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Living Like A King

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Has Will Worn Out His Welcome??

November 15th 2008 10:33 am
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Oh boy let me tell you something....

Will did come over yesterday afternoon and when mummy got home she looked a bit stressed over the fact that she would have to mind us alone...Daddy was not home yet....

She took us outside and all the leaves had the wet stuff all over them and Will and I just ran circles like we were a horse race! Sometimes I fell over I was running so fast!! Will is alot faster than me. He is a Boston and he just literally launches himself into an orbit!!

Well, neither of us did anything because as soon as one of us tried to, the other one ran him over! Mum was so mad! I was soaked! I need to be blown dried - it looked like I just had a bath!!

And as soon as we got inside the palace, guess what Will did. Yep. Right on the foyer floor. And it was a stinker too! Switch back to mum....REALLY MAD!

That got cleaned up and then we ate dinner. Well of course I ate because Will was there. Then we both got a teaspoon of cherry yogurt. YUMMMY!

Well guess what happened after that....mum stepped in pee in the great room. Switch over to Will's face...UH OH! Switch to mum's face...she was saying someone's name and it wasn't mine!

Then we rassled a bit and then settled down. Mum took us out one last time before bed and then off to bed. Well, Will did not sleep much. Up and down, back and forth. Me? I just laid on daddy's pillow and kept quiet. I knew mummy was not happy! But around 3am,you know I gots to go! So up gets mum and us and there is ALOT of wet falling from the sky. She lets me out first and makes Will sit by the door. When we get back, Will is on the steps and his present is by the door. OH BOY! And that one stunk worse than the other one! After that, Will and mum both could not sleep and mummy was grumbling and yelling at Will.

Finally, Dads come home! YIPPEE! He took us out really quick and we did our business. But not 5 minutes later, guess what Will did.....YUP.

Mum has HAD it! She cant wait for my brother to get back on Monday. He went to some place called South Carolina with his best mate, Richard.

She says she loves Will but he drives her batty! I just love Will to bits! He and I love to play all the time. She must not be so mad at him because she made him a special egg this morning just like she does for me on Saturdays!



November 14th 2008 8:58 am
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To play, you have to post the rules in your diary. The rules are that you list 7 random facts about yourself. Then pick 7 pals and list them and don't furget to bark them a pmail to know they were tagged! (or you can send them a rosette if you want!).

Here are another 7 random facts about me, Finn!

1. I like to lick mummy's wet legs when she steps out of the shower. Sounds a bit like a fetish, doesn't it??

2. I love Waggy World dog park! (See my pictures!)

3. I absolutely hate being brushed. I cower when I see that brush. I run from mum when I see her holding it.

4. I am a bolter. Take me off leash in the daylight and boom. Gone.

5. I really don't listen well outside to mummy (see point 4)

6. I once got shut in the storm door and now am afraid to go out the front door unless mum or dad steps out first and holds the door open.

7. I love Rita's black cherry water ice. It is fab! But my white fur gets all stained when I lick it!

Let's see who to tag that has not been about Sassy, Charlie, Sammy, Pretty, Gabby, Duker and Buckley!!


This was a boring week...ho hum......

November 14th 2008 4:29 am
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Well here it is Friday.

Mummy has been working from home the past 2 days and today she went to work. I miss her and I miss laying on the chair watching her work.

I guess I was a bit of a bother to her. Always wanting to go out, lifting my leg, not wanting to eat or poop.

I know mum is worried. I am being picky again with food and turning my nose up to everything but cookies. This morning I did not eat and she took it away. So no food for me all day today. AND I did not get a cookie either!

And with the wet falling from the sky, well it is just difficult to do my business appropriately outside. I have been hardly pooping and mummy is concerned. She worries too much. I will do what I have to do when I need to do it!

So, I have been chewing on buddy really alot lately. I think I almost have his ear chewed off. Oh and mum said something about Will this morning....maybe Will will be coming over?? I hope so because it is sure BORING without having daddy home. Mummy says he will be home sometime on Saturday. I dont know where he went but he has been since Sunday. I used to think that they would never come back, but they always do so I know daddy will be back.

All the leaves are flying around on the ground and sometimes they spook me. I am not sure what it is but when the wind blows and the leaves fly, I either get totally spooked or I run after them to eat them!

Well, let's see what kind of mood I will be in when mum comes home tonight...will I eat? will I poop? will Will be there when mum comes home?


Angel of Cavalier Kisses.....

November 11th 2008 5:35 pm
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Mummy was on the computer tonight and reading all my pup pals pages when she got to Angel Seamus. I know that Angel Seamus is special to her and that even though she did not know him, she loves him alot. I do too! He is our angel of cavalier kisses you know!

