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Binx's Tails! :)

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WOOF, WOOF!! I'm Still Here Everyfur!!

October 30th 2010 6:18 pm
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Dear diary and friends, sorry I've been off longer than normal. Mom said that this semester is kicking her butt, not quite sure what that means, but she sure has been doing a whole lotta homework! There has been so much other stuff goin' on round here, to.

Ok, I got REAL, REAL sick a couple weeks ago. I was layin' on the floor most of the time. I scared the whits outta mom, sorry mom, didn't mean it. She took me right to the Dogtor and OH MY DOG... would you believe that I have a broken tooth, geeze louise! One is right down to the nerve and the other one right across is broken some. Mom thinks it was when we were playing with the hard frisbee or when I got something for her and bit too hard. Anywho, started taking meds and all better now, whew! Mom got me a super pawsome soft frisbee and holy guacamolie, I can catch that thing in the air, arrroooo!

Oh, the dock the neighbors broke ended up falling in the water on the end and the workers came today and started fixing it. It looks like next week I will be able to zoom, zoom, zoom out there again finally! arrrooooo again!

Oh, oh, can't forget to tell you something HUGE!! Last Saturday mom and I met other service doggies and their people at SeaWorld. That was the first time I was ever around other working doggies and the first time I was around any doggies when I was working. Guess what?????!!!! Mom said I did sooooo great! I paid attention to mom like I was supposed to and was a really good worker mom said! Oh, on the way out there were a whole bunch of those little people that were coming in. When mom was trying to keep the from grabbing me in the front she looked down and there were two, yes two little hands right on my back! You know what I did... I kept on walking with my mom, even though I am not a little person fan. That and the only other thing I didn't care for much was being a display. Yup, that's what we ended up being sometimes. Mom and I were cornered by a big bunch of people asking questions and they were SO close we couldn't move. But I just kept looking at mom and did a great job she said.

Ok for some serious business..... SO not liking all the messy clutter on my Bark Board, fooey!! Another serious thingy is.... How have all my pals been?? Hope you are all really good. Miss everyfur and the semester is half over, arrroooo! Oh, mom said that even though the semester is kicking her butt she is doing really, really good with her grades! Have a pawsome night and talk to you later :) Binx


What A Time We Have Been Having Here

September 24th 2010 9:31 pm
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Dear diary and friends, I am so sorry that I haven't written lately. Things have been really crazy round here. Mom and I have been back in classes for a few weeks now. Mom said that her meterology class is kicking her butt, whatever that means.... She's always got lots of homework in all her classes.

My allergies are lots better. My belly isn't red or itchy at all lately, arroooo! BUT, my ears are still being stoooopid.
Mom said that they are still a work in progress.... I did get real sick to my stomach yesterday. Mom let me stay home with Gregory since he was home all day and I had a ruff night with my ears. Well, I ended up getting sick on the kitchen floor. I'm feeling better today though, yay! I even chased a big bird in the yard, hehe!

Blake is still going to his college classes and working, he keeps real busy. Gregory lost his job after over 4 years and mom has been taking him all over to try to find a new one. Even when she had the flu thingy last week we still took him around. Oh, and a bad, bad thing happend, too. Gregory went to with his friends and two real bad guys put a gun in Gregory's chest and took his phone and watch. Thank dog that he only lost those things and not his life. Mom has been freaking out since, it happend a few days ago. She won't even walk around the huge driveway anymore at night. She said that she is scared of those bad men finding where we live from our phone number in the phone and coming here. She is getting better, she doesn't jump out of bed a whole bunch of times in the night to check out the windows and check on everyone.

So, with all the stuff that has been happening lately and things being so crazy mom said that we are going to have an adventure this weekend. SO, watch for pictures and a new Binx Tail soon!! I can't wait, we are real excited. Mom and I haven't had an adventure in a long time and what makes it even better is that we are getting Blake and Gregory to go with us this time, arrroooo!! Anywho, best get my tail to snoozing so mom can get up early and finish her homework. She has 4 big tests this coming week, yuck she said! Have a pawsome night :) Binx


A Diary Pick, Back To School, and Stuff, Wowser!!

August 29th 2010 1:04 pm
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Dear diary and friends, we've been busy all day today and are just getting on the puter and saw that I have one of the Diary of the Day pics, super pawsome!! Thank you SO much Dogster for picking me and for the pawsome notes and gifts that were sent to me, too, woohoo, you all rock!!

Mom and I go back to class in the morning. Our first class is math... go figure right!! She said that it looks lots easier this semester and she doesn't think she will have to yell at it so much and maybe there won't be any need to feel like she wants to throw the book out the door into the pool, hehe!! Hopefully the new Professors will not be stoooopid and give us a hard time like the one last time. Geesh!!

