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Living Like A King

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January 6th 2009 4:06 am
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What is a prince to do? I hate to get wet, the palace grounds are a swamp and I cannot do my business appropriately outside with all this wet laying around.

U think mummy is mad?? Yeppers. Know why? Because neither Skye or I want to go outside (we put on the brakes very nicely, thank you) and we immediately come into the palace and guess what we do.

You got it.


Little Rants...

January 4th 2009 4:16 pm
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I did not get to see Will this weekend....but I smelled him on mummy and dads clothes. They must have been where he goes to when he is not here at the palace.....hmmm why cant I go there??

I also got a real long ride in the mini today. Gosh, I just love the mini. This ride put me to sleep though. I tried to stay awake and look out the window at my adoring public, but I got rather sleepy. Skye just passed out as soon as we got to the top of the street!

Oh and of course I got me my special eggs and mum even put in some chicken which was YUMS!!

Other than that, I just fight alot with Skye over bully sticks. Oh, and the wet is falling from the sky again, so that means that neither of us like to go outside and do our duty. That makes mummy mad. Because you know that means we go inside.

You know, Skye is becoming a real pain in the old you know what. He constantly stares at me and coos and wants my bully stick. I bark and get yelled at to "shut up, Finn". I need to really stick it to him one day....

and finally, I got my ears brushed. Gosh I hate that.

Maybe something exciting will happen this week. I am beginning to be bored. I do know that come next month, it's MY BIRTHDAY MONTH and I hope lots and lots of special stuff happens. Unfortunately, it's Skye's BD month too - just 2 days after me! HOW OBNOXIOUS IS THAT????



December 31st 2008 11:23 am
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Wow! You know what - another YEAR is coming tonight! Yep, another year and the wonderful year that I was born in (oh and Skye too) will be HIS-TOR-IE!

Mummy is home today and she is all about cleaning everything. Even me and Skye. We got baths. Not that I like them, but at least I smell real good AND I got to go for a ride in the MINI!! I LOVE THE MINI! I look quite the prince in it, you know. Skye just lays there like he is gonna throw up or something.

Oh, and we got these special nylabones that look like real bones and taste like beouf. That is french for beef, you know. I am trying to smarten myself up, since I am a prince and all and I must be very worldly.

Oh and guess what...I heard dads telling mummy that he will be home early today. Something about that football stuff again. Some kind of bowl game that they are going to. How does one play football in a bowl? Sounds pretty stupid if you ask me. They are gonna meet up with my human brothers who are currently tailgating at the bowl game. Now that is even more stupid. Why are they gating tails? And whats that got to do with a bowl and football? Sounds pretty suspect.

Oh and daddy so wanted his real football stuff today but it did not come in the mail. He likes this football team called Wigan something or other. Mummy just laughs and says real football is Liverpool, not Wigan. But he got his self some more Wigan football stuff called kits and jackets..on sale. Mum says they should be dollar store fodder.

Well, 2009 iwill be FANTASTIC! I turn a big old 1 year old in 2009 and I hope I get me a big ole pawty!! I just wish I could kiss my sweet Becky at midnight tonite.

Oh Oh - I do want to wish ALL my WONDERFUL Dogster buds a very Merry New Year and especially all my cavalier corner buddies! They are the bestest furiends EVER!!!!



It was the bestest Christmas EVER!

December 29th 2008 2:48 pm
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I had to have the BESTEST Christmas EVER! Well, it is only my first one, but it was the BESTEST yet! Here is why:

1. Mummy and dads stayed home for 5 straight days! And Skye and me got all the attention.

2. Will came over. We played. We conquered. We're cute.

3. I got to ride IN THE MINI! I just LOVE the mini. Skye got car sick.

4. Mums special eggs multiple times in the morning. How great is THAT???

5. The pawrents slept in after the 5am bathroom break. YIPPEEEE!

6. I got the bestest present from my lovely lady, Miss Becky. And I just love her card she sent me.

7. I got more cards than anyone in this palace (except for Skye). Well, after all, I AM A PRINCE!

8. Three stockings filled with goodies! Count em - THREE!! Am I special or WHAT??!!

9. Winston came over and me and Will played with him. Winston is my half brother. He is not a SMRT as me. But he's okay. Kinda feel bad. Nobody played with Skye. He stuck by Dads alot. And played with this stupid toy he got in his stocking. Some annoying reindeer that sings. Gimme a bully stick any day.

10. Laser light chasing almost every nite!

11. Oh did I mention that Will and I got to spend Christmas together???

12. Sleepy time with mummy on the throne by the telly. I wrapped myself around her neck. Loved it.

13. Dancing with mummy to Christmas music.

Yep, I would say that about sums it up. Greatest Christmas EVER!!!!


