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A Diva's Life

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Hilda has joined her dad, Lukie.

June 3rd 2014 5:44 pm
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Several weeks ago it became apparent that Hilda was slowing down. She seemed to be having trouble breathing and seemed a bit bloated in her chest.
I made an appointment with the vet and Laurie took her up and left her for some testing. I got a call from the vet, she couldn't find anything wrong with her physical exam and the bloodwork was excellent, especially for a 10+ year old Frenchie. The bloating concerned her so she wanted to do some x-rays. I agreed.
She was much more serious sounding on her next call... it seemed that Hilda's heart had so much fluid surrounding it that it was impossible to even see it on x-ray. An ultrasound confirmed the seriousness of her condition.
We elected to start with the simple things...antibiotics and diuretics, hoping it was an infection. Several days later Hilda quit eating and was obviously not feeling well, so heavy duty steroids were added to the mix, hoping to cover a possible inflammatory condition such as Lupus.
Hilda immediately perked up and was pretty good except the breathing continued to be an issue. Her two week check up and repeat ultrasound was scheduled for tomorrow, but Laurie called me last night and said it was time.
Sadly, none of the treatments worked and most likely the problem was a tumor in her heart as her heart sounded much worse today. Her vet agreed with Laurie that it was time and she was now suffering.
Sadly, Frenchies are not a long lived breed. Hilda lived a GREAT life and I was happy to share her with Laurie and Drew and their labs. She spent her Winters with them in Springfield starting when she was about four years old, and lived here with me and the poodles and labs during the Summer months as she could not ever get over spending all day sitting at the fence barking at all Laurie's neighbors. She was perfect here and shared an inside/outside pen with Jones and I shall miss her antics, such as sneaking into my bed and burrowing under the covers, hoping I wouldn't discover her there, or hiding under the desk when it was time for last outs.
Hilda had just returned from a two week vacation with me when she started failing. There was no evidence of any problem at all while she was here, except maybe she was a bit thinner than usual. Laurie brought her to work here twice a week and neither of us had seen anything alarming until the last two weeks.

Fly Free, Hilda, and give our best to your dad, Lukie!!! You and he can talk up a storm now!


Summertime and the living is.....

March 30th 2012 2:57 pm
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HEY, the living is AT MOM'S!!! The minute the weather starts to get nice Laurie brings me over to Mom's and dumps me off there! Life is soo not fair.
Actually, if possible, this Summer is going to be even worse than last. Lola no longer lives here so Mom, in her infinite wisdom, plunked me in that in/out pen with Jones. Not nice at all!
The problem is that Jones cannot run in the lab pen with everyone else, so, if I am stuck with him, I am also unable to run in the pen with everyone else. Or, at least that is what Mom is claiming.
It certainly shouldn't have anything to do with the fact that when I DID go down to the lab pen I found myself having to beat up Zena... BUT... I didn't hurt her!!!
There are a few perks to that pen, however. Since it has a doggy door I can mosey on outside whenever the spirit moves me, even if it's in the middle of the night! I can also stay inside if it is too chilly out or if it's too hot out.
And, Mom always feeds whoever's in that pen first, so Jones and I at least enjoy our meal while the others are still waiting for theirs. But, when they are all out hanging with Mom in the living room, Jones and I are stuck in the back room in our pen. That can really be a perk OR not, since I usually race outside and start barking my "someone's here bark" and the others are all worried that they are missing something, hehehe!


Brrr.... Visiting Mom again!

