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Binx's Tails! :)

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So Many Changes and Exciting News!

December 21st 2012 6:16 am
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Dear Diary,

It's been super duper crazy lately. Mom and I aren't part time work study workers anymore, noppers, we work full time on campus now, how pawsome is that! AND we work in the same office we started in 2 years ago. I have my blankie under a huge desk, my no spill water dish next to me, and mom has a treat jar on her desk. Everyone is so happy that we're back there! Oh, and we even won the Best Decorated Desk Contest, too!!

Then there is the school stuff that mom has had her nose into for 2 years and 6 months. WE DID IT, mom just finished two of her degrees this week and she only has 4 yucky math classes to finish her third one. She said that we get to walk on a stage in May to get the two she just got and I'm getting a hat just like hers! Now, we all know that doggies aren't usually fans of hats, but I'll wear this one! Oh, and mom finished all 6 of her class this semester with all A's and we made the President's List! There sure was a whole lot of hard work this semester with work and the Internship with the Alzheimer's Association.

And finally, we are on VACATION right now for the first time in a long time... and we even get paid from work for it! Can you imagine, no work, no homework for mom, just relaxing together, ARRRROOOOO!!!

Ok, off to get some scrambled eggs for breakfast now. Have a super pawsome day everyone :-)




Mom Said It All Started With a Little Dog Named Binx (ME!) 8- Years Ago!

October 9th 2012 6:43 pm
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Dear Diary, We have been so crazy busy with SO much going on. But first thing is first, tomorrow is October 10th and it is the 8th
Anni-fur-sary since mom and I found each other when I was a little bittle 8 weeks old. Mom said it all startd with a little dog, and that doggie was ME! She said that she walks better now, she is not scared to be home alone anymore since I can get the phone for her if she needs help, I get things for her when she can't bend over to get them, and all kinds of stuff. And I know that my mom loves me SOOOOO much! We have sure had a lot of adventures in this last 8 years and we are looking forward to a ton more pawsome years together!

And for what we've been up to. OH MY DOG, we are in our last full time semester of college and graduate with two degrees in December already, holy hot dog! Mom has a few pesky math classes left for the third degree, but we are finally taking a semester off starting in December before we finish those. The two years since we started has flown right by for college, wowsers! We started an Internship (non-paid) job for the Alzheimer's Association and halfway done with that. Mom has six classes this semester (5 plus the internship)and we are still working on campus part time, too, with the work study. Mom said it's time to find a regular job now that we don't get to do that job when we are done with school and big interview this week on campus!

We really love the new house that we rented and oh my dog do I LOVE the backyard. We even have pineapples growing in our yard, yummy! My favorite part of the yard is run, run, running free all over like a silly Sheltie when we aren't working in the fenced in yard, weeeeeee!

Ok, time to get a little snooze on, busy day at work tomorrow. I hope you are all doing really good and talk to you later :-)

Love, Binx


Guess What!!!!

May 28th 2012 5:28 pm
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Dear Diary and furiends,

So sorry that I've been gone so long, I do think of you all often. Mom and I have been SO busy. She decided that two degrees were not enough, so she added a third. But holy wow, can you believe we graduate from the big college with all three in the spring already! Mom said that she is getting me a cap and bandana to wear at the ceremony thingie. Oh, and mom said that we are going to an even bigger college next fall. She calls all her stuff business stuff and now she thinks she wants to be a professor person for business like the ones at the college.

Work is so pawsome. We don't work in the same office anymore. Mom is still what they call a work study, but after she learned two jobs there, a whole different department heard about us and made a whole new work study job for us there. We get to work for the Dean of the school! We just went to see a guy who sat at a big desk, I was under it, and the guy was asking mom a bunch of questions. Mom said that it is for a regular job and we will know soon if we got. It was a second interview thingie and mom said that they only picked the top two people for it, there were three, though, so we tied for the second place. How pawsome is that!

Mom and I still volunteer a lot. We are helping the Alzheimer's Association get the big walk ready this year. Last year we volunteered for it and this year we are helping to organize it!

And finally, GUESS WHAT!!!! We are moving! Mom met this real nice lady across the street from where we live now who has a nice house. The lady liked mom and me so much that she said we can live there and the bestest thing is that there is no one that lives on the other side of the wall from us. AND... I have a HUGE backyard that has a fence and fruit trees and pineapple plants growing and I can play frisbee any time I want! We are moving this week and I can't wait! And no more neighbor doggies that run into our yard and try to bite mom and me anymore, ARRROOOOO!!!

