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7 things I am greateful for

November 12th 2007 9:17 pm
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One of my dogster pals asked what I was greatful for:
1. Meat
2. Cheese
3. My Dad for playing with me
4. My Mom for taking good care of me-even though I don't always like it
5. My soccer ball
6. My dogwalker, Abby for taking good care of me when Mom & Dad are at work
7. Debbie for letting me herd her sheep every week


I've been tagged (twice!)

May 29th 2007 9:44 am
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So 2 girls who shall remain nameless tagged me. I am supposed to list 7 fun facts about ME, and then tag 7 more pups. So, the pups I tag have to do the SAME!
7 things about CORBU:

1. I am grumpy in the morning. VERY GRUMPY.

2. I go herding every week. I have my HT title. I am trying to get the PT this summer.

3. I am a good boy when Papa brushes my teeth.

4. I love children, especially babies, especially strollers.

5. I am a soccer fanatic. I love to peel my balls. I have a collection of peeled soccer balls.

6. I am NOT a lap dog.

7. I have a Yorkie girlfriend. She likes to lick my teeth and she sticks her whole head in my mouth!

I am tagging:
Miss Murphy


Catching up

January 17th 2006 3:20 pm
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Ever since Mom went back to "work", I don't get the computer time I used to. I need a new secretary!
I had a pretty good winter holiday. Mom was off of work for 10 days. I hate beling left alone, so that was good news for me. Weird things still happened though...
On Christmas we went over to Grandma's house. I like Grandma's house. It's big. And she has good cheese. Last time I was there I got Brie! I never forget stuff like that. No Brie on Christmas, but I still enjoyed being witht The Pack until...Mama & Papa left without me!!! They waited until they thought I wasn't looking and they just left. I went over to the door and just stared and stared. This has never happened before. I figured I would just wait and they would come back. Grandma started to worry about me, so she started trying to feed me and play with me. As much as I love food, I was too distressed to eat at a time like this. Where are they!? When will they notice they forgot me?!
Grandma then decided to put me in her bed with her, butI didn't like that. I just wanted my Mama & Papa! I finally fell asleep out in the living room. I felt like sleeping alone. The next morning Mama came to get me! Yeah! What was she thinking? I knew I would need to punish her for abandoning me. Mama told me that I should learn how to be a big boy and sleep away from home.
We agreed to disagree on the subject. I don't want her to ever think that she can leave me somewhere so she can go on a "vacation" without me. I will not cooperate if she does this again. Sometimes Mama & Papas cannot be trusted.

So after Christmas vacation Mama & Papa were supposed to go back to "work", but my Papa hurt his back and could not move for a whole week.
This was the best news ever. I had my Papa to myself for a whole week. I could tell he was pretty sick, so I stayed by his side as his loyal companion.
Papa could not walk me or play with me for a week. Mama had to do everything. I felt bad for her so I toned done the bossiness a little. Mama looked like she needed a break.
After 1 week, Papa was better. I was happy he didn't hurt anymore, but I knew that meant he would leave me all day, which is what happened.
Now Mama & Papa are back at "work". I can't wait for the next "vacation"!


Been a while...

October 12th 2005 3:18 pm
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So much as happened since I last wrote. I guess I've just been too busy to keep up. Two main things I must report:
First, Mommy went back to "work" in August. It makes me very sad, but I know someone has to pay for my bully sticks and treats. Every morning I give Mommy and Papa my saddest corgi eyes when they leave me. Mommy gets so upset she just walks out the door without looking back. I have a dog walker who comes every day to take me on off-leash hikes with other dogs. It's pretty fun, and of course I insist on sitting in the front seat. I'm just that way. I like my dog nanny, but I like my mom & dad better. I get so excited when they come home. Usually Papa comes home first and we drive to pick Mommy up at the train station. I get to sit on her lap the whole ride home. Mommy says this is the best part of her day. I like it too.

