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Binx's Tails! :)

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New Smyrna Beach!

August 4th 2008 6:51 am
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This is my very first diary I have ever had! Yesterday Mom told the family that we were getting in the car and heading out for the day, and that is ust what we did! We got the GPS and her laptop computer with the internet and she made sure I had lots of water and off we went! She programed New Smyrna Beach in the GPS and thought we would head in that direction. We heard that us doggys were allowed there and my family would never go anywhere without me! On the way we passed signs for Cape Canaveral and she asked if anyone wanted to go by and see if we could see any big cruise ships and so we changed the direction of our trip that way! Those cruise ships were huge!! There was even a Disney cruise ship sitting there, WOW!! There were so many boats and ships there in that area, it was very cool! I so wanted to get out of the car with her when she would pull over to get out and take photos, but I had to wait in the car becasue she was so quick with that camera and came right back in, I could only get out to take a potty break, what a bummer! Anyway, we kept seeing these big signs for a place called Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach and so off we went in that direction next! The place was huge and since we couldn't find a place to park she put it in the favorites in the GPS for another time to go back! Well, off to the beach we went finally! We found a place called Smyrna Dunes Beach Park. We paid our little over $3 to go and and saw lots of dogs right away, boy was I excited! She parked the car and we followed these painted doggy paw prints on the road to the trail where we had to walk to the beach. We had no idea how far we had to walk! It was sure a long walk in there on the sandy path! It was so hot that I even got a lift a couple times because I kept laying down on the ground, it is such a good thing they brought lots of water for me! Finally we saw the top of a sailboat and knew water was close! And then, there it was! What an amzing beach we found!! And doggys everywhere, we had to be on leashes but that is ok, at least we get to go swimming! I got right into the water and layed down and it was great!! We walked along the water line of the beach for a long way and I kept playing in the water. When we finally left to go home I was sure tired! Mom gave me a bath after we got home, something about sand and salt on my fur.... I can not wait to go back again!!


It's almost my Birthday, oh my goodness!! :)

August 15th 2008 10:54 am
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Oh my, I can not believe that I am going to be turning the big 4 next Wednesday August 20th already! I am so excited and so happy that I have been with my human Mommy for just about the whole time! She got me when I could first leave my doggy Mom. And boy have her and I have been so very happy together ever since! We were so meant to be together, I just know it! I also know that she has a bunch of Birthday presents for me and she hid them in her closet. I have been trying to figure out just how to get that silly door open so that I can sneak some early! That closet is a weird one, it folds out and I just can not get a paw under to open it, what a stinker! I bet that Mom will wrap my presents in white tissue paper like always because she knows that i just LOVE to tear them open all by myself, and boy am I good at that! When Christmas comes around I am always the first to help everyone opening theirs too! I am so excited about my Birthday in a few days, this is so great! I just wonder if it will be any different being the big 4, i sure did have a great year while I was just 3 that is for sure with tons of adventures! Well, back to scope out that weird and silly closet, there has to be a way to get into that thing.... :)


Oh my, Dog of the Day and on my Birthday!! :)

August 20th 2008 8:23 am
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Oh my goodness, I just can't believe it! I got Dog of the Day and on my Birthday today! My family and I are just thrilled! I can't believe it and what a great surprise! What a great Birthday it is today! I got to go with Mom to Dunkin Donuts like I always do and I wore my Birthday hat for them and got a treat! They love me there and think I am so cute! I am FINALLY getting those Birthday presents that mom has been hiding in her closet today, I can't wait to rip them open!! I also heard mention of one of my favorite foods today, hamburg!! I am thinking I may get a couple bites with my dinner tonight! What a great Birthday this year! I am so lucky to have a family that loves me so much!! Yay!! :)


Oh no, not another scary food recall!

September 16th 2008 7:36 am
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Hi to all my friends here! Yesterday my mom heard that there is another pet food recall and she got very upset! Even though she does not give me any of the foods that are on the recall list she figures that there are a lot of other great dogs that do! She went through all my friends that I have and sent everyone a note in a cute heart collar yesterday! The last time that there was tainted foods out there I had three different brands of them and got so sick and boy was she scared! I am her very first pup you know! I am ok now and I am such a happy boy that I have such a great mom that has learned so much about the food ingredients and hopefully I won't get sick like that again, not only did I feel awful but I really hated scaring her to pieces like that! My mom and I just want to be sure that all the great pets out there are as happy and healthy as I am! There is a link to the recall page for anyone to check out.

Well, we just got back from the dog park, it was in the 80's before 9 am and it sure was hot for a fluffy guy like me! I ran around for a little bit when my mom threw my squeeky tennis ball and then we had to come home in the air to cool down some! I so can't wait for the cooler months!! Until next time!!!!


