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Living Like A King

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Lesson Learned...Eat Kibble Slow or Else!

September 19th 2008 4:05 am
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Oh man yesterday was pretty uneventful until mom came home. I was happy to see mom and was squealing and jumping in my royal x-pen and wanting to give her loads of kisses and ear bites so she would not leave me again!

We went outside and of course, being the good prince I am, I did my business and ran around the yard and rolled in the grass. The grass is nice and soft now and not as hard and pointy as it used to be. I think the wet from the sky helped it alot! Then I ran into the pine straw - I helped dad put it down before they went away and left me - I like the pine straw because you know what it has in it?? LOTS OF STICKS!

I love to pick up sticks and carry them around and have mom toss them so I can run and attack them! So we played sticks and then went into the palace so mom could feed me.

I ate my gerber chicken stick first and then mom gave me kibble. But when I got to a piece of the kibble it must have went down the wrong way and all of a sudden I felt strange and was gasping for air. Mom was in the kitchen too and heard it and ran over to me. I was so scared! I just kept weezing and I got real tight in my neck. Mummy grabbed me and tried to get it out. I think she turned me upside down at one point and was hitting my shoulders. Then she tried to open my mouth and put her finger down my throat and I threw up! It was the one piece of kibble!

I was so scared and I could tell mom was upset. She tried to give me water but all I wanted was her to hold me. She held me and kept kissing me but I was still scared and would not leave her lap. We were both on the kitchen floor and even the felines had to see what was happening!

I was so lucky mom was there and not upstairs or anywhere else! Mom told me that I was choking. I don't why it happened. Maybe I was not eating my kibble right and just gobbling it down? Mom made sure I was ok though.

But I still was so scared about what happened that I ended up in the living room and I pooped. I guess the choking scared the poop out of me. Mom was not mad but I could tell she wasn't happy. Dad came home and he and mom were talking about the choking and he sat with me and wanted to know if I was okay. I gave dad some kisses to let him know I am GOOD! Then we went for a leash walk around the palace grounds and I got to smell all the grass of all the other palaces on the grounds!

Then I got to sleep in the room where the telly is and mom put the throne pillows on the floor with my blanket and I made a fort on them and fell asleep. They are the softest pillows. I have a picture of me sleeping on them in my photo page! I went to bed (my crate) and slept near mummy again! I like it when I can see her!

I am okay now. I ate my kibble this morning with no issue and mom sat right next to me the whole time!


Back in the GROOVE!

September 18th 2008 4:21 am
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I am sooooo lucky to have my forever parents love me like they do! And I am sooooooo glad to be back in MY palace with all MY smells and all MY toys! I am even glad, dare I say it, to see those felines!

Misa, the evil one, must have missed me too because she keeps coming up to me and wants to touch me and rub up against me. I just stand real still and side eye her because she is highly unpredictable!

I know she missed mom about as much as I did because she is vying for her attention. She is all over MY MOM. Laying in her lap, following her around, sitting on the throne next to her...Annoying but I am glad that we all are back home in the palace together!

I was so excited to be back home that I hardly ate my kibble. But I ate my gerber chicken stick and mom gave me a chicken wrapped carrot for a treat. Dad came home with these sandwiches for dinner - mummy did not cook because she said we have to go to the market to buy food. Well, I just loved the smell of the sammies and wanted them!!! Princes should not beg, but I was DYING for a piece of those sammies. I didn't get any so I ended up playing with my buddy and the Highland Cow but I kept my eye on the plates to make sure that the feline Misa didn't get any either!

Then Dad and I watched telly until we both fell asleep. Dad woke me up and we went to the royal bedchamber where I slept in my crate facing mom. Do you know what...Misa was sleeping next to my mummy! I barked at her and she didn't move. She just stared at me. So I just closed my eyes and went to sleep thankful that we are all back in the groove at the palace!


WOW I thought I was sold off!!!!

September 17th 2008 4:41 am
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BOW WOW! It's good to be back online to all my doggie buddies! And it's GOOD TO BE BACK AT THE PALACE with my mom and dad!

I thought for sure I was given away! My royal x-pen, new bed, food, bowls, those lousy bells, and even my L-Phant and Buddy were taken to the palace next to us (along with me!)

Mom and dad talked for a while with the humans and the little human, Maddie was playing with me. They had a dog too - Rosie. I kind of liked her and she made me eat, because I was not going to let her get my food! I even barked at her when she went near my bowls. See how I can assert my authority even in sketchy situations where I am unsure what is happening? That is a true king in the making!

