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Binx's Tails! :)

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It Was Real Late Last Night When...

August 29th 2009 12:59 pm
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Dear diary, last night at almost midnight mom and I hopped in the car and went down the street to the park and watched the Space Shuttle launch. It was very cool, it looked like a huge ball of fire in the sky for sure! Poor mom though, as we got out of the car to watch it and record it mom's glasses that she wears when she is driving got all foggy! She got a real good little video though and if you guys want to see it the link is here:


Not much else going on here this week. One day mom and I went on the back patio and when I was relaxing in the shade she started trimming this monster shrub that is there. All of a sudden she had to stop and we came in the house. There were bees flying around her head, oh no! There is a bees next in there and she almost cut it! She is going to spray that thing before working on that for sure! We have been wondering where all the bees were coming from since we moved in here.

The weather is getting a little less hot in the evenings so mom and I have been walking across the street to the park. I just love having a park right next to us like that! I think that the pool will be better in a day or two and I can't wait, we haven't been able to go swimming in a few weeks. Sure do wish that they would let my mom take care of it because I know then that it would always be ready to swim in. Oh well, what can you do though right... Anyway, just wanted to share the video of my late night last night and what we saw. Hope that you all are having a great weekend :) Binx


Oh My! I Am Diary Of The Week For Black and Tan Dogs,- WooHoo!

August 24th 2009 2:50 pm
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Dear diary, I got a great picture and email today from Black and Tan Dogs group that I am in saying that I was picked for Diary of the Week, woohoo! I love the picture and had mom put it right on my page already, it is very cool! Thank you so much guys, it was a very cool surprise for a busy guy like me!

Mom and I have been busy still as always. Mom has been doing a lot of housework and when she was folding towels this morning she dropped one so as soon as she asked me for help I of course jumped right into action and got it for her! Let me share a little secret with you all, I LOVE to play and raise a ruckus with towels.. Oh yes I sure do! When I get a towel in my mouth it is all mine usually! I whip that sucker around like no ones business, uh huh!! But not this morning when mom asked me for help, I just gave it right to her then she laughed at me because I walked right to the table where my treat jar is and stood there waiting! Of course I got one, yummy! Then we walked out to my dock and I did a little sniffaroo around. It was already real warm so we didn't stay out long.

Then a little while ago the landlord was here with his doggy Shadow and I hate to admit it, but mom said I was a pooh-head to them. Mom went to send Shadow some of my new treats home and I got mad and when the landlord tried to pet me I barked and jumped at his hand. Well, so didn't get a treat when we came inside. Huh! I know that I am getting better at the new training that mom has been doing with me and the restriction that I do not like because we were out there with a whole lot of people around for awhile and I was very good until I did that with the landlord. So mom says that restriction has to go on until I can behave all the time. I say that it won't be much longer, I am not freaking out all the time anymore you know!

Anyway, that is a couple notes from today.... Until next time :)

Oh, I almost forgot something! There is supposed to be a night launch of the Space Shuttle at around 1:30 am eastern time and I know that mom is awful tired since she only got 2 or 3 hours sleep last night, but I sure do hope that she can stay awake to see it since they are so rare and don't know if there will be another night one! We go outside to see it when it goes up. I am going to do my best to keep her awake because I know how much she wants to see it, wish me luck!


It Was A Great Birthday!

August 20th 2009 6:32 pm
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Dear diary, I had a great birthday with my family today. Even though mom was not feeling really good she still took me to Petsmart and Petco and I got new treats and a new Frisbee too! Mom got a carrot cake on the way home today, but when she gave me some she took all the frosting off! She said that wasn't good for me anyway, it was ok though, that cake was sure tasty! I did get some of my favorite doggy ice cream though, yummy!! Oh, and with my dinner I got a little grilled hamburger and shared mom's watermelon and cantelope too! I know that it sounds like I had a whole lot of food, but there were only little bits of stuff. Mom and I went out in the yard and on the dock then we sat on our swing seat for a few minutes. Boy was it hot, hot, hot out there so we didn't stay out there long. Mom said as soon as she is feeling better, hopefully tomorrow we will be going in the pool since it is nice and clean now, woohoo!!!

I can't believe that I am 5 years old, I sure don't feel any different than I did yesterday when I was 4!! All I can say is that I can't wait to see what kinds of adventures mom and I are going to have this year!!

Oh, thanks to everyone who sent me such great birthday gifts here. Mom said that she plans on writing thank yous tomorrow to everyone. Off to snuggle a mom for the night. Oh, there will be pics on my page in a little bit from today!


I Turned 5 Years Old Today!!

August 20th 2009 3:06 am
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Dear diary, today I turned 5 years old! It is real early this morning and not sure what mom and I are doing today but whatever it is I am sure is going to be great! I am hoping that the rain stays away today so that we can go for a ride to go shopping and have a cheeseburger on the grill. I am going to have a little carrot cake too, yummy!! Have a great day everyone, gotta run for now!


