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Binx's Tails! :)

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I Helped My Mom At Home Today And Houseguest Stuff.

August 7th 2010 8:33 pm
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Dear Diary and Team Binx friends, a few days ago Gregory said he had a friend that had no place to stay and asked if he could stay with us for a few days, even though our apartment is super tiny. So mom told him to get in the car and that was 3 days ago. He's supposed to move with his Grampa soon. He sure likes to snooze though, he was sleeping on the couch until lunch time today! Mom said that we had too much work to do around the house so we got started early, he just turned over and kept snoozing. Mom did a whole lotta filing papers and sorting stuff and she dropped lots of stuff. That's right... I flew into action every single time! I am getting real good at being careful.... most of the time anyway... picking papers and stuff up and mom said I am doing pawsome!

Anywho, there is only a week of the contest left, can you believe it! Oh my dog, if I could win this for my birthday how SUPER PAWSOME would that be, woohoo!! I know it's been a looooong contest, but thank you all SO much for being on my Team and getting me where I am, Team Binx ROCKS!! Ok, off to snooze so have a great night. :) Binx



Have The Vacation Lazies Goin' On Here & Contest Scoop!

August 4th 2010 11:45 am
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Dear Team Binx and friends, aaahhhh, it's finally here.... that's right... mom and I started vacation yesterday and we napped a whole lot, uh huh!! It was a super ruff week that last one and mom didn't sleep hardly at all the whole week. That stoooopid algebra stuff that mom was always barking about, well we went for the big test Monday night after we were at the college all day long studying with one of the girls that was in our class. Oh my dog, she took that test two times before and she was ready to not go back to school if she didn't get it this time. Mom and I asked her a couple weeks after classes started if she wanted to do a study group with a tutor with her and every week just about we went early and did that. WELL.... There I was under the desk when mom was doing the test and our friend sat next to mom. After awhile mom said she was done but she said she was SO nervous she couldn't move. She had the teacher click the button to see what the grade was... she is so silly, she was covering her eyes and I swear she wasn't breathing, silly mom! The teacher looked at everything and mom knew she had to have 24 of 30 to pass.... the teacher highlited the score and you know what my silly mom did.... she asked if she made it... mom, the score said 27 or 30, mom's can be SO silly when they get nervous! Oh, then our friend finished and we were so nervous for her, too.... after a couple minutes we found out that she got 25 of 30 and passed, too. Yuppers, there mom and Brenda were standing there crying, can you imagine! Some of the other classmates were still there to see how they did because everyone knew how hard of a time they were having and everyone was so excited! So far mom has three of the four grades for her classes. 2 As and 1 B!! Now we have 25 days of being lazy on vacation, woohoo!!

Now, the contest.... BIG NEWS about that! It ends on August 15th and the winner (oh boy I hope it will be me!!) will be named in the magazine next month, OH MY DOG, I might get to be in a magazine!!! Mom said if it is me then we have to get a whole bunch to send to our Team Binx friends for helping so much! Only 11 more days to vote, it ends right before my birthday and what a pawsome present that would be to win a contest like that! Thank you all so, SO much. I wouldn't be where I am in the votes without everyone that has been helping so much, Team Binx ROCKS!! Here is the link again if you all need it!


Mom and I are getting ready to go to the bookstore to get the new FIDO Friendly magazine and Petco for a couple things. Have a pawsome day... and oh, we're back for 26 more days before the madness starts again and we can't wait to catch up with everyone!! :) Binx


Holy Guacamole!!

July 25th 2010 10:39 am
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Hello friends and Team Binx furs! Yup, that's right, mom calls everyone that has been working so hard to help a pup like me Team Binx now! Oh my dog, the race is wayyyy crazy isn't it! That Greyhound has been passing me lots, but thanks to all my super pawsome Team Binx friends I get to run right past him every time!! Woot woot and thanks so much! Here's the link in case anyone wants to stop by and give me a vote again!


Oh, wanna hear something funny!! Mom and I had to be at a Saturday class for that dreaded algebra of mom's and on the way home we got to go to Petco, mom said I have been so good all semester and needed some new treats. WELL.... we got in and mom searched and searched until she found some treats that I could have and a brand spanking nice new water bowl... black with paws on it! We got to the counter and turned around and guess what we saw.... TWO Greyhounds. My said, Oh my dog, we can't get away from the Greyhounds lately can we, hehe!! (At that time we saw that the Greyhound had passed me in the contest.)

