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Living Like A King

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Manners 101

August 1st 2008 10:22 am
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Okay, every Saturday I end up at Petsmart thinking I am going to be admired by all when I end up in a class, on a leash being drug around and having repetitive commands spoken to me.

Do these people think I am deaf or hard of hearing??? How many times do they have to say "Sit Finn", or "Stay"? And when I do sit you think I found the solution for world peace. They are soooo excited and tell me what a good boy I am.

But I know that even royalty has to display good manners so I show them what I got, make em smile and get a cookie!

Life is good for the prince of alpharetta!

Now, to figure out how to get these cats to submit to my authority......


Friday Nite with the Parents...

August 2nd 2008 8:00 am
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Wow, you know, I love to ride in the mini cooper my parents have and last night I got to go for a ride to Rita's Water Ice Shop. I loved the ride, sitting on mom's lap and looking like I owned the mini. At stop lights, people acknowledged and bowed to my presence.

Arriving at Rita's there was a DJ outside blasting music and what looked like a party. How did they know the prince of alpharetta was coming to visit??? I determined that the music was too much for my tender, royal ears and immediately ran to mom to pick me up. Dad went and got the water ice and we walked over to the side of the building and sat away from the maddening crowd to enjoy the treat. Mom even brought me a chicken jerky!

I got to lick some lemon ice and thoroughly enjoyed it. Another taste treat I will not soon forget. But the spoon thing is still a little tricky.

We got back into the mini and I immediately wanted to nap!

Life IS good!! (And NO manners training today!! Woo-hoo!!!!) But I still need to determine how to get that cat they call Misa to obey me. She is starting to challenge my authority..who does she think she is...a QUEEN???


A Busy Weekend!

August 3rd 2008 7:09 pm
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Boy did I have a full weekend! It started off slow, but then my "half brother" Willy came over. Willy is a boston terrier owned by my human brother. He and I ran and played all through the house and yard until we were exhausted. We dont know how to share toys either but we turn it into a fun game...

I think we drove mom and dad crazy.

But Will (I call him Will) taught me how to put those cats in line. Just stand there and bark at them. That shows them who's boss, until they get mad and come at us.

I also got some great dinner tonight....

Man, I am loving life...


I Don't Like Mondays

August 4th 2008 9:20 am
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Here it is another Monday morning..I got mom up at 5am, which I don' t think she appreciated but I had to do what I had to do! I think if I let her go to bed earlier than midnight she would not have minded the early wake up call.

But here is the issue, I wasn't tired last night. I wanted to lay on the sofa and watch telly. Mom knows how much I enjoy watching Animal Planet. Plus, those darn cats kept circling me like I was road kill. I think they did not appreciate the submission techinques Will and I were using on them earlier in the day. I had to side eye them so they would not assume any greater position on my throne (the sofa). The dirty beggars....

Anyway, back to Monday's...Mom is usually tired and this is the day where she leaves the palace for a long time and puts me in the royal x-pen. This is when the felines begin to sit up on their perches and watch me. I try to ignore them and chew on my elephant and rabbit. (I like to hunt).

But the BEST thing about Mondays is when mom comes home! I am so excited to see her and give her bunches of kisses to make her think I appreciate and love her (when actually I am just so glad to get out of that dang playpen)!

I hope tonight mom makes me that good dinner again. It had broccoli in it and I LOVE BROCCOLI. Frozen broccoli, cooked broccoli, raw broccoli, broccoli and chicken, broccoli and rice, broccoli and get the point....

Broccoli makes the day I guess I can't complain about Mondays after all....


The Things a Pup Has to go through...

August 5th 2008 4:58 am
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I know the drill, in the royal pen for the day and mom comes home, I act happy and give a bunch of kisses and then she takes me outside to play, brings me in where I get fed, then I get a cookie and get to lay on the throne (the sofa) a watch tv whilst being adored by my mom.

Not yesterday...I was tricked and hoodwinked.

I get the whole outside thing but she keeps rushing me, then the leash comes on and I think...WOW a ride in the mini! SOOOO happy....

I'm in the mini and we start motoring. Then I see we are at the place of poking and prodding with the men in white smocks...the vet.

I loathe that place. Something always not so pleasurable happens there.

I am sitting on mom's lap nervously waiting but then I realize its not that bad...people are adoring me, miniature humans are petting me...more befitting of my status as the prince of alpharetta. But I don't like the big dogs. Too much of loud barkers and they sniff your space....

I hear my name and we go into this room and here comes the white coats...with that stick thing. OUCH! I got three of them and all the while I am pleading with my eyes to mom to get me outta here! I get wretched away from mom and get taken in the dungeon area and the white coats proceed to clean my "uh-em" you know what glands. NOT PRETTY.

But I see mom again and I cannot wait to get back to the car and home! On the way back to the palace, mom is gibbering something about "such a good boy" (yeah right) and when we get back to the palace I run inside and immediately start licking the distrubed area. But you know what, it does not feel so bad now. Those white coats must of done something to fix that itchness....

Mom gives me my chicken and broccoli (YUM) dinner, I get a peanut butter cookie (Another YUM) and I am in heaven. Yes, I do have it fit for a KING (or in my case, a prince)!


Mine Enemy..

August 5th 2008 2:16 pm
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Ok I wanted all of you to see the ringleader of the felines in this palace...the one they call Misa and sometimes "the beauty".

Look at that picture of her on my site. PURE EVIL

Where does my mom even begin to think "she's her beautiful little girl"???? And a QUEEN no less...


Tuesday evening at the palace

August 6th 2008 9:53 am
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Life today was pretty basic.. other than the felines, most of the day was quiet.

