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Living Like A King

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This is Straight to the POINT!

October 28th 2008 6:12 am
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I just want to say that I LOVE all my cavy furiends on Dogster!! They are soooo much fun to be with!! Tail wags and cavalier kisses to each of you (and especially Becky and Miss Maggie Moo...and you too Riley R.)! And a shout out to RUGER who is the BESTEST!


Weekend Update

October 27th 2008 4:31 am
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Well here are some more random thoughts from this weekend...

I just love being part of the cav corner and meeting all my new cav buddies!! It's the bestest!

And oh yeah, I am really bummed about this whole football game thing that the parents are going to. It interferes with my "me" time!!

Will did not come over this weekend and that bummed me out too. I waited all weekend for him and even told my buddy that he would come and he NEVER came!! I miss my Will!!

And what is it with the costumes?? Mum got me a turtle costume awhile ago, and while it is not my favourite things to wear, I was proud of how it looked on me. (I made the costume, it did not make me!) But then, mum and dad come home with ANOTHER costume and I was like WHAT????? They kept calling me a stinker. I was not amused, as you can see by my dogster photos. I put up with this humiliation but I don't tolerate insolence!! I am a PRINCE! And if them felines saw me in that, I would never live that down.

You know, I like going to AKC dog shows. Mum and Dad took me to one this weekend to see the bigtime show cavs, plus my half sister Rosie was one of the bigtime show cavs. She won her category!! YEA Rosie!! And my breeders won alot of really big ribbons. I got to see them again and they told mummy I looked like a Pancho baby. Pancho is my fur daddy. They said I looked really good and could tell I got alot of love. I sat on mummy's lap and watched all the cavs parade around the ring and mum and dad told me that my behaviour was most excellent! OF COURSE it is! I am a royal cavalier!! I only fell asleep for like 10 minutes but it was a real long time. There were 56 cavies all in one spot! WE RULE!

I also got my pictures taken by a lady at the dog show. I hated that! I did not want to stand still - I am not a poser. But they got pictures of me and mum says she will send them in the Christmas cards....

And guess what I ate at the dog show...a thing called a HOT DOG! At first I thought it was DOG and did not want it but as soon as I tasted it, I wanted the whole thing! Mum feed me little bits and I ended up eating it all up except for the bread. And I had one of them fry things. I really did not like them. I liked the Hot Dog better. I don't know what is special about the fry. Maybe I need a Wendy fry??

And lastly, here is some sad news that made my mummy sad yesterday..she saw gran at church and gran's fur, KC, crossed over the bridge on Thursday afternoon whilst gran was walking him in his favorite park. He just collasped. He was an old fur and gran's baby like I am mummy's baby. Gran was too upset to call mummy when it happened. Mummy said KC was an old man - he was 14. Gran and Gramps took KC to the vet from the park and even though Gran knew he was gone, the vet needed to give him "the shot". Gran held KC's face to hers and when KC got the shot, he had a reflex thing and bit Gran's nose. Gran said there was alot of blood from her nose and was upset that KC was suffering. She is really sad and misses KC. Mummy came home and told me that she loves me and gave me hugs and kisses and wants me around for a long time. I hope gran remembers all the good time she had with KC - like mummy has with me.


Random Thoughts from the Prince of Alpharetta

October 23rd 2008 4:11 am
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I just had something after I ate my dinner last night that I never had was peanut butter like but really cold and milky...mummy told me it was frosty paws and it was strange but oddly tasty.....

And speaking of food, I really prefer plain yogurt over vanilla. I dont know why, i just do. Oh yeah, and I really really really really beg hard for some of them red twizzly sticks that dad eats but he wont give them to me because mum says not to. Dad calls them twizzlers. I call them something I really want.

One of my dogster cav buddies has told me that wendy's is good because they have a thing called fry. I want one of them too. I dont know what a wendy's or a fry is but I have been whispering in mum's ear at night to gimme one of them fry things. Hopefully, it will work.

And lastly, I am disappointed because I cannot go to my cav howloween pawty. I have a turtle costume and everything! But my human family is going to a thing called a football game that day during the pawty. Like I told one of my cav buddies - I like foots, I like balls and I like games...why can't I go? It is some big deal I guess. They keep talking about Buzz. What is Buzz? Is Buzz a dog or a feline? He will be at this football game. Why does he get to go and I don't? Am I being replaced?