Anywho, GUESS WHAT!!! We are in our very last week of the semester mom said! Holy guacamole,already!! We have classes through this Thursday and one final exam next week then a whole few weeks to nap and play!! WOOHOO!! So mom wanted me to tell everyone that we will be away a little longer and back to normal next week!! Thanks so much for being patient through our first semester back in school! Oh, one more thing. Mom made a Facebook page for me so that she can make quick pupdates sometimes from her phone if anyone wants to stop by:


Ok, better make mom get her tail back to work so she can be sure to pass everything. Talk to you all real soon and have a pawsome day! :) Binx


OH MY DOG, I Lost First Place and Stuff

July 22nd 2010 10:35 am
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Dear Team Binx friends, thank you SO very much for all that so many have been doing to help me with the contest. That Greyhound took my first place spot that we all worked so hard for today when mom and I were in classes this morning, stinker! I can't believe how he passed me in only a week when we all have been voting out paws off for 22 whole days! But we still have to the end of August and mom said we are not giving up, oh no, we are still in this race, uh huh!! That gift certificate to go towords my medical stuff is too good to not keep trying she said. So please keep voting everyday for me!! Remember, my vote box is the paws above my picture of me standing in the boat, it goes up to 5 paws, mom always clicks the fifth paw for me!! Thank you a huge bunch!


Ok now, school. It is SO busy right now, last day of class is August 3rd already, WOW! Mom has three big reports, 2 quizzes to study for, two algebra tests to study for with lots of homework, 3 final exams to study for, a debate to finish, and can't remember what else... all this weekend! We can't wait for a few weeks off soon, very soon!! We have lots of cool stuff we will be doing for vacation!!

Oh, and mom entered me into a FIDO Friendly magazine contest for Show Us Your Tongue, and my picture was one picked for their YouTube video, make sure to check it out.I am close to the beginning a little over a minute in. Oh, there are other Dogster Dogs in there, too!!


Gotta run for now so mom can get to work with some of this homework. Have a pawsome day!!! :)


Funeral, Schedule, and NEED Some Paws!!

July 16th 2010 8:50 pm
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Hello everyfur. It's been a week here. Mom and I didn't go to class Thursday since our friend's funeral was that day. I did go with her and oh my dog was there a ton of people there. There were so many that people had to stand even. We got there just in time and got a seat that mom wanted all the way in the back to the side. I stayed right in my spot by mom's feet the whole time. Have to admit that I was not impressed with the two little people that sat on the floor behind our bench and kept trying to get my attention, but mom said I was better behaved than them and she was very happy about that. Mom got real watery in her eyes before the funeral even started though. She realized that she was feeling extra sad because when we went to NY to see her dad in the Hospice place and he passed away right after we got back here and couldn't get back to his funeral, she was feeling extra blue from that. Oh, when we went to leave it was a thunderstorm, I hate those! But I didn't bark at the thunder like I do at home so mom was happy about that, too!

Mom made her schedule for the next semester today. We will be in classes for Business Law 1, a computer class for something, business math (figured might as well get it done), and for her science class meterology. We are going to be busy as usual.

Now, I have to ask for your paws again, see, I am in trouble by a Greyhound who is about ready to race right past me! They came out of nowhere, too!! Mom did some snooping and found their Facebook page and they have almost 500 friends they are advertising to and they even belong to some huge Greyhound place they are getting to vote, too. Mom posted on Fido Friendly Magazine and Paw Prints Magazine asking for votes and we couldn't believe that the people from the magazines themselves said that they voted for me, holy wow! Anywho, if you could lend me a paw over my picture that would be totally pawsome!! Here is the link again:


Oh, and the countdown is on, two more weeks before the end of classes for our very first semester at the huge college, woohoo!! Mom has to keep her nose in the books a little extra for the final exams but promises to keep checking in to see what's going on. We can't wait for vacation!! Have a pawsome night! :) Binx


I Am Binx, Duck Herder... Again... And Stuff!!

July 13th 2010 9:24 pm
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What a day!! Mom and I started the morning like every morning and went to our backyard to the beach and I pranced around the yard like always. We love those times in the morning when no one is around and I can be.... wait... are you ready for it.... leash free, woohoo!! Mom always scopes out the yard before she lets me out of the door though, said she wants to make sure there is nothing un-expexcted out there. Anywho, it was already hot out there!

