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Deshi Dishes

Deshi Dishes With Jiro!

December 11th 2009 8:37 am
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Here is my interview with Jiro (774630). Enjoy!

Jiro, I know you are my arch nemesis and I'm yours, but for the sake of this interview I will put our past snarkiness and quarrels aside. I brought plenty of treats to ease any tension either of us are having. So, please - help yourself.

*bark* *growl* They’re probably poisoned! *grrrrr*

If you've read my previous interviews you will see that I begin each interview the same way... How did you get your name and do you have any nicknames?
My name was originally lunch meat or something equally strange – I forget. When my foster mom (now Auntie Erin) rescued me from the Lewisville, TX, pound, she named me “Jiro,” which is a traditional Japanese name for the second son born to a family. She already had a male Shiba, so I was her second boy. She kept me for a year, so it stuck.

My nicknames are numerous and include “Cheeky Munky,” “pup,” “mutt,” “mongrel,” “no, no, bad dog,” and “Soup.” I’m not sure about that last one, but it keeps coming up. I think it may be a threat.

Your mom is very active with shiba rescue and you've had a lot of foster shibas share your home in the past. How do you like it when a foster shiba is living with you? Do you share your toys?
I’m never very happy about it, but mom always reminds me that, once, I was lost and needed a home that was safe and kind. I usually don’t worry too much about it, as long as everybody is clear that I’m still the Alpha Male. Yuki-san, my brofur, is usually much less accepting at first because he’s always trying to protect the family from new dogs. What a dope!

Three Dog Bakery - I love that place and you live so close to it! Lucky shiba. What is your favorite treat from there?
I like everything there! I really like the PupCakes. They also made an excellent Beast Feast for thanksgiving, which included all kinds of goodies and a Sweet Potato Chew. That was a happy Jiro/full belly kind of day.

I saw that you got to spend a day at your dad's office a few months back. I bet that was a lot of fun. Do you think you'll get to go back and spend time with him at work again?
Yeah, that was great. Everyone loved me, and I got to hang out with Dad and not be stuck at home all day. Dad’s boss, the owner of the company, decreed that I would have free range of the offices and that, if anyone didn’t like it, they would be fired.

I’m like the GEICO gecko, but I have more power than he does.

Tell me about your favorite place to go for walks... what is it like and what cool stuff do you see and smell?
I love hikes in the woods. So much stuff to smell, and it’s so much more fun than a boring ol’ sidewalk.

I know you had some pretty bad allergies and that seems to be under control now. Are you feeling a lot better now that you have medication for your allergies? You look so much fluffier now.
I am feeling better. I was totally miserable for a while, but now everything’s cleared up. The fluffiness is simply another symbol of my mightiness.

Do you get anything added to your dog food or do you eat it plain?
I get salmon oil directly onto breakfast kibble every morning. Sometimes Mom and Dad will bring home plain hamburgers from Wendy’s for us. Those are good days.

Do you have any dog friends at your apartment complex?
No, they’re all idiots.

Baths or nail trims - which is worse?
Definitely nail trims. Mom and Dad have a dremel they use on us, but I hate it almost as much as the horrible clippers. Mom here: Aww come on Jiro nail trims aren't that bad if they were you wouldn't behave like this. Jiro: Mom, don't show them that!!!!!!!! I'll loose my street cred!

What is the farthest place you've vacationed away from home? Did you have a lot of fun there?
I guess it was probably the trip to Galveston I took with a bunch of Shibas. I had fun, but it was dampened by repeated run-ins with you. *grrrrrrr*

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?
May your days be full of walks, and may your squirrels be fat and slow! I love you all!

Except for you, Deshi. *grrrrr* *buff*!

Just kidding Deshi, everyone knows we secretly like each other.


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