We wanted to go to the beach today, but it's still super hot here. Mom said that we will go when it isn't 100 and something degrees anymore. Hopefully soon.... So she is making a monster batch of my food for me for the next couple weeks and let me just say that it smells delicios in the house.... She just finished the chicken liver and if I could reach that counter..... Anywho, hope you all had a pawsome weekend and will let you know how school went. Talk to you soon, oh, and if you are reading this Dogster, mom and I would sure LOVE to have a Blackberry app for here so we can be on more when we are on the go.... just sayin"!! :) Binx


Hello There and National Dog Day, Too!!

August 26th 2010 1:13 pm
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Dear diary and friends, not much going on round here lately. It's been a ruff and stormy week most of the time. I woke mom up this morning two times, she thinks I might have a fur or fuzzball in me that won't come out. Sorry mom! We've been napping on and off today. Supposed to be another storm this afternoon anywho.

Mom and I start classes again on Monday. We got lucky this time, only one class a day on campus and two classes at home, four total again. Mom said that the math stuff looks lots easier so she may not want to throw the books around and yell at them this time, yay!

My belly still isn't pink and red yet and it's been 17 days on the new meds and oh, not feeling sick, sick, sick from them anymore, too. Aaarrroooooo!! OH MY DOG, I almost forgot to tell you that I got to have.... are you ready.... HAMBURGER this week for the first time in over a year and it was soooooo pawsome! I was about jumping around the kitchen to get some!! Mom only gave me about a spoonful and that was a few days ago and guess what.... I didn't get sick or itchy or anything... again, aaarrroooooo!!

Oh, did you guys know it's National Dog Day today, holy wow, how pawsome! Here is the link for anyfur that wants to take a peek:

Ok, off for a bit. Blake just got home and he's cleaning the pool and mom and I are hoping to take a dip before the storm, woohoo! Have a pawsome day everyfur :) Binx


My Birthday and Test Results in the Same Day...

August 20th 2010 8:29 pm
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Dear diary and friends, today was a pawsome birthday for the most part! Mom and I stayed home for half of the day since someone came to fix the great big thingy that the water goes through for the pool. It wasn't working and made the water yucky even though mom and Blake have been working on it real hard all week. Working all kinds of good now!

This afternoon mom and I stopped at the dogtor's to get my thyroid pills refilled and the dogtor said that he wanted to see us in a room right away... uh oh.... Well, we went in and the dogtor was looking at some papers that he just got back of my allergy test results and he said he couldn't believe it.... my allergy test showed that I don't have any food allergies anymore and not enough of the outside ones to even have shots anymore. BUT, there was a different lab that did these tests that didn't check for everything that I have had. SO the dogtor and mom said that they would watch me really good for a few weeks without any shots and see what happens not that I am on the Atopica that I am doing real good on. The dogtor said that I can start having some of the stuff that showed that I have no allergies to very slowly so mom said that she will only let me have one new thing every couple weeks to be sure I will be ok. Scrambled egg whites here I come soon! Thank dog the recall isn't here in Florida for those, I have REALLY missed them for the past year!

After the dogtor's mom and I drove for 24 miles to get the most tasty doggie sundae ever! We went to our favorite ice cream place called Brusters and doggies get free doggie ice cream sundaes. oh boy! It was a long ride 24 miles each way in super heavy traffic but so worth it! A piece of mom's hair flew into her chocolate ice cream and then on her white shirt though. She said no biggie, that's what stain remover is for! hehe!!

Thank you to everyfur for the pawsome birthday notes and gifts. Mom said that we will thank everyfur properly after we get a good nights snooze! Have a pawsome night :) Binx


Hanging Out and Relaxing and Stuff!!

August 19th 2010 3:57 pm
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Dear Diary and friends, mom and I have been just hanging out and relaxing at home all week. Oh, and napping a whole lot now that she's not on the puter campaigning all the time anymore! Been so crazy hot that we haven't done anything else. Oh wait, I almost forgot that we went for a walk in the mall the other day, I am happy to report that I am doing MUCH better at that big and noisy place. I don't try to hide behind mom anymore even, woot woot!

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow for my barkday, can you believe that I will be the big 6 already, holy wow! We wanted to go to the beach, but it's gonna be over 100 degrees there, that's dog gone hot!

Mom is making my food right now and the chicken liver just got done, boy do I wish that my legs would grow bigger.... there would be some serious counter surfin going on, hehe!

Have a pawsome night everyfur and talk to you tomorrow :) Binx


We Did It Team Binx, WooHoo!!

August 16th 2010 8:22 am
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After weeks and weeks of mom being on that computer non-stop for the contest it's finally over! Mom got the official word from the contest this morning that it is over and that I won, oh my dog can you believe it! Mom said that between the college algebra and the contest this summer she doesn't remember ever working so hard to get something!