Split leads and Parcel Wrapping and Dancing!

December 23rd 2008 2:44 pm
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Wow! Mummy came home early today and caught us both sleeping! Was I surprised! She bundled us up in our horrendous holiday sweaters and took us out for a walkie in the cold. And boy is it cold! I guess I was kinda glad that she put that stupid sweater on me. But the worst was that she got this thing called a split lead. Not good. I want to go where I WANT TO GO! I dont want to be dragging Skye all about. Well, that is exactly what this silly split lead does. I could not get good sniffs and leg lifts in on mail posts with Mr. Skye all up in my business. So, she better think twice about putting me on THAT thing again.

Then, after that most ugly walkie, we came back in and we got a bully stick. Okay. I can live with the split lead if it means I get me a bully stick afterward.

Oh, then the parcel wrapping began. Mummy dragged out all these things from the closet. And then she started wrapping them. I was not a bit interested until I smelt something that needed my attention. You know, smells like bully sticks! She put them in this stocking thingy and told me to mind my own business. I wonder if we will get presents soon. Looks like it. Presents for the Prince!!!!

Skye has absolutely no clue about the paper wrapping and bully stick smell. Totally oblivious. THAT is why he is only a Duke and not a Prince.

Something is building up in this palace though. Mummy made a list (and something ALWAYS happens when mummy gets into list making mode) and is talking to dads about food. Roasts and some kind of pudding. I can do a roast - I know what that is and they are good. Mummy doesn't make a big supper anymore and I think she is going to make a "Sunday" roast for Christmas - Dad's favorite. I wonder if this will be like Thanksgiving where all the furs are over and we can run and play and drive everyone crazy!! I sure hope so!

And something special happened today whilst mummy was wrapping. She listens to this Christmas song box and there was a song on and her and me started to dance! I love to dance with mum! She picks me up and we swing and move and turn and I just love it! I give her big licks when we dance. She seems to be in such a good mood today (could be because I pooped outside and she looked at the stuff and said GOOD BOY - She is Professor Poop).

What a wonderful world!!


MY Weekend (my version)

December 22nd 2008 4:55 am
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Oh joy oh joy!

WILL WAS OVER FOR THE WEEKEND! Yeah! We ran and played and had a most excellent time!

But you know, Skye does not know how to play. He just acts all scared. I think he is scared of Will. Will has a real deep bark and likes to circle and of course, I just follow along! I think we scared Skye. Mum yelled at me and Will.

And the BEST part! Me and Will got to sleep in the same bed! We were playing in the big bed and dad got mad. He grumbled about it being 2 am and not getting any sleep and told mum he was taking Will into the guest room with him. Well I was not having any of that! I wanted to go with Will! So dad took me into the room too! Then after he yelled and told us to "knock it off", we fell asleep. Poor Skye had to stay with mummy. Missed out on all the fun!

Then on Saturday, we continued our playing! Dad made us mum's special eggs and we devoured them! Mummy had to go somewhere in the morning but then she came back and she had a treat for all 3 of us - a chicken wrapped carrot! WOO HOO!

Oh and dad's put the nativity out (see I KNEW IT) and me and Will barked at them because we were not quite sure what it all was. I was especially concerned over the 3 guys with the camel that lights up. Don't particularly like them. I think they look dastardly. Will just barks at anything different. And Skye, well they did not bother him at all. He just looked at all of it and sniffed them. Mummy made a comment about not doing our business near the nativity, so we got pulled away from them. There is a little baby in the nativity too! Mummy says that is the baby Jesus and that is why we celebrate remember baby Jesus birthday.

Wow, he gets a whole holiday for his birthday! I wonder what the Prince of Alpharetta will get for his birthday in February? Will everyone get the day off and presents???


Liking having a little brother and WILL!

December 18th 2008 3:58 am
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Well well well. It is getting closer to that Christmas holiday that everyone is so anxious about!

Dad still has not decorated the outside of the palace grounds. Mummy says we look like heathens. I dont know what that is but she obviously does not think we should look like them. She told Dads to at minimum put the nativity out. He just looked at her and said nothing.

Me, I am taking my pills for my infection near my non longer existing "little bits". It feels alot better now so I dont fuss with mummy on taking the pills.

Skye and I have been cavorting around the palace - running, sliding on the floors, running down the halls and up and down the stairs. Basically just having a roaring good time! I like having a buddy around all the time (well most of the time) to play with and just be with. I get to put the blame on Mr. Skye quite a bit! The privilege of being the oldest!