WHO Is That In The Window!!??

August 18th 2009 7:36 pm
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Dear diary, today mom went through three big bags of my toys that I haven't played with in awhile. She even dumped them on the floor in a monster pile and nope, still didn't want to play with them.... then anyway! Well, tonight after mom put the ones that she is going to donate in the bags, took the ripped ones out, and put some in a container for me to keep, you know, just in case I wanna play.... Well, when mom and the guys were watching Big Brother on tv I thought that it was a perfect time for me to do a little toy organizing of my own, haha!!! That's right.... I took all the toys that mom just sorted and put back in all the bags right out and kept taking them one by one to mom, hahahaha!! Oh let me tell you, there is toy explosion all over the living room now.... and now I am getting ready to snooze. Guess what mom is going to do AGAIN!!!

Anyway, when I was tearing through those bags it was by the really big door with the window that you open to go out back to the yard. I was facing that thing grabbing yet another toy out of a bag when I saw something.... Oh no, what is out there in the dark yard out that window.... I had to bark... and bark again... ran over to mom and barked again... ran back to the window and boy was my tail wagging... there was someone out there.. oh no.... who is that, I have never seen them before.... here comes mom to see... watch out mom, someone is out there looking at me.... Mom started laughing at me, what is going on... mom, you have to get them I am thinking...all of a sudden mom said that I was barking at myself..... WHAT!!! She said that I was looking at myself in the big window and that is why she was laughing at me! I looked for a few more minutes then grabbed that bag again and tore out another toy, so there mom, laugh at me, huh!!

Today mom's nose was in the computer for awhile, she made us a Facebook page. Here is the link for anyone who wants to see it. I can't wait to see who our first friend will be!!


And mom said that she we are going to get the carrots for the cake tomorrow, only two more days and then birthday cake. I so can't wait!!! I am still hoping for good weather so that mom and I can spend my birthday doing something outside. It would be great if it was as cool as this afternoon after the really bad booming storms we had. Mom and I went out by the water for awhile and it was great! Well, gotta nap so mom can sort the toys again.... well, until I help her get them out again that is!


Binx Goes To The Mall

August 16th 2009 7:14 pm
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Dear diary, today was a big day for me. I went to the mall for the second time ever. The first time I was scared to pieces but mom made sure that I was ok and I was a good boy. Only tried to hide behind her a couple times. Yup, that's right, I tried to hide behind mom the first time.

Not today though, oh no I sure didn't! I struted my tail through that mall like I have been there lots of times you would think, that's right, I sure did! Oh, and no hiding behind mom at all this time! See, we had to go to the mall to a place with tons of stuffed animals, oh boy!! Mom called it Build a Bear or something like that. I sure was excited to see the toys, I did stay right by mom though and did what I was supposed to the whole time. I didn't get a bear though.... I got a Graduation cap to wear for our graduation pictures that we are getting after Blake has his ceremony in a few weeks. It is a little cap which is ok with me and it ties under my furry chin. I am sure that mom will be putting pictures all over the place with that thing!

And then there is still the Birthday talk going on here. I swear that my family gets more excited about mine than theirs! I sure do feel like I am loved here for sure! Oh, you should have seen my silly family tonight, oh boy! I was playing with the little soccer ball in the living room and all of a sudden there were three cameras taking tons of pictures of me, they are so funny that family of mine! I can't believe that in only a few more days I will be the big 5!! I am so hoping for good weather so mom and I can go for a ride somewhere and stuff like that and maybe some carrot cake too, woohoo!!


There is excitement starting here!

August 15th 2009 6:20 pm
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Dear diary, mom was talking to me this morning and told me that it is about my birthday again. I can hardly believe that I am going to be the Big 5 in a few days! Mom is getting all kinds of excited! Today we went out the our yard to the beach and mom had that camera once again. Mom made me my very own birthday hat for my first birthday and she got it out today and we took it with us. Mom said that we needed new birthday pictures, silly mom I say! I sat right in the spot she asked and didn't even try to knock the hat off or eat it this year. Mom said that I was so good that I got to go leash free in the yard for a few minutes AND got a great treat when we came inside too! Oh, and there were even people in our pool when I was leash free, we waited until we got past the pool before she took it off but there was sure no barking or anything from me today! Nope, no way!

Boy have there been a whole lot of changes for mom and me since my last birthday. What a year it has been! I took classes for my CGC and passed it the very first time, got to go on a long road trip to NY and see some snow, got to start being an official service Binx, I mean dog for mom this year, and because of that got mom out of the house to start doing things and boy have we done some fun things, I even got to go to college and graduation with mom too! Oh, and we even moved to a new apartment with a yard and a place for me to swim too, wow! I do believe that mom and I have a really good life together and even though I am going to be the Big 5 I am still just as much of a mommie's boy as ever!

