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I've been Tagged!!!

My last day with mom

June 29th 2015 9:13 pm
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I know most of you didn't know but for the last 3 months I've had cancer. Mom took me to the Vet when she noticed I had a couple of knots in my neck. We had some blood work and a needle aspirated done on two of the lumps.
The Vet couldn't see any cancer cells so we decided to send them to St. Louis for a specialist to look at. My mom was scared to death for me but the results came back inconclusive. So we thought maybe it was my allergies. We started antihistamines and antibiotics.
My lumps seemed to soften and move to just under my throat.
I had started loosing my appetite, I started to loose weight mom tried everything to get me to eat but each day I wanted less and less to eat.
In a few weeks mom saw more lumps and knots on my chest and stomach. This last week my breathing had become rapid and Friday I started coughing it had really upset my mom she called the Vet and made an emergency appointment for me to see the Vet again.

I had a really rough night and couldn't sleep well so I left my mom's bed and went to the couch. Mom came looking for me and I got up to be with her but I suddenly sneezed and my nose started bleeding. Mom's was so scared she got me in the car and away I went to the Vet. Only the Vet said there was nothing she could do for me but to make me comfortable. Mom's started crying. I tried to comfort her but she couldn't stop. Mom had to make a terrible decision to put me to sleep. She held me so close and told me how much she loved me and that she will always love me. She said we will be together again some day and I went to sleep. No more pain, I'm free at rainbow bridge waiting for my mom. I passed Saturday June 27th. 2015.



Hard lessons learned

February 4th 2010 8:47 am
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Dear Diary,
Yesterday was not a good day. Boy are we all in trouble. I'm not in as much trouble as my new fur brother Piglet is. Even our little Queen Belle is in big trouble an she never does anything wrong.
But yesterday while Momma was working Dad went to her work to have lunch with her an while he was gone he forgot to put Samson (Piglett) behind the gate in the kitchen.
As soon as he left Sam got up an started trouble then he went for our little Tizzy Kitty. OMD it was Terrible!!! The whole thing got out of control in a matter of seconds. Poor Tizzy was literally mauled by Piggy an Belle was hot on his heels. I tried my best to stop it BARK, BARK, but still no one came. I ran up on the computer desk in the window BARK BARK still one came. By then there was Blood everywhere. Tizzy tried to fight back but she was just spayed an declawed so she couldn't do too much to stop it.
Finally dad came home right before it was too late. He caught Sam red handed trying to pull her out from under the desk. He stomped his foot an yelled SAM!!!STOP!! He yelled so loudly it scared the whole house. Everyone just scattered.
Dad bent down an picked up little Tiz who could just barely move. He wrapped her up in a towel an called MOM and she came rushing home. It upset us so badly that there was lots of bowed heads.
Sam even got sick when he saw what he had done he poo'd an threw up all over. Now Mom has a BIG MESS to clean up but all she saw was Tizzy. Thank goodness it was all superficial wounds an the Vet said she will be ok but sore for a few days. No no one is allowed to be in the same room as she is in.
Dad is wanting to get rid of Samson. I know he is sorry but its really dads fault for not putting him behind the gate like momma told him. Momma is very very sad! She loves us all but doesn't want anything else to happen like that again. So she is getting a crate for Samson and a vibration collar. We is all scared now. I am the only one who didn't have a drop of blood on them, but the rest sure didn't.
I sure hope things start getting better real soon, I don't like it when mom is sad. I kissed an kissed her last night to let her know its ok now an promised it wouldnt happen again even Piglet tried to cuddle her with me an didn't even try to chase me off. Hopefully things will be back on track real soon. We all love each other an don't want to be sent away for being bad dogs cause none of us is bad dogs. We are just gonna take it one day at a time.




November 29th 2009 7:10 am
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Its that time of year again where we all give thanks for everything that we have. Our Family, home, jobs, friends. But this year has been hard for us we lost two of my fur siblings my best little buddy Teddy Bear an my sweet Kitty sister Busy. We will always love an miss them. Now we can be thankful for our new Fursibling Belle (a) she truly is an angel an has helped with the loss of our other furs. My family an I are very thankful for her sweet presence.
Now comes the good part. I didn't always treat my fur Kitty sister Busy very well since I'm a dog an she was a cat. I always chased her an made her hide all the time. But my Dad an Mom went for a ride one day without me an Belle an when they came home they had a little furry kitten with them. Her name is Tizzy an boy does she live up to that name. She has no fear of dogs especially me.
She walked right up to me an slapped my ears an sent me shaking my head. My fur sister Belle walked right up to her an liked her head an face like she knew her all her life. I guess she knew an understood where the little kitty was coming from. Dad found her alone along the road out in the woods. Some terrible person dumped her out in the woods you see she is only about 31/2 months old. So Belle knows how that feels since she came from the shelter herself. In fact our poor Belle was put in a shelter twice until my Mom an Dad found her.
She will never be left again an neither will Tizzy.
I still have to be watched with her but I'm getting better I will now lay an sleep with her but I just can't help but chase her every chance I get. But at least now she has a home an doesn't have to worry about being dumped ever again so you see we now have a full house once again an have alot to be thankful for. Soon there will be a new Kitty posted an I hope everyone will welcome her as you have me an Belle.