Well, I was soooo unhappy and panicked when mom and dad left that day! But Maddie played with me and even though I howled for my mom and dad the first few nights, they did not come back! Maddie slept next to me (I was in my crate) on a blow up mattress. I never saw one of them before! He was nice. He didnt want me to be ascared!

I also took a bunch of walks every day on that darn leash. But I started to like it - plus people were home all day. That was kinda nice, like every day is a Saturday!

I kind of thought mom and dad abandoned me. I saw the palace every day and smelled the yard but I did not see mom and dad! I was resigned to my new life as a Cinderella.......when the bell rang and in walked MOM AND DAD!

You know, I was real happy but did not want to show it too much. I wanted them to know I was none too happy with the leaving, even if it was nice staying with Maddie. We went home and I greeted the felines (who were also vying for mom's attention, especially that Misa one) with a bark and a tail wag! Then I realized......I WAS HOME - at MY palace! I ran upstairs and the big soft bed was still there. All the smells were familiar and I was just soooo happy to be back with mom and dad.

Mom gave me a present - she called it a Highland Cow - it was fuzzy and moo'ed when you bit it! He is okay and I have fun playing with him but I still love my buddy the best. I will play with Highland Cow some more so I learn how to squeak him! Mom said that we need to go bed because they were tired from traveling. They told me that they were far away in a place called Inverness and Liverpool. And daddy told me that he saw a Wigan football game. I know how much he likes Wigan - he wears their shirt every weekend. Well...alls I know is that THEY ARE BACK! I am happy!

Now, I need to find out when I get to see Will!



September 6th 2008 7:09 am
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I just knew it! I knew something was up! I could feel it all building up and today is it!

Mom and Dad are LEAVING! They have the house all cleaned, the feline food all out and their poopy box (or should I say my hors d'ouerve plate?) cleaned out.

Plus they all got up early today. I only got a few minutes in the big soft bed with the soft blanket. I am so nervous that they are abandoning me that I am eating, ringing the bells, licking them, staying by their side and doing everything they want me too!

Plus I got a bath last night.

That was the kicker. I knew then it was a really big thing happening.

Mom and Dad said they are going on "vacation". I dont know what exactly that is but I know I am not part of it. They told me that that human and mini human that came over last week are taking care of me. They live next store to the palace and I am going to go over there to live for now. They have a dog named Rosie but I bet it's not like Willy. Me and Willy are buds and I miss him! I think I will miss the stupid felines too! But I heard mom and the human (Maureen) say that I can come home every day to poop! That is a relief. Plus, the felines will be taken care of every day too. So I guess that the palace will be guarded!

Well, I hope that mom and dad come home safe to me. I will miss them and keep my paws crossed that they will bring me back something GOOD!


Just Loving Life as the Prince of Alpharetta!

September 5th 2008 4:21 am
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I had another GRRRREAT day at the palace! Before mom and dad left in the morning like they usually do, I got to have TWO - yes, TWO! cookies!! Mom put them in my royal x-pen with my new princely bed and it was great! The only thing I was missing was my L-phant and buddy. I think mom forgot about them! I missed them during the day.

Dad came home and we went outside and I did my business, which by the way, is becoming much easier to do - I wonder if it is those crazy white little dots that mom gives me after I eat and puts them down my throat?? She and dad look at my poop and tell me what a good boy I am. Of course I am a good boy! I don't need to be told that!!!

Well, I ate my food only because it appeared that the felines were after it. I may not be hungry right away, put I am very protective of my food. They are NOT going to have any of it!

After I ate (so they would not get any) Mom gave me a special treat called a chicken wrapped carrot. UMMMMMMMM I LOVED IT! I ran into the room with the telly and the throne and did not want ANYONE to bug me whilst I munched on that goodie!

I watched and guarded mom and dad's dinner while they ate so the felines would not swoop down to eat their food either. (But I was really hoping to lick a plate...) Then mom and dad wanted to know if I wanted to go for a ride...HECK YES! I love to ride in the mini! So I jumped into the mini and off we went and I just KNEW we were going to RITA's!! Yep, we were. And we got there and my adoring public all acknowledged me plus there was another dog there called Max (he's a chow). He got a really big custard cone that his mom was holding for him. Me, I got a black cherry water ice and I actually got to taste a little bit of vanilla custard. That was a WONDERFUL TASTE SENSATION! But I think I like the water ice better!

Then we went back to the palace and I rode in the back seat and was kind of falling asleep when we got there. I had a busy day! So mom and I went to bed and this morning (FRIDAY) mom let me come into the big soft bed with the soft blanket that mom and dad sleep in. I was SOOOOOO happy to be between mom and dad! But it's back in the royal x-pen and mom and dad are off again. I wonder when mom will be home tonight and what we will do since Friday's are usually mini and Rita nights????


