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Living Like A King

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Back to the dreaded doctors!

December 8th 2008 7:23 am
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Yesterday, mummy thought Skye may have been ill and was watching him all day. She should have been watching me.

After dinner, which was a statisfying ground chicken and kibble, I felt a bit odd. You know both Skye and I have had runny poo. But we figured that to be from the horrid castration we were subject to this past Thursday.

Then around 9pm, which should have been bedtime, I was acting weird even for my standards. My stomach felt bad and I was running through the house looking for corners. All of a sudden - there it came. Diaherria. Bad. I could not stop.

Dads took me out and I tried and tried to go but after a while nothing came out. It was like that every 30 minutes. All night. I woke up and mummy was laying next to me and I went to the foot of the big soft bed. That is when she knew I had to go. She took me out every 30 minutes from 9pm to 4am. Poor mummy did not get any sleep. Neither did I. Then at 5am I had to go again. Dads took me this time. Mummy fell asleep. Then at 7am mummy awoke and so did I. She put me and Skye down from the big bed and went to put her jeans on. I could not help it and out it came. She put Skye in the kitchen and mummy and I went in the mini.

We went to that place again. I was seriously shaking. Mummy was holding me and then we went into a little room. The doctor who worked on Skye looked at me and took me away from mummy into the back. I was prodded and poked and listened to. Then they put some white stuff down my throat with 2 pills. And then some nice lady washed and dried my rear end, which was all stinky and grotty.

Back to mummy! What a relief to see her. The doctor told her that I have stress/operation related bad bacteria in my intestines that is overtaking the good bacteria. That white stuff was like an antacid. I am on 2 different pills and if I don't get better by tomorrow the doctor wants to know. He said if Skye has the diaherria that he can have the pills too. He told mummy I don't have congestion or a blockage and I should be alright. SHOULD BE??

I am pretty tired. I am on mummy's lap as I dictate this diary entry to her. About to fall asleep. I only had diaherria once since 8:30am. I hope the pills work because this is very very stressful.



December 7th 2008 11:48 am
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I have been neutered. Both me and Skye. The deed was completed on this Thursday past. I was tricked and hoodwinked. My manhood is compromised.

I felt like I was run over. I was shaved. I had needles stuck into me. I was "put under" and don't remember anything except the pain when I woke up. I was caged. People checking on me. Feeling groggy. Then I turn and see Skye.

Do I look as bad as he does? OMG. I can't even bark to get his attention. There is my little brother (well, he's actually bigger than me but he is still my little brother) in a cage. He looks dead to the world all spread out.

Then the people come again and check on me and him. I see Skye's eyes open. Thank God! Where is my mummy and dads? How long have we been here?? We both get a needle. OUCH. But then I am not feeling any pain. Just tired and worn out. I wonder if Skye feels like this?

The incision hurts. I need to lick. People come again and then a plastic tube thingy is put on my head. I hate it. I cannot move with it on. Skye does not have one on his head. Why do I? We spend the night in the cages. Separate. Skye looks at me. I look at him. We both wimper and hear the other dogs. I want my big soft bed and mummy.

The next morning, dads is there at that place. He gets us and takes us home. HOME! I am so glad to be home. But I am exhausted from that shot. Skye and I sleep together in our bed. All day. Dad's right there.

Then mummy comes home! Both of us are still asleep and do not hear her. Skye smells her and wakes me up. MUMMY!! Tail wags and kisses but it is still hard to move. I want to lick so bad. Mummy made Skye and I special eggs. We were both famished and gobbled them up. I had to sleep in the big bed with the cone on. I did not sleep well but I think Skye did.

I felt a bit better on Saturday but mummy gave us both a pill and it kind of made me woozy. But I did not feel sore after that pill. We got to ride in the mini and mummy and dads took us to Top Dogs store where they bought me "girlie pants". Their CC friends told them about using these vs. the dreaded head cone. Well, as humilated as I was, I was glad not to have the cone on my head. I actually got some needed sleep last night.

