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Thanks HQ!

June 16th 2013 2:10 pm
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Diary Pick of the Day! Whooop Whooop! :):) And a new picture from Mick! Awesome! Mom gave me a bath today. I didn't fuss too much! I felt dirty and didn't mind the massage and warm water at all! Mom's at work and I'm comfy, snoozin while dad makes our dinner! :):) The rain has stopped, the sun is out, yet the wind keeps blowing. Will it ever stop??? Mom has been giving me melatonin to help me calm down. She says she doesn't want to use my Anxiety Wrap then I'll associate the wind with the jacket so she's using the pills. They're all natural so I wont become a junkie :) Just, hopefully, a little calmer...


Pacing, pacing

June 12th 2013 5:21 pm
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I do alot of pacing. In and out of the room. On the deck back to the crate, pacing, pacing. Well mom said enough. She put on my anxiety wrap. Guess what? I stopped! I stood next to mom and just looked around. Sometimes I just need to stop! :):) Mom took us outside while I had my wrap on. I ran and ran! Dad even joined us. Mom was laying on the ground taking my picture. I don't really like my picture and turn my head most of the time. Mom said she's got to get hoppin on the desktop, she's got over 500 photos to upload from the new camera! Geez! Luckily they're not all of me! :):)



June 7th 2013 1:46 pm
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After our walk mom did Grunts nails. I got my treats as I laid on the bed with them. Then mom decided to give Grunt a bath. Well I took off! I went outside until mom called me in with a bribe of cookies! I had my Anxiety Wrap on and mom wanted to take it off before she left for work. Well I finally came in the house and mom took off my Wrap and gave me my cookies. Best of all I didn't get a bath!! :):)


Aww mom!

June 4th 2013 6:38 pm
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Mom came home yesterday. Yippee!! After she unloaded her SUV she took us outside. Mom took us out to the playground and threw the chuck-it ball for Grunt. I on the other hand took off across the field. Until I saw it. Yup, brown and little by the tree and the bottom of the yard. I took off, the little fella hit the high gear and headed up the hill with me hot on his tail! I chased him up the hill, mom was at the willow tree pulling weeds. She saw me chasing him, then at the top of the hill at MY tree she heard the scream. Mom called, "Darcy!" I turned to look at her and she said, Darcy don't eat the rabbits. So I waited, sniffing towards the tree for the little guy. He was gone. So I had to double check our run route! Mom was pretty impressed how quick I was! Little does she know this 'ol gal can move! :)


Feeling much better!

May 30th 2013 1:43 pm
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Yesterday mom took us for a walk and I was limping. Turns out the day prior Grunt slammed into me and I yelped when dad had us outside. I had an owie. Mom said no craziness and that I needed to rest. Well today I was moving just fine! :):) After our walk mom put a bunch of pipes in the back of her SUV. Then she moved it to the back of the house. I saw her putting clothes in the suitcase. That means she's leaving :( She said she has to go to grandma and grandpa's to clean. Grandma has a long list of things for mom to do. Mom says she doesn't mind, after all we moved 1500 miles to help them out! It was hot today. Dad put the air conditioner in the living room. Mom runs a fan that cools my bedroom and hers (they're next to each other). So I chilled today.


Mom, write this!

May 27th 2013 4:56 pm
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Mom wasn't going to put this in my diary. I insisted! Maybe down the road this will make sense and help me like other entries have.

On Saturday, Memorial weekend, mom took us for a walk. Dad was walking Grunt and mom was walking me. I saw a truck at the far end of the cemetary. I saw a man and a woman walking about the graves and became concerned. Well we got almost to the end of the cemetary and a couple of vehicles drove by. But stopped at the mini-horse farm. Uh oh.. Then we started to walk down the road and I was looking behind me and saw them! All of them cars! About 10 of them! Gaaaa!! Now the cars were stopping and tons of people got out. Some in uniform. Mom said, Oh no! BANG! Gun shots! BANG! Gun shots. By now my tail is tucked way under my belly, my eyes are popping out of my skull and I am shaking and trying to run away from everyone. Well dad was talking to the owner of the mini-horses about some fencing and I was trying to run away. Mom has a martindale collar and I cannot slip out. Mom leaned over and just put her hand on my side. I stopped shaking, but was still overly concerned. Grunt on the other had was Mr. Social Butterfly! He was sitting and watching people put flags on graves and everything! I tried to run several more times and mom said that we had to go. As we walked further and further away I was starting to calm more and more. Finally when we got to our property my tail was untucked and I appeared calmer.

