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Living Like A King

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Dad, the wet and poopy sidewalks

May 4th 2009 5:31 am
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Dads was home this weekend! But only a short time and we was in our royal xpen all day on Sunday!!! Then When the pawrents got home it was wham bam!!! Get the lead on, go outside for walkie with mummy, make our business quick because the wet looked it was coming soon and then when we get inside the palace - there is dads packing that bag again! And then, after quick licks and kisses - he is off! I miss my dads alot.

Then the noises came and the wet from the sky fell. And the alarm box with the voice talking funny went off - mummy listens to him real good when she hears the alarm. But we were okay. Me and Skye just stayed close to mummy and chewed on our bully sticks. We were just so glad to be outta that xpen!

Today the wet is coming down but not hard. Sometimes, wet comes down real soft and light. Sometimes, it is way way hard and fast. I don't like either situation. Neither does my bro - he does not like the wet on the grass and will not go and do his business - so he goes right on the sidewalk! How embarassing is that? Me, a prince and all, having one of my Dukes go straight away on the walkway, for all to see! Then mummy has to pick it up - ick! Me, I like to hold it. No going for me in the wet!

Mummy told us we have a busy week. We are going to gran and gramps tomorrow to visit for a bit. That means MINI RIDE! And she mumbled something about her and dads giving us baths on Friday??? HUH????


Do ya think mummy forgot how to type??

May 1st 2009 5:33 pm
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Well, let me tell's about frickin time that I finally got this woman I call mummy to get her fingers on the keyboard and type up some of my rants!!!

One would think that with the woman being out of work and all, she would do this on a DAILY basis, but NOOOOOOOOO, I got to get her a job so she gets herself on dogster every day like when she worked!

However, I will admit, I love having mummy home. I get to saunter all over the palace and snooze wherever I choose to snooze. Plus I get a few more cookies AND I get some real quality bedtime on the big bed.

But I do miss my dads - I take his spot in the big bed - I sleep on his pillow right next to mummy to protect her. Skye's big ole lard butt is at the foot of the bed. And I love Will, but that boy has NO IDEA how to sleep properly in a bed full of dogs. That boy is under the covers - I have no clue how that boy breathes! Then, he is out from under the covers, then he is back under, back and forth, waking us up each time. I was exhausted.

Oh and apparantely, I bark (or as mummy says "yip") way too much. I just let everyone know I am here, I am Prince and pay attention to me. Plus, the lard butt takes my bully stick so I yip, er, bark at him. I yip for dads when he is on the phone talking to mummy. He wants to know if I ever shut up. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?? I will bark when I want to. It's my right as Prince. You know, I can bark for 20 minutes straight until I drive mummy batty. She timed it.

And excitement at the palace is forthcoming! My human brothers are moving back in for a bit and WILL IS COMING TO LIVE WITH US! WOO HOO! Just as long as he does not sleep with us or take my bully sticks, I am ok with it. I think Skye will have a nervous breakdown.

Maybe Winston will come over. That is Gran's cavalier. He and Skye are buds - even though Winnie is my real half brother, I still consider Will my bro. Winnie and Skye can go have each other.

And, lastly, I have got to get mummy to get back on the Corner. I miss my loverly lady, Becky. She is a dream and I dont get to talk to her much now with mummy whining about being on the puter all day and her arm with the numb tennis junk. I think that is just a ploy to conceal her laziness. But that is just my theory. We shall see........


Palace Happenings

April 10th 2009 12:09 pm
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Woo Hoo!! It is almost Easter day! That will be special because everyone is planning to come over to the palace!! That means WILL!!!! We will have a grand time running all about and tormenting the big ole lard butt!!! However, I think Winston may be coming over too, so Skye will have someone to play with, at least.

You know, mummy really needs to take lessons on giving us the bath. She does the brushing fairly well - I just hate it but I have to keep my princely locks looking lovely for the masses - but she does not do the bath as well.

Oh yeah, and we had a meetup with all the other cavs a few weeks ago and I got to see my half sister Rosie. She is so cool. She wears dresses. We are supposed to have a meet up tomorrow too!

