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Living Like A King

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Happy Easter Y'all

April 7th 2012 7:11 am
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Well this has been a good week for the prince of alpharetta. big news. i mean BIG. for the last couple of weeks, mummy has been tormenting me by saying "will will is coming home. where is will will? Is he here"? Like a FOOL, i perk my ears up and look at her thinking "WILL??? WHERE????" And nada. nuthin. no will.

so, one day, i am just laying there being my royal self and i hear dad yell to mummy that michael is home. well, me and the lard butt get up real quick so we dont miss nuthin. And mummy gets up and the door opens and who RUNS INTO THE PALACE LIKE A JET PROPELLED HEAT SEEKING MISSILE....(i know about them, the government asks my advice on alot of stuff being a prince and all)....WILL!!!!!!!

yep, will is back! and so is his daddy, my hooman bro, michael. we is peas and carrots, me and will are. for sure. so glad. i mean i like playing with the lard butt but its was just me and wills when we was wee little lads. I feel sorry for the lard butt, though. he is just starting to feel better and wanting to play but now he is the third wheel (that is what daddy says). so mummy and dads give him lots more pets and lap time. but you know what, that is okay by me because ME AND THE WILL WILL ARE BACK IN TOWN!!! WOO HOO!


I am FOUR!

February 22nd 2012 4:47 am
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Woop Woop! I am now a big 4 years old! I guess you can say I am now a middle aged bachelor. I have a girlfuriend, Becky, and I gave her my diamante heart, but it is a long distance relationship. One I may say, I am very true to! I know how handsome I am and that the womens love me, but my heart belongs to the Beckster.

So, I got up on my bd morning and the pawrents totally embarrassed me by singing out of tune, Yappy Birthday. I was not even out of bed yet. The old lard butt just laid there wagging his tail.

The pawrents kept saying "you're four and skye is three". Geez, don't throw old age up in my face.

Then I got me a good brekkie and my ollie b. cookie. I thought it was going to be a relaxing bd, but then we got ready to go for a ride in the car. I was like "YEAH"! But then, we ended up at the lard butt's vet man specialist. that was okay (at first) as everyone fawned all over me after they took the lard butt back behind the door. I had on this stupid bandana that said birthday boy and i was not happy but i realized that everyone paid me attention because of it. OHHHH LOOKIT THE BIRTHDAY BOY. ISNT HE CUTE. yeah yeah yeah.

But then, I GOT SHOVED IN A BACK ROOM with mummy. And the lady that yanked out my teeth a couple weeks ago was there with rubber gloves. YIKES. I gave mummy the scared eye popping out of my head look but she paid no attention. Well, the lady looked at my mouth, shoved a stick up my butt and told mummy I looked fine and my temp was normal. Is this how I get treated on my birfday? I get VIOLATED then get a head pat and a aww...happy birthday finn from the lady?

We waited for the lard butt and then dr. jory, his vetman specialist come out like normal. Him and mummy talked alot and all i heard in my distress was that the lard butt's throat thingy was not any better and in fact it was worse. I dont know. He has alot of issues and i care and love him but i try not to over display my affection for the big ole lard butt.

then later we had dinner and after dinner, THE PUPCAKE CAME OUT! I had a candle, pupcake, new pumpkin treats, a new little squeaky toy and some junk callled CET that is for my mouth. That is NOT A PRESSIE PEOPLE. I got sung to again and the lard butt was so excited to get my pupcake but dads gave him a separate littler one. Now that is what a birthday is...cake and pressies. I guess it was a good day afterall even being a middle aged batchelor now.


February may be dental month but i aint likin it one bit, do- you hear me?

February 11th 2012 3:03 am
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February is supposed to be a happy month for me. I, the prince of alpharetta, ceo of the finnicky skye (blankies extrodinnare), was born in February. So it is to be a month of celebration for all my peoples.

None of this stuff about "dental month". I hate to get my teeth brushed but mummy puts me through the torture. Not as often as I should I guess, but it is nuff for me. Plus I chew on my bullies. So, why did she go and take me to SKYE's vetman (of all people....SKYE's), lock me up in a cage, knock me out and take all my teeth out???? HUH. WHY??????

Well actually, it was only 3 bottom and one top tooth but that was bad enough. It was like ALL of them came out. Talk about being wonky when i got home. But I got me some good fud. Rice, chicken, chicken broth. yum.