November 11th 2009 6:50 am
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I was tagged by my pal Tinkerbelle

The question was:
What is your favorite treat?
I love when mom fixes me boneless chicken breast strips!!! O' an
cheese of course.

Now 7 things about myself.
1. I'm crazy about my mom, I gotta be with her all the time.
2. I hunt squirrels everyday inside an outside. They drive me crazy!
3. I have the sweetest fursister, her name is Belle.
4. I recently became very afraid of storms.
5. I love all my toys, especially my frisbee.
6. I just got a new (old) toy mom remade from one of my old stuffed
squirrels. She tied the tail to a fishing pole boy is it fun to chase.
7. I don't mind a bath but I hate the dryer.

I will tag:
If you don't wanna participate, I'll definitely understand.

Ernie George
Cailey Mae


Easter Tag!

April 7th 2009 7:11 am
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What a Great time of da' year! Easter! I am getting tagged by one of my best friends Rufus! Wanna play tag with me? I’m tagging you!

If you want to play, copy these questions, answer them yourself and make a post in your Dogster diary. Then tag 6 other lucky pups or kitties and send them an email and ask them to play!

What is your favorite color for Easter eggs?
Speckled Blue ones (I love Jelly Beans)

Would you rather be a bunny or a chick?
Bunny or mmm.. a Bunny?

How many Easter eggs do you think you'll find when you get to hunt them at your house? I'm sure I can find them all.

What kind of Easter basket are you hoping for?
I don't really have a prefrence for my basket as long as it has all my favorite treats and toys. Esp. a new Frisbee!!! and new Bad Cuz, Squeeky tennis balls, chewy sticks, jelly beans.

These are the friends I am tagging:

Cailey Mae-439973
Reb a-682591


Getting to know your pals 2009.

February 13th 2009 5:22 am
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"2009 Get to Know Your Pals!"
February 5th 2009 6:28 pm [link to this entry]
My sweet furiend Tippy NPC and my cute pal Sox want me to play a new game, so here it is.... From Darby.

Welcome to the new edition of "2009 Get to Know Your Pals"

Copy this diary entry, and paste it into your diary. Read then delete my answers. Then you can fill in your own! We can get to know our pals better!! Have fun!! Then send a rosette or pawmail to 4 pals and ask them to post it in their diary!!!!

Here we GO!!!!!

1. What color is your collar?
My collar is a rolled leather collar mom likes it cause it doesn't make my fur get knotted and matted up around it.
2. What kind of food do you eat?
I will eat just about anything. Even things I'm not supposed to eat. But mom feeds me pedigree little bites.
3. What are your favorite treats?
My most favorite is CHEESE! I also like peanutbutter rawhide rolls. Oh and jerky strips hmmmmm.
4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other??
No I only have eyes for my momma I must be with her all the time. I get so sad when she has to leave me that I will lay in front of the door and cry for her. So I guess you could say she is my Valentine.
5. Do you get Table Scraps?
Yes all the time I will get as close to mom as I can so she will share her meals with me. She spoils me.

6. What is your favorite toy?
Ooooh, I like all my toys I have lots and lots of them. But my all time favorite is my frisbees I can't wait till the weather gets nice so I can run and play with my frisbee.
7. When is your Birthday?...
January 14th 2006, I just turned 3.
8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
Mom or Dad fills my bowl once a day so I eat all the time but I sometimes I don't want to eat but mom says I look good and Dad says I'm too skinny.
9. Do you have a favorite color?
I like the color of yellow or orange since that is the color of my frisbee.

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
I sure do..i enjoy learning about my pals! Have fun pals!!

Luke Skywalker


I've been Tagged!!

January 7th 2009 6:57 am
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Well this is a first for me. So here we go. 7 Things about me.
1. I am a momma's boy (thats right I said it)
2. I have a fur brother who has also been tagged Teddy Bear.
3. I have a fur kitty sister named busy, she doesn't like me very much.
4. I MANY fur cousins, one of which got loose and was hit last night by a car, I'm very worried about him.
5. I love to play frisbee, it makes me very happy to have someone play frisbee with me. I'm getting pretty good at it.
6. I love to chase squirrels, every chance I get.
7. I love to run in the snow.

My pal Rani tagged me so if anyone else would like to PLAY go for it...
Now Hopefully these pup pals will play.
Now your it my tagged pals:
1. Dallas
2. Dozer
3. Ernie George
4. Zoee
5. Izzy
7. MY very own fur sister Leia

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