And I think the mummy is starting to get into a routine, but I still don't like the daily vac. It is my job to bark at it and I just get worn out. Daddy calls me Barky McFinnigan. Hhurmp.

We got this stuff all over our paws when we walk. Its yellow. Mummy says it pollen and it is everywhere. It is all over the mini and on shoes and our feet and on the grass. I don't like it because we get our feet washed when we come back into the palace!

Oh and last Sunday - after dinner - WE GOT TO RIDE IN THE MINI AND GO TO RITA's! We got cherry water ice and mummy feed us from our own spoons. Gosh, I just LOVE Rita's and I just LOVE to ride in the mini!!!! Yep, Skye still lays and closes his eyes. I think he gets car sick. Does not know what he is missing.

Well, mummy tells us that big storms are coming our way today - tornadoes. I dont like the sound of that one. I hope we dont get them. Mummy and dads will be at church and I need protection from storms. Even though I am the brave one, I dont care for storms and I cant protect Skye and myself!!!



What's a Prince to do?

April 1st 2009 11:14 am
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ok here is the thing.... I LOVE having mummy home, but she has GOT TO GET THE ROUTINE DOWN!

For instance, the walks around the palace grounds. Here is the deal. I LIKE to smell bushes. I know that they are the same bushes I smelled an hour earlier, but THAT IS WHAT I DO! No bush should be left before I say so. I don't need the tug on the lead, I don't need the "C'mon Finn, let's go". Just LET ME SMELL THE FRICKIN BUSH!

Oh, and if I want to leave the old scent on the bush - DONT PULL ME SO I GET OFF BALANCE (you men out there can appreciate that)

And this whole running the vac everyday! It is EXHAUSTING! I bark and bite at it and I am only used to 2x a week - NOT EVERY FRICKIN DAY WOMAN!!! Save the electricity....Geez.

Now, I do LOVE the coffee hour! That is around 4pm and mummy gets a coffee and a biscuit and me and Skye sit on the throne with her while she drinks her coffee and pets and loves us! Sometimes she will watch the telly for a bit but usually not. It is just our attention time! I just hope that mummy finds employment soon, even if it means no more coffee hour, because she told me that this may affect my COOKIES! Mummy orders them from a place called 3 dog bakery and told us that we better get used to milk bones cuz if she dont find a job, we are off that gravy train. EGADS!!!!


Princely Rants

March 24th 2009 3:27 pm
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1. Mummy needs to understand the routine in this palace. She needs to stick with it. I, as the Prince of Alpharetta, demand consistency!

2. I do like her being home. No royal xpen all day...just sittin next to the ole lard butt. We get to be out and about and run and bark and fight and check out the kit-tang box for morsels. I just get the old "Finn, get outta there" yelled at me and I'm off! Skye, well, he don't know no better and he gets caught red-handed. Or shall I say, poopy mouthed?

3. I dont like the daily brushing routine. That is one routine that mum can bag.

4. Kitty chasing is on the rise. I like that.

5. Much more walks around the palace grounds. Like that bit too.

6. Ok so I bark a whole lot more now. She just needs to get used to it.

7. I know mummy needs to look for a new job, but I really like her being at home. She cleans way too much though.

8. Oh and the big ole lard butt is getting way too cozy with mummy since she has been home. Where does he get off doing that? I AM THE PRINCIPAL CHARACTER IN THIS GIG, not him!!!


uh oh bad news at the palace

March 19th 2009 2:44 pm
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You know what? Mummy came home early yesterday. She was a bit out of sorts but we was sure glad to see her! Then she was home all day today! This is great! But not so much for mum and dad. Mum got something called laid off from work yesterday. No work, no money. No money, no special dog cookies.

Well, I am still glad she is home. I was not in my pen all day and really enjoyed it. She told me we will have be frugal and things will be tight on daddy's money he makes. I hope she finds a job to make some money for my COOKIES!

Well, today she cleaned up the house alot. She told me and Skye it gets her mind off pressing things. And we walked 5 times today! She was working for a bit at the 'puter but I think she said come monday she will be looking to go to some outplacement place that her old job paid for.