Well, all of sudden mummy started to have the wet come from her eyes when she was listening to the song on Seamus' page. I dont know why what happened next did, maybe it was little angel Seamus telling me to let mummy know he was okay, but I was on the floor with Buddy and then all of a sudden I jumped up on her lap and starting licking the wet off her face and kissing her. I felt that angel Seamus wanted me to do this for him and give mummy some of his angel cavalier kisses.

It was really strange, but it was like I HAD to lick and kiss mummy! She gave me a big hug and kisses and told me how much she loves me and she said to me..Is Angel Seamus telling you to do this??? I just kissed her more!!

Weird, huh??


I've Been TAGGED!

November 11th 2008 4:37 am
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Well, I have been tagged to play the Dogster Diary game from my pal Dorothy "Dot" Louise.

To play, you have to post the rules in your diary. The rules are that you list 7 random facts about yourself. Then pick 7 pals and list them and don't furget to bark them a pmail to know they were tagged! (or you can send them a rosette if you want!).

Here are my 7 random facts about me, Finn!

1. Not only am I the prince of alpharetta, but I am also quite a studmuffin. Unfortunately, none of the women like me.

2. I love to bark at the hoover when mum is cleaning. One day I will consumate my total annihilation of the wicked machine!! But for now, I just barkly madly at it and run away when it comes after me.

3. I love cookies. Period. Nuff said.

4. I am a pretty finnicky eater. Mum has to taunt me with the felines and threats that they will eat my food so I will eat it out of jealousy. Otherwise it will sit. Little does mum realize she is making a game for me to eat, but I am making my own entertainment watching her get the felines to come near my bowl!! BOL

5. I love to ride in the Mini Cooper. Just the Mini. Not daddy's car or my brother's cars. Just the Mini. Don't ask - I'm the Prince remember?

6. My best toy furiend is Buddy. When I go outside, I always grab him and carry him around and even do my business with him in my mouth.

7. I love to eat kitty poo. Those delectible morsels....only mum yells and punishes me when I got near the box with the precious manna in it!!

Okay, here are my furiends that I am tagging and I hope that they read their pmail!!

Becky, Ruger (hey pal!), Nibbles (YO!!), Macy, Boss aka "Mr. Stink", Finn Doherty (who is my 1st dogster pal!) and BUSTER the Boston who is the most awesome dog with his OWN CAR!!


Did someone say I SMELLED???

November 10th 2008 4:36 am
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Well, let me tell you about my weekend.

It was both fun, happy, tiring, nerve wracking and humilating!

First off, Friday afternoon - WILL and his dad came over whilst I was napping in my royal x-pen! OMD. WILL! We went bonkers when we saw each other! We went outside and ran circles, chasing each other! But then...We got put back into the x-pen and crate (Will stays in a crate) and my brother LEFT! What just happened there???? So Will and I just stared at each other. I threw my buddy out for him but he could not reach him. Then mummy came home! And she was surprised to see Will! We got to run outside again in circles and we were wet and exhausted. Then mummy fed us and I just kept growling because I did not want Will to take my food. Mummy said I was being naughty.

Will and I played all night and we finally ran out of steam and fell asleep in front of the telly. Then my brother came home and Will and him went to bed and we went upstairs to sleep on the big soft bed.

Then it was Saturday. I love Saturday mornings because after I wake everyone up at 3 am to do my "stuff", I go back to sleep knowing that I do not have to go into my royal x-pen! Mum got up early though and left me and daddy in the big soft bed. Daddy told me I smelled and and get out of his face! I was hurt. I did not think that smell was me...I thought it was Daddy! And I would NEVER tell Dads that he smelled.

Well, mum came back all happy..and she petted me and told me she would make me my special egg. And then Will came running down and he got an egg too! I heard the parents talking about how bad I smelled and then I figured it out....I was going to that place and getting a bath!!! But they waited until my other brother came over to visit. They wanted to eat together as a family. WHO CARES WHAT TIME YOU EAT?? WHY WAIT??

So anyway, when my other brother shows up, they put Will in his crate and I get go in the mini (Gosh, I LOVE to ride in the mini!). I was in the back with mum and Will's dad. And yep, I was going to the bath place. I get so nervous when I get a bath. Chris, the man who gives me a bath, told mum that I really do stink more than normal and mum said something about being wet and rolling in the leaves. I have fun doing that! So it makes me stinky!

After my bath, I admit, I did look rather dashing. And the smell was gone. So it must have been me all along! We go back to the palace and pick up Will and drive to the humilation.

What is the humiliation? Will and I get our pictures taken. That was totally humiliating. I had on a cowboy hat and bandana, antlers, a bath towel, etc. I will say I did look good in the jaunty cap and tie they put on me, but c'mon people!!! Will had an american flag draped around him! So, mum and my brother were saying "ooooh" and "ahhhh" at all the pics. I know they bought some and I heard mum say she was gonna post them to dogster.

The humiliation I have to endure for being so cute and princely!!!


