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Binx's Tails! :)

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It's Here, It's Here! I Got My Painting Today!

November 27th 2009 3:31 pm
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Hello everyone, guess what???? Mom went to the Post Office today and there was a big box with my painting in it, woohoo!! She took a lot of pictures of me with it and is putting them on my page right after this is done! It looks pawsome!! It even has my freckles around my nose, can you imagine that!!! Yup, sure am doing the doggy dance tonight!!! I would for sure recommend her to anyone that wants an amazing picture, oh yes I sure would!!

Ok, for the Thanksgiving stuff.... How was everyfur's day?? As you know there is no more turkey or yams for me, pooh... BUT, mom made me a whole little chicken, uh huh!! She said that I get to have chicken all week, woohoo! For my dinner I got chicken, brown rice, peas, squash, and cranberry sauce. And let me just say, YUMMY!!!

Oh, we are getting ready to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow. Oh boy, mom makes our tree look really cool too and my friend Bonito here, his mom sent mom some Steelers ornaments for the tree since hers broke last year when the tree fell down. She is all kinds of happy about that. Mom's cousin is coming down from back home on the 8th of December so she wants everything to be done before she gets here. Anywho, hope everyone had a pawsome Thanksgiving and make sure to check out my new pics on my page!! Nighty night!! :)


I Am In A Dogster Blog, WooHoo!!

November 24th 2009 4:36 pm
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Hi there everyfur. Mom and I went to the grocery store and stuff today and when we got home mom was looking at the Dogster Blog and she saw MY name! Oh my dog was she excited! There is a little thing about the painting that I won there and they even have the video there too! How cool is that! Stop by and check it out if you want, here is the link!


There was a thunderstorm tonight and I HAD to bark at it. Oh, and can't forget that I "helped" mom sweep the floor too. She took that broom and started to sweep and I took hold of that thing like it was one of my toys, oh yes I did!! She kept on sweeping when I was tugging on it and was laughing at me, a lot! Haha!! Today we all had our graduation stuff on and mom set up the camera on this thingy to take the pictures. She got lots of them of us and is going to use one on our Christmas cards. Not to late if there is anyone else that wants to do the card change with us! Well, we are real tired tonight so off we are going. Have a great night everyfur, nighty night :)


Wait Until You See What Mom Made Me!!

November 23rd 2009 10:35 pm
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Hello everyone! First thing I want to mention is a reminder that mom and I would love to exchange Christmas cards with our friends if anyone is interested! If you are then send me a pawmail with your mailing address and mom will send you ours too, make sure to not post it here, have to stay safe right!! Thanks to those that already sent yours, it is very exciting!! :)

Ok now, for the news of the day.... Today mom made me a graduation cap of my very own that is just like hers for when we have our pictures done tomorrow! It is super cool for sure! Then she made me a matching bandana to cover some of my missing fur too! It came out really nice I think, for a hat that is..... :)

When mom was sitting on the floor working on it I was laying on the couch resting. We have tile floors that are super slippery and when mom went to grab the scissors they flew across the floor. I naturally perked right up to see what was going on.... I had never picked up scissors before so didn't know what mom wanted me to do... She thought, what the hay, let's see what happens.... So she asked me to help her and I flew right off the couch and ran to the scissors. They were closed by the way. I pawed them a couple times and tried to pick them up, but they were big! I walked around a bit and pawed them some more. Then I walked away and mom said that I forgot them so I ran right back... Every time that I put my paw on them or tried to pick them up mom got all kinds of excited so I figured that I was doing ok. Then I did it.... yup, I picked up those big scissors and brought them right to mom just like that! Mom was so happy that I got lots of hugs and kisses and a chicken treat too... Let me just say.... YUMMY! Anyway, that is the news for today. Make sure you look at the second picture on my page, mom is putting the picture on of me in my new cap and bandana right after we finish this and let me know what you think guys! Nighty night :)


My Painting Video, Christmas Cards, & Stuff!

November 21st 2009 6:08 pm
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Hello everyone! First thing I want to mention is that mom and I would love to exchange Christmas cards with our friends if anyone is interested! If you are then send me a pawmail with your mailing address and mom will send you ours too, make sure to not post it here, have to stay safe right!! Thanks to those that already sent yours, it is very exciting!! :)

Ok, the artist Kathryn Beals that did my painting posted all my stuff on her website today and we are SO excited that we just HAD to tell everyfur about it!! She even put a video of her painting it and it is WAY cool! Here is the video here:


She did such a great job with my painting and if you are looking here Kathryn, a HUGE thank you for doing it for mom and me!!