We got to the house and mom told dad that we were just going to sit for about a half hour. No noise, nothing. Mom didn't want to put on my Anxiety Wrap because I had been so scared. But now thinks that maybe she should've because the situation was over and the house was calm...

Today our walk was wonderful! Nothing crazy, everything was good. Mom still didn't put on my wrap. She's waiting for dad to be at work and that way there is no noise no matter what! But mom and dad were talking about me, I heard them. Dad kept saying how scared I was bothered him. He wondered, like they both do often, what was done to me that causes me so much fear. Mom said that she was extremely upset, but kept taking calming breaths so I would feel her fear through the lead. Mom said she noticed me looking at Grunt constantly. Hoping that I would follow his lead and calm some, but I didn't.

Finally mom and dad both agreed, I'm safe with them. They constantly reassure me that I'm safe and they'll never let anything or anyone hurt me. Just wish I could believe them....


Oh No!!

May 22nd 2013 11:56 am
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Mom woke up and fed me and Grunt. Then we took a ride. Turns out mom took me to the vets office. OOOOhhhh NOooooo!! It wasn't Dr. Mounts day so I had Dr. Wiseman. Mom told them before we got into the room that I'm scared and to be quiet and no hands over the head. Sure enough the tech came in and there went Grunt. He sat and gave his paw in his usual hello greeting! :) Dr. Wiseman looked into my eyes and said, yup, there's an infection. She didn't see any scratches and said she didn't want to stain (WHAT??) my eye. That it would be alot for me to handle. Besides, she said, she would give mom the same medicine. We left with drops for me and Grunt got plenty of hugs so he's good! I weighed in at 66.7 pounds. Lost a couple of pounds! :):) Got home and dad closed our gates to the front yard. Yea!! We went and sniffed like crazy while mom and dad were rolling the fencing onto the trailer. Then mom AND dad got ready for work. Guess me and Grunt got the house tonight!! House party!! :):) Woooop Woooop!!


Eye Gunk! Gaaaaa!

May 19th 2013 4:20 pm
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Mom picked us up from the kennel and she noticed I had yellow gunk in the corner of one eye. Hmmmm. Well I've been home a couple of days now and they eye gunk is still there, nasty yellow! Mom said she's gonna take me to the vet. I did have fun at the kennel while mom and dad were on vacation. Nancy told mom that me and Grunt were playing hard. I was getting slammed into the fence and barking! Nancy's husband said, is that the dog that never barks? Sure enough I was the loud mouth! :):) Just about the entire ride home from the kennel I was standing looking out the window! Mom was thrilled! Mom and dad finished fencing the front of the yard to the playground and the back yard. We've got so much room to play and sniff in now! I'm all over the bushes, there are critters in there! Mom was weeding and I was chasing little birds! :) Bath tomorrow, mom put on our dose of flea/tick meds. Now if only I could get rid of the crust in my eyes!


I go out walkin!!!

April 17th 2013 3:17 pm
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Mom had to go to town, so after our walk she loaded me and Grunt up and away we went! She stopped at the post office and brought out a huge box. Then we went to the park at the lake. Mom said, come on guys! And we went for a walk around the lake! I sniffed 3/4 of the way! There is one section where you walk close to the road, cars scare the bejesus out of me, and I got nervous. Then at the bottom end of the lake there is a loud waterfall, don't like that either. But once we got back on the grass beyond the falls I was nose down sniffing all over again! We got back to the truck and I jumped right in smiling the whole time! Mom said she was soooo proud of me. I'm getting brave!



Happy Easter!

March 31st 2013 5:59 pm
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I'm not sure exactly what that means? But I saw a bunny the first thing in the morning. Guess he was heading home after delivering all the colorful eggs! :) Mom took us down a new entrance to the creek. It's really nice there! Mom pulled a yucky tick off of me when we got to the bottom of the trail. On the way back to the road mom saw this huge paw print in the snow. She said it was probably a fat bobcat!

We got a little bit of playtime in before we headed to the house. Mom trimmed my nails and Grunts nails now they're nice and short. Well shorter than they were! :) Now it's raining and miserable outside. Good thing I've got this big ol' house to chill out in!

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