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a doggie's tale

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today is: november 16th, 2011 its wednesday

November 16th 2011 11:04 am
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hey this is: trevors,

gosh is it cold and chilly outside, me and my sis are just relaxing today and takeing it easy.

our mom is just watching tv and relaxing, and my sis well i think she is naping probably on our mom's lap.

as of me - on days its cold outside, i like takeing naps, watching tv, takeing walks, and of course eating..

i personnaly cant wait untill the holidays and winter !!!

well stay warm everyone, and safe



its getting to be a little chilly november 2, 2011

November 2nd 2011 4:12 am
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greetings from oklahoma,

this is: trevor, it sure has been getting quite chillyer outside here latley, i guess whether change and all. my mommy has sweaters for me and now she has to get one for my sister jasmine.

gosh does she love playing and of course she is only a puppy, and as of me well im getting older and wiser, but its fall and that means evantually winter is coming and so is my bday, and of course holidays.

my favorite time- holiday season, i love to eat especially at grandpa's house and of course i love christmas and my bday.

as of my mommy she is doing good these days, despite her health and stressed, and as of my daddy well he has been working his butt off at the store and of course stressed too. they both need my help and my sisters for comfort.

well i hope everyone had a safe an happy halloween this year, and now its finally november !!!

take care,


today is: october 10, 2011

October 10th 2011 8:02 pm
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well its official fall,

i had to see it for myself -gosh i cant wait untill winter comes, well thanks to mom i got a sister on friday this last week. and she sure is a cutie and bouncy as ever !! but she is only about 3 weeks to 6 weeks old and loves my mom of course.

well i cant wait untill halloween comes my friend clementime is going to be 10 years old yeah !!! and she is a halloween baby pretty cool i think.

as of myself i doubt im going to go trick or treating this year, well maybe if my sister wants to go for dog treats meaning dog bones.

but these days i love watching tv at my daddys apartment and his name is rick.

its about snack time, and time for a nap,
i hope that everyone has a good week this week.

take care, xoxoxo


today is: september 6th,2011

September 6th 2011 11:39 am
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greetings everyone,

hey this is: trevor,sorry if its been quite awhile -since ive been online.

its just because these days, ive been busy helping my mommy with her aunt ann, and my mommy's family. man it sure has been hot outside here in norman oklahoma where we live, ill be sure glad when it hits fall - i sure do love fall weather and winter.

these days i love playing outside in my backyard with ocra, but havent done that much -because ive been helping mommy.

well i hope that everyone has a great day today !!!

take care,


today is saturday : may/ 2011

May 7th 2011 2:56 pm
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hey this is: trevor, man have i had a busy week.

ive been helping my mommy with her stress level, and just trying to make every one happy. now i live in a house and have a big back yard and ive company with my favorite dog pal ocra. we play and play. because mommy has been busy with moving and hanging out with her family and going to do errands such as doctors..

well its finally getting close to the summer time- thank goodness. i need a furr cut- hopefully my mommy can help me with that.


october sky's

October 16th 2010 4:33 am
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well here it's finally october the 16th, gosh were almost done with this year already-4 more months and we will be in the year 2011. wow its getting close woof, woof.

well here's whats been happening in my life- well my mommy had surgery on monday morning at the hospital-where we live, she had to have her gall bladder taken out. that morning i stayed home with the cats and watched tv. I was worried about my mommy, and to the hospital- so i was left alone with the cats- but at least i had the tv.

These days I've been trying to help my mommy with her pain, along with the cats- we all have been trying to pitch in for cuddles and petting,and we love of course keeping our mommy happy and safe, and she also

I can't wait untill halloween my mommy bought me a new costume it looks cool and it glows in the dark my mommy said, i really like it- personnally better than my peter pan costume.

well spring,fall and winter is my type of weather, i dont like the summer. in the summer time it gets hot outside and thats when i go indoors to air conditioning and tv.

well im very sorry for not writting sooner,but i hope that everyone has a great weekend !!!

take cares,
love trevors


woof, woof its very cold outside and chilly

January 29th 2010 1:24 am
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well im officially 8 years old now as of december 31.
It sure has been very cold outside and very chilly, woof, woof.. I sure do love playing though in the snow, its very fun !!! But as of my mom she always has to bundle up, myself i like wearing my ou sweater..

yeasterday it was raining ice, i believe that it probably started early that thursday morning - january 28th, 2010. it sure was very cold outside and very chilly. I got to play some yeah, because i thought it was snow i guess - cause it looked like it and my mommy had to tell me that it was Not !!! Ah i want some snow and lots and lots of it , just like this blizzard that we had around christmas or maybe it was before christmas !!! Now that was very fun, lots and lots of snow to play in - I loved it !!!! and believe me i had lots of fun playing in the snow...

well stay warm all of you please woof, woof where ever you are !!!

GOD Bless, and take care



today is: sunday may 31,2009

June 1st 2009 9:21 pm
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well we had a pretty lazy day today, all we did was sleep and clean pretty much. what fun huh? Not i was hopeing that we would have gone walkies, but i guess my mommy was too tired-maybe monday or tuesday we'll go walkies i hope.. Because i love spending time with my mommy and cuddles,getting treats,snacks,and especially my petting time...

Well tonight i had a bath,i guess that i needed one, well hopefully ill get to at least watch my animal show that comes on early in the mornings on suday, i hope my mommy taped it at least...

nighty, night
woof woof woof



Woof,woof Happy mothers day

May 9th 2009 6:48 pm
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Hi, I just wanted to wish all doggie mom's a happy mothers day tomorrow !!!
Tonight, I sure hope that it doesn't rain at all !!! As of tomorrow Im going to hang out with my mommy and we are going to watch movies and clean the apartment..

My daddy will be working tomorrow all day, unfortunally me and my mommy will miss him very much.. I truely hope my mommy and daddy feel's better really soon, they have been not feeling very well at all..

got to go help my mommy with laundry's and get something to eat. and then im off to bed..

nighty, night

elayna and trevor.


It sure is going to be a stormy night

April 26th 2009 7:57 pm
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today is: Sunday april 26th, 2009.

All this morning we pretty much slept untill about 2 something, and then my mommy got up for the day. It sure did look cloudy outside all day today, as of myself I do Not like thunder storms at all !!! Because i don't like it when, it starts thundering outside- the noise scares me and usually i go telling my mommy all about it..

As of tonight- Im in the bedroom with a cat and were sleeping.. I was watching tv untill it started raining outside ...

nighty,night everyone


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