Ok, now for what has been going on here today.... We can't wait for the neighbors to get the heckaroo outta here! Mom and I went to Petsmart to get me some good glucosamine stuff today and when we came home we almost drove into a bunch of dog business piles right where we park the car all the time! Geeze, they were all out there all day too and let that dog do that. Gregory wasn't happy when he walked in the yard last week then had to wash his sneakers off by the way.... They aren't even starting to get ready to move or anything either..... Oh please, oh please don't let the landlord have changed his mind about them leaving... They have a bunch of people and kids outside tonight and that dog is loose too, mom is worried about when we have to go out for my last time tonight and hoping that they take the dog in soon....

Anywho, have a great night and don't forget to send your info if you want to trade Christmas cards and hope that you like my painting video! Nighty night all! :)


OMD, My Painting Is Done! WooHoo!!

November 20th 2009 7:00 pm
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Dear diary, mom just got the email from Kathryn Beals (the artist who did my painting) and it is all done and being shipped tomorrow morning! Woohoo, I am SO doing the doggy dance right now! Mom and I really LOVE it! She made sure to get my freckles and everything just right and mom thinks that my whiskers are just spectacular she said! She is so silly that mom of mine!! Kathryn even painted the background with one of mom's favorite colors burgundy. She made a video of her painting me and is putting it on her web site this weekend if you all want to check it out, I know that mom and I can't wait to see it too! I think that it will be on this web site when she posts it:

Click Here To See Kathryn Beals Website!

Tell your moms everyfur that if they are trying to think of a really cool gift for someone for Christmas they should for sure think about having one done too!! Oh, my profile picture is the picture of the painting so that you can see it too! Isn't it pawsome!!

Ok, for the stinky-pooh news to share today... As you all know I have those darned allergies now, pooh! Well, even though mom checks all my food and treats really good for me she never thought to look at my glucosamine meds too. I ran out of my super tasty chicken strip glucosamine ones and had to start taking the pills again yesterday. I have been an itchy little guy for sure since! Mom looked at the bottle today and saw that the second ingredient is yeast, POOH! That is one of my big positives! I am feeling a lot better tonight since I haven't had one since this morning but mom learned that she has to even check meds, doggy toothpaste, anything that I use from now on and she is calling the dogtor tomorrow to see if there is something else I can use.

One last thing to ask everyfur! Mom and I were wondering if anyone of our friends here would like to do a Christmas card exchange with us this year? If you do please pawmail us to exchange addresses and make sure to not post them here, need to stay safe right!! Night night!! :)


Have I Got News To Tell You!!

November 17th 2009 12:06 pm
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Dear diary, wow, what a day!! We found out that the neighbors are moving this month. No more Pit Bull, dog pooh, garbage, kids all over, and moving of the swing seat! I am so doing the doggy dance!! We like the dad ok but the kids keep throwing stuff all over and it is driving us crazy! There were three guys that are Blake and Gregory's ages that looked at the apartment a few minutes ago and we like them, even though they are younger. See, if they move in their dad knows the landlord real well and we are assured that the dad would be kicking some tail if they were not nice at all. But they were all very nice so not seeing a problem. Ok, the thing is.... the other apartment is not all redone like ours is yet and they might have gotten a bit scared seeing it. Mom told them that ours was not pretty when we first looked at it either but the landlord said it would be done and real nice and it was! So, please, please wish us luck that they move in because if it isn't them then who else it could be who knows and what if they aren't as nice you know.. Oh, and they don't have any dogs that will be doing their business all over the yard and leaving it either.

Ok, for a swing seat update!! Guess what!!!! Bet you guessed right!! It is moved back now! Those nice guys that looked at the apartment moved it for mom today AND they fixed the metal things that hold the top part that were coming apart too! Guess where mom and I are going to be when it cools down out there in a bit!! You got it, I am so doing the doggy dance again!!

Now to fess up about something.... The landlord brought his dog Shadow today and I did it again.... I barked my fluffy head off for a couple minutes. Mom would not let me get away with anything though and kept my leash on. BUT, when Shadow came in our apartment with the landlord and the three guys so they could see how nice it was on this side I didn't bark at her at all. Of course mom had the leash on me though. But I was a good boy anyway!

My ear is a lot better than yesterday also so it has been a pretty good day here. Gotta run and take a little nap with mom, we are just tired out now from everything! Until next time.... :)


Still No Swing, Earache, And HUH??!!

November 16th 2009 7:54 pm
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Dear diary, the swing seat is STILL next to the water with the burnt stuff in front of it. POOH! Mom said that she is determined to have it moved for us tomorrow! What a mess it is out there, geeze! They didn't start another fire last night and that was good. Oh, no fireworks last night either. They did it earlier in the day. Whatever I guess..... Anywho, mom and I had a good nights snooze last night and guess where she found me in the morning when she woke up..... I was snuggled so close to her that I was on her legs, haha! She was on her side and there I was! Hey, a guy has to get cozy right!!