Mummy says Will is spending the weekend with us and will be over on Friday! I cannot wait for Will to come over. Just me and Will. Sometimes I feel bad for Skye that I prefer Will to play with but he needs to understand that we go back forever in time! Skye just needs to join in the fun! Maybe this weekend he will.

Maybe if the weather is nice (and that WET is not falling from the sky) we can all go to Waggy World! It has been too wet to go of late and I miss running off leash!

Oh, we did have a bit of an accident last night in the palace. You know when it's that wet out, we princes and dukes do not like to get our handsome fur wet. So, we don't do our business outside because we cant get to a proper area to sniff and scratch. Well, we waited until we got inside. Yep. And boy, dad was a tad bit annoyed. He does not understand the wet thingy.

I bet the nativity gets put out this weekend.


Me and Will together again

December 15th 2008 6:06 pm
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Oh boy! Will came over this weekend! It was not overnight but it still was the BESTEST! I just love Will to bits! He was so glad to see me too and also grandma and grandpa!

Well we just played and played and ran all about the palace! You know, I think we were having too much fun by ourselves that we did not play much with Skye. It's just that me and Will, well, me and Will we have grown up together! We are like brothers!

Will did not want to go home either. He just ran upstairs and did not want to leave! But I will see him again next weekend for sure!

Oh and I was licking alot too where you know what happened. Well, dads took me and Skye to that place this morning and we got our stitches out. Only I got an infection. So they are shoving more pills down my throat. La de da.

And tonight we went in the mini..gosh I just love riding in the mini...and we went to somewhere I never was before. It was called a mall and we all waited for a long long time with our horrid Christmastime sweaters on (I dont like to be constricted) but I was a really good prince! Of course, my adoring public came over and fawned all over me. I just LOVE that. We at the end, we sat on this guy name SANTA. He was an okay guy. Then we got a picture taken. It made mummy happy, so I am happy.

I do have to say that the highlight of my weekend was PLAYING WITH WILL!!!!


Boring midweek stuff

December 11th 2008 4:13 am
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I suppose that I have been a worry to mummy the past few days. I have gone from very serious poo issues to not going at all. It has been since Tuesday night. Nothing yesterday or this morning.

Well, mum is worried but here's the thing. That wet is falling from the sky again. I don't like the wet. Especially when it is on the ground, in the leaves, in the know..basically everywhere. I just want to stay on the hard cement stuff and quickly come back into the palace.

Well, she literally drug me and Skye out twice. Once was at midnight. Granted I had to pee but the wind and the wet were too much. I quickly did that at least. Skye got drug outside and he did nothing but stand there under mum's umbrella waiting to go inside.

I think that once this wet falling from the sky stops, I can do something so she can go study it again. Seems she likes to do that.

I also think the gravy train is over on getting chicken and rice. This morning for breakfast we had a mix of chicken and rice with kibble. I think she is trying to trick us into just eating kibble again. I quite enjoy the chicken breast and rice. Mummy made some comment last night about how we are eating a better supper than she was. But she had a slice of pizza! I love pizza but got nothing. And Skye has no clue how to properly beg for food. He spoils every chance I have.

Hopefully dads will come home soon. Mummy is getting to be boring. She plays with us but not like daddy. He gets us to where we need water we are so exhausted!

Oh yeah, and we got a good feline cashing in last night! Got the one they call Sadie to run down the stairs! We leave Misa alone. She fights back and usually opens up a can of whoop arse on us! Healthy respect! Even for a prince and a duke!


On the mend

December 10th 2008 4:12 am
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I think I am back in the saddle again! Woo Hoo! I started to feel real good yesterday and last night - back to the ole Finny!

I have not been licking my surgery area as much which makes mum happy. And me. That darn itch and soreness is slowly dissappearing! Skye and I are back to normal with the sibling rivalry. I want what I have and I want what he has. He wants everything. So we kind of face off, nose to nose, with the bully stick between us, and stare each other right in our eyes and growl ever so see who flinches first!

I typically win because even if he takes the bully stick or starts rough housing, mummy breaks it up quickly. And since I am the PRINCE, and since I am OLDER by three days and since I am SMALLER (But smarter) than my brother, I get the first pick of the chewies. Well, most of the time I get the first pick.

And last night mummy was sooo excited about Skye's poo. What is so special about that? I made mounds of poo on Sunday and no one was excited about that. They were more upset.

I decided to hold my poo and did not poo until this morning. I purposefully waited until mummy did not take out that flashlight to study the poo. She muttered something about how evil I was and that she needs to see it to make sure I am okay.

Well, I think I am on the mends! That is the good news!! YIPPEE maybe I will get to go to Waggy World this weekend!!

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