Mom came home and I displayed my "happy to see you" dance and squeal for her. That gets me outta that royal pen pretty quick. I made sure to give her a bunch of kisses and then she took me outside to romp in the royal gardens! But it is tooo hot. I needed to get into the palace quick...

Then came DINNER! I got my broccoli again! She must know now that I don't eat that canned junk she calls pup food. I get this delish dish of chicken, rice and broccoli with some other liquid gunk that isn't so bad. Plus after dinner I get my peanut butter COOKIE! God, I love feeding time now!

Dad came home and watched the telly with me - mom was upstairs in the royal bedchambers playing with that Misa. I heard her. And there is a barrier preventing me from going up there to put a stop to it.

Do you know that witch of a feline actually went after me?? Me. A prince. All I was doing was minding my own business and circling her while she was drinking water and POW! Thank God the beast has no claws or my beautiful royal nose would have been disfigured in battle.

And whose side do you think my mom took? Mine? NOPE, that cat's side. What is up with that?


Sleepy Wednesday...

August 7th 2008 4:25 am
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Today was my catching up on sleep day...

Tuesday night was a long night on the throne (sofa) with dad. He fell asleep on the throne with me and the telly was on until 4am! I got so confused because when he went up to the royal bedchambers, I went to go to relax in my prince's crate and it was not set up! (Mom sets it up special for me each night - but mom spent her Tuesday night with that feline - Misa - and forgot all about my princely needs).

Dad took care of me and before you know it, mom is awaking me up for the daily grind - I was like - WHAT???

So, we did the routine and I ate my yummy breakfast and got some treats and did my sitting, laying and relaxing on command tricks for mom. Then I got put into the royal x-pen. I didn't mind it. I took a siesta in my bed and relaxed listening to the music mom puts on for me every day.

I didn't even notice the felines today! That is until mom came home!!
Kisses all around!!! I was so glad to see her and was adamant that she not spend time with that Misa tonight! Mom even bought me new cookies and I got 2, yep TWO, after dinner and my vitamin. This must be a bribe. She must feel guilty for last nights attention to the evil one.

I barked at mom as she made dinner because I wanted her to notice me and pay attention to the royalty that graces the palace, but she turns to the big cold closet to pull out food and goes over to the evil one and starts petting and cooing at her. ARRGH! LOOK AT ME!! PET ME!! I'M THE BEAUTY, NOT THAT THING!!

Finally...she sits on the throne and turns on the telly. I jump up on the throne and she pays homage to me. I love it! Then dad comes home and they go out and put me back into that pen. Then they come back again. Stay home already!!

Mom putzes around cleaning and then kisses me and dad goodnight and leaves us on the throne. Well, I was not very happy with all the proceedings this evening of the coming and going so while dad was talking to me, I stood there and relieved myself. I think that tactic backfired. He yelled at me and then took me out. He was not happy. I think I have some sucking up to do tomorrow.......


Citrus Rockfish Ain't Rockin

August 7th 2008 7:22 pm
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Oh man, I had a taste of mom and dad's dinner tonight - Citrus Rockfish and veggies. I sat and watched them eat and figured I was going to get to lick the plate out even if there usually nothing on it. Well, I did and it was spicy! I started rubbing my nose in the carpet and ran for the water fountain. Mom stopped me and gave me a little bit of milk and that seemed to stop the burning in the mouth.

Whoa. They eat that and it doesn' t bother them. How do they do that?

Tonight while on the throne watching the Gilmore Girls with mom and dad (I just love Michel, and yes I am a GG junkie...what about it??) that evil white and gray feline entered the throne room and proceeded to PARADE in my area trying to get love and attention. Drat her. I sat there and side eyed her like I did earlier in the week but it didn't work. I must need Will here to assist me for her to respect my authority. She finally left and then mom took me out (on a leash). I thought I was going in the mini for a ride but she took me on the sidewalk and trotted me around like I was some kind of prancing car ride. I was tricked.

I made sure tonight to acknowledge dad when he came home and gave him some lovin. After all, what I did last night to him, I figured he deserved some love from me (and I needed to get back in good graces). I think it worked!

Tomorrow is Furiday!! YEAH. I heard mom and pops talking about dad staying home tomorrow. Know what that means?? NO X-PEN for ME!! I am going to go bed a happy prince tonight!


I R A Graduate!

August 9th 2008 7:29 pm
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Well, it's official..I gradutated from Petsmart puppy training today with Will! I got my picture taken with a special graduation hat. Mom was so proud of both me and Will today. But you want to know the best part of graduating??? I don't have to go to training class on Saturday's anymore! WOO HOO!

I also got taken to a place where I got a bath. Mom said I was flithy and before you know it, I am get all shampooed and blown dried. I hate that blow dryer, but I do admit I felt much better after the bath.

Will and I played all afternoon and we wore ourselves out. Then we fell asleep on the throne ( I allow Will to share my throne) while my human brother Michael watched the telly and something that they are calling "Olympics". Then we got up and Will showed me more pointers on the fine art of feline control. We sure had them today!! I need to make sure that I practice Will's suggestions this week so I have hand going on in this relationship (because I don't get the idea that they are going away).

Guess what...I also got a new "house" today to sleep in. The other one was too small! I love my new house! But I love the throne much more....Mom said something about this being my big boy house....

Friday night Mom and Dad and I went to Rita's Water Ice again. This time there was no DJ, and I have some cherry water ice. Wasn't bad but I got a bit of brain freeze....I was just too sleepy to even notice the ride home and was so happy to fall asleep next to dad on the throne!

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