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Keep me safe......

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Everyday Gets a Little Better

April 28th 2011 6:16 pm
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Well mom and dad came home and I was here. I know the house is the safest place for me, I just get lonely without Turner.

Mom has been off for 2 days and we had crazy storms yesterday. Her and dad were upset over the tornados in the South - sending prayers out to everyone effected by the storms. We had crazy wind all day and night. Tonight it's supposed to get cold - in the 30's and tommorrow in the 40's.

Mom told me that me and her are going away for a few nights. We're leaving on Saturday heading to Grandmom's and Grandpa's. She says she needs to get out of this area for a few days and I'm going with her. Yippee!! Turns out mom has a lady friend who has a chocolate lab. His name is Boomer and I've got a playdate set up with him!! Wahoooo!!! Mom and I have been playing chase outside the last couple of days but it's not nearly enough exercise!

Can't wait to meet Boomer!! And Play!! :)


Lonely... :(

April 26th 2011 4:50 am
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So Turner has been gone a week and a half now. I miss him. I still look for him and try to smell him around the house. Mom has been taking me for walks when it's not raining. At the house I've been playing a little bit outside with mom.

Last night we had a thunderstorm. Mom got me to calm down and sit with her on the sofa. Then mom sat on the floor with me giving me massages... Love them!!

This morning there was a rumbling outside - thunderstorm. Mom and dad had to leave for work, I was pacing the fence when the left. They took the trash down the end of the driveway and waited to see if I would jump the fence and come after them. They didn't see me and went to work. Now the sun is out and mom is hoping I'm home laying in it...

Miss Turner Bad....


What am I gonna do without Turner?

April 19th 2011 8:31 am
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Mom said he went to heaven on April 15th. I stopped eating for a couple of days. Grandma has been here to keep me company, but I'm lonely. What am I gonna do without Turner? Mom keeps crying because I keep looking for him....


Calming Cap - it works so far!

March 18th 2011 3:16 pm
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So mom bought me this thing called a Calming Cap. It's like a spandex piece that goes around my snout and over my eyes. It blocks a some of my vision. I can still see through it, just can't see as much. Which for me is a good thing. You see when we go for walks on lead I'm constantly looking around - whale-eyed. Movement and lights flashing scare the snot out of me.

Anyway, mom decided that since the weather has been nice for yesterday and today that she would try the calming cap on me for walks. What a difference!! Yesterday we walked all the way to the mini-horse farm. Usually when we turn around I tuck my tail, or if a car goes by I shrink to the ground then spend the rest of the walk looking behind me for another car. But, yesterday my tail tucked for about 2 seconds when we turned around and then i was calm again and my tail came out. The a car drove by and I didn't hit shrink.... We walked even further today and it was wonderful! Mom is so pleased!!

Mom says were gonna use this from here on out no matter where I go for walks. Hopefully we'll be able to go to the lake in a couple of weeks and I'll be good to go!! :)


Run, run, run.....

March 13th 2011 1:29 pm
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So mom and dad came with me and Turner into the woods. I took off like a shot!! I love to run and haven't had too many opportunities lately... Way too much snow and ice.... But today there was alot of grass and you could see the ground in the woods for the most part. We walked all around, Turner and I took off up the hill and mom and dad went over to the dead deer. We caught up with them later and then mom, dad and Turner headed to the house. Well, I wasn't ready to go into the house so I headed back into the woods. Mom doesn't worry - I've got my orange on and I don't go too far... After about 10 minutes I realized that I was alone - everyone was in the house. So I went in to join them, got a cookie, had a drink of water and too me a good long nap!! :)



March 7th 2011 2:15 pm
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The sun finally decided to show up all day today. Mom put on my tie-die shirt and let me and Turner out to explore in the woods... We were gone for an hour before she started to call us. We came back with grins as wide as can be!! :) It felt soooo good to be out in the fresh air in the sunshine!!

Then we went and found our spot where the sun shines in the house in the afternoon. Turner had the prime spot, but I was still in some sun!! Good day today!!


Tiny Bubbles

March 6th 2011 11:46 am
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It was raining yesterday and mom decided that I was due for a bath.... Now I'm sooooo clean.... My fur is so soft!!

Mom took all of the sheets and pillowcases off of my bed - she said they looked like fur sheets. They all got washed and now not only am I clean but my bed is fresh!!

Life is good!!

Now today it's snowing - does it ever stop here???


Don't Close the Door Please

February 25th 2011 2:46 pm
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So when mom comes home I greet her with smiles and a wagging tail!! Major move on my part!! :) Mom is thrilled! And, this is kinda private but true, when mom goes potty I go into the bathroom and hip check her for a rub down! Me! I go to mom for attention!! Me!! The biggest scaredy dog!! Terrified of humans!! I even walk up to mom in the living room when she's watching tv and mom will give me a rub down! They are wonderful!!

The other night dad was on the floor and I walked over to him and sniffed him... How cool is that!!? I lay on the bed with him all the time and now I'm sniffing him on my own! This is sooo major... :)

On another note - it was snowing soooo hard today!! The snow kept sliding off the roof and is soo deep outside of the house. The back of the house has a 50' long by 8 foot wide sidewalk for me and Turner. About 10' of it has been cleared so we can go out the gate. The rest is snow with about 10 inches left of the fence on top (it's a 4' fence). If it wasn't so cold I could literally walk over the fence and take off. Couldn't do that, I've got a great home and plenty of food, treats and water - oh yea and my own bedroom! Why would I even think of leaving all this???


Isn't it spring yet???

February 15th 2011 12:07 pm
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Welll,,,,, let's see now, I've been to Rainy Day Farms Kennel for a week while mom and dad went to visit grandma and grandpa. It was a blast. We pulled up to the kennel, I got out waggin my tail (!) and walked right on in!! When mom picked me up I greeted her with a smile and an up tail!! And since I've been home I greet mom with a gentle touch on her hand.. I go to mom constantly throughout the night looking for a rub on the leg or on the belly.

Mom left me and Turner run after a walk the other day and I took off for the woods.... Only problem was there is about a foot of snow, then 2 inches of ice then another 4 inches of snow. I had a real hard time running and decided that it was easier to run into the house with Turner. Mom was totally freaked, she didn't have to wait for me, I ended up waiting for her!! HA!!


I feel clean....

January 10th 2011 12:17 pm
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Oh so clean. Mom let us out the gate and Turner and I took off for the woods. We ran for about a good 20 minutes. I hopped, skipped, jumped and bucked throwing my head from side to side... Love it!! :)

When we got back in mom gave me a cookie and told me I was a good girl. Then she put a my collar and lead on me. I thought I was going for a walk - noooooo I got a bath... Now I feel clean!! Ohhh so clean.....

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