Waggy World Fun!

October 21st 2008 4:34 am
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Oh boy, when mummy came home I got to go to WAGGY WORLD! I love to go there. We first went outside to do my business (and of course I kept my buddy in my mouth the entire time) and then after we came inside, mum got the mini keys and we got into the car.

Gosh, I love to ride in the mini. I was so excited that we were going in the mini that I wanted to sit in mum's lap whilst she was driving. She told me I could not do that and I got put into my seat. DARN.

Well, when I saw it was Waggy World we were at, I just was beside myselft! Tail wags all over and jumping up to thank her! We got into the play area and there were 4 really really small dogs and another one that looked the side of a bus I saw once only it was really small too. Then there was Hogan who was an old man and he could not hear but we played and ran and he barked at me. Gosh I was in my element! Everyone said I was such a handsome pup! (HELLO!!) And everyone asked if I was the sex and the city dog. WHAT??? What is that? I am the prince of alpharetta...a royal cavalier king charles....What the heck are they talking about?? Mum said yes to them too! She then told everyone that I was a cavalier. I guess she wanted to set the record straight on that one.

Oh yeah and today I am a BIG 8 month old! Mum says I am a big boy now! I heard her telling daddy that my fur is really coming in nice and that I am starting to lose my puppy face. My gorgeous face? I am losing my looks? Is that what she is insinuating? I need to know!!


Catch Ya Up!

October 20th 2008 8:00 am
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It’s been a while since I was able to journal in my diary…it’s been busy around the palace lately!
It’s the usual routine…where I spend time in my royal x-pen and then it’s tail wags and kisses for mum when she comes home.

Well, on Thursday night it was daddy who came home early and he surprised me! I was catching up on my princely sleep when I heard him come in the door! WOW! I just love it when I get out of the x-pen early! But I was starting to worry because mum wasn’t around again!! Not to worry, she came home and she had taken my buddy and his detached horn and ear and must have operated on him because he was all better. I was so happy to see my buddy! I immediately grabbed him and carried him all over to show him the palace in case he forgot what it looked like.

Then on Saturday it was Daddy’s birthday! My human brothers came to visit and so did Will! I was licking and tail wagging my big brother Steve in the face and he kept petting me. I even took him toys so he would play with me and he kept throwing them and I kept running after them! Then WILL ran into the house and we had the bestest time! We kind of fought but it was play fighting and everyone was laughing at us. What is so funny? And why did everyone say we looked like 2 rams fighting? What’s a ram? Is that a good thing?

Everyone went out and Will went into my crate and I got the royal x-pen with my buddy. Will had his elephant but he could not free him like I can free buddy from the prison that is the royal x-pen. I threw buddy out and freed him and Will just looked at him like he was jealous. Will and I just stared at each other until everyone came back to the palace.

Then, Will and I went outside and we ran circles again. We love to run circles around the grass. It is fun! But it is getting a little bit cold outside now. My tender paws don’t like the cold!

Afterwards we came inside and Mom and Will’s daddy (Mike) had a thing called a pirate costume that they made Will put on. He was not so happy at first and everyone said he was “cute”. I think he was shocked and appalled at first! He was so upset that he ran to daddy and peed on his leg! He told me that was to get back at them for dressing them up. Well, wouldn’t you know it but then a TURTLE costume goes on me! ARGH! I started slinking and Will was laughing at me! Mom said Will and I will get pictures taken. UH OH!!!

Will did not spend the night and neither did Mike. I was kinda lonely, but I got to sleep with mum and dad (and Misa). And yesterday, I got to go for a long walk around the palace grounds! That was fun and had a bunch of different smells. But it is still kinda cold on my delicate footsies!!! What is a prince to do?



October 16th 2008 4:19 am
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Mummy is HOME! OMD!!!

When she walked in the door yesterday, I thought it was just daddy coming home from work.

I was so mad at mummy for leaving me that I took my buddy and chewed off his horn and ripped half his ear off then threw him out of my royal x-pen. Then I felt bad that I hurt my buddy like that. He is always there for me and I took out my frustration on him. He just side eyed me all day from the other side of the royal x-pen.