We came in after and got ready to go to campus for classes and it was a good class day, yay! Oh, that professor that used to give us a hard time hasn't since mom let him have it and told him to cut it out. He's nice to us now all the time, thank dog since it makes life better in that class without all that. Anywho, he STILL didn't get my name after all this time, he kept thinking mom said my name was Beans.... huh!! So once again mom spelled it out and he FINALLY got it and then he said to the class they had best watch out, one of the questions on the final exam could be what is my name!! Mom spoke up and said, yay, at least I will get one right, haha!!

Ok, then we went to Sears to find something pink to wear to our friends funeral Thursday, the family requested everyone wear some pink since that was her favorite color. Blake and Gregory (mom's two non-fur sons) said it was about time she bought some clothes anyway since she hadn't in years. She found a pink shirt and black skirt to wear and wants to get me a pink carnation to put on my vest if she can find one down here in time.

Then we came home and when it got cooler out mom checked and no one was home next door, she checked the yard real good and no surprises out there, and off we went.... yuppers, leash free again, woohoo! I trotted through the yard, mom said it looked like I was prancing! As soon as I got past that big beach sand pile and saw the beach I tore off to get them.... that's right, there were two ducks swimming by my beach, huh!! I hopped right into that water oh yes I did. You know what those ducks did though.... they just calmly swam away nice and slow, I think they were mocking me.... As if they were saying to each other, "hey, he will only go in the water up to his belly and there is no way he's gonna catch us!!" All my hopping in the water and barking didn't bother them one little bit! Can you imagine that, pfft!!

That was our day and we're all tired now and heading for a good snooze! Oh, here is my vote link again in case anyone wants to toss a vote my way that hasn't yet today!! Still hanging on 1st place so far, the editor of the magazine said we broke the all time record for votes already, woohoo, couldn't have done it without all my friends! Have a pawsome night :) Binx



Thank You For Helping Me and A Sad Day, This Day.

July 10th 2010 6:10 pm
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First let me start with the biggest of thank yous for my super pawsome friends who have been voting for me in the contest. Please know that if I win you will have helped this pooch get a whole 50 buckaroos for some of my medical stuff and that is a huge arrroooo!! I am not putting the link in this diary since it's in the one from yesterday.

Mom and I have been sad today, mom said she has a sad heart. Some of you might remember us telling you about this very wonderful lady that we met at the Spring Fling in the park last year that introduced mom and me to our new landlord. She liked us right off the bat and we liked her a lot, too. She ran the community we live in now and mom and I would stop in to see her from time to time to say hello and chat. The last time we popped in was not long before classes started since we have been so busy, but mom told me yesterday that we were going to see her next week and tell her how everything was going. Mom wanted to tell her she changed her majors to two different business ones and get some advice and ask her if we could do the internship there when it was time.

Well, when mom talked to the landlord this morning he told mom that he hated telling her this over the phone, but that our friend Bea just passed away. Mom couldn't believe it and started getting watery eyes. Our landlord told mom that she really liked us a lot and was very proud of her even though we hadn't known her long and didn't get to see her often. Did I tell you what she did when we took our Family Class of 2009 Christmas card to her with all our caps and gowns on?? She was posting it on the Bulletin Board there so anyone from our community that went there would see it, how pawsome was that! Her funeral should be this week, mom doesn't know how to handle it though. See, Bea really liked mom and I together but mom doesn't know if service dogs should go to funerals. No matter what, mom is going to have a very sad day that day.

Anyway, mom and I were talking after and she said that we really need to make sure that the people who are special in our lives know that they are always no matter how busy we get. Even if we don't get to talk as often as we would like. Sometimes you just don't have a next week to see someone. So to all of our wonderful friends here that we have gotten to know, and are so special to us, and who is always here for us, we truly appreciate your friendship always. We feel so fortunate to have found some of the greatest pooch and pooch parent friends here. Hugs to you all my friends, Binx and my mommie Susan.


I Really Need My Dogster Friends Help and Stuff!!

July 9th 2010 2:15 pm
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Dear diary and friends. It's been so crazy busy as usual around here. College is going really good mostly for mom and I. The professor stopped being a pooh-head to us after mom told him to knock it off, he's very nice to us now. Mom is doing really good in all her classes, well, except for that darn algebra stuff that she yells at all the time, she has a C in that right now. Can you believe that only three more weeks to the end of the semester, woohoo, we get a break for a few weeks before the next semester mom said. I can't wait!!

I am feeling so much better these days, yay! My ears are still being stoooopid, but I am not sick and that's a great thing! I have to get another allergy test soon, the dogtor thinks they changed.

