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Hey I know that bag!

September 17th 2012 1:57 pm
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Mom went shopping today and brought home all kinds of stuff! One of the bags I knew right away. Golden Arches! Yummy!!! McNuggets!! Score!! Mom gave me and Grunt a bunch of them, and they were delicious!


My Vet Visit

September 13th 2012 8:29 pm
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Mom took me and Grunt to the vet yesterday. Grunt came along to keep my company. We met dad along the way and he jumped in mom's truck. Dad took Grunt's lead and he pulled dad all the way into the vets office (like dad didn't know the way or something!) I walked with mom and followed Grunt in the door. I was nervous but Grunt was sooo happy! Mom weighed me. I'm a porking 69 pounds! :0 Not good! Good thing mom put me on a reduced calorie diet a couple of weeks ago! She said she can't feel my ribs and that's not good! Anyhoooo! Dr. Mount came out into the lobby area to get a cup of coffee. Mom, dad and Dr. Mount were talking and I was watching all of them. Dr. Mount was amazed that I was making so much eye contact.

Well, then we got back into a room an the tech came in, she's a young girl, very nice. Until she put a thermometer up my butt! Rude!! Then I let her pet my chest as her way of saying sorry for the violation.

Dr. Mount came in with another tech. I was scared at first then mom said how brave I was and I stepped forward and sniffed the techs hand. Then Dr. Mount sat on the floor with me. She was giving me my physical and I relaxed. I shook a bit, but even she said my pulse wasn't that fast. The tech had some treats and I went as far as sniffing the treat. I didn't take any. Mom tried to give me some grilled chicken, that I love. I didn't take it either. Oh well.

Overall my exam went well, I got my bordatella in the nose (yuck) and I'm good for another year. Oh yea, mom has to start brushing my teeth. She said there is chicken flavored toothpast, sounds yummy!


But Moooooooommmm!!!

September 5th 2012 3:04 pm
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We were out in the playground, there are 3 humongous spruce trees that I hide under. Mom and dad trimmed out a bunch of low branches so I can lay under them. Well I went to the 2nd tree while mom was throwing the chuck-it ball for Grunt. I was digging and so intent on something. Mom kept asking whatch doing Darcy? Then mom saw something jump. I jumped after it but it went under a log. Hmmmpfff! So I started to dig again. Grunt came over took a sniff but couldn't put his ball down (he's obsessed!). So it was up to me! Well after a while I kept digging and running around with no luck! Then I noticed that mom and Grunt were on the other side of the yard. So I ran full speed over to them. Mom was laughing and calling me. I got to her and walked over for a pet and mom said, look at all of that dirt on your nose, did you get it? NO! But there's always tomorrow!


Walk Around Town

August 18th 2012 11:47 am
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The other day mom loaded me and Grunt in the truck. She said she had some errands to do and didn't feel like walking us at home. There's been a bear roaming around and we've smelled him a couple of times. So we went to town, mom got gas, me and Grunt got cookies (I was too scare so Grunt ate mine), then we went to the bank. I was sitting in the crate looking around. Then we went to the lake and mom took us for a walk around the lake! I had fun! I mean it! I sniffed and trotted and didn't tuck my tail! When we got to the far side of the lake we walk along the road. A car went by and I didn't even notice it! I was busy sniffing the ducks! We got back to the truck and whew, we were tired! Then mom went to the store and I sat in the crate looking out. When we got home I actually came out of the crate to look around! We got to the house and I was soooo happy!!


I was lonely yesterday...

August 14th 2012 5:27 am
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Mom and dad took Grunt somewhere in the truck. Then they came back without him! I was soooo sad, kept crying and crying. Mom rubbed my back and told me Grunt would be home soon. Then mom and dad left again and when they got back home there was my BFF! Yipppeeee! Only he was swaying and sleepy eyed! I was soooo happy!! Did my bunny hops and cried! Grunt is still sleepy today, that's alright - as long as my friend is home all is good! :)


I'm a mermaid!

August 9th 2012 12:14 pm
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Mom took us on our walk and decided to go past the cemetary and down the trail to the swimming hole. We sniffed around the area, Grunt left some pee mails and then mom went down the bank. Well I followed Grunt right in the water! Had myself a little swim I did! I was smiling the whole time! Mom was laughing and telling me what a good and brave girl I am! :) Then mom walked in the creek with us. Grunt was splashing around and swimming like a loonie, I was kickin up my paws and enjoying the cool water! It was sooo much fun!


Survived it!

July 27th 2012 12:15 pm
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It was a wild and stormy night! Mom and dad were at work, Grunt kept me calm. We had wind and rain. Luckily that was all. North of us, 7 miles, in town they got alot of damage. Loads of trees and power lines down. Luckily there were only a few houses with building damage. Mom and dad went out today to take pictures of the damage. They said that it wasn't too bad. But then again we've been through some storms. I remember Hurricane Ike when I was much younger and we lived in TX. oooo that was rough!


Acting weird...

July 26th 2012 2:09 pm
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I've been acting weird all day. Nervous. Pacing. Mom and dad went to work, they left the a/c and fans on for us. Just a few minutes ago mom and dad found out why I was acting weird. A really, really, really bad storm just blew threw.

Mom's at work now and she's nervous about us. Sending good thoughts our way! Only 6 more hours and they'll be home...


Another amazing week!

July 20th 2012 12:23 pm
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We're home from the kennel!! :):):) I made loads of friends and had a blast, like always!! I was pretty happy to see mom when she picked us up. Dad dropped us off and that was just plain weird! The kennel had a dog with kennel cough and a few dogs have caught it since they went home. The dog that started it was across the hall from us. Mom's hoping our vaccine will help protect us, but nothing is a certain guarantee. So mom will keep an eye on us.

It's so good to be home. Me and Grunt ran around the back yard in the rain! It's nice and cool outside today. Mom and dad are working tonight. Mom left the windows open for us. I was getting sleepy eyed listening to the rain fall. Should be a quiet peaceful night tonight.


High alert!! High alert!

July 10th 2012 11:46 am
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Mom took us for our walk like always. When we got infront of the woods between our house and the neighbors Grunt and I smelled something. Our noses were in the air and we started to prance. Mom started talking alot and whistling. That usually means there's an animal nearby... We walked down past the horses, around the cemetary and on the way back mom noticed he neighbors trash can was in the ditch. There was trash everywhere. Seems like there is a bear in the area again. So mom took us to the playground that way she could keep an eye on any critters trying to get into our trash on the road. We went into the house pooped out from running and everthing seemed calm. Then, while I was on my spot on the deck, I heard the branches snap in the woods. I let out a loud bark. Then another bark. Mom came outside and said, what's wrong Darcy. Well I took off like a shot through the house, Grunt following me. We went out to the dog yard and Grunt and I smelled it again! Bear!

We gave it our meanest barks ever. Mom heard the rustling but couldn't see the bear. So we barked a few more times. Then mom heard the trash truck - finally! Once the trash truck came through the bear was gone. I stayed outside to make sure I didn't smell the bear anymore. Mom said I'm on High Alert!

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