My other news is that I have a girlfriend named Riley. Our neighbor adopted her from a dog rescue. She was homeless. The shelter thinks her owners just abandoned her. I can't believe anyone would do that. She is so sweet and pretty. But I guess I'm glad it happened because now she lives next to me! We wrestle and chase eachother everyday. Some days if our parents are too busy we don't get to play. Those are bad days. We really miss eachother when that happens. I wasn't too sure about her at first, but now I can't live without her. Now I know what it's like to have a best friend.


First Birthday

July 21st 2005 11:12 pm
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This was a very good day (and I'm not easily impressed). First we went to the dog park and my 2 best girlfriends (Tasha & Gertie) were both there. I think they were fighting over me. We all beat up on eachother really good. All the people laugh at me and Gertie (she's a Bernease Mountain Dog-so she's HUGE) because she lets me beat her up. Everyone thinks it's funny because "little old me" is beating up such a big girl. Oh, and the bassett hounds sang "Happy Birthday" to me.
When Papa came home from "work" we drove to the City (San Fran). First we went to a fancy doggie bakery (Bella and Daisy's) and Papa bought me a bunch of doggie cookies. They had fake chocolate and frosting and sprinkles- not bad.
Then we went to Crissy Field were the doggies can run free (at least in some areas). I loved it there, not only because I could run free, but because it was COOL. I hate heat and it's been so hot where I live. What a relief. I met a few City Dogs and we played.
Then we went to a restaurant (Liverpool Lil's ) where doggies are allowed if you eat outside. I was so tired from running on the beach that I was a very good boy and sat under the table while Mom and Papa ate. Then the best part was when Mom gave me part of her hamburger and even some fries!! She said it's just because it was my birthday.
Then we got in the car and I slept the whole way home.
I can't wait for my next birthday!


Back from vacation

July 18th 2005 3:48 pm
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I think I'm depressed. I guess I have mixed feelings. I'm happy to be home, but I miss all the activity of my vacation. I went to Lake Tahoe for a week. My Papa grew up there, so he knows all the good places to go with doggies. We went on some big hikes in the mountains. All the people we saw couldn't believe a dog with such short legs could walk so far. It was hot and I got tired, but I had so much fun being OFF LEASH, that I was able to complete our big hikes. Mom brought lots of cheese to keep me going.
I also learned how to swim. There were so many places for doggies to go swimming. I miss that part. There were so many lab retrievers swimming back and forth, back and forth. I watched them for a long time. I didn't get it, why were they doing that? I would bark at them from the shore so they would notice me, but they just kept retrieving. I'm still a beginner swimmer.Just a few doggie paddles at a time. Mom & Papa got so excited when I swam, they were jumping up and down and gave me cheese whenever I swam. I don't know what the big deal was, but I'll take the cheese.
There was still snow on some of the hikes. I love snow. I would roll around on it to cool off.
I also met some good doggie friends. A toughie little doxie girl (Lily)-she beat me up pretty bad, but she was cute.
I bossed around a bunch of retrievers. And I wrestled with Buddy, a retriever puppy. We watched his Dad take him swimming for the first time. Pretty cute (not as cute as me, of course).
But the best part of vacation was that I had my Papa everyday, all day. Now Papa is back at "work". Sigh....
So, today was back to the old routine. Mom and I went to the dog park. My newest friend Roxie the lab puppy was there. We roughed eachother up really good and everyone watched us and laughed at the demon sounds we made. We are fierce!


Going on vacation

July 9th 2005 10:25 pm
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I'm very suspicious. They tell me that tomorrow we are driving to my other grandma's house in Lake Tahoe for a whole week. Hmm. They don't even have dog parks. What kind of placed is that?! Grandma's house doesn't have the internet, so I won't be able to write in my diary. So don't miss me too much. I hope I have fun, but I don't know what to make of this. Sometimes you can't trust the parents! I remember there is a good doggie store there and I will remind Papa about it. I'm sure I will have lots to report when I get home.


