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Deshi Dishes

Deshi Dishes With Tank!

April 16th 2010 7:38 am
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Here is my interview with Tank (1056360). Enjoy!

Tell me a bit about how you got your name.

well, since we are a small size...the pawrents thought it would be *fun* to give me the name Tank since it's kinda an oxymoron. a beefy dog in a little body. plus, i'm ruff 'n' tough.

What is the city you live in like? Your profile doesn't mention it. Do you have any nice parks and/or dog parks to go to?

it doesnt?!?! well, i shall have mom fix that a.s.pronto. we live in Jupiter. it's near West Palm Beach. we have a dog park about 10 minutes away that we go to alot. there is a larger park where we have the meetup, which is nice. we've only been to the meetup once so far, but it was SOOO much fun! i've been begging the pawrents to take me again!

What is your favorite treat?

wait, i have to have a favorite??? hmm...cheetos. mom gets the 'natural' cheetos for dad and he shares them with me. i love them soooooooo much. everytime i hear a bag crinkle, i run to the kitchen. sometimes the crinkling bag is pita chips, which mom shares with me. see, you have to work the system...some from mom some from dad. just act like you havent had a treats in daaays.

Do you like going for car rides? Do you ever take long road trips?

i LOVE car rides! when mom and dad leave the house together, i always think they're taking me to the dog park. mom swears that she could let me walk to the car without my leash when i know we're going there! i like to look out the window, but i love to sit on mom or dad's lap. or dad's shoulders, as you can see in my pic. it was very comfy. i dont know why they didnt want me to do that. hmph. we have taken a couple long road trips to GA and NC. they were ok, but i prefer the shorter ones.

What is your favorite place to go for a walk?

umm everywhere, duh. the pawrents usually just walk me in the apartment complex, which has some great smells, but i think my fav was at the cabin in NC. there was tons of snow everywhere, which i didnt like at first, but then i realized that i had natural snow shoes and then loved it! plus it was nice and cool instead of hot FL!

Do you go to a groomer for nail trims and baths?

*sigh* my pawrents bathe me. i dont like baths but i will tolerate them, although i do like to try to jump out of the tub when i think the 'rents arent paying attention. i am sad to say that i have never escaped the tub. i LOATHE getting my nails trimmed. last time we went to the vet, mom asked them to trim my nails. so they took me in the back, put a muzzle on me (*gasp*) and attempted to cut my precious toes off! clearly i had to let them know this was unacceptable, so i screamed so loud that mom heard me from the exam room (she says it sounded like someone castrating a hog, whatever that means), and i tried to escape their evil grasp. i am proud to report that they only cut one nail. the vet brought me back to the room and said they couldnt trim my nails there because i was too crazy, and that she would give my mom a tranquilizer to give me if she wanted to trim my nails at home. so mom says that she'll wait until aunt amy comes (mom's vet tech friend) and they'll conquer me together??? i'll be needed alternate living arrangements next time she comes. if anypup has an extra room at their place, please let me know.

Swimming - hate it or love it?

HATE IT. well, actually i've never actually gone *swimming*. but the 'rents have taken me to the beach a couple times and tried getting me in the water...the waves chase me! so cruel...

What kind of dog food do you eat?

we just switched to raw about a month ago. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. sooooooooooo much. so far i've had chicken, turkey neck, and some steak dad brought home from work! mom also has some pork liver in the freezer and the ground mixture that sounds fantastic! i've *very* excited to try it!!! sometimes i try to take the chicken legs on the carpet to chew on heeheehee...

Do you belong to a shiba meetup group?

as i mentioned before, there is one in our area, but we've only been once. i dont think it's very established, as the founder lives out of state, so mom is thinking of jumping in to help!

Do you have a set walking schedule each day? Or do you go for walks at random times?

somewhat set, somewhat random. mom's work schedule just changed so it's a little different now. we go out when mom get up in the morning, and before the 'rents go to bed, then a bunch of random times during the day.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

i hope to meet all the shibas in the forum one day and i wish that there were more shibas near me! i need some cohorts in taking over the South FL area. mom says to tell all the other 'rents thanks for all the support and advice. mom also says...wait, no i'm not sharing that, Mom.*struggling*! my com...puter...

Tank's mom here. i would just like to say that Tank has actually become somewhat snuggly within the past few months and i am loving it!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo. i plead the 5th...


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