But mom said that even though she worked real hard on the contest it wasn't only her that got me to win, it was every single one that voted, told people about the contest to vote, posted it in diary entries, sent emails, posted on group pages, and all over the world like you all did!!! We couldn't have done it without you all and thank you so, so, SO much for everything!!! It really made us feel that people really do care about us more than we ever realized. You are all so amazing and thank you SO much!! Congrats to us all for such a team effort! Way to go! :)

The magazine is sending me a gift certificate soon and I will even be in the magazine next month. Not sure if ust my name or my picture will be in there and will keep you posted. Mom said that she will have to get a ton of issues if my pic is in there to send to Team Binx people!

So now that the contest and the algebra are done mom and I are going to relax some for the two weeks left of vacation. We might be able to go to the beach for my birthday Friday!! If it's over 100 degrees we will be doing something cooler though.

I wish you all a super pawsome day and thank you all once again! :) Binx


A Huge Doggie Party And Lots Of Stuff!!!!

August 15th 2010 9:22 am
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Hello there everyone! Boy do I have stuff to tell you all! First things first though... Team Binx, the contest is over in 12 hours, woot woot! FINALLY!!! I am way ahead, but we know the second place pooch can catch up real fast. Mom found their online event page that tells everyone about it and someone was talking about going to a computer store and voting from every computer and stuff like that. So who knows... Anywho, here is the link for the very last day and if you haven't voted yet today please stop by and give me one last paw vote!


Ok, for the couch guest. He went back home to New York City. Mom found out that his family is not nice to him at all. She made sure that he got to where he wanted and needed to be where he was going to be happy and safe. He left a couple days ago after being with us for 8 days.

Now, for the HUGE doggie party. Mom and I went to a party yesterday with a whole big bunch of Shelties just like me! Here are a couple pictures:




It was a super hot day but a whole lotta fun to see so many like me! Oh, I was the only Sheltie with freckles, haha!

One last thing before I go, my new medicine is starting to help me a whole lot. I haven't woke mom up in the middle of the night for 3 whole nights now to dry my ears. Wowsers! My new shampoo didn't make my belly red and itchy either, woohoo! And it's been three days since the last time I was sick from taking them and let me just say YIPPEE on that one!! My allergy test stuff should be in this week and then I will have to start new shots. But mom and I think that FINALLY after a very ruff year I have had we have hope that I am on the right track and that I will FINALLY get better, arrroooo!!! Ok, gotta run and check the votes to see if I am still ahead. Have a super pawsome day!! :) Binx


My Day At The Dogtor And Stuff...

August 11th 2010 10:28 am
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Dear diary and Team Binx, yesterday was such a long day.... Mom and I went to see the Dogtor and were there for a really long time. I had my thyroid test and mom couldn't believe that it dropped down to a 1.6, she said that is much to low for a Sheltie like me. I have to take 2 pills a day for the next month until I get tested again. I'm ok though, just makes me more tired when my numbers are low is all so not to worry about that!

Next the Dogtor listened to my heart. Remember that it dropped was low a couple months ago. Mom always worries when it gets checked but woohoo, it was 80 yesterday and all good there!

After that I had to go back in that room with the Dogtor so they could take some of my blood for my allergy test. Mom said that she hopes like mad that the test shows that I am allergic to something new that I wasn't before so that she knows how to help me get better all the way. So please hope for a new thing to show up for me ok!!

We weren't done yet though, oh no.... I had to start a new medicine called Atopica. The Dogtor has wanted me to be on that for a long time because it's supposed to be real good for pups like me with such bad allergies. It costs a whole lot of money though, over $80 for 15 pills that I have to take every single day. Mom got a box and said she will figure it out in 15 days when I need more and my allergy results will be in then, too, and the meds will be over $200, she said she would figure that out then too. She said that she will do whatever it takes to make me feel better.

Oh, the Dogtor said that I need to gain a couple pounds and that I am too skinny. He said that mom feeds me very healthy with the food she makes me and I need a touch of fat. Can you imagine hearing that! I got to have a little extra dinner last night, but I woofed it down so that I threw up all over the couch. Mom hugged me and washed the couch and put fresh blankies on it for me. Today from my new meds I am feeling real tired so staying close to mom and resting today.

So now that you know how I am doing right now, that contest.... Second place has been hot on my tail again now that we're down to the last few days. Sunday night can't come soon enuff can it!! Thanks for all the votes and all Team Binx! Here is the link again in case anyfur still needs it:


Ok, have to nap a bit. Have a pawsome day everyfur :) Binx


Oh No, I'm In Trouble AGAIN!

August 9th 2010 6:48 pm
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Oh Team Binx, when mom and I had dinner I was way ahead. After dinner mom checked and the second place pooch was getting more than 20 votes every couple minutes. How can this be.... sigh.... Mom and I can't wait for Sunday night when this is over.... I sure need all the helping paws I can get for votes right now again. Mom has been sending gifts and notes to everyone here, emails to friends and family, posted all over Facebook again, and everything. I am getting a bunch of votes right now, but who knows what will happen by morning. This is sure a hard doggie race isn't it! Thank you all for helping my as much as you all have, you will never know what it means to mom and I. Have to run for now and keep posting stuff for votes. Have a pawsome night :) Binx


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