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My funny doggie thoughts.. WOOF

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July 1st 2007 7:44 am
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Hi everyone,,,, Well mommy and daddy have been so darned busy,,, they havent walked me for a couple of days,, BUT,,, mommy said we would get lots of country walks this week because my brother and I are being kenneled?? I dont think I like that word,, but apparantly we are moving to our very own house with a big yard! Mommy tells my brother and I that it will be too busy with strangers in the house packing up our stuff and she doesnt want us to be upset,, so ,,, again,, thatword,, kenel,,, yuck,, but she says its only for awhile,,,, soooo,, until we get to the new house,,, Merlin and me signing off!!!




March 3rd 2007 4:52 pm
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Hi all,,, glad you are visiting my page and reading my stuff,,, I am doing good,,,, watching the snow is fun but being in it isnt! Us dobies dont have much body fat so it gets some cold some fast!!!!!
Mommy tells me we are moving this summer,,, daddy is in the military and she said we are posted! She also said they will buy us a big ol yard! I cant wait!!!!!
See you!!!




August 7th 2006 5:27 am
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Hi all,,, I am still a lazy dober girl,,, and ohh,,, guess what,,,, our new neighbours moved in last night and they have a dog too,,,, he is a German Shepard, hisname is Digby,, very handsome,, he was a rescue boy,,,, anyways,,, I hear he doesnt like other four leggers much,,, go figure!?



Bowser thoughts

June 6th 2006 9:41 am
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Hi all,,, Its been awhile since mommy had a chance to sit and do a diary entry for me and my brother Merlin,,,,, We are fine and happy that summer seems to be here at last... The grass is warm under my paws and the sun is great too,,, Life is some good.



Mommy had a heart attack.. :(

April 1st 2006 2:18 pm
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I was one sad doggie this week,,,, my mommy had a heart attack on Sunday but shes home from the hospital now,,, I am happier again..... I love mommy!!!!




February 1st 2006 1:10 pm
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We got a good storm last night,,,, YIP YIP YIP!!! Lots of snow,,, 12 inches worth and lots of wind so mom said it was called a blizzard,, it was great!!!! I am a dainty girl so I dont go out in it except to do my thang,,,,,,,, I am a indoor girl,, or so my mom tells me,, I think I believe her!!



Yappy Howldays!

December 30th 2005 6:25 pm
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WOOF!! Another year come and gone,,, not enuff bones for this girl as usal,, BUT,, mommy and daaddy bought me and my brother THE BIGGEST DINO BONES EVERRRRRRRRRRRR,,,, I mean this bone is like at least 2 foot long,, I am n ot kidding!!! I was in a haze of bone love!!! woof woof woof,,,, I also got in my stocking,,, Ceaser dinners, and Denta bones,, and a brand new toy under the tree... Life is good for this Dobie Girl.....

Merry Christmas to all the homeless doggies in the world,,, me and my family are thinking of you all EVERYDAY,, and we love you all.....


Class,, my first day,,,,

November 9th 2005 4:40 pm
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Well,,, my brother and I went in the new car last night with mommy and daddy and thier furless kid Nick,,,, guess where we ended up? A dog class!!! I was appalled!!! *I* dont need training and I certainly didnt need to do all the stuff they were making me do for a lousy piece of cheese!!!! Well,, okay,,,, the cheese was good,, but still,,,,,,, Oh well,, at least my brother Merlin barked all thru class,,, mommy wasnt happy,, she sat quietly and gave him dirty looks all night,,, I just laughed ot myself until it was my turn ,,,, Next weeks class better be more fun then this last one!!!

Yip Yarp!!



October 25th 2005 10:19 am
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hi all,, its been forever since I got mommy to sit on here and write up in my diary,,,,,, mom and dad just bought a new car,,, mom said me and my brother have been demoted to the VERY BACK... I am sooo insulted,, but she said it was because the car has leather seats and our claws might rip them and if that happened,, she mentioned something about a doggie BBQ?? what could she possibly mean eh?? woof woof woof,,,,,, Hurricane Wilma is making our weather really yucky and wet so I am happy to be an indorr kid today,,,,



Pets and the Hurricane

August 30th 2005 10:10 am
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I hope everyone thinks of the poor innocent dogs and cats who were left to struggle on thier own thru the hurricane,,, please donate to help take care of them!!!!

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