Anyway, that's a little bit of what we've been up to. Mom said she will put pictures up when we move this week. Have a super pawsome night everyone :)




Santa Paws is Comin' Tonight, Arrroooooo!!

December 24th 2011 10:20 am
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Dear diary and furiends, can you believe it's Christmas eve already, holy guacamolie! Are you all ready for Santa Paws, make sure you don't sneak his cookies and the Reindeer carrots, we're leaving celery sticks out for the Reindeer this year. :)

Mom and I are on vacation for 8 whole days, arroooooo! We sure have been busy this year. Oh, mom and I made Dean's List again after a long and ruff semester!

Oh, and thank you all for the pawsome presents you've been sending and thank you to Dogster for having the pawsome free mistletoe so we could send everyone on our friends a present and notes inside, you totally ROCK!!

Anywho, gotta run and help mom in the kitchen. She's making tomorrow's dinner today so she can go help deliver foodie to the needy people in the morning. It will be her first time at this place so she's letting me stay snoozing with the family to see what it's like before she takes me to help next time, besides.... someone needs to make sure no one sneaks into the presents until she gets home you know! I will be on present guard duty, hehe!

Merry Christmas to you all!




Getting Ready for Turkey Day and Stuff, Arrooooo!!

November 20th 2011 11:38 am
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Dear Diary and Furiends,

I know it's been awhile since I've been around.... still hoping for a pawsome Dogster app for mom's phone soon.... Anywho, we've been SO crazy busy since I last popped on. Mom's final exams are in 4 more weeks and then we get a break for a couple weeks, Arrooooo! College even closes so no work and no class for that time, super pawsome! We've been doing a whole lot of volunteering lately, too. We do stuff on campus and even volunteered for a bit Alzheimer's walk a few weeks ago. Work is real good, everyone loves me there and they bring me carrots in for treats even, yummy!

For school, I think my mom has lost her mind.... Now she's not working on 2 Associates Degrees, oh no... she decided to add a third. Holy hot dog, no wonder we're so tired all the time. She decided to keep the two she was doing and add an AS to BS articulated Business Administration so we can go for her Bachelors Degree next. She has to start the super hard math next semester. Only three semesters left before we have all three of the Associates Degrees already!

For me, I am doing PAWSOME! I went to the Dogtor for my yearly checkup and heart rate is good and normal, weight is perfect, no signs of allergies right now, and I started having an ear yuck thingie (first in awhile) that's better now. Oh, and all blood work was great, just a touch low on the thyroid, easy peasy fix for that :)

Now, the Turkey Day. Can you believe it's that time of year already. WOWSERS! Since I'm not allegic to turkey anymore mom said I get some this year, no skin of course, though.

So many places are already decorated for Christmas here, looks really nice, but sheesh.... we didn't even have the turkey yet!

Sorry that I haven't been around much in awhile. But we are always thinking of our pawsome Dogster furiends and so miss all of you a big huge bunch.

Have a super Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!




Dean's List, Barkday, and August Update!

August 20th 2011 2:07 pm
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Dear Diary and furiends, Still crazy busy around here and still hoping for a Blackberry App sooooon!!

Anywho, I turned the Big 7 today, can you believe it! Some lady sales person for dog food said I am a Senior now and made it sound like I don't have much longer to be around, what the hay is that about! I don't think so, I'm going to be with my mom for a LONG time to come, uh huh!!! But never mind that person, I'm having a pawsome day! Got 2 new toys that I looove and some healthy treats. Oh, and I got some egg whites with tomatoes and broccoli for breakfast and a bit of grilled burger with my dinner. How pawsome is that!!! YUMMY!!! I ran around the yard and beach, too.

Mom is just feeling better today. She had that stooopid bronchitis and a super yucky bug thingie, too. We even stayed home from work for a few days. We're going back on Monday and taking homeade carrot cake cupcakes for my Birthday.

OH!!!! We got our grades from the semester and we made Dean's list again, even though mom wanted to throw that algebra in the pool ALL the time!! Classes start in a couple weeks again. We might be done by the end of the year, if not then only 1 semester in the next year. Wowsers, we're going to be walking across a big stage for 2 degrees in no time at all!

We signed up for the volunteer group for the college, too. We're anxious to get started on that. We heard there is an extention of it that has to do with Service Doggies like me and we have to check into that. That would be SO cool!

Anywho, that's a bit what we've been up to. I will be back to write again tomorrow and tell you all about my first time at Disney with mom, OH MY DOG was that something!! Have a pawsome day and hope you are all doing grrrreat!!! WOOF,

Your furiend,



Been Missing My Dogster Friends!!!!!