Today, Sunday, I feel much better. No pain meds to make me woozy. Mum and dad's been taking us for walks around the palace neighborhood. No Waggy World for another week! I ate kibble today for the first time since the "operation". Plus egg and chicken stick scramble. But I still have to wear them girlie pants.

I don't know what this fixing will do to me or why it was done. Mummy says I will be healthier with being fixed. Not buying that story right now. All I know is my girlfuriend Becky better still love me.


OMD I'm Getting Fixed Today!

December 4th 2008 5:41 am
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I am at the vets....and today I am getting FIXED!! Skye is too!! I will post more after this horrid experience is all over! My show career is over before it started!!

Becky!!! Will you still love me!!


The Prince is On Leash

December 3rd 2008 4:35 am
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Well it appears that I am in the doghouse with mummy. I am now on leash whenever we go outside and let me tell you, that affects my ability to do my, shall we say, business.

Okay, so I bolted the other day. And it was 4am. And cold. And mum was in her pjs, slippers and a scarf. And I ran and ran and ran throughout the neighborhood. I needed to smell all the smells around the various palaces! Well 20 minutes later, after I made mummy chase me throughout 3 cul de sacs (and she could not yell because it was so early in the morn), I made my way back to the palace.

She was kind of mad. Or shall I say rather furious.

Oh, and my traitorious brother had to go yesterday and blab everything to everyone in his diary. Thank you very much.

So last night and this morning both of us are on leash. I did not go last night and I did not go this morning. Now I got mummy worried. Plus I am being an overall picky eater again. She thinks there maybe something wrong and told me that she will tell the vet on Thursday. What? I am going to the vet? Is that what she meant about getting fixed?? OH NO!


My Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

December 1st 2008 6:58 am
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WoW! What a Thanksgiving weekend I had!

Mummy cooked a really good smelling meal and Gran and Grandpa and my Uncle Bill and my brothers were over to eat. And WILL came over and so did grans new fur, Winston. Winston is a cav too. Sometimes I think Will thinks he is a cav too! Everyone was filling up their plates but us dogs got nothing but our kibble and chicken sticks and broth! But that is okay because later, we all got bully sticks to chew on and fight over! What a roaring grand time we all had! Even Skye had fun. But you know, he was the odd man out because me and Will arethisclose and are the bestest buds in all the world! Skye just could not keep up with our lightning speed and rassling capabilities.

Then later, real late, when everyone said they were going to the mall for midnight madness (why go to the mall, when we have it at the palace??) Dads fell ill. He was throwing up, cold and stomach pains. He accused mum of poisioning him but nobody else got sick so I think dads just got "a bug" - that is what humans call it. A bug. Bugs taste good and don't make you sick, so I don't know why they call it a bug. Strange. But anyway, me and Skye stayed with dads on the throne in the telly room and kept him warm whilst mum and my brothers went shopping. And they got me and Skye a brand new big pillow to lay on that fits the both of us. Will spent the night too but he stayed with my brother in his room and he did not get to lay with dads. But when he got up, we started all over again! A brand new day of fun!!

Dads was still a tad bit quesy, but they all went out in the afternoon and left us on our own in the kitchen. Skye made a mess. He doesn't know how to hold it. Boy, he sure doesn't know how and he doesn't know how to tell mum and dads either. So he just the living room, in the dining room, on the steps, in the bedchamber...not good. Mum is trying but Skye just cowers. He obviously is not a quick learner like ME. That is why I am the Prince and he is just a frickin Duke.

Will and my brothers left Friday night and then it was just all of us again. Kind of back to routine, but mummy had to clean up after my brothers mess in the bath and she did not mind one bit. She always minds when dads or I leave a mess! Then, on Saturday, Skye and I get penned up in the kitchen FOR THE WHOLE DAY! What??? Why?? I guess it could be worse, it could be the royal x-pen but Gran took that for Winston. So I am glad I no longer have the royal x-pen but I don't like being held prisoner in my own kitchen! The only bright spot of the day was the Cavalier Thanksgiving we had! It was absolutely fabulous! And I got to officially give a kiss to my sweet Becky! She is now MY GIRL and PRINCESS!! I am so happy about that!