January 15th 2012 8:20 am
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Ya know, 58 degrees is not a proper temperature for the inside of a house! I much prefer 78, but even 68 would do in a pinch. For some reason Mom NEVER makes it warm in her house!!
At least she got us all warm sweaters to wear, but I do not believe a Diva should ever need a sweater inside a house, unless it is in the middle of Summer and I am trying to prevent a draft from the air conditioning.
I will say... I for one will NOT be racing around down in the frozen tundra she calls the lab pen. I am more inclined to snuggle down under the comforter in her water bed. Wonder if she will miss me if I just disappear when it's time to go down there.
I suspect those hairless things will follow me into the bedroom and most likely, Zena will as well. It is not fit for man nor beast out side today!!!
Last night Mom got some hamburger out of the freezer to make dinner tonight with. Would you believe it is STILL frozen??? Thank goodness for microwaves!
I hope Laurie will stop by and pick me up on her way home today. If she doesn't I will have to stay here until WEDNESDAY which is when she works next. I do happen to know that it is supposed to RAIN Tuesday night...I sure hope it warms up some before then OR Laurie won't be able to get here and I will be stuck here freezing for even longer.
Gotta go now, the sun is trying to shine in the window and I need to park myself in it. Not that it will help much, but...


Going back home???

November 13th 2011 3:04 pm
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Well, I suspect that Laurie and Drew got home today, so I should be going along home on Tuesday. I would really like to go TOMORROW, but since Laurie works on Tuesday she will most likely make me wait until then.
I must admit, I did have a good time over here at Mom's. The weather was just perfect for Frenchie's to play outside and play we did! Lola is pretty good... she has learned how to play really well finally.
And, the best part of this visit was figuring out about hiding in that dog bed. It worked almost every single night! I would just sneak in the bedroom and hop on the bed and hold my breath. The biggest problem was that us Frenchies love to stretch out during the night and I didn't dare bump into Mom!!!
Well, better go, it's getting time for dinner and I gotta start my stare down with Mom so she will feed us!! That works pretty good, too!


Back at Mom's??????

November 6th 2011 4:48 pm
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Gee, just as I was getting used to being at Laurie and Drews, they decided to "travel" and left me back at Mom's again. This is really the pits, ya know!
The only good news is my plan of hiding each evening when Mom crates everyone seems to be working. I am hunkering down on the dark blue dog bed. It is over in a corner and since I am dark and it is dark, I can pretty much be invisible on it. I stay very quiet and apparently she forgets I am even here and then when she goes off to bed I sneak right in and hop on that warm waterbed. Ummmmm, COMFY!!!
Well, gotta go, she is putting the others to bed now, time to hide!!!


Summer's over, thank goodness!!

October 18th 2011 7:20 pm
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Finally, Laurie decided Summer was over and I could go back to her house for the Winter. Whew, I was even missing those silly lab assistants!!!
But, I no sooner got settled in and she brought me along to work today. Mom asked if I would like to go play in the lab pen for a while so I decided to go see who I could pick on over there.
It was really quite a nice afternoon. It was cool enough for a diva to not sweat any, and Mom had not recently mowed so there was no dirty grass clippings sticking to my coat.
I ran for a while with Lola, then I discovered a HUGE stuffed duck down there. Mom would NEVER leave that down there while I was staying with her, that's for sure!!
I tried and tried to de-stuff it, but it must be very well made and I couldn't budge the seams. Finally, Georgie came along and I let her take it to see if she could maybe rip a seam or two with her tiny teeth. For some reason, she didn't want it anymore after I lurked behind her watching. Can't imagine why not!!!
After we played for a while Mom took me back over to work so she could go kayaking with Beanie and Toto. Gee, I really thought they might be taking ME this time when we all went out the door together.
Oh well, I wouldn't want that wind to muss my hair or dry out my skin so it was just as well that I went back with Laurie!!!


Not what I bargained for

September 10th 2011 11:27 am
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Well!! I thought I was going on a nice relaxing vacation to Laurie's house, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt, the first day there we walked for miles and miles. You know, I have to take 6 steps for every one of my lab assistants and Lauries. I got so hot, Laurie actually had to carry me for a little while. Divas don't like to get hot & sweaty. Then when we had supper, I wasn't allowed to dive into my lab assistants food dishes whenever I wanted to, and there were no pieces of dog food left on the floor for me to clean up. Laurie says I need to lose a little weight. To top it all off, I'm not at the kennel so I'm missing out on Tonya feeding me part of her breakfast. I protest!! Then, Laurie cleaned my teeth with the ouchy cleaner tool! She said I had bad breath and tartar- so it's probably just as well cause Diva's must have shiny white teeth and minty fresh breath. Rumour has it that we are going for another LONG walk this afternoon. At this rate, I am going to waste away to nothing. The good thing, is that all my clothes that Mom shrunk will fit, but the bad thing is that I really am ready for a new wardrobe!