A new bed! New COOKIES!!!

September 4th 2008 4:42 am
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Guess what!

I got a new royal bed! Yep and I got to pick it out too. I have to get mom to take a picture of it with me in it. It is a big boy's bed for a big prince. After all I am a growing young pup! I got to ride in the mini to a new pet store place and there were all kinds of new smells and adoring public. Plus, this pet store had a COOKIE BAR! I smelled them and smelled them and wanted them sooooo bad! Mom bought alot of different kinds to see what I would like but I like them all!!! When we got into the mini (I love to ride in the mini), I kept putting my head in the bag. I wanted a cookie so bad, so mom gave me a pretzel cookie and a carob chip cookie. I LOVED THEM ALL! Then mom and dad took me to a place that looked like a palace type place you would live in but it had all kinds of food in it. They were making boxes of food for people and I watched. They called it a "food bank".

I did chew my other bed up a little bit and pulled the stuffing out. I don't think that is why I got a new one but I am glad I did! See, I can pull the zipper down on the cover and get to all the insides of my old bed and have fun pulling everything out! Not only am I regal and handsome, but I am also very SMRT, as Homer Simpson would say.

I got home and wanted another cookie but I was tired and so was mom, so we both went to bed and called it an early night. I even went right into my house which is now right by mom in her big soft bed with that big soft blanket.

Oh yeah, and I even rang those stupid door bells to go outside. Like I said, SMRT am I!



September 3rd 2008 4:17 am
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What a TERRIFIC Tuesday I had!

I woke up and mom and dad were into the going to work getting ready routine when mom decided to stay home. She was telling me she had to go to a doctor's - like the vet place I go to when I need attention (that I don't like).

Mom has something wrong with her eye. It was all swollen and itchy. So she left me in my royal x-pen for a few hours, just enough to take a short snooze. Then she was home again!

She and I stayed upstairs in the royal bedchamber all day while mom worked on the computer thing she took out of her bag she takes with her every day. I didn't care, I was with her and she was in sight of me ALL DAY!! I slept on the chair, played with my bed, chased the felines until they turned on me (how come they don't know how to A) submit to me and B) how to play like a dog?

I even rang the bells TWO times today on the door to let her know I had to go outside. She just loved that. I got alot of praise and petting.

Mom made me a special dinner of chicken and broccoli but I wasn't very hungry until dad came home. He was a little late today and I was getting nervous that he was not coming home like he did a while back when he took the big zippered bag with his clothes. But he didn't and he came home and took the plate of food mom had for him and sat in my room (I own the room with the telly in it!). Mom moved my food into the telly room and dad and I ate our dinners! Men eating food and watching telly. That is what we do!

I played some with my buddy and then went upstairs with mom to go to bed while dad was working on his computer thing that he has in his bag he takes to work.

As I was nodding off, I was still wondering what is going to happen. I see mom cleaning up everything and making notes and putting the feline's food together and my food is all packaged. It's like we are going to go somewhere and bring our food with us. I wonder if we are going in the mini??? I bark at mom for an answer but she doesn't seem to understand my highly intelligent language.


My Fun Weekend and What is Up??

September 1st 2008 7:47 am
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I am having a pretty good weekend so far. It seems like it is lasting longer than normal. Both mom and dad are home today. Let me tell you all what I have been doing so far...

Friday mom came home as usual and I showered her with kisses and squeals. She took me out and we played stick. I like to play stick. When I carry it around in my mouth, I look dashing and rather princely....

Well, after mom feeds me she puts me back into the royal x-pen. I am tricked! I thought it was a Friday night and it would be RITA's!! So, she leaves and then I am stuck in the x-pen with those felines staring at me, gloating that they are free to roam the palace.

Then dad comes home! I love my dad!!! He ate and watched telly with me. And then I fell asleep, but then mom came home. I got excited and kind of made pee on the carpet. Dad was not happy.

Saturday morning came and mom and dad put me in the big soft bed with them after I went outside to do my stuff (yeah, I wake them up at like 4:45am on Saturdays to do my stuff and then I know I get to go in the big soft bed for sure). We all slept until 7 am and it was really special to sleep between my mom and dad.....

I was just moseying around the palace and two people (a big person like mom and dad and a miniature one) come over. The miniature one was being called Mattie and he was playing with me and adoring me. I loved it. But something is up. Mom and Dad were talking to the human their size and showing them my food, cookies, that dreaded harness, etc. Like they were going to take care of me or something. Then they left. Something about vacation....I don't know what that is.

