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New Mirror -- 19-July-2008

July 20th 2008 7:14 am
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Mom came home with a thing called a mirror. I was not sure what to think of it at first. It took me a bit to decide to go closer and check it out. As I got closer I saw there was another dog in there! I growled and snapped at it, and it did the same to me, but had no voice. I'm still not 100% sure about that thing, but do enjoy getting ready to pounce at the other dog. We've come to an understanding. I won't go into it's mirror and it won't come into my room.


Started Puppy Education Class -- 21-June-2008

July 20th 2008 7:13 am
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I went to my first Puppy Education class today. Not sure why Mom signed me up for that. I think I've been doing a pretty good job being a puppy. I was a bit nervous and trembled a lot in class. I did get brave and stepped away from Mom enough to sniff a couple of other dogs and some shoes. I wanted to go over and check out a Doberman on the other side of the room. She looks like Pippi only bigger. This Great Dane puppy kept coming out to meet though before I could get there and I just wasn't too sure about that. So I turned around and went back to Mom. Speaking of Mom, she was trying to get my attention in class. Even tried to temp me with treats. Now I like treats at home, but what was she thinking there? I had to keep my eye on that lot. I couldn't look away, even for a treat. We'll have to see how this goes.


Sun Porch -- 18-June-2008

July 20th 2008 7:11 am
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Mom has been letting Pippi and I play out on the sun porch lately. It's nice and long so we can run back and forth and really get going! Mom says I get very bouncy and just hop and pounce my way across the room. Pippi and I chase each other and get to look out the door and watch everyone going by from there. Pip is getting pretty good at stealing the cut flowers from the vase Mom sets out there. I really like spending time out there.


New Doggles -- 10-June-2008

July 20th 2008 7:10 am
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Mom got me some doggle tonight. She put them on me and I wasn't too sure about them. She said they would keep the sun and the camera flash out of my eyes. Then Pippi, my Min Pin sister, came over and started trying to chew on the doggles ... while I was wearing them! Mom helped me get them off, and then she put them on Pippi. She had them off in under two second and was chewing on them. Well, Mom had to chase Pippi around to get them back. Then she put Pippi in another room and put them back on me so she could snap a few pictures. Still not totally sure about them, but I don't think they will be too bad ... if Pippi will stop chewing on them while I'm wearing them.


New Clothes -- 28-May-2008

July 20th 2008 7:09 am
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Mom got Pippi and I some matching denim shirts. Mine is just a little bit too big, but Mom thinks I may grow into it still. Don't know why she thinks I should be bigger than 4 lbs. -- I don't think Pippi liked her shirt. She worked for 10 minutes trying to get it off. Mom finally helped her, then she started trying to get mine off, too. I don't mind mine though. I think it feels good with this fan going in here! Hopefully soon Mom can get pictures of me in my new duds and post them here.

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