Anyway back to them teeth...I knew one was loose on the top but who'd a thunk about them bottom three??? They was my baby teeth that never came out and then my big boy teeth could not come in and they got rotted. EWWWW. I wonder if that is why I felt a little poorly of late. I dont anymore. HMMMM. Maybe the mummy servant did do something good afterall. I just hope THAT was not my WOOFDAY PRESENT. I better get something good on the 21st.

But the bottom line to all youse furs out there. GIT THEM TEEF DONE CUZ YA NEVER KNOW. Just dont call me "toothless finn" or you will be sorry. BOL.


heads down and paws crossed....RIP our dear dear Poppy.

December 21st 2011 2:17 pm
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you and sweet amber are with angel em running and playing. we always will love you, our mischevious little girl.

love, finn and skye


Today I am Three!

February 21st 2011 6:54 am
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Wow, can you believe it, I am THREE today! I am one lucky cavalier as I have the bestest mummy and dads and even a cool little brother, even though he is a big ole lard butt!

I got a special egg for brekkie and a special apple cinnamon pup cake. Plus i am being loved all morning so far. this pampering better last all day.

the only things i miss are daddy, he is working in New Jersey, but he called me this morning and my buddy Wills. Yeah, I miss him lots, wish he was here to celebrate. We could chase felines.

I think mummy has a special frosted cake for me after dinner. She got out my birthday bandana and music cake so there must be a picture tonight too!

Well, woohoo! I hope my third year is gonna be a PAWTASTIC one!


our foster bro, buck, is going to his new furever home!

November 15th 2010 6:36 am
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today our foster brother, buck, is going to his new mummy and daddy. we are happy but we are gonna miss the buckster. mummy is sad but happy too. she loves buck but she knows she is only a foster mummy. we love ya bro, have a good happy loving life!


me and wills are back in action

July 22nd 2010 1:03 pm
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ok i have not written in a long time but i have been busy. will came back! yep yep yep, my buddy wills has been back at the palace since june. we have had a great time together. we is like peas and carrots, me and will.

he had a sore paw when he came here and had to wear a cone of shame because he had staple thingys in his paw. but then mummy took him to his old vet man and not only did he "fix" wills, but he fixed his paw up too. wills was kinda out of commission for a few days, so we just relaxed in each other's company. i really missed him. and i know he missed me too! skye and him dont really pal around like me and wills do. i think skye misses me playing with him but i gots my wills back!

so, when he felt better, we played and ran and barked and played tug of war and chase me. LOVE IT. we sleep together and just liked being with each other. i think it is coming to an end though because mummy was telling wills how much she is gonna miss him when he goes back to his daddy the first week of august.

so on july 31, we are having a small pawty at a doggie bakery and it is to celebrate me and lard butt's bd's back in february (mummy did NOT throw a pawty like she promised) and it is to say bon voyage to wills. i will be sad when my buddy leaves and so will mummy, but i think skye will be happy and i know misa will be.



May 26th 2010 12:09 pm
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I am telling you right now, I dont like this. not one bit. the grass background on the new dogster is annoying me.


i smell will will!

April 27th 2010 5:50 pm
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okay, last week mummy and dads left and we was still home. They took a couple of rolly bags and i thought, "hmmm, dads is off again" but mummy did not come back. instead another lady i know, sue, came and got me and the lard butt. she took these bags mummy had packed and put our stuff in. then we were off into her car for a ride. well, the car smelled like cavaliers i know.

and then we was in her house with all her cavaliers. and there was these little pups too. we stayed there with her and her cavaliers. had fun but missed the pawrents.

then, while i was outside, mum & dads came! i ran inside and freaked when i saw them. then, i smelled it! all over mummy and dads! WILL!! where was he??? I smelled him all over them!!!!!!!! But i did not see him, only smelled him. but he smelled like he was right there!! I wonder where he is......I miss my buddy. we grew up together...we fought and slept together...we tormented the feline together....

But WHERE IS HE????????


Winnie got a new sister!

April 13th 2010 5:49 am
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see i knew it! i knew it!

on sunday, mummy and dads were gone until the night and me and the lard butt were home all alone. we were real good too! no poops or pees. only on our towel in the kitchen. but when the pawrents got home, i smelled all the brookhaven dogs on them!

I was going nuts and so was skye! then our car blanket smelled too! and it had hair all over it! mummy told us that gran got a new cavalier called cassie and she is a ruby. she said winnie likes his sister ALOT!

Well, when the heck are me and the lard butt gonna get to meet her?????

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