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Deshi Dishes

Deshi Dishes With Okami!

February 8th 2010 12:10 pm
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Here is my interview with Okami - 971402. Enjoy!

Tell me a bit about your name and any nicknames you have.

Mom and Dad wanted to give me a Japanese name. They were having a hard time choosing a name, but then Mom found one of Dad's videogame called "Okami". Mom suggested that they give me the name Okami, but there weren't sure what it meant. They looked it up and they found that it meant wolf. My breeder, who is Japanese, also confirmed that Okami means wolf. So, they named me Okami!

I have plenty of nicknames! Sometimes Mom calls me the big one (since I'm physically the biggest pet), Oke-ster, Okami-san, or "hey, don't eat that!" Sometimes they also call me "OMG, what's in your mouth?!?!?!" bol.

So, you live in San Francisco. Have you ever gotten a taste of Rice -A- Roni or any other table scraps for that matter?

I have a secret to tell you, we actually don't live in San Francisco. We (well, Mom, Dad, Faye and my feline siblings) moved from SF to LA about a 1 1/2 years ago. I'm from a breeder in Corona. Mom still leaves "San Francisco" for our location because she doesn't want to admit that she now lives in LA. Mom is weird.

As for table scraps, Mom and Dad are very stingy! They don't give us a lot of table scraps, but sometimes they just can't help it! My favorite table scraps are fries, gorgonzola crackers with pub cheese, spaghetti, and peanut butter!!!

I bet you have lots of cool parks you visit. What is your favorite place to go for a walk?

When we go to SF, we sometimes take walks in the Presidio. It's beautiful! I think it use to be a formal naval base.

Are you pretty good about getting baths and nail trims?

I don't like getting baths or getting my nailed trim, but I suffer in silence. I try to wiggle out of it, but I don't do the shiba scream. Mom and Dad also just take me to a groomer because I'm getting too strong for them to handle. It doesn't seem to bother me much though because I always want to walk into the groomer's shop when we pass by it on our walks.

Do you ever go on road trips? If so, what is the furthest place you've gone to and what did you get to do and see while there?

Yes, we go on road trips all the time! The farthest I've gone to is from LA to SF. The only problem is that I get car sick, so that's not very fun. :(

But, in SF, we get to go to great places! We take walks in downtown SF or the parks, and sometimes they leave us in the hotel! It's great!!!!!

Have you ever gotten to play in snow?

No. I wish. I'm sure I'll eat the snow too.

Tell me a bit about the food you eat? Do you have any favorite treats?

Mom and Dad feed us Orijen with some freeze dried lamb steaks once in a while. I think it's yummy, but then again, I think everything is yummy

My favorite treats are these peanut butter sandwich cookies from Trader Joe's They are for dogs, but once, Mom tasted it and she said it tastes like people food! Yum!

Where is your favorite napping spot?

The living room floor. It's carpeted and it's super soft. Sometimes, when Faye lets me, I like to nap on the couch too.

What does your food and water bowl look like? Do they have designs, patterns, etc. on them?

My food bowl has grooves so it's shaped like a star. It's main purpose is to slow down my eating!!!! I use to just gobble up my food. Now, I have to take a little time to eat it.

My water bowl is just a plain stainless steel bowl. Mom read that stainless steel bowls are better because it prevents bacterial growth. I don't know if that's true or not, but Mom is weird like that.

Do you have a doggy door to go in and out or do you scratch at the door when you want out?

No, we have no doggy door. Faye and I don't like going outside. We would be perfectly happy staying indoors all day, but they say we have to be walked so we can get exercise and use the bathroom. Ugh. So, to answer your question, no, I don't scratch at the door when I want out because I never want out. :)

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

I just wanted to say that my pawrents, Faye and myself are very thankful for this forum. It's filled with great people and great dogs! Everyone here is super nice and super supportive! Thanks again for everything.

And, Deshi, you rock!


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