I get dry dog food. When I can't eat, I get eggs, rice, chicken (no bones about it), beef, Tofu (I actually love it), banana (I love that, too) carrots and broccoli and cabbage (ditto), potatoe, etc. But I can't eat any of those things now. Well, I am feeling a little better today. I couldn't feel any worse than yesterday.

bye for now,



Bad news from China

August 4th 2005 9:34 am
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Hi, Dolly,

I am so sorry about Pauli. We were all looking forward to meeting him. I can already smell him in my nose. His taste is already in my mouth. I will never forget him, even though I never met him. He is so cute, he looks like your twin. He is so soft, so handsome, do you mind if I say, he is beautiful? He is not only in your heart, but he is in your eyes, your face, your life. He is in your dance, in your bark, in your jumping and in your playing. If it weren't for Pauli, you wouldn't be Dolly. We will know him through you.

Thanks for sharing Pauli with us. No, don't worry, we will never forget Pauli, and his so short life is living on in our hearts and in our lives. We will buck up when we think of his ready smile, and when he was called back, he had no regrets, and neither do we.

Come soon. We are waiting for you. Be careful. When you are ready to fly, be sure to get enough water. Don't be afraid on the flight to America, we will be there with you, and Pauli will be there with you.

We love you so much, and we cry along with you. We can't stop crying, and that's ok.

Come quickly.

We love you.

See you soon, say hello and goodbye to WangWang. We want to hear from him soon.

Come quickly.

Bye Bye.

Your loving adopted Brother, waiting, waiting,


New day new life

July 20th 2005 9:37 pm
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Hi, Dolly!

Come quickly. I want to see you soon. When will you take off from China and come here? I used to live in the house you are living in now - cousin WangWang's house in China. I will be your best friend. Now, the first thing I teach you is how to handle the big dogs, and from your size, you will need it. Just bite them on the ankle. It works every time. They think they are so big and important, it takes them down to size. Just be sure to run away. I can also teach you how to get the best food, how to climb the stairs, how to go out that huge doggy door. You will need a wise mentor. Maybe we can be friends, may more than friends, nights by the moonlight, barking at strangers together, running around the yard, romantic chases and looks and grody smells, well, you know. Well, come soon. I am dying to meet you.

Your new anxious friend, Mochi,

by the way, the only male in the house (except for Daddy, and he's married)



April 5th 2005 5:22 pm
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Hi, all you doggie friends,

Well, I have been reformed.

I don't know if it was that doggiegram I got from my cousin WangWang in China, or if just how nice my sister Cutey was treating me lately. Well, some dog was trying to harrass me at the park, and I was, as usual, fairly brain dead. I had no idea. Cutey kept getting in the way, and for a moment, I was a little mad, and starting biting her on the legs. Then I noticed that she was blocking the other dog from getting close. Cutey and the other dog started growling, and then I got scared. Just in time, Daddy came and pulled us out of there. I suddenly realized that my sister loves me, and wants to protect me. I really didn't know has great it was to have a sister like Cutey.

Anyway, can we just delete that other posting? I would like to take it all back. it's really ok if Cutey is booooring. I don't mind. She does share her toys, well, sometimes. She is still top dog as far as I am concerned.

Just remember, fellow dogs, you don't know what you have until, well, the paws hit the turf.

All for now. Bye.


Why I bite Cutey

March 23rd 2005 4:17 pm
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Hi, to whom it may concern,

I just wanted to explain about the unfair accusations coming out of some dog (my sister Cutey) that I bite her unfairly on the hind legs and won't give her any peace.

First of all, you are not in a position to judge me unless you live with a sister or brother who is sooooo boring. I know it isn't her age, because she can run up and down the hill sides of Fremont lickity split, and not even stop to catch her breath. But ask her to share her toys, or play with me? Forget about it.

Second of all, I am just trying to, you know, light a fire. I am trying to make her life more interesting. She outweighs me by about a million pounds, so can you seriously tell me that it really is so painful? So why is she complaining? I'll tell you: she is ashamed that she is proved to be so lazy, and jealous that she isn't the only dog in town.

Now you all know that thanks to her complaints, the critics are giving her four stars and I only get three? Give me a break. Anyone can see that I am far cuter than she is. It is definitely the sympathy vote, along with the fact that the people who vote are obviously older and biased against us younger dogs.

I am not going to beg for votes. After all, this is not "American Idol", and I am not going to sing for you, although I do a fairly good accompanyment to "happy birthday". But let's take this dog abuse allogation agin me with a grain of doggy poop (sorry for the poor spelling).


Every day is new when you're a dog!

January 5th 2005 9:06 pm
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They say it's a dog's life, or a dog eat dog world, but I think being a dog is the best thing in the world. I love being a dog! It should be a song. I play every day with Mommy and Daddy when he comes home from work. I can sit, kiss, stay, break from stay, jump through the doggie door, leave it! I can use the doggie door to go outside to take care of business by myself. Everyone is nice to me. I love Everyone! The world is a wonderful place, so full of interesting and foul smelling wonders. Mommy and Daddy simply don't apprciate it. I could spend a week just perusing our back yard. I just got my doggies shots (growl growl, that smarts!) and soon I will be able to go to the park with my sister Cutey and run and play in the sun (remember the sun?) that was before the eternity of winter rain. Well, I think I smell something cooking in the kitchen. Off to beg for some people food (although I never get any, I am an internal optimist).

Here is my song:

I'm a dog and by me that's only great!
I am proud that I am covered with soft fur,
That I walk with a gentle four legged gait,
With my hips kind of swively and swervy.
I adore smelling something quite smelly
When my Mom takes me to the doggie park place,
Off I run with Fido or Willy or Kelly,
Like a greyhound ready for the race!

When I smell the other dog's do,
With my nose in position,
I float as the clouds on air do --
I enjoy being a dog!

When they say I'm cute and playful,
And my mouth tastes treats like meat,
I just lap it up like water --
I enjoy being a dog.

I flip when my daddy plays tuggy,
I drool over every new chewy toy,
I bark at the neighbor, driving them buggy,
When they have visitors over to their place.

I'm strictly a canine doggie,
And my future, I know, will be,
In the home of my happy and loving family,
Who enjoy being a pack,
Having a dog like me!


Everyone is my friend

November 26th 2004 7:30 pm
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I went to the park today and play with with my sister, Cutey. She is very big, about a million pounds, and runs so fast when she goes by, I just duck. My mommy and daddy laugh at me, so I jump up and bark like a big dog. They laugh again. I am tougher than I look. I am not afraid of anyone. I weigh only 2 pounds now, but I can look any dog in the eye. My parents don't let me get to close to others dogs, because they are obviously afraid I will hurt the other dog.

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