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Living Like A King

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February 21st 2009 4:51 am
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Mummy sang me happy birthday!! I got kisses and belly rubs and hugs!!!

AND Mummy told me that I get a PAWTY tomorrow and 15 of my closest furiends will be there! But one bad thing....well, not so bad because I get a special pawty, but I was hoping for a JUST ME pawty...

apparantley it is a joint pawty with the big ole lard butt. Well, you know what I DONT CARE!


Thank you to all my dogster furiends and especially my CC family for all the birthday wishes and rosettes!!!



February 20th 2009 3:39 am
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I was so excited this morning that I threw up!

Mummy thinks its a bug though because the big ole lard butt puked last night and we both seem mopey to her and we have a bit of runny poo.

Mum - its not being sick, it's called being excited about being 1!!!!!


IT's getting CLOSER

February 19th 2009 4:20 am
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Yep Yep Yep

It is getting closer! What?? Don't you KNOW??


Gosh, I am really excited to become a year vs. months age!

I hope this pawty is soon, I just know there is one. But not today. I am a bit under the weather and feeling out of sorts. Don't know if its all the excitment or I am getting what the big ole lard butt had for a few days..yep the runs and basically just moping.

Mummy made us chicken and rice, which I love but I really was not hungee this morning. I ate it though because I had the felines and you know who circling me like I was roadkill.

I heard mummy talking on the that communicator thing she carries around with her and it was most definitely pawty talk. I think there are gonna be GAMES because mummy told dads she needs prizes.

Well, I better get me some princely beauty sleep. I don't have a yucky towel (which actually sounds pretty darn nice) like mi amigo Nibbles does, I got me a stinky bed pillow. I bet he would like my stinky bed pillow....oh well, I am going to snooze today.....



February 17th 2009 3:56 am
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Oh man, let me tell you I FEEL the excitement in the air around the palace!

It's all because I AM TURNING 1 on SATURDAY!!!

All my loyal subjects are hustling and bustling about and I just know that I got me a big ole pawty in the making. Look how everyone is trying to surprise me, the Prince of Alpharetta, for my 1st birthday!!

Just think, even though that big ole lard butt's bd is 2 days after mine, I GET ME A PAWTY ALL TO MYSELF! Well, I think it is just for me.

Well, it BETTER be just for me and not be none of the joint pawty business.

Uh you think that mummy would have the audacity to plan a pawty for BOTH of us TOGETHER???????????



February 16th 2009 3:59 am
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This is my BW!!!!! (That is Birthday Week for all you out there).

Saturday is my 1st Birthday!! I am going to be thought of in YEARS vs MONTHS now! WOW! I have had the bestest time of my 0 years life so far....

A WONDERFUL palace; beautiful grounds to sniff, pee and poop in; playing with Will and hanging with him because, no matter what, HE IS MY BESTEST and CLOSEST furiend.

Also, I got me the most beautiful girl in all the world. Becky is so cute and photogenic and I absolutely LOVE HER TO BITS! I wish one day we could meet so I can sniff her for real and give her lots and lots of cavalier kisses and we could run and play!

Then, I got me a brother a few months ago. Hard to believe life without the big ole lard butt now. At first, I did not like the attention he was getting and he took mummy's love and split it between us. I did not like that one bit! But now, I know mummy loves me more than ever and she loves Skye too! I just have the first born princely love!

And all my Cavalier meetup furiends are great pals and they are absolutely great to romp with! Then there is the CC group....the best support group there is around! Even mummy loves the CC - and it's MY group...that is, it is FOR US CAVALIERS...NOT our mummies!!

And speaking of mummy AND dads...gosh, I was so lucky to have been picked by them for a furever home. I love them so much. I always have to be near them and have them adore me. I can't imagine ANY OTHER LIFE THAN THIS!

Plus, I got me a MINI to ride in. How great is THAT!!


The Old Psych Out!

February 13th 2009 10:11 am
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Hee Hee....

I got the big ole lard butt worried now.

If you keep saying it to him, he starts to believe it.

Now I got mum and dads saying it to him too!!

And, when we ate the pizza crust* last night, I kept whispering to might as well just plant on your big ole lard butt!

*note: Pizza is gift from God. Especially the crust.


It's coming....just wait......

February 12th 2009 3:41 am
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Right after Valentines Day (smooches to my dearest Becky), guess what is coming.....


Yep Yep Yep. That would be correct.

I am soooo excited. Mummy is getting something special together and I just KNOW that it is a PAWTY! Oh boy, I wonder where it will be. I wonder who will be coming.


I am so excited with anticipation I can hardly wait.

BTW, the big ole lard butt's BD is 2 days after mine and mummy better not be planning something jointly.


Weekend update

February 9th 2009 4:35 am
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1. FINALLY, dads came home. It was about time. I was beginning to think he abandoned us. Now, I was really happy to see him but I can't look TOO happy..then he has the upper hand. Remain aloof is what I say.

2. Ok, so the aloof thingy did not work. I went bonkers when I saw daddy.

3. I love walkies with dads. He took us off to a different part of the palace neighborhood and we got us some new smelling spots. Mummy sticks to the same old routine. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but she is one for the sameo sameo. Dads, well, he is adventerous!! New cul de sacs for all!!

4. Weekend = special eggs for breakfast. Oh and blueberry yogurt is the bomb!

5. I got to RIDE IN THE MINI! You know me and the mini. It's my royal carriage. And yep, the Duke of Doe-de-doe-doe (aka Skye), still hides his face when we ride in the car. What a nancy dog.

6. WAGGY WORLD!! And Louie was there! He is my cavalier pal. And Jackson was there too! He is a black and tan. He is cool. He pees on peoples back when they are sitting down on the ground. What a cool trick. I do think I played way too hard. I did drink water but I think I over exhausted. I just kept panting and panting when I got home and mummy was all concerned but after sleeping most of Sunday, I am back to being the most adorable thing you ever saw!

7. Bath time on Sunday. YUCK. But I must say, Skye's big ole lard butt smells much fresher now!! And I guess I do too.

8. No Will. WHERE IS THAT BOY???


Baby its COLD outside!

February 4th 2009 3:59 am
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I have only rant today....

I live in Atlanta. In the South. Where it is supposed to be WARM.

Do you understand that?? WARM. And NOT 18 degrees warm with the frickin blowy air blowing at your face and ears!

What is up with that???

Thank goodness Skye has a big ole butt that I can wrap up against and get warm!


Waggy World and a new taste treat

February 2nd 2009 4:17 am
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WAGGY WORLD AGAIN!! Yep! I just LOVE it there! I was running all about and playing with everyone! Man that is just the bestest place EVER! I stopped once for a drink from dads water bottle that he brings along for us. It was kinda hot from all that running!

Oh, and I got to go to a dog show on Saturday! I saw a bunch of all kinds of dogs AND a bunch of new cavaliers. My sister Rosie was there too. She was in the show. She one one time and did not the other time.

Oh and my dog dad won 2nd place for the best of breed at the cavalier show. My dog daddy is the most handsome cavalier EVER (next to me of course) I am Prince only because he is KING!

And me and Skye got our pictures taken at the dog show. That was not the best thing that happened there - the best thing was that I got to eat a thing called a HOT DOG! Get eating a dog. Do you think that is what it really was??? Because it tasted really good. Do we all taste that good? Dont get me wrong. I dont like eating us. But man, we do taste good if that what a hot dog is. Mummy kept telling us "here's some more hot doggie for you" "hows that doggie taste" - all that. It MUST be made from dog. I wonder what kind? Is Mummy joking with us and just pulling our leads???

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