Yesterday, Skye and I watched mum and dads put up the Christmas tree. You know that they put up a TREE in the house?? And then they put like glass things and little white fairy lights on it. Then they tell you to STAY AWAY? Ok, you put a TREE in the PALACE and want me to STAY AWAY?? How moronic is that? I am so tempted to lift the ole leg and let them know what I think about that, but I don't want to end up like Skye and be in the dog house!

This morning, dads took the bag with the wheels on it again. Guess he is gone again but he will come back. Oh and it is really really COLD outside! Too cold for me. And the wet has been falling from the sky for the past two days so it is really wet on the ground and makes the situation even worse.

I think this is the week that I am supposed to get fixed. Like I said, I ain't broken but I think it's Thursday that I being taken to get fixed. Taken where? Who knows.


Princely Jealous Rants

November 26th 2008 4:47 am
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Okay I was getting a tad bit nervous about my buddy Nibbles. I hadn't heard from him in a few days and then he came back! Seems he has 'puter issues. Well I missed him alot - he is one of the three amigos you know! He has a pretty good diary entry too! He always makes me laugh!

And I am getting all excited about Thanksgiving. We cavaliers are having a Thanksgiving pawty aboard the Mayflower. There I will wear my special pilgrim hat, which I look soooo Rico Sauve in, that I received from a beautiful lady. I hope to thank her personally on the Mayflower!! The only thing is that I have to bring my little brother, Skye. He does not know everyone very well and he is a bit shy. I hope he won't be hanging around me whilst I try to thank a certain someone!!! And I hope that Poppy, Amber and Angel Em can make it. Their daddy is not feeling well and everyfur are praying for him!!

Speaking of Skye, I taught him how to climb the stairs last night. I was getting highly jealous of mummy and dads carrying him up and down them stairs. Like he was a prince or something. I am the prince. ME! NOT HIM. He's just a Duke. So I taught him real good. He is just klutzy coming down. Can't stop himself. He is a good chap and fun to be with (when it's on my terms). We played last night with my buddy too.

I don't like sharing the attention and love of my mummy though. She is my mummy! ALL MINE!

Mummy still tries to pay more attention to me but I see it when she thinks I am not looking....the secret pets and kisses to Skye. The "good boy" comments. Geez!

Since this boy came to town, we have not gone in the mini but once. I dont get a walk by myself. Its always the two of us. I want some me time with my mummy and dads! Am I being a snot or what????

Oh yeah HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYFUR! And especially to all my dogster pals and my bestest buddies - Ruger and Nibbles - and to Miss Becky too!!!


Vying for Attention in the Palace

November 25th 2008 4:20 am
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OK, don't get me wrong...I love having a new brother. You know, he is a cavalier named Skye, but he's really shy. Not the playing kind like me and Will.

But he is just so needy! Mum and dads worry about him, pet him all the time and tell him he's a good boy and generally just pay alot of attention to him.

Yes, mummy still pets me and holds me and lets me shower her with kisses. Yes, I still get to sleep in the bed big with mum and dads. Yes, I still sit on mummy's lap.

But last night, Skye was in his crate and he had to go out so he was howling. I was so tired and mum was too. Dads pretended he did not hear. It was 2:24am! So, finally, Dads took him out and he did his business. But he continued to howl from the crate. Finally, at 3:30 mummy went into the bathroom and tried to calm him down. Then the unthinkable....she brought him to bed! MY BED! Well, I just stayed up by mums pillow but Skye could not get comfortable. He is such an antsy bloke! I am exhausted from no sleep. I can just imagine what mum feels like today. Dads? He slept.

Oh and I graciously bestowed upon Skye the title Duke of Weatherstone. That is the street that the palace is on. He has no idea what it is like to be royalty. I am hoping the title will avoid any future insurrections to my royal title.

Gosh, wait until Thanksgiving when Will comes over! I will be glad to see him so we can play (Skye does not play much right now) but Skye will be shell shocked when Will is in the house!!


I Got Me a Brother!!!