Mom is already starting to think of new adventures for us to do so who knows where we will end up! All I know is that I am looking forward to everything! Oh, and I sure can't wait for Thursday to get here so that I can get some cake and my favorite Dogster's ice cream with some presents too! Woohoo!! Yup, I sure am a happy boy! :)



August 14th 2009 8:44 pm
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Dear diary, not too much going on here lately. Been relaxing in the house a lot since it is super hot outside lately. The people that don't live in my apartment that have been fixing my place have been here this week and about finished everything. Of course I just HAD to bark at them when they knocked on the door you know! I have been getting better with other people being in our place lately though, I don't bark at them the entire time anymore and mom doesn't have to hold me anymore either. So that is good, and it doesn't hurt that I get to have some yummy treats for being so good too! Ok, on the restriction stuff..... this week mom has let me off the leash a few times in the yard. No one was around and once when there was I have to admit, I did huff a little. No tearing off the chase and bark like I was though! Mom is very happy with me for that! Oh, today the scary dog in the other apartment went outside when mom was trying to do something in the yard, I was in the hall watching out the window. Anyway, I did have a few huffs, no major barks though since mom said no! Not quite sure if I would have tried to run after the dog if I was out there so mom said that I still have to be on a little restriction until she is sure. Mom is scared of the dog so she had to stop what she was doing to come in and boy was she mad! Can't blame her though, she said that we pay an awful lot of money to live here and she can't be in the yard when she wants to be and they don't pay to live here or if they do it is hardly nothing. She said that if she knew that the dog was going to live here we wouldn't have moved in.

Anyway, mom got me some of my favorite Dogsters doggy ice cream this week and might I say, YUM!! It was so good having that on these HOT days to cool off! The pool has been being worked on again so only got to go in once this week, pooh! It looks good for tomorrow though, woohoo! Oh, it has been stormy here this week too. Yesterday mom and I were on the couch and all of a sudden BOOM louder than usual! It rained so hard that it came inside the patio door, yup, that's right, it was raining inside!

And the last thing to talk about tonight is mom has us on Twitter now. That's right, she was working on our page this afternoon. If anyone wants to stop by here it is:


Well, that is about all that is going on here this week. Mom said that she expects us to have a more exciting week next week!



August 8th 2009 9:06 pm
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Dear diary, today I had an oopsie! Mom and I walked outside to go by our beach in the yard and we stopped by the pool for a few minutes when mom was talking to the neighbor for a minute and then it happend..... All of a sudden I backed up just a little and in went my back legs... in the pool... when mom was hanging on my leash.... Ooopsie! Mom caught me real quick and you know what, I wasn't scared, not even one little bit! Mom sure was surprised, oh yes she sure was! Oh, my buns got a little wet too, haha!

Oh, and guess what.... mom still has me on restriction since I had been such a devil dog she said after we moved to my new yard (restriction for me is having my gentle leader thingy on my snut and a leash, pooh!) anyway, mom is really happy with how I have been doing! Today Patches, the neighbor dog, was outside and I didn't bark, not even a huff at Patches! Mom and I even walked closer to Patches than usual and she told me to sit and I did. And still, not one huff or bark at all! A couple weeks ago I was trying to attack Patches and people that came in MY yard... that didn't make mom happy at all.. see, I have never been like that before we moved here. She says that being like that is not the way a good service Binx, I mean dog is supposed to behave. She said that she wasn't going to have all of our hard work go right out the window by me being like that, I tried to tell her that I wasn't trying to put anything out the window but she didn't think that was very funny... I was just trying to make sure that no one was going to mess with my mommy and take my new yard from me you know! Anyway, I haven't been barking at people or Patches when they are outside at all lately and maybe, just maybe this restriction will be over soon! :)


Oh Boy, Only A Couple More Days Left!!!

August 5th 2009 11:44 am
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Dear diary, mom has been sending a ton of pawmails to our friends here about the contest that she put me in and I am hoping that I get some more votes!! Boy are her fingers tired and she isn't even done pawmailing people yet! Mom said that since I have been such a good worker and learned so much this year with all me service Binx, I mean dog duties (oh dear, the word "duties" sounds so funny, haha!)that she wanted to sign me up for it. Oh my dog, the prizes are huge for this thing! She figures that if I am lucky enough to make it to even the finals it would give her a chance to talk about me more and tell people about how important guys like me are to disabled people, even though the contest isn't about service dogs. You know how moms are though, they always like to talk about us right! Anyway, thought that we would post another link to my entry so that when my friends see this they can vote for me once a day until Friday night. Wish me luck, the competition is ruff for sure! Oh, by the way, the contest starts again right after this week and there is a new one for 12 weeks. PLEASE friends, if you enter send me your link so that I can vote for you too!

You know what though, even if we don't place anywhere mom and I have really liked hearing from all the people that we have gotten pawmails from since this started. Everyone gets so busy these days and it is hard to keep up with everyone so I feel like a winner right off the bat hearing from so many great friends this week!

Here is my link:


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