Well, this morning when we got up I was doing that thing AGAIN.... Yup, my ear is acting up AGAIN, pooh, double pooh! I was shaking my head and stuff so mom put some medicine wash in both ears for me to clean them out. It made it better after that. She has to do that again for a couple more days to try to keep another infection away. Mom said that maybe after my allergies are under control I might not have so many ear things anymore. Gosh, that would be so pawsome! I got my next set of shots tonight.

Ok now, for the HUH... Mom and Gregory were going through a bunch of stuff today to get ready for a yard sale soon. Gregory found this crazy weird thing, it is a bear with Buffalo Bills clothes on and it dances and makes music. WELL, Gregory pushed the hand of it and it started doing its thing and set it on the floor by me. HUH, what in the heckaroo is that I was thinking! I turned sideways and moved away while watching that silly crazy thing and then went around it, from a distance of course, to try to figure out just what was going on with it! I am so glad that he is selling that silly thing, I just don't like it not one little bit! That's all for tonight.. Nighty night! :)

Oh my dog, I almost forgot something! Mom and I went across the street to the park and watched the Space Shuttle go up in the air today, it was pawsome! :)


STILL No Swing and Stupid Fireworks

November 15th 2009 5:43 pm
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Dear diary, the swing seat is STILL next to the water, grrrrr! Blake and Gregory got home when it was dark so they couldn't move it for us still. The neighbors that put it there had another fire out there again it looks like. Geeze. Mom asked them not to make a fire in the grass anymore and I don't think that they liked that at all. But really now, do we REALLY need a fire in the yard, I think not!

Now for the biggest pooher of all..... Last night mom and I went to bed a little earlier than we usually do. Mom is SUCH a nightowl you know. Well, all of a sudden at just before midnight we had a very rude wake up call let me say! There we were all kinds of snoozing when all of a sudden BOOM! The neighbors a couple houses down from here were letting fireworks go up a lot! BOOM BOOM BOOM..... They were so loud and after a little bit mom had to call someone to get them to make them stop and believe me when I say that mom did not want to do that at all. It was crazy and mom was worried about me. I was so scared that I was trying real hard to find a place to hide and ended up under the kitchen table. Blake and Gregory had to get up for work when it was still dark and they even woke them up too. Anywho, we are hoping for a quieter night tonight and with any luck the swing seat will be back where it belongs tomorrow for a nice and relaxing rest watching the sunset on the lake. Please keep your paws crossed for me pals! Nighty night! :)


Oh Pooh.......

November 14th 2009 2:18 pm
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Today when mom and I went outside in the yard like we do just about every single day some pooh head moved the swing seat and set it about in the water of the lake! Must be the neighbors had people out there last night because you could even see where there was a fire there last night, geeze! There is a whole lot of grass and trees in the yard and I don't know what they were thinking to do that. Now mom and I have to wait for Blake and Gregory to get home so they can move the seat back to where it is supposed to be since it is to heavy for mom to move by herself. They won't be home until dark so there will be no sitting out there for us today, POOH!

So it has been a quiet day at home with mom today. We watched tv together and she made lasagna. Oh boy does that smell good! I am so bummed though that I can't have any of the hamburg that she cooked to go in it. She always gave me a little bit in a dish before she put it in the lasagna but now that I have allergies to it that means no more, POOH again! But the good thing is that I got a little bit of the cheese before she used it all and I sure do love cheese! Anywho, that is my day today, just another day.

UPDATE!! While mom was writing this for me I snuck the mozzerella cheese wrapper off the table and got so busted! I never took anything off the table before and wouldn't you know that the first time I so got caught! POOH again! Mom told me that I was naughty and made me lay down on the couch by her so she can watch me..... Sorry mom for being a sneaker!! :)


We Voted For Everyfur!!

November 11th 2009 12:34 pm
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Dear diary, we have been voting our tails off every single day in the Coolest Dog and Cat Show here. Mom just looked at the total entries so far and there are 6,020 doggers and kitties and yup, that's right.... voted for every single one so far! There are only six days left for people to enter and more voting to do. Just wanted to say good luck everyfur and it has given mom and I lots of giggles seeing so many great pictures entered! If anyfur wants to pass along a vote or two my way that would be great! Oh, by the way!! The more you vote the more FREE zelies you get when the contest is over!! Did I say that the zelies are FREE!! :)


Anywho, mom and I are headed out to the yard to sit on my favorite swing seat and watch the baby ducks in the lake. Hoping to see some boats and stuff too, always funny to see people fall in the water when they are on those silly water ski thingies! Have a great afternoon everyfur and again, good luck in the contest!

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