We are there for mummy. She took a break for a sammie at lunch and we sat on the throne with her. One on each side and kept her company. Plus we were eyeballing the sammie.


Its been a long time...and same-o same-o around the palace

March 16th 2009 10:19 am
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Well, well

It's been a while since I have posted a diary entry. Mummy has been bad in getting to sit down with me to type out my posts. But I have her attention for a few seconds....

Let's see....Will was over this weekend. Had a bunch of fun running and playing with him. Skye is still not so good of furiends with Will. I guess he never will be. I think he gets upset when I play with Will.

Oh and mum and dads they have been real busy..mummy is working on church stuff and also some newsletter for her cavalier club. Me, I just been a REAL good boy! Nothing much happening with me around the palace since my big birthday bash.

I heard the folks talk about my human brothers moving away to a place called Nashville. Not sure where that is and I am nervous that Will is going to go there too!

I think Skye is not feeling well. He got real mopey and doesnt play so much. Like he is tired all the time. Mummy is worried. She is going to take him to the vets - I heard her tell dad this morning. But the boy still eats! Oh and he had WORMS and mummy had to go to the vets last Wednesday with him to get him all unwormed! Tape worm she says. Maybe that is why he is always laying down?

I hope my lil bro is gonna be ok


To the point

March 9th 2009 4:24 am
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let me say one thing....

I dont like this time change thing. it's throwing my mojo all off.



March 1st 2009 11:52 am
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I have actually seen it, touched it, licked it, walked in it and barked at it!! SNOW! It really does exist!

Mummy was busy about the palace when I first noticed it. Big globs of white falling down from the sky. Now the wet stuff that has been happening since Friday. No. That is clear. This is all white and flaky like, well, like RITA's WATER ICE!!!

Well, let me tell you..I heard about this snow from the CC group but I never thought I would EVER get to see it for myself! Well, when I saw it from the the landing through the upstairs windows, I had to let SOMEONE know! So I started barking. And I did not stop. Mummy thought I was pestering Misa the feline and told me in no uncertain terms to shut up. Hey, I am a ROYAL! No need for the nasty comments! So I kept barking.

Finally, mummy got up from being mesmerized by that 'puter thingy she is always typing on and she sees me on the landing, looking out the window, barking at the big ole snow flakes coming down! Then she had the audacity to laugh at me. But, she got me and Skye outside (the ole lard butt will have his own story on snow) and we enjoyed it so very much! Both of us ate it and licked it and it was WONDERFUL! It is much much better than the wet falling from the sky.

We were soaked when we came back into the palace. Mummy and dads dried us off and then we got blow dried with that thing they use on their hair.

Oh and yesterday was wonderful as it involved a ride in the MINI (you know how I feel about that!) and we also got a RITAs! Skye was obsessive about it and was pushing me aside! We had mango and raspberry and it was yummers!

Well diary just thought I'd tell the WORLD about my SNOW!!!



February 23rd 2009 5:07 am
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I cannot even begin to tell you the great pawty me and Skye had!!

We had so much fun! All our cavalier buddies were there, Winston was there, WILL WAS THERE!!! Then there were 2 dogs I never met before, but they was cool. They were a bulldog named Bentley and a big ole dog named Annabelle.

We got all kinds of hugs from all my loyal subjects - I sniffed tons of butts and ran and played and gave kisses to literally everyone and everyfur! Sometimes, I got tired, but I made sure to sit in mum's lap to rest and I oversaw my peeps playing! Will was even playing - everyone thought he thought was a cavalier! Silly people. He's a boston!!! Can't they TELL??? He went to Steve a few times because he was afraid of Bentley.

Oh and we had the BEST CAKE! Mummy made the frosting and let me and the big ole lard butt lick the spoon! YUMMERS!! Oh and we played bobbing for hot dog and that was fun but not as much fun as the butt sniffing and running around!

And Will spent the night on Saturday so we had a grand time romping through the palace! I was SOOOOOOO happy to see Willy again! He is my bestest buddy.

Let me tell you, this birthday thing is really great! I can't wait for another one!!!!!

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