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Life's A Beach

Another Bad Day

July 8th 2008 7:40 pm
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So I thought I started out really good, Charlie took me outside and then let me run around the house while Mom was sleeping. I had tons of fun I chewed up a book about scottish terriers, why would my Mom want that?! And I had to go potty but Mom was sleeping so I just went in the corner upstairs, I didn't think she would want me to wake her up. Well, I guess I was wrong, when she found the potty she got super angry. I was taken outside and I didn't have to go potty so I was sent to my crate. I ate breakfast, but I felt so bad that I made Mom mad that when she took me outside, I held in my potty... I didn't want to make her angry again. But I just got put right back in my crate. I finally did potty #1 outside and so she let me play in the house with Pippy while she was cleaning. I was very mad about being in the crate all morning so when she left I went potty right in the middle of her newly cleaned floor, a big stinky #2!! Well she threw me right back into the kennel for a time out. Then she took me to doggy school but I didn't listen very well, I was upset about being in my crate. I guess it made her angry, or something because when we were done with doggy classes she took me into the grooming salon and one of her groomer friends helped her pluck my ear hair. I HATE THAT!! I screamed and cried and it didn't matter, Mom just told me to knock it off and held me so her friend could pluck my ear hair. I eventually gave up and they got all of it out. Mom said I would feel better tomorrow, but right now I feel like I have an empty head. Mom says that I should be able to hear her now, without all that hair in there, so I have better listen when we do training tomorrow. I haven't decided if I want to be good and make Mom happy, or be bad to get back at her for spending so much time in my crate today. Either way, I am pooped (hehe)!

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Pippy Graduated

July 7th 2008 8:33 am
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We finally got Pippy's graduation pictures from her Intermediate Obedience class at PetSmart. She looks smashing! You should check out her dogster page where they put a few of the pics. (She is my sister so you can click the link under my family) My Mom said not to worry, that I would get to have my picture taken when I finish my Puppy Obedience class. I guess this means I have to study extra hard, or I might not pass class!! What would I do then!? I would be a puppy school drop out! There is just SO much pressure to do well, having a BORDER COLLIE for a sister is NOT easy! It's like she never does anything wrong. I get yelled at all the time, for diggin in the yard and going potty in the house. What do they expect? My Mom is more patient with me then Charlie, but I mean, come on I'm a terrier not a Border Collie!! They should know by now, I'll never be as good as she is. My mom says that I will be better then pippy one day, but I don't believe her, I'm genetically set to be inferrior. But Mom says that she is going to work hard with me, and wants to me be a therapy dog and next summer we get to do agility and she says I just have to be a little older is all. Well it's not my fault when I was born. Life is so tough being in the shadow of Pippy... Sometimes I wish I was an only dog! But then I remember how much fun we have when we play, and I like to steal her toys from her and make her chase me around... if she's so smart how come I can steal from her?! Hmm? Mom says I'm just at 'that age' whatever that means. If you have a doggie sibling and your life is tough, hit me up, I can sympathize!

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What A Day

July 4th 2008 8:09 pm
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I thought today would be like any other, boy was I wrong. This morning when Mom took me out to potty I saw a bird in the yard, and I know it's my responsibility to keep them out of the yard so I chased after it. Well for some reason the cable didn't stop me like it usually does and I almost caught the bird!! My Mom came running after me screaming "stop, stop" and waving her arms. I had no idea what was going on but then when I turned I saw a big red car headed right for me! I couldn't believe anyone would want to interrupt my bird-chase, I thought they were coming to cheer me on! My mom was very upset and said she had to get me a new collar... which is OK with me, the green one I have is getting old (and I've only had it a few months). She said somethin about a martingale, I guess it's like coach for dogs. I've got to make sure she knows I'm a boy I do NOT want a purse. After breakfast we had three new people show up, so I got to show them my tricks, sniff their shoes, and I stole one of their sandals and hid it. Mom decided we needed a dog park trip, so I spent over an hour chasing other dogs, humping whoever would let me and peeing on every chair in the park (over 20 at last count). After naps and snacks my Mom was very upset about her cell phone and I have to figure out how to get her angry about it becuase we got to go to the dog park again!! Twice in one day! Never in my life have I done anything so crazy and fun! (except for that one time with the toilet, but that's a whole different story). Now we're cuddled up and resting (boy am I tired) but there are all these crazy noises, like a really big thunderstorm, only scarier. My sister (pippy) won't even leave the house. I went outside and tried to scare the noises away by barking at them so Pippy could go potty but my Mom said she would just have to wait.

I am definiatly going to sleep all night!

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How does this happen?

June 24th 2008 1:07 pm
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My mom was telling me that 800 dogs were rescued from a small house in Arizona. How does someone have 800 dogs?!? I mean, there's two in my house... we have a few friends that visit or we visit but I've never been around 800 in one house! My mom says she went to a dog show and saw hundreds of dogs, but even she can't imagine what it would be like. She also said that some of the dogs had boo boos and some were expecting puppies. I just hope that there are enough nice homes to adopt all these dogs. I know I am very lucky that I never had to go into a rescue, my sister (pippy) tells me about the nice people in the rescue she came from, but she doesn't like to talk about what happened to her before that. Pippy said that in rescue they take good care of dogs and give them lots of attention and excercise, and that they will get yummy food and treats. I hope all those dogs in Arizona will be well taken care of. I wish I could go down there and tell them all what great lives are ahead of them now that they are saved from that little house. I would even invite a few up here to Wisconsin to stay for awhile, but my Mom says that two dogs is enough for now after she mumbled something about my potty habits. Anyone looking for a play buddy? I bet you could find one you liked if you had 800 to chose from!


A Little Introduction

June 20th 2008 9:56 pm
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I'm a purebred Bedlington Terrier... I'm not sure what that means, but I hear 'AKC' alot and something about not showing because of my broken tail. I'm not sure what showing is but I'm sure glad I don't have to do it, I hear it has something to do with haircuts, and trust me the fewer of those the better! I guess not alot of people know about my breed because some people think I look like an airedale and other people guess poodle. My Mom keeps saying she is going to tell everyone I'm an Italian Greyhound mix just to see their face, but I was looking at that list of 10 distinct looking pups, and I'm definiatly a beddie. With or without my pedigree (whatever that is), I've got big plans. I absolutely LOVE people and I'm looking for ways to help them out. My Mom said that sometimes when people get sick they get sad and if there's anything I know how to do it is make sad people smile. I really want to get this Therapy Dog Certificate thing I hear about and then I can go into all sorts of buildings (and not just ones with dog toys) and meet all sorts of people and maybe I can make them happy. I am almost five months old, and I know I have to wait awhile before I am old enough to be a therapy dog but I'm already in puppy classes and I'm the star student. I keep telling my Mom I'm ready, but she says we have to wait till I'm a little bit older. I guess I have to stop jumping up on people because even though I'm a little guy I could knock someone over, but I just can't help it I get SOOO excited to see new people that I have to bounce around all over the place! I guess I need to keep focused on one thing at a time, and that is passing puppy classes. I'll keep you up to date on that... :)

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