November 23rd 2008 6:32 pm
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Yep Yep Yep! I got a new brother! He came home to the palace on Friday night. It was really late. Boy was I surprised! I knew something was up though. Mum worked from home and then Gran came over in the afternoon. I love Gran. She just loves me to bits when she sees me. Well anyway, then Dads comes home, I get put into my royal x-pen and off they go! It was real late when they got back - I was sound asleep! But Gran wasn't with them. I found out that they all went to my breeders palace to get Gran a new fur. Her fur, KC, died and Gran wanted a new fur to love. She picked out a half brother to me and his name is Winston. I have not met him yet but I will at Thanksgiving.

Well, my new brother's name is Skye. He really isnt a blood brother, but he is still my brother! He is really shy. Not outgoing like ME - the PRINCE! I will show him the ropes and long as he does not try to overthrow me. He is ok. Doesn't bug me. We are the same age, but I have him beat by 3 days so I am the older HEIR APPARENT!!

On Saturday, you know I get my special egg. Well mum made one for Skye but he did not like it (GO FIGURE THAT ONE) so I got to eat it. He does not know what he is missing! He ate his kibble instead. EWW Kibble. Who likes kibble when you can have a special egg??

Then today we went to Waggy World (in the MINI! Gosh, I just love the mini). I dont think Skye likes the Mini much. The boy has no idea what he should and should not like! We both like Waggy World! Something we have in common! Then we both got baths. Now we don't stink as dads says.

Will did not come over this weekend. I missed him loads and wanted him to meet Skye. My other brother Steve came over and he like Skye and petted me. Will is coming over for Thanksgiving so I cannot wait to have me and Skye and Will and Winston all in the same house, parading all about!

So I am rather exhausted right about now and need my princely sleep. Skye is watching telly with dads and I am with mum getting ready for bed in the big soft bed!! I am happy I got me a brother!


All Quiet Around the Palace

November 19th 2008 4:06 am
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Uh oh. Dads packed that black bag with the rolling wheels this morning. I think he will be gone again. I hope it's not long because I heard mum and dad talk about taking Gran to see a pup on Friday. Her fur, KC, went to the bridge about a month ago and Gran really needs a pup. KC was a sheltie fur but Gran says that she would like a cavalier now that she has seen me!!

It's alot more quiet around the palace without Will. He went back to his palace on Monday night. I know mum was exhausted with having the both of us go nuts. Will is the instigator though! I just follow his lead!

My pal Nibbles got diary of the day too! That was really exciting! I am so glad for him. You know his mummy has a coyote fetish. She thinks that they will attack my pal on leash! His latest diary entry was a hoot!

And I cant wait for our Thanksgiving party! I will be wearing a very special pilgrim hat given to me by a very special lady when I am on board the Mayflower II! I only wish Tully and Angel Seamus could come....

It's a tad bit nipply (as dads would say) when I go outside now. Seems too cold for these parts. But mum says that I need to start wearing a sweater. I don't like clothes. They restrict the beautiful flow of my fur!

Oh, and I think I am starting to smell again. At least I think it is me. Last time I thought it was dads, but it was really me. I wonder when I will get the bath??



November 17th 2008 5:36 am
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Rule #1 when tagged in a game, you play!! I have been tagged by my buddy TULLY!!!

To play, you have to post the rules in your diary. The rules are that you list 7 random facts about yourself. Then pick 7 pals and list them and don't furget to bark them a pmail to know they were tagged! (or you can send them a rosette if you want!).

Here are 7 more random facts about me, Finn!

1. I will be getting "fixed" on 12/4, but I ain't broken so go figure what all that means....somehow I don't think it's gonna be good....

2. I ring poochie bells on the front door of the palace to let mum and dad know when I need to go outside.

3. I like to chew on bully sticks ALOT, even though they make my breath smell and nobody wants me licking their face for 20 minutes afterwards.

4. I like to sleep in between mum and dad on the big soft bed at night. I sleep right up by their heads so I can watch them!

5. I HATE the wet when it is falling from the sky.

6. I prefer cherry yogurt over plain.

7. I really like pizza. It's the best!

My next group to tag... let's see.....Duchess, Bud, Dodger Blue, Ziggy, Lucky, Teddy Earnest and HEATHROW!

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