I just love new adventures!

September 29th 2008 2:26 pm
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Hello all dog families, I had another adventure this past weekend!My mom has this great book called The Dog Lover's Companion to Florida and it is full of great places to go. The new beach we found this time is called Honeymoon Island State Park Beach. It is a dog friendly beach in Dunedin, Florida. It was around 20 miles from Busch Gardens in Tampa. It is $5 per car to get in and the walk from the car to the beach on the path is not far at all. All dogs must be kept on a 6 foot leash at all times. There were three dogs that were let loose there and were causing a ruckus for us rule following dogs, but they did not get away with it long. There are beach patrol around that made the people leash up! There was not much about the beach that we didn't like. On the side of the path to get to the beach where there are free poo-bags for people to use it was clear that there are a few people that did not follow the rules. There were no messes at all that we saw on the beach area though. When we were there we saw a handful of these weird looking things called jellyfish, mom made sure that we didn't get mear those! She said that they are not good for us! I would have tried to play with them you know! The water was the clearest beach water we have ever seen. You could see the bottom and all around you, it was great! Mom got some seashells even! When mom and I were talking to the beach patrol about what the beach is usually like they said that after the last hurricane that went through that way is when the jellyfish started showing up and more stingrays. They said normally there are not so many. We did not see any of the stingrays though, but mom saw what she thought looked like a little crab that scooted away when she walked by it! The beach was so nice there. We saw a bunch of sailboats, jet skiers, and boats there. There are even a couple benches to sit on. Make sure that your pet parents use the bathroom before you go to the beach when you get there since they are up by the parking lot! I am putting some of the photos here for everyone to see so be sure to look for them! The address of the beach is: 1 Causeway Boulevard
Clearwater, FL 34689
and the phone number for more information is: 727-469-5942

I just can't wait to see where my mom is going to take me next! We are even going to a real people water park Saturday, I can't wait to tell everyone about that! I sure do hope that all of my furry friends had a great weekend, too!


Me, at a water park! Oh Boy!

October 4th 2008 10:15 pm
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I can not believe it, today I got to go the a water park called Cypress Gardens Splash Island. I had so much fun there! My Blake and Gregory went with Mom and I. They mostly lounged around though. My mom and I played the whole time! There was this big pool I got to go into it with no one telling me that furry ones like me can't go in! Mom took me to this big thing that had stairs, we went up them and mom put me onto this weird thing and gave me a little push and I flew down to the bottom in the water, holy wow! I was thinking what the heck was that and where did my mom go! She came down right after me and gave me a hug. She said it was a water slide I guess. We went on that a couple more times. Some nice lady gave me a new toy to play with and mom was throwing it in the water and oh boy, I had so much fun running after that! There were a whole lot of dogs there to meet and make friends with, so many sniffs so little time I say! I love making new friends but when one came over and tried to get my toy while I was playing with my mom, I just had to bark at him! Hey, that is my mom and we are playing right now you know! Oh, I even got a really great treat! It was a chicken flavor snow cone, oh my! There was none of that left in my bowel that is for sure! Later in the day I heard someone ask someone else if they seen the dog that was at the doggy snow cone booth that was standing up with their front paws up on the counter waiting for a snow cone, they looked at me and said hey that is the one right there! What a great day we had there and I can not wait to go again next year! The only bad thing is that I was running through the water so much today that my little legs are a little sore. Mom gave me a puppy massage though, I liked that a lot! I can't wait to see what mom is going to come up with for us to do next! :)


It has been 4 amazing years with my family today!

October 17th 2008 12:33 pm
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Wow, today is the 4th Anniversary with my family! I can't believe it! It has been a great life that is for sure and I sure have had a lot of adventures because of my mommy! On this day 4 years ago my mom, her boyfriend, and mom's two human sons came to see me when they were going from where they lived in Upstate NY to Vermont for the day. Mommy didn't see me at first because her boyfriend was holding me when my puppy brothers were by her and putting their noses into her purse. Her boyfriend said to her that I was the one and as soon as she looked at me she knew that he was right! I had freckles on my nose and black rings around my eyes, they said it looked like I had glasses on! They left me there and told the people that they would call back before they came back through from Vermont to go back home. I didn't know what was going on though! A few hours later they came back, holy wow, I could not believe it! They came back for me! Before I knew it I was on mommy's lap and on my way to my new home. I had a new little bed and a new stuffed monkey to play with. I have the monkey still! Since that time I have done lots of things. Before my first birthday we moved from upstate NY to Florida. That was my very first long car trip, mommy made sure that I have my very own seatbelt also like everyone else. I have been to great dog parks, beaches at the ocean a bunch of times, a water park for people, tons of really nice parks for walks with my mommy, and all kinds of great places! Now I am getting ready to start a class to get ready to get something called a CGC, mom says it is Canine Good Citizenship. After that I am going to start learning how to be a Service Dog for my mommy. So, on my 4th Anniversary with my family I am getting ready for even more adventures and I can't wait! I am looking for a whole lot more years with them that is for sure, especially my mommy! I hope that all my furry friends and their families are as happy as we are! :)


I went to my very first CGC Class!