Oh, the neighbors broke MY dock, can you believe it! They had a party and got on the jet ski and rammed it real hard into the dock and broke it, pfft! Hoping that it gets fixed, but who knows....

Ok, now I have to ask for your help. I know that I have been so busy and not on as much with being in school and I have no right to ask... Mom entered me into a contest at a place called Central Florida Pets Directory here and the winner gets a $50 gift certificate anywhere in Orlando. Mom doesn't want it for herself, if I win she is getting one to give to my dogtor to go for my medical stuff. I know that $50 isn't much, but my allergy test itself is over $200 and that would help SO much. I am in first place right now by a whisker, so hoping that my super pawsome friends here will vote for me, too, and keep me there. You can vote one time a day through the end of August when the new edition gets published. There is no registration or anything, just click on the paw you want to give me for my vote (there are 5 paws) my vote box is above my picture.


Ok, better let mom get back to yelling at that algebra stuff, hopefully she can get done before Sunday and we can have a day off to relax!! Have a pawsome day!! :) Binx


A Whole Day Off Yesterday, Pawsome!!

June 19th 2010 7:58 am
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Dear diary, yesterday mom and I took the whole day off from going to campus or mom doing any homework at all and spent the whole day with Blake and Gregory (mom's non-fur sons) since they had the whole day off from classes and work, too! That was the first time in awhile! We didn't do much, but who cares! We went to take Blake and Gregory to get their hair cut (mom sure wishes that they made more money to get a car of their own, soon we hope!). Anywho, when mom and I were sitting in the car waiting for them we got a super nasty storm... I sure do hate that thunder! By the time they came out it was done, thank dog that Florida thunderstorms go through pretty fast!

We went home and then they said they wanted chinese food. I love when mom gets that, she gets chicken and broccoli and I get to have the carrots and a few little pieces of the pork that's in the rice, yummy! Oh, I also get some of the broccoli, too!! Mom doesn't share the chicken with me though because I get chicken every day now since she has been making my food for me for the last couple months. Oh my dog, that food she makes me makes me wish that the counter was a little lower so I could jump right up there.... oooohhh baby!! hehe!!

After dinner we all went out to the pool. Yup, all of us and it was the first time this season that everyone went swimming at the same time! I went in my little pool when they went into the big one. After I was done in there I decided that it was time to run around the edge of the big pool and bark at Blake and Gregory. They kept putting their heads under the water!! Where are they going like that and what if they don't come back up, you know, pups like me have to watch out for these kinds of things!! :)

So, that was our day off. We relaxed with the family and that's about it. Oh, mom said she felt guilty not doing any homework all day when we went to bed. Not sure what she means by that, but she said she is doing it all day today. Oh well, life goes back to normal for us here now right! Have a pawsome day!! :) Binx


Busy, Busy, and Even Busier Lately!

June 18th 2010 3:32 pm
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Dear diary and friends, so sorry that we are still off so much lately. Mom and I have been busier than ever lately. WOW, the time has been flying right by, too! College is going good, well, mom said except for this stuff called algebra. She keeps getting all kinds of mad at that thing! Thought she was going to throw that book right out the door I swear!! The monster professor finally knocked off the hooey after mom finally told him to knock it off very firmly. She said she had enough of being called to the front of the class because of me. He was a pooh head when she told him to cut it out, but he did and now the class is going much better. Can you believe it's mid-term week already, geesh!! Not sure what all this means, but, mom is all kinds of happy that she has a 96.1 GPA in Freshman Comp, whatever that is...

I am feeling so much better now than a few weeks ago. Mom cried for days then because I was SO sick. She said that she almost lost me. I don't know what she means since I have no plans on ever getting lost..... My ears are still messed up, but my heart rate is better than ever, it was 90 yesterday, first time ever!! Mom was VERY happy and so was my Dogtor! My skin is much better now, too!

Now for some fun stuff to tell, I have my very own swimming pool now and it's right next to mom's big pool. I love it! I lay right there and watch the birds and butterflies when mom is swimming! Oh, there was that one thing with a kitty in the yard that I flew out of my pool for.... but I was attached to the long leash.... pfft, well, that kitty got out of my yard real quick! Anywho, hope everyfur is doing pawsome. Mom said we will be back to normal as soon as the semester break gets here and I can't wait!! Off to jump in the pool, can you believe that everyone is home right now, together, woohoo!! Bye for now :) Binx

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