But my other human brother, Stephen, came over and mom and dad and I got to go to RITA's!! I had the cherry ice (I love it) and Stephen was laughing that I was so excited over Rita's water ice. He has no idea.... And whilst at Rita's MORE of my admiring public bestowed love and admiration upon me.

Well, guess who was over at the palace when we got back from Rita's......WILL!!! (and my other human brother Mick).

Will and I played and played and ran and drank water and ran and fought over toys and ate and barked at the felines and ran some more and then ran out of breath. I love playing with Will. He is my bestest pal ever. You know Will spends the night almost every weekend and I love it!

Sunday morning everyone left us (I am back in the xpen and Will is in his crate) and then we rested because boy were we TIRED PUPPIES!!

Mom and dad came home and made us breakfast and Will had a special egg like I do every Sunday. He told me that it was GRRREEAT!

Then we ran and ran inside alot because it was way too hot outside for Will. Will is a Boston and he overheats easily is what mom says. So we played inside and Will had a few accidents. I just stayed away from that poop so I would not get blamed for it since I have been doing alot better since those painter men have left the palace.

After dinner, Will and Mick had to leave. Mom was kissing Will and Mick goodbye and said see you in three weeks.... Not sure why I won't see Will for 3 weeks but that comment and the people coming over on Saturday makes me suspicious that SOMETHING is GOING ON!

Today is Labor Day and dad is laboring in the yard. I was outside alot helping him put all the pine straw in the bushes. We made the yard look real good! Then I have been helping mom put some of her clothes into a bag with a zipper and wheels on the bottom. That is strange too. I can't quiet put my paw on it, but there is something that will soon be happening....


In the Middle of the Night...

August 29th 2008 4:25 am
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Here it is Friday morning and I am kinda sleepy so I need to keep this short to get my princely beauty sleep..

Yesterday, Mom came home and she was soooo happy with me! All was forgiven from the poopy incident I had in the morning. I gave her a BUNCH of kisses and squealed when I saw her! AND no poop or pee in my royal x-pen! Just like old times. I had some dinner (and ate with no push from mom) and then mom spent time with me doing tricks. I was sitting and laying and relaxing and dancing and speaking for her and I would get a piece of kibble. She thought that I thought it was it a treat and she was faking me out but I knew exactly what it was! I just was happy that she was happy! Then we played with both my buddies! Wow!

I also got to go to the place where I had my puppy training last night. I got to ride in the mini and was happy. And I saw new dogs and my trainer was there and she was happy to see me too! I just love my public when they admire me!

Then we went home and I watched telly with dad. But at bedtime he put me in my house in the kitchen and I wanted to go upstairs with him to the royal bedchamber with that high bed with the soft blanket. So......I barked and barked and sometimes howled for 3 straight hours. FINALLY, mom came down at like the middle of the night and took me outside so I did my business (she did not like it when I was jumping to greet her). Then she wanted to put me back in the house....NO! I ran upstairs to see if I could get into that bed but it is too high for me. Mom brought up my house and put it next to her by the royal bed and made me go in it. She held her hand on the door of my house so I could smell and lick her hand until I got kinda groggy and fell asleep.

Then as soon as I feel asleep mom and dad were up! I got feed and taken out again and then placed in the royal x-pen. Not so bad. I was kinda tired. I can sleep now until mom comes home. But she also left me A COOKIE in the bed in the x-pen! WHOO HOO! I can't wait for mom to come home and start the weekend!


Oh Man, I am a Poopster

August 28th 2008 4:52 am
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Well I think I am in the doghouse with mom and dad.

I have now successfully pooped 2x this the house. And it was a bit runny and stinky. But I did ring the bells on the door afterwards!

Dad was not happy. He was mad today. And mom was not happy either but she was nicer to me than dad. I get the silent treatment from dad. And that is the worst because I love to hang out with dad watching telly at night.

I dont know why I did this. I just did. I know they try to teach me but I just felt like it. Mom says I am "regressing". I dont know what that means but it must not be good.

I have also pooped in my royal x-pen the last two days. And yesterday, I got it all over my buddy. He's my favorite toy. Mom had to wash him real good and he was a little damp. But they also got buddy a buddy last night and brought him home. Now there are two buddies!

I figured that I better eat this morning and not make my parents any more mad at me. I will try to be good and not poop in the royal x-pen today. Keep your paws crossed. I don't like mom and dad being quiet to me!! I need love and want to give them kisses!! I try to be good for them!!

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