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Living Like A King

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Here's another F word

September 23rd 2009 5:23 pm
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Here's another F word for ya...FLEAS.

Yeah, me and lard butt got FLEAS. BAD. We ended up getting some pill to kill them and then got a brush and bath and all our bedding got washed.

We feel better now...less itchy and scratchy.....but this F word is a BAD word. FLEAS ARE LOUSY!

How the heck did we get them fleas??? And now, mummy is being a maniac and got everyfur pills to kill fleas whether you got them or not and she is washing and hoovering everything.

Oh and this rain crap finally ended. You know, it rained ALL THE TIME mummy and dads were off galavanting around the globe visiting OUR FURIENDS. And it rained 15 inches in a weekend! They came home to tons of water. the out back (that is what I call our fenced in yard now) had a lake for a day. We could not go back there. Now we can but it is a bit muddy. We princely dudes do not like mud or wet. But we are lucky at the palace. Alot of other people's palace's are covered in water. I feel bad for all those people.


Have I got an F word for You!!!

September 4th 2009 6:52 pm
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Well, it only took the pawrents almost FUREVER to get this done. As a Prince, I demanded it and there was almost a revolt on the palace grounds, where I was ready to suggest that we declare our independance from this thing called "covenants" and get me my fence!!

Dad was brilliant and schmoozed the fence police. And today, after a long day of barking and oversight through the great room windows, I am pleased to report that I HAVE A FENCE!!!

YEP YEP YEP! I can now enjoy that backyard patio and run free, that is within the confines of the fence...Mummy let us out and me and the lard butt were not so sure what the deal lead? no harni?? WHO CARES! I BOLTED!!!!

Me, Will and Skye out in the back..romping and chewing on grass. Mummy had the nerve to call us cows. I am absolutely appalled at that. A cow???

I am really really happy. I thought it was gonna be later than sooner for this fence thingy. I cant wait. Mummy showed us where she wants to put herbs and the bird bath. And we are getting dirt too. Not to play in but to try to grow grass. A proper back yard!! YIPEEEEEE


Happy 4th of July

July 4th 2009 4:59 pm
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Well Well Well...I FINALLY got my just rewards! No, not the fence. I am betting that will never happen now...

I got to have EVERYONE adore and wave to me while I was in the mini today. You know, as the Prince of Alpharetta, I have earned the right of people fawning all over me. You think they would know that and I would not have to stoop so low as to participate in a parade to get it.

That's right. We went parading today. Mummy and Dads got us up early and we went for walkies and then boom --- off in the mini. I did not mind the ride and neither did Skye. We love the mini. Well, we get to some place with a mountain made of stone and there was a whole bunch of minis everywhere. And all them people were decorating them. Mummy and dads decorated ours too and we helped. We waited about until some man blew a whistle then all the people got into their minis. During the waiting time we walked about and looked at all the minis and everyone told mummy and dads how cute and well behaved we were.

There was another cavie parading too! We drove down a street lined with a bunch of people that were waving at me. Yes ME!! I was just beside myself. Even the man with the big loudspeaker noticed me! Then, just as I was getting into the moment, as they say, the big ole lard butt bounds into dads driving lap from the back and sits there like HE is driving the mini. Everyone is "oooohhhhing" and "ahhhhhhing" and pointing at him now. Upstaged by the lard butt I was.

Someone told dads that the atlanta mini group took 3rd prize in the parade. But I did not see a prize. Only a hot dog. And that was not too bad.

I did not get the beer brat. Only a bitsy piece of a chip. But I did get me my boiled chicken breast. And a cookie. Tonight I got vanilla ice cream at the ice cream store. It was a doggie size with a biscuit in it. Will and Skye got some too. YUM. Mummy says no watermelon because we had ice cream. I get the watermelon taste tomorrow though. I watched mummy make the watermelon into little balls and did not get a single taste.

Well, let me tell you...all that parading wore me out. I am really bushed. But I think I like parading.


Fence update

July 3rd 2009 7:45 am
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Dads has sent up an appeal.

Mummys says it will fall on deaf ears.

I just want the frickin fence.


STILL No Fence!

June 10th 2009 7:56 am
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Ok I am beginning to worry about this fence situation. There are a bunch of people coming and measuring but no action on the physical fence.

I hear mummy and dads still talking on the phone....blah blah blah FENCE, blah blah blah....



New Roof, No Fence

June 3rd 2009 8:21 am
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Still nothing on the F word front.

But I keep hearing it.....blah blah blah, blah blah FENCE, blah blah blah, blah FENCE.... you know...all talk on the phone thingy....

But we did have the people come and walk on the roof and make noise all day and throw things off the top of the roof.....mummy says the new roof is nice but I cant see it or even see the difference.

Just gimme the FENCE!!!!


The F Word

May 27th 2009 8:03 am
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It's still not here. Just letting ya know.


The F Word

May 21st 2009 1:02 pm
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Well, what do THINK I am barking about???

