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Sprinkles of Love from Vip

Happy Birthday to Me!

December 16th 2008 8:48 pm
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Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my Mommy (Shiloh) for making my birthday so special today! She really made it "MY DAY" by playing with me all afternoon. All my myself, too!. No little sisters, just ME! (Noel & Cocoa got to stay with Grandpa Steve & Grandma Nancy). And then she REALLY surprised me with pressies and a beautiful birthday Rosette! I was SO HAPPY! We especially had fun playing outside because we got LOTS of snow here today!!!

I got other pressies, too! I got a football, a snowman, a pretty heart, a beannie cap, a cupcake, pretty balloons and a rose & ballons!!! I even got TWO new sleds!!! YIPPEE FOR ME!!! I'll sure be able to use them because Mommy's starting a new Christmas Group at the North Pole, and I'll need new sleds up there!

And my most favorite gift of all was a new suit from Daddy Trey! Not just a little boy's suit, but a BIG BOYS SUIT! And one to match his! Oh boy, I hope I'll grow up to be even HALF as handsome as he is! Some people say we look alike already, but I think he's HANDSOME. I don't see me that way. Look through my pictures for us in our suits!!! THANK YOU , DADDY!!!

I love my birthday 'cause that means in just 9 more days, it's Christmas!!! In case I don't get back into my Diary, I want to let everyone know that I wish you the merriest Christmas you've ever had. Especially to the ones I love the most in the whole wide world -- my Mommy & Daddy, my sissys, my Uncles & Auntys and my most special friends ... Maxamillian, Jeannie, Nora.

So Merry Christmas to everyone! But remember, you don't have to let the Christmas Spirit end after December 25th. Keep it going all year long!

Sprinkles of Love,
Vip the Christmas Boy


I'm Dogster's DOG OF THE DAY!!!

September 27th 2008 7:07 am
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It's Saturday, so we slept in around here this morning. But I got up before Mommy & Daddy and did something I'm not supposed to do. I flipped the 'puter on and went to check emails. All the new ones were for ME! I couldn't figure it out!!! But then I saw one from Dogster HQ saying "Vip is the Dogster Dog of the Day"! Woofie!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I mean, I'm just a little boy and I don't read too good. So I went to the main Dogster page, and my picture was right there!!! So it's TRUE ... I really AM Dog of the Day!!!!

I don't know how Dogster chooses such an honor for a dog to receive, but I'm so happy they picked ME today! I'm a rescue dog, and just found my Forever Home this Summer. And now, here I am ... TOP DOG for 24 whole wonderful hours! This should be a lesson to all humans: when you see a dog out there alone in the world, no matter how scruffy he or she might be, help them find their way to a home, cause you just might have a winner there on your hands. And you know what? ALL dogs (and cats) are winners once they find love in their life.

I'm off to check my pawmail now. But first, I want to say THANK YOU DOGSTER!!! I am so happy and proud, and I will always try to live up to being DOTD! THANK YOU to my pawrents, Shiloh & Trey, cause without them, I wouldn't even KNOW about Dogster! And THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me messages, Rosettes, Special Gifts and Pup-Pal Requests so far! I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titanic" ... "I'm the King of the World"!!!!!

Sprinkles of Love,


I'm Home!

August 16th 2008 6:33 am
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Hi to all my Friends!

Well, I FINALLY made it to my Forever Home! I thought the day would NEVER get here. It seemed so long since I first met my pawrents. But I needed some surgery and now, well, I'm home!

To get started, I guess I should tell you a little about myself. You're on my Dogster page, so you already know a few things about me:

* My name is Vip
* I was named for a children's Christmas book
* I'm a Miniature Poodle
* I love Christmas!!!

I try to keep the Spirit of Christimas 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I'm a happy boy 'cause I carry the Spirit of Christmas in me all the time. So that's why my page will ALWAYS be decorated for the Holidays. No, Mommy didn't forget to change the graphics, it's just my way of spreading Christmas cheer all year 'round!

On Friday, August 8th, my new Mommy & Daddy picked me up at my Foster-Mom's home in Indiana and brought me to their home in Cincinnati. We had fun on the ride home, and I got to climb around all over the seats and explore (something I LOVE doing!).

More great news ... my name was originally Icee, which I didn't like and no one could pronounce. When I got to my Foster-Mom's home, her children called me Iggy. Well, it was getting better, but the name still wasn't quite "me." So when Mommy decided to name me Vip, after the author of her favorite children's Christmas book, I was SO HAPPY! "Vip" just suites me to a tee!!!

I am so happy at my Forever Home! Mommy & Daddy love me and pet on me and play with me. And I have someone else! Shiloh is THE BEST! She is an Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog, and she's BEAUTIFUL! Most of all, she really loves me. She plays with me, but she also protects and shepherds me. I feel so loved!

The night I came to live in my new Forever Home, Shiloh took me to visit to Disney World in a Cruise Group! We had so much FUN at Disney World!!! I rode all the rides and ate all kinds of food! Popcorn, candy apples, snow-cones and PIZZA! I love Shiloh SO MUCH!!!

Mommy says I can write in my Diary whenever I want to share something with all my friends. So I'll be adding LOTS of things 'cause I've sure made LOTS of new friends here at Dogster! And, well, let's face it, I LOVE TO TALK!!!

More soon!

Sprinkles of Love,

(As I write this, only 131 more days till Christmas!)

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