October 22nd 2008 9:13 am
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Today I went to my very first CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) training class! It was so much fun! My Mom has a sprained finger so the instructor would not let her walk me around the ring with the other dogs. That meant that I got a different job to do tonight. Mom and I had to sit inside the ring and I had to stay still while the other dogs kept walking in front of me. When I was good and stayed still I got treats, yum! I ended up with a lot of tiny treats that is for sure! I did have a couple of moments though! One dog came over to me before the class, a German Shepherd I think, and it got a little mouthy with me so I returned the favor and barked right back! So there I thought! Mom didn’t see it the same way as I did though and made me sit down real quick! Then when we were in the ring for the training and I was laying there being so good the other class in the other ring started making a lot of really loud noises and it scared me and I felt it was my job to bark real loud at that! Again, mom made me stop and sit real quick! Boy, what is a vocal Sheltie like me to do! Next week the instructor told mom to bring this new thing for me called a gentle lead. Oh no! Also, she told us that we had to be with different people for some of the class. My mom has to have a different dog, what the heck is that all about! I am sure that I will keep trying to get to her! That German Shepherd better not be the one she gets! I will have to get vocal again that is for sure! Oh, that instructor thinks that she is going to touch MY paws next week, you have GOT to be kidding me! I do NOT like my paws touched at all, EVER! Well, if this class works and gets me to learn to relax and let people touch me, stay calm around dogs and not keep trying to drag mom to sniff them, and get my paws touched more then it will be worth it! I will let you all know next week how it goes! Binx

To get more CGC information!


My first Tag, I've been tagged!! :)

November 5th 2008 2:42 pm
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I have been tagged by my sweet little friend Nikki. The rules are very simple you have to write 7 facts about yourself and then tag 7 of your friends. So here goes...

1. My name is Binx (Prince Xavier Binxley)
2. I am an 4 year old Shetland Sheepdog
3. I love my mommy more than anyone else
4. I love being outdoors, swimming, and all kinds of stuff like that
5. I am in CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) classes
6. I love traveling with my family all over
7. I am going to be a Service Binx, I mean dog for my mom! :)

Now it is time to tag 7 friends. I choose ....



Oh my Dog, my teacher is the Chicken and Ham Lady!! WooHoo!!- :)

November 5th 2008 5:15 pm
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Holy wow, it has been two weeks of classes since I last wrote about them! My CGC classes are so great! Let’s see, last week my favorite part was the instructor that all of us doggies started to think of as the Chicken Lady! She had real chicken she gave us for treats! You know what I say, yum, yum, gimme some!! I did not even notice when she was petting me AND touching my paws! How about that!! We did a lot of walking around the other dogs for the last two classes and I have to say that I am doing a whole lot better at not stopping to say hello and get my usual sniff of them! You know, it is not so easy for a little sniffer like me to walk by and not take a sniff or two!! Ok then, back on track here!!! This last class, you won’t believe what happened! I was laying there by my mom when the teacher was talking at the end of a great class and this hyper dog that was next to us came from behind me and starting trying to get my attention. Well, I will tell you, I was watching my mom then and that dog just came out of nowhere and boy did I let him know that he was not to mess with me when I was busy with my mommy! I barked my fluffy head off and I can’t believe it, my teacher told my mom that I was not doing anything wrong! She said that that other dog got in my face and started it and that all I was doing was letting him know that it was NOT ok to mess with me! The other dog’s dad got him under control real quick and I of course went right straight to my mom. See that, mom has been telling me all along that when that happens I was not supposed to bark like that and turns out I am allowed to let those pesky ones that get into my space no way! Good thing that mom is learning at these classes to, haha!! Oh, this week the teacher was not the Chicken Lady, oh no, she was the Ham Lady this week! Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what she has next class! This week I learned to stay real close by my mommy and walk and she does this hand movement that lets me know when she wants me to stop and sit real close to her. It took a few treats to get that one right because I kept trying to sit a little in the back of her. Now I scoot my furry self right up to her in the front! She thinks I am so cute she says all the time! I am making a lot of progress at classes they are all saying. I just hope that when the test is in the beginning of December that I can sit there nice and still to let the test person touch me and not try to scoot back like I do now. I am trying real hard! Ok, until next week!!!!

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