Then I heard the big door that lifts into the ceiling make that noise and in walked MY MUMMY!! I was soooooo happy! I was jumping so hard I almost jumped out of my royal x-pen! I was squealing and shaking and tail wagging and jumping, I was just so happy! Mummy picked me up and I was kissing her and she was kissing me and hugging me telling me how much she missed me. I was smelling her and she smelled like she was somewhere far away. I didn't care, she was back!! I forgot all about being mad at her.

We went to go outside and I grabbed buddy and ran outside and there was the mini! OMD!!!

Buddy and I ran around the palace grounds and were jumping on my mummy with joy! I real quick did my business and took buddy and ran back to go inside the palace so I could smell that black bag with the wheels that mum took with her. That is when mummy saw buddy's injuries and found his horn on the floor. Uh oh. That is when I realized the extent of the injuries I caused to my buddy. Mom took buddy and his buddy parts and told me she was going to fix him. So I don't have buddy right now and I don't know how I will manage without him. But that is ok because MUMMY IS HOME!

I stayed real close to her all night except when dad came home. I needed to give him some tail wags for taking care of me and I also told him that he cannot sleep on mummy's side of the big soft bed tonight! I just kept licking mum and sitting high up on the throne in the room with the telly so I could lay my head on her shoulder. The feline Misa was happy mum was back too. She kept laying on her lap and making motor noises. She and dad were talking and he told her what a good boy I was (of course) and she told him about my buddy and her trip to Florida. I dont know what Florida is but that must be what I smelled on mum's shoes and that black bag with the wheels. She told daddy it was a good convention. I don't know what they were talking about but it wasnt me so I ran into the room with the flooring boxes in the middle of the room and pooped to get their focus back on me. It was more like negative focus and kinda backfired. Note to self - don't do that one again!

Then, mum and I (and Misa) went to bed and I WAS SO HAPPY!!!



Where is Mummy?????????

October 15th 2008 6:56 am
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My mummy STILL is not home. I think she abandoned me.

I miss my mummy and bark for her at Daddy. It's just not the same. The food doesn't taste as good, my sleep on the big soft bed isn't as restful, the running in the palace with my buddy isn't as fun and my COOKIES don't taste as good as when mummy gives them to me.

The mini is not outside - only daddy's big car and I don't like to ride in that one.

It smells like her on the big soft bed but she is not there and even the feline Misa is missing her pet time with mummy.

PLEASE COME HOME MUM!!!!! I miss you and my tail wags and cavalier kisses are not as frequent with Daddy!!!


I miss my mummy!

October 14th 2008 1:55 pm
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You know, my mummy has been gone now since Sunday. I miss her alot. She always lets me kiss her and bite her ears when she comes home and it's just not the same with dad when he comes home.

When mom left in the mini with that rolling bag that she put clothes in, dad took me and will to the waggy world park and we played and ran without leashes for an hour! it was great! will was a little bit scared still and stayed by dad alot but I was adventurous and ran with all the other dogs! I love waggy world! When we got back to the palace, Will and I were all tuckered out and we just drank a bunch of water and then fell asleep until my human brother (and Will's dad) Mike came and took Will back to his palace. I was never to Will's palace but maybe one day I can visit Will...

Well, then it was just me, dad and the felines with a bunch of boxes in the one room with the sofas and tables and plants in it. Dad yells at me not to smell it. I think he thinks I may pee on it but I just want to smell them. He called it flooring. I dont know what boxes of flooring is doing in that room because you cant sit on it. So I need to investigate this situation further. I think something is up with those boxes.

I was hoping mummy was coming home but so far she is not. Yesterday, dad stayed home and was working on his laptop and phone all day and I got to watch him work. I was tired from playing with will from the day before so I just slept in my royal bed and I also got to sleep on dad's lap! Then at night, dad slept on the spot mom sleeps on in the big soft bed and I barked at daddy telling him that he is on the wrong side! but he didnt listen to me.

Today daddy went to work and I am in my royal xpen with my buddy. I think I will free buddy sometime today by tossing him out of my pen. I like to free buddy from the limitations of the royal xpen. I watch him though and he just lays there watching me. Some thanks I get from my buddy!

I hope that mummy comes home tonight. I wonder if she will. Daddy knows how much I miss her and I know that the feline Misa also misses her.