Divas are NEVER FAT!!!

September 5th 2011 1:08 pm
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Mom and Laurie have been discussing my weight lately. They are both calling me FAT!! How naughty is that? Pawrents are NEVER supposed to call their children overweight, and overweight sounds better than Fat.
Here is the deal... Mom has switched us to a no grain formula kibble. It is very tasty and we all love it. knew there was a but, right??? But, it is also an extremely calorie dense food and if we eat our normal amount of food we WILL gain weight. If we eat one half our normal amount, we will also gain weight. IF we eat any less than half our normal amount, we are forced to run around the dog room, cleaning up all the spilled food on the floor and we will gain weight!
Mom says she thinks she is going to have to get some of our old food and feed that to Harvey, Barney, Pinki, Beanie and me and the other Frenchies... guess we are all getting pretty plump, BOL!
Anyway, I am appreciating my extra girth. I put it to extremely good use down in the lab pen. I can body block all the other dogs, even those much bigger than me, BOL!
Meanwhile, I am searching for a new wardrobe... Fall is coming and I will need some new Fall clothes since Mom shrunk all mine in the washing machine!!!


Summer is for the birds, gnat eating birds, that is!!

July 13th 2011 8:17 am
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Man, lately every time I go down to the lab pen I am attacked by bugs!!! First it was the sweat bees (I must admit, Harvey and Barney have those guys WAY WORSE than me cuz they have NO hair to protect them!), then it is some stupid little gnats that keep buzzing my ears and biting me. Seems like the gnats only bug ME, but I did see Mom scratching a bit. I am starting to think Summer is not a good thing for a Diva!!!
It is either too hot or too rainy or too buggy or too something for me to enjoy my time down there. I would MUCH RATHER hang out in the nice, AC in the house!
Especially on days like today. Mom is taking the day off from work. First of all, we slept until 7:30!!!! I can't remember EVER sleeping so late! Next, we went outside and got to stay outside until it started getting too warm.
When I came inside I discovered some of Mom's left over breakfast she had scattered on the floor for us dogs. Mmmmm, cinnamon toast, my FAVORITE!
After breakfast, we hung around on the dog beds, playing with our toys, before Mom finally crated us all so she could clean. Don't know why she crated ME... I am the bestest helper at cleaning. I attack that sucky machine and bite its cords...that stops it right in its tracks, hehehe!!!
And, everyone knows that a floor without dog footprints lacks that lived in quality that makes a house a home, right????
Ohhh, gotta go, she is bringing that sucky machine in OUR room!!!


Vacation from my vacation home...

June 5th 2011 3:12 pm
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When Laurie came to work on Wednesday she said she was going to CT to visit her daughter (AND BJ!!), for the weekend. In my best Diva manner, I begged her to let me go with her. She said she was taking one of the lab assistants.
Of course I reminded her about how well I travel. I also reminded her about how loud and obnoxious RJ is when he visits with BJ. (Hey, what's with all the initials for names with these labs???) Laurie admitted that can be a problem.
So, when it was breakfast time, I was very nice and didn't beg too much. I only pushed Harvey off the chair one little time and he didn't land on his sore eye. And, I didn't pee on the store rug at all!
Finally, Laurie decided I could go, especially when Mom reminded her that I don't care for Sponge and she doesn't care for me, either, and she has to be very quiet for her treatment.
Sooo, I suspect I will be back at Mom's on Tuesday, unless Laurie gets tired of me before then. I tend to be kind of bad when I'm home in the Summertime... it's all those neighborhood dogs that bug me, you know. I never bark much here at Mom's... there is nothing much to bark at, unless they all go down in the lab pen without me!!!!
Maybe Laurie will have some new photos of me and BJ for our pages when we get back????

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