I Ate Something New!

November 6th 2008 4:11 am
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My daddy came home last night! I was sooo happy! I was up in the royal bedchambers with mum and while she was putzing around (I learnt a new word - putzing) I was playing with my buddy.

Then, I hear the beep noise that means the door opened up and I ran downstairs and there he was! And besides the black bag with rolling things on the bottom of it, he also had something that smelled really really good! Something I have never smelled before!

Well, I went crazy over this smell and had to have some of this food thing! I begged and squealed and then mum gave me a little bit of it. YUM YUM YUM. It was like tasting heaven!! Mum and Dad laughed at me because I was very protective of the bits they were giving me.

They called this stuff PIZZA. Since I came to my furever home, we never have had this stuff. Let me tell you, it is incredible. It has to be better than Wendy fry that Nibbles goes wonkers over!

Mum told me don't get used to it. It was only a treat and it won't be back in the house for another 6 months! How can they be so cruel? All the other food is only lots of veggies, chicken and fish. And I don't get to eat the fish. And I already get chicken for dinner so it ain't all that, although I don't mind the broccoli.

Just think....if I had this pizza thing AND Rita's water ice every day....Life would be PERFECT!


The Prince is Not Happy

November 4th 2008 4:07 am
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Well, I have not written in a few weekend was not too exciting.

No Will. No Waggy World. No Rita's Water Ice. Just alot of staying in my x-pen. I missed several cavalier events that, I, as a young prince, should have attended. However, my handlers (they used to be called mummy and daddy) had OTHER plans. Like football games and something called a church meeting. Pooey. So, me and my buddy stayed in my royal x-pen and we both were comiserating with each other. And those felines....all they did was to watch buddy and I atop the kitchen table. LIKE VULTURES.

I thought Friday was gonna be fun. I got dressed up in my turtle outfit and we paraded around the palace grounds. (me and my handler). Then all the little humans in their costumes came to the door for the candy mumm...oops, my handler....was giving out. I loved them and they all were wanting to adore and pet me!

Well, let me tell you. THAT was the highlight of my weekend.

And then yesterday, when my handler let me out after she came home, she did not leash me so I decided to bolt the palace grounds. I went into the woods behind the palace. She couldn't come after me. I was free! Running and eating leaves and smelling all kinds of smells! I was running like an idoit (that is what the handler said) and I could tell she was NOT happy. She finally tricked me into coming back into the palace by telling me she was going to give me a cookie. HA. THat did not happen! I only got yelled at! And I had dirty paws and a dirty belly. After the yelling, I wish I had my mummy to cuddle next to, so when the handler sat down on the throne to watch telly, I cuddled next to her and magically mummy appeared!

I wish they knew that I am a young whippersnapper and I am not "fixed" yet (although they are talking about it...) and I just want to run! My hormones are running high....just like the deer that mummy says are in the rut. Don't know where this rut is and what it's got to do with hormones, but I think she is pretty knowledgable about stuff....


What Happened to the Carpet???

October 31st 2008 6:27 am
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Ok mum and dad went and pulled up all the carpet in the palace and put in it's place this hard brown stuff. Not soft at all and I now can no longer sidle them in the lower level of the palace.

I don' t like that brown stuff. I cannot eat my cookies on them. I am not comfortable. I slip when I run on them. That feline, Misa, LOVES the brown stuff. She hides and attacks me and just waits for me to slip all over!

I now have to either go into the room that has the big table that nobody eats at (mum calls it a dining room. I dont know why. I have yet to see anyone eat at that table) OR I have to take my cookie upstairs to the royal bedchambers.

The room with the telly is no longer my comfort place. I used to lay and sleep in there all the time. Now I have to have mum put the throne throw pillows on the floor so I can rest!

I hope all my furiends will have fun at their pawties this weekend. I am stuck at the palace and cannot go. They are going to a stupid football game instead!!! I am sooo upset that MY needs come second to theirs!!!



October 29th 2008 9:26 am
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I am just beside myself...Dogster Diary of the Day! Me. Finn. Blenheim extrodinare. Prince of Alpharetta. Love of my parents lives. Will's best friend. O-M-D!!!!

When I found out, I just squealed and jumped for joy! I took my buddy (you know my buddy is my true buddy even though he is not real...mum calls him my security blanket..oops i digress..) Well I just took my buddy and launched him out of the royal x-pen so he could run to the computer to see for himself!!

I told mummy and mummy didn't believe me so she had to look and then she had to call daddy to tell him! I hope that I get something out of them for this achievement! Like AN EXTRA COOKIE? RITA'S WATER ICE??? Hint Hint....

And shouts out all around to all my dogster cav buddies and non-cav buddies. I just think you all are the BESTEST! But not as bestest as Ruger. He's really cool and he has to put up with too many women...He deserves dog of the day or something for that.

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