October 12th 2008 9:35 am
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WAW!!! That means WHAT A WEEKEND!

Friday night mom came home and I had cavalier kisses and tail wags and squeals for her!! But, I still got put on that leash to go do my business! I dont like that leash! I see little humans outside and I want to run and play with them!! Well I took mom around the palace grounds like 8 times and I finally decided to do it. I was getting bored and she was not going to let me off that leash.

We went inside to feed the felines and me too. But the felines got fed and I didn't! What is up with that? I barked at mom and told her to feed me but she said to wait until later. WHY???

The mom laid down on the throne and fell asleep with the telly on. I think mom isn't feeling so well. She has been sick lately and she says she is still tired. I don't know what sick means but it must mean sleeping alot.

So I was a good prince and played with my buddy while mummy slept and then daddy came home. I went out for a walk with daddy on the leash and then we watched Gilmore Girls (I like to watch that and bark at the telly). Mummy woke up and asked when the boys would be here. I know she calls my human brothers the boys. So I got kinda excited. Then STEVE came in the door!! He's my older human brother! I gave him bunches of kisses and tail wags and he petted me and let me kiss him. Then right behind him comes Mick and WILL!!!! OH MAN MY BUDDY WILL WAS HERE!

I was beside myself with JOY!! We ran and barked and ran up the stairs and down then we played with the toys and play fought! I saw Mike bringing down my crate from the royal bedchamber and I knew that they were going somewhere so I told Will to run and we hid upstairs. But we didn't get put in the crate, we got to eat. THEN we got put in the crate. TRICKED AGAIN. One day, I will outsmart them.

So when the human family came back, Will and I got to go outside unleashed and we played and ran circles in the yard. WOO HOO.

Then Steve and Mike left but WILL STAYED!! He slept in my crate while I slept on the bed with mum and dad. Sometimes he whimpered at night but daddy calmed him down.

Then on Saturday we wore ourselves out playing after breakfast (me and Will had scrambled eggs!) and then we laid on the throne pillows to rest. Daddy was gone for a while and then he came home and we all watched telly. Then dad took me and will outside for a walk around the palace grounds - we went to all the other palaces and we smelled alot of different smells. I had to tell Will all about them!

We were totally I guess we were sick too, cuz we slept alot in the afternoon! THen we had dinner and played some more. And Will spent the night AGAIN! This time in the morning after we had gone and done our business, Will got to go under the big soft covers in the bed soft bed. We all slept for a bit and it was real real nice and cozy!

Mummy packed a bag with some of her clothes and got in the mini and drove off. She kissed me and Will and the feline Misa and told us to be good for daddy and she would see us Wednesday. I dont know Wednesdays. But I will see her then. Will and I watched her leave from the window and daddy came in and told us we would be going to WAGGY WORLD this afternoon. I know Waggy World!!! Will gets kind of scared at Waggy World but I will protect him! Daddy said its just us guys now. I hope daddy knows how to take care of me like mummy does because it sounds like she will be gone for a while. I dont think I am liking that one.... We will see......


Wet Falling From the Sky Hampers My "Activity"

October 9th 2008 4:29 am
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I don't like that wet that falls from the sky. Nope. I just don't like it.

First of all, that wet was really falling from the sky when mum got home. It was like ALOT. I had my buddy in mouth to take him outside with me and when we got out of the garage, BOOM...Wet all over the place!

I really really really had to go bad. I went over to my grass spot and it was like a big soaky wet sponge. My royal paws were soaked. I did relieve myself and kept buddy off the grass but he got really wet even in my mouth holding him!

Then mummy kept telling me to go "poo poo". Is she NUTS? Didn't she see the wet falling down?? Probably not. SHE stayed in the garage. I went over the other grass and I just could not stand to walk in the soggy bits. So I came back with buddy into the garage and mummy dried me all off.

We went back into the palace but I really had to poo poo. So I kept pacing by the bells and ringing them. Mom let me out but I would not go because of the wet falling from the sky.

Well I ended up going in the palace. I couldn't hold it anylonger. Mom was not happy but she told me she understood.

I am glad she was not mad at me. But what is a princely pup to do when it is all wet outside and the wet is coming down from the sky really hard?

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