I'm a Busy Bee

July 7th 2005 2:54 pm
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I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to update my diary!
I don't know about Holiday weekends...They are kind of stressful-so much going on. This one was good and bad. BAD: Mom and Papa made me go in Grandma's pool. They thought I would like it. I didn't. First Papa carried me in with him and he tried to put me on a float. Didn't like it. Do I look like a water dog?!? Then I fell in the pool. It all happened so fast, I don't know what happened, but Papa was there to save me. I wanted to explore Grandma's big back yard. Lots of good things to smell and taste, but Mom kept getting on my case and wouldn't let me get into the bushes. She says I need to stay where she can see me. Sigh....
I went to my first party! It was good and bad. BAD because the house we went to already had a dog, Kat the Australian Terrier. She did not like me. She told me right from the start that she was the boss. I was just trying to play but she kept growling at me. Her parents made her have a crate time out! Yipee! Then I got to be the only dog and everyone adored me. Here's the GOOD part: people kept giving me food. I didn't even have to sit or do any of that silly stuff. I got 1-1/2 hamburgers and part of a hot dog. People left drinks on the ground so I even had some beer and wine. Hey, it was a holiday!
When Kat came out of her crate I chased her. We actually played a little bit, but she's not a jock dog like me, so she got tired really fast and hid from me so I wouldn't chase her. I was ready to go home at that point. Some date.....
I have a new dog park friend named Gertie. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She is huge and really cute. She lies down so I can reach her. I roll around on her and she doesn't mind. I like it when she chases me. Mom says she is a gentle giant. We decided that if we got a big dog, we would get one of these.
Today Papa arranged for me to have a lunch doggie date. One of Papa's work friends adopted a homeless dog from ARF. His name is Duncan. We met in the park. He is a mix. He is smaller than I am, but I still liked him. He has spunk! He's scrappy like me-we wrestled. He has a sister who is an American Eskimo mix, but she is prissy and won't wrestle. What's up with that?!
Today is my best friend Boomer's first birthday. We wrestled extra hard, but I didn't let him win. My first birthday is in 2 weeks. Let me know if you need my address for shipping me a present!



July 1st 2005 3:18 pm
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Today at the dog park I chewed on Tascha's ears. She has really good ears, and I should know. I've chewed on a lot of 'em. Golden Retrievers usually have good ones. Goldens are so easy to beat up. People always laugh when they see me beating up a dog that big. Mom says I'm a thug. I'm just playful.
It's hot again today. Not as bad as yesterday. Mom made me walk at lunch. We found a street where all the sprinkers were on. Ah, that felt good. I just lied down on the wet sidewalk.
They told me this is a "Holiday" weekend. I'm just waiting for Papa to get home from the "work" place. We think he might get out early today. The best part is that I get him for 3 days! On Sunday we are going to Grandma's house in Marin. She has a nice, big house. She also has a pool. Mom wants me to go in to practice swimming. Grandma is worried that I will pee in her pool. We'll see.
Then on Monday I am invited to a party with people and one other dog. I have never met this dog, but I hear she is a girl, I think an Australian Terrier. Hmmm. I think it's a set up or something. I'll let you know how it goes.
Looks like I'm gonna be busy!


Time Outs

June 30th 2005 10:22 pm
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My mom read some doggie parenting book that said misbehaving dogs need time outs. Today I got 3 time outs in my crate! I blame it on the heat. I guess I wan't thinking straight. Mom says I get time outs when I ignore her (don't come when called) or when she tells me to stop something and I keep doing it anyway. Today I pulled out a geranium plant from the neighbors garden. (I love our neighbor (Nancy), she's my surrogate grandma. I heard her tell mom that I could do anything and she would never be mad at me. Honest, I heard her say it! That plant was dead anyway. I was just helping!
Then I pulled out some grass from the lawn. Timeout number 2.
Then I did it again. Timeout number 3.
Mom really needs to lighten up. I'm just entertaining myself.
She likes to think she's tough when she puts me in my crate. I think it's sort of funny. I just sit there and wait for her to feel bad and let me out.
Who thinks up these ideas about time outs, anyway???

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