Gordon Ramsey's show? His mouth?? That 4 letter word that is bad??

Gosh, you all have your minds IN THE GUTTER!!!

For me, and I think I speak for hundreds of other canines, the F Word is 5 letters -------- it's what everyfur dreams of ---------- A FENCE!!!

Yep, yep, yep! I HEARD the pawrents talking over that phone thingy that dads voice comes over and mummy talks into. I am pretty darn positive we is getting us a fence!!

Dads was out there Sunday, in the wet mind you, measuring the back yard and mummy was flinging her arms all over the place pointing here and there. Skye has no clue. He just looks out the back door and stares at them. But I knew what was up. Just like the roof thingy. I know something is up there too. And soon. See, that is why I am the Prince and he's just an oblivious Duke.

I am putting my paws together everynight to ensure that the big guy upstairs listens and gives mummy and daddy a fence. I know that things around the palace are different with mummy home (boy, are they!) but if we can get a fence out of this deal, well then, it is worth it!

Oh and I heard mummy tell Dads that she can't handle Will on a if my buddy Will is the deciding factor, then I need to give him a cookie!! And he is coming to live with us next week!! I was never to his house but now both my human brothers are coming home next week to live at the palace. I can't wait!!! Playtime 24/7!!!
I think mummy will be out of sorts. She says she was an empty nester too long.

One thing...yesterday we went to that vet place that "fixed" us a while back. Skye was so terrified that when we sat down to wait he peed all over the floor. But get this, the big ole lard butt was SO TERRIFIED that he did not even get up out of his own pee! Mummy had to pick him up and wipe him off. I just laughed. Me, I was brave. We got some shots and the white coat lady looked down my throat and poked around because mummy told her I just had another choking incident and when mummy tried to get the kibble out of my throat it did not come up. She thought it was stuck still. Silly woman. She nearly killed me with the back pounding and sticking fingers down my throat, what does she expect for it to come UP? No way, it went down!!! Sure it was scary but it got handled. Mummy freaks. Of course when we leave, everyone that was there just told mummy how handsome I was!!!!! (Yeah, yeah Skye too....)

Well, I will keep everyone posted on the f word!!!


What is it with the wet?

May 11th 2009 5:32 pm
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I think the woman is daft.

She was outside this morning on the back patio with this spray hose gun looking thingy attached to a thingy that makes noise like the lawn eater. And she was spraying and spraying the concrete. Getting herself all wet. Getting the concrete all wet. For what??? Hasn't it been wet enough around here already?

Then she comes inside and she is all wet. Her feet look like shriveled prunes. And they do not smell so hot either.

Then she takes a shower and puts her pyjamas on again. It's one in the afternoon. What up with that? But get this, she gets out more water and a sponge rag and proceeds to wash and dry the kitchen floor. She gets on her hands and knees to wash the floor so you got it....all wet again. So, what does she do....yep....she takes yet ANOTHER shower and puts on more pyjamas.

God she is nuts.


Oh for a Fence

May 6th 2009 7:44 am
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Get this....

We went to Gran's yesterday. Now, I really like going to Gran's. Not because Winston is there or there are 3 different felines for me to torment, but because I get to ride in the mini and also Gran fawns all over me. The big ole lard butt also manages to steal away Gran's attention, but he goes more to Gramps. I get jealous when Gran brushes him or talks to him. Well, anyway.....Get this....we got to go out that back door where there is this wooden thing that they all call a deck. I had absolutely NO IDEA that there was GROUND below this deck thing. Well, the door opens up and out goes Winston! NO LEAD!

I figured that this is my opportunity to BOLT! And I did. Nice to see that I still have it!! I thought "WOO HOO - I'm out free!" when I realized that Gran and Gramps have a FENCE!

A FENCE. That is what I have been barking about since Christmas. But with the mummy not working and being home disturbing my routine is preventing the fence installation. It just means more walkies.

You know a fence is marvelous. I just loved romping through the whole yard and munching on the greens. Me and Winnie (I call him Winnie because we are buds), well, me and Winnie ran and ran and ran...and ya know what....we really are alot alike. I knew he was my half brother (Pascavale Pancho is our daddy) but I did not realize how much we are alike! He even putzes like I do at supper time! Mr. Skye time, well he was off on his own, digging up the garden dirt and getting all dirty! Ain't nuthin in that dirt. Don't know what the fascination is what that one...

Well, we were just DOG TIRED when we got home! I could not wait to go to bed. Since dads works in a place called New Jersey, I sleep on his pillow every night to keep mummy company. Skye sleeps by mummy's feet so he knows when she gets out of the big bed. He is my alarm system. OH and bad mummy put the phone to my nose last night when she was talking to dads and he listened to me snore. HOW utterly gauche is mummy???????

We are supposed to get more wet and bad boomers today. I need to protect mummy - she does not like them. But I got her to type my diary at least.......

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