May 21st 2011 1:50 pm
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Dear Diary and friends, holy guacamolie how time has been flinging by for the past year. Mom and I just started our second year of college this month. It's been super crazy with that. Oh, mom made it on a list from the Dean one semester. She was real excited about that. It looks like we might graduate in four more semesters, can you believe it!!

Guess what!! Mom and I go to work now, too. We work at the college we go to, mom said it's a work study thingie... Don't know what it means other than as long as we are in college we have a job to go to. Oh, and we LOVE it there!! They all really like mom and me there, too. Mom is SO happy that she gets to work again, she said that Blake and Gregory were real little last time. Mom is trying to learn as much as she can so we can try to get a regular job there before we're done with college.

Now, I just HAVE to tell everyone how I've been.... are you ready... I am doing super pawsome these days!!! I don't need as much medicines anymore or anything. My fur has all come back and even my ears that have been a work in progress are doing much better. Only bother me sometimes now and I can even be out in the breeze these days without it bothering me. ARRROOOOOOO!!

I still LOVE my beach and dock and every single day after mom and I get home from work and class we go in the front door and out the back. Oh, mom even planted a garden with fruits and veges in it!!!

Ok, a little note to Dogster if you are listening.... mom and I would really loooooove to have a Blackberry app for the phone so that I can stop by more often...... We are on the go all the time. Even when mom was picking Gregory up from work at 3 am she was doing homework in her car last night. So, a Blackberry app would be super pawsome.

Anywho, there is tons more to tell, but I already made a huge post already so will have to get my tail back on soon and write more. Mom and I hope that everyfur and their pawrents are doing really, really well. We miss you all much more than you know.

Your friend,



A Pawsome Day With My Grama Today!

December 23rd 2010 10:31 pm
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We were supposed to go see Grama Nikki today, she lives a little ride away. Well, Gregory had to work last minute so no road trip for us. So Grama and Grampa came to see us! Grama was real surprised at how much better I am than the last time they were here. I didn't bark and didn't have to stay on my leash at all this time! I was a very good boy mom said! I showed her some stuff I learned, too, since the last time we saw her. She thought it was really pawsome when I picked up my dish and gave it to mom, hehe! We had a BBQ and I got to have a plate with some fruit and veges on it, WOOF!!! It was tasty!

Is everyone ready for Santa Paws??? Mom said that we have to go get the guys a couple more little things tomorrow morning when they leave for work. Oh, and she's making a ham AND a turkey this year. She got some real little turkeys at Thanksgiving really cheap and put them in the freezer. She said that next weeks foodie she makes me is gonna be with turkey this time, yummmmyyyyy!!!!!

Have a pawsome day!!! Binx


'Twas Three Days Before Christmas!!!

December 22nd 2010 6:46 am
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Oh my doggie, only three more days to Christmas and Santa Paws will have presents under the tree for us all!!! Aaarrrrooooo!! I even wrote a letter to Santa!!

Dear Santa Paws, I've been a very good boy this year my mom said and I would really like a new soft frisbee and some yummy treats for Christmas. Merry Christmas, Love, Binx

PS, maybe a new patch for my vest that says no petting, too!!

Mom and I have to go shopping today. She said she has never been a last minute shopper before. She's not really happy that our Christmas cards went out late either.

Anywho, what did you ask Santa Paws for this year??? Have a super pawsome day!!


Hello and Merry Christmas!!!

December 21st 2010 3:22 pm
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Wow, it's been awhile since I got on here hasn't it! Mom and I just finished her semester last Tuesday and she got her grades today. She got two A's and two B's for all her classes and all A's on all her final exams. Pawsome! We've been napping a lot since we got done. All we have to do now is go get books for when classes start on January 10th.

Anywho, how has everyfur been???? Are you ready for Santa Paws to come? Now, make sure not to bite him in the bunns so he will leave you pawsome presents! Oh, and don't eat his cookies and the reindeer's carrots either!!!

Guess what!! ALL my fur came back, remember how I was missing most of it last Christmas?? I am SO glad that mom never gave up and made me better!!! My ears are still a little yucky, but nothing like they were!!

And holy dog, what's with the brrrr weather these days!! It was even super cold here where Mickey Mouse lives! I heard from lotsa furs that they are gettin tons of snow and even more brrrr than we have, too...

Well, gotta run for now, but will be around lots more now that mom and I are home and she's not studying ALL the time right now. Merry Christmas!!!

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