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a doggie's tale

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trevor's day 1

September 10th 2008 1:50 pm
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today around noon i woke up, and so did my mommy - we went outside of course and it was raining like cats and dog's. Myself I don't like rain at all because it gets all over my fur, especially when it thunders -ooh thats what scares me the most and lighting too.

As of this afternoon i have been sleeping, and taking my doggie naps under my futon of course, my mommy calls it my dog den. Personnally im just waiting for my mommy to fix something to eat, cause i love getting samples of my mommy's food..

hummm i wonder what we are going to watch this afternoon on tv, maybe a movie...


about me taking a bath

September 20th 2008 12:41 pm
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well on friday my mommy slept in untill about maybe 1pm, because she had to get up early that morning to say good bye to my daddy as he was leaving for work. As of me of course i was sad, for a little bit cause my daddy was leaving me - but at least i still had my mommy and she gave me a treat and told me that everything was going to be alright, so after awhile of course i went back to sleep. and then around 1pm we got up for the day.

Well around 2pm my mommy took me out for pottys and walkies with my doggie girlfriend clementime - she is sooo cute and adorable.. After we got back my mommy had to go do some grocery shopping.. When she got back I of course had to go pottys and later on that night My mommy decided to give me a darn bath, i guess she thought that i needed one - heck i probably did, considering that i love to roll around in the grass and sand.

I personnally do not like baths or having my nails done at all !! But i love treats especially chicken jerky tenders and beggin strips, meat bones. I love my toy hedgehog.


its been to chilly's

October 29th 2008 11:44 am
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Well here where me and my mommy live its been quite chilly here lately, because we just had a cold front move in, and also its getting close to halloween !!! These days i just go outside for pottys and walkies thats it, I prefer to stay inside cause its warmer - unless its snowing outside then you can bet im outside cause i love to play outside in the snow !!!

As of today Im staying inside and chewing on my favorite toy, and relaxing. I just hope this friday or this weekend my mommy will get me some treats to eat !! Because ive been a very good boy !



November 30th 2008 12:52 pm
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Today is November 27th,2008.

And today my mommy and I, are going to her dad's for thanksgiving all day, untill that night. Personnally I can't wait, because daniel is going to pick us sometime this morning about 10:45am here in norman. Her brother daniel lives in stillwater,oklahoma and is going to OSU their..

I love her family because I get food, lots of petting, and attention !!! And I get to play in her dad's backyard yeah !!!

woof,woof have a great thanksgiving.. And stay warm !!!



Its begining to look alot like christmas

December 9th 2008 4:24 pm
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Today me and my mommy woke up around 1 something this afternoon, and then we went back to sleep some. Around 2 pm my mommy got up and got dressed for the day and then I of course had to go pottys and darn it was very cold outside !!

And then my mommy of course had to go say hi too one of the neighbors and his dog clementime. Then after awhile they went to hastings and to sonic to get something to drink and eat...

As of tonight my mommy and me are going to watch movies,relax and eat dinner. stay inside where its warm, because outside its very cold were supposed to get a ice storm coming our way, darn i wish that we had snow coming our way...


happy holidays,merry woofy christmas

December 22nd 2008 3:40 pm
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today it was freezing cold, inside the apartment and especially outside.

today mostly all i did was nap and eat food and drink waters. Well the cats always get into troubles big time, there favorite is destroying the apartment, toliet paper,paper towels !!!

As of me im the very good child, all i do is keep my mommy and daddy happy.. I especially love christmas and the holidays because all i get is food,food,petting,and toys, treats !!!

Plus my birthday is just around the corner and i get lots,lots of stuff..

Happy,holidays and merry christmas..




Woof,Woof ,woof happy new year everyone !!!

December 31st 2008 1:41 pm
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Today is my birthday, and Im 7 years old can you believe it !!!

Well around 12:30 pm my mommy got up and got dressed and we went to a friends apartment to celebrate my doggie birthday and we had hamburgers and fries, and then we watch some tv. And after awhile we went to the store, and now im still at my friends house and my mommy is at home checking her emails and doing stuff around the apartment and my daddy is at work...

Sofar ive had a good birthday, and now i believe its time for a nap !!!

have a great new year !!!



burr its very cold outside

January 26th 2009 4:08 pm
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hey this is: trevor, woof woof . It's very cold outside here where we live, and we are supposed to be getting some snow soon!! yeah

I love the snow, I especially like playing in it. As of my mommy she loves the snow too, but she also would love to be around a fire place and drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows !!!

today me and my mommy took a very long nap, untill about 4pm. It was very cold in the apartment so we decided to turn the heat on..
well after we woke up, my mommy had to rub my tommy because i had hick ups..

got to go,

take care everyone

love, trevor


hey everyone

February 6th 2009 2:57 pm
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I hope everyone had a good weekend last week, and a good week this week. Well im very excited because valentimes day is coming up, and i wonder what my mommy will get for me this year..

I personnally am spoiled rotten by all means, i get my treats,walks,petting and cudles with my mommy. And especially my food !!!

have a great weekend !!



today is march 7th, 2009

March 7th 2009 3:52 pm
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hey this trevor and my mommy,

here where we live it's very nice outside, me personnally i love to go for walkies with one of my very special dog friends that lives by us and her name is clementime.. were pals me and her... I also love car rides and going places with my mommy, getting treats,taking naps with my owner.. ok sometimes i like watching tv and doggie movies..

my mommy says that she thinks that it might rain, outside and as of me i really dont like it when it starts to thunder outside at all or rain !! I love snow !!!


trevor and his mommy Elayna

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