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Living Like A King

I am FIVE today!

February 21st 2013 4:30 am
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I know I don't post alot anymore, what with being a big man now with big man responsibilities and such but I did want to post that today I am FIVE years old! I got big kisses last night from the mummy and dads before I went to sleep on the big bed about how it was my last night as a four year old. The sleeping was the same as ever, it was no different being four or five. I kept watch at the end of the bed and the big ole lard butt (my bro Skye) slept on dad's pillow. Wills is staying with us and he slept under the cover by mummy.

Well I woke up this morning to the lard butt wagging his big ole tail in my face. Dads was talking to him in the bed. So mummy says to me "Finny come" and I saunter to the top of the bed and lay right next to my mummy and I got the best petting and hugging in a while. I felt special. Plus mummy and dads sang Yappy Woofday to me and said the big man is FIVE now.

We got outta bed cuz all of us had to pee and poo (us canines, that is) and we ran out the back and did our biznet and came running back in. Mummy told me "finny's on fire" and did her jazz hands to me then played the special birthday fuzzy cake toy that played the birthday song when you squeezed it. I know what that means...

So Mummy says that I get a special today. that is an egg. i love eggs. but we dont have them anymore because the lard butt is lergic to them. but I GET A SPECIAL for my brekkie! WOOF HOO! And i have one pressie this morning a fuzzy blue snakey squeak toy. Mummy says since the lard butt's fifth birthday is on Saturday, we will be sharing our pawty on Friday, inbetween our real birthdays. BUMMER, there better be LOTS OF TOYS FOR ME. I was hoping for a backyard agility set and a big box come to the front door last week and rang that bell i like to bark at. sniffed but could not figure out what it is. mummy told me to stay away from the box, so i did.

Let me tell you, five is a good age for us cavaliers. I am still spry but more mature for the women in the ring. They look at me while I sit there and watch them and they say...Look at that handsome man...I gotta get me some of that...yep, that is what they say. I play hard to get but i do enjoy the women. it is better than being humped by the lard butt when he gets all wound up playing with me.

Welp, I need to run. I got me alot of YIPPING AND YAPPING to do today.



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