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Deshi Dishes

Deshi Dishes With Mia!

November 26th 2009 5:53 pm
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My interview with Mia - 387783

How did you get your name and do you have any nicknames?

My registered name is Mia Mon Amour. Mom liked the name Mia and I am their love so that's sorta where it came from. My parent's last name is McNally. So I have an Italian first name, a French middle name, an Irish last name and I'm a Japanese dog. I have lots of nicknames mostly "Me"...lately Mom's been calling me "Sweet Treat"...she must be hungry.

What is your favorite toy and why?

Are Bully's a toy??? As for stuffies, anything that I can chomp on & pretend to kill.

I've always heard that when you lose one of your senses that others are heightened. Do you have a super sniffing nose? I thought you could lead the Shiba Patrol in a nationwide cheese hunt. What do you think?

I want to be light hearted here and say yes my smelling is so intense that I stop in my tracks if I go out & it's windy. There is so much going on I can't even process it all. The sad thing to watch is that I have evolved into a "simpler" version of myself and it makes my Mom think I've lost some of my prideful Shibaness. If I hear plastic being opened I run to get food even though it's a paper towel being unwrapped. I also will lay on the kitchen floor if there is even a hint of food on the counter. I also sit at your feet if you are eating. I never did any of this before. On the flip side, I have not lost my desire to lead you when you walk I would be honored to be part of the Shiba Patrol though I could lead you off a cliff.

That looks like a comfy bed your in on your profile picture. Do you ever get to sleep on the people bed? Or do you prefer your dog bed?

That bed is comfy & it's in our den. I sleep during the night (and any other time I want to) in my parent's room in my crate. It's how I was raised & I prefer it. I won't go up on a couch or a bed anymore unless you put me up there & help me down.

So, Thanksgiving is coming up... will you get any turkey? Do you ever get people food?

I might get a tiny bite of turkey but that's it. I'm less active so I rarely go off my diet. Sometimes I get a tiny bit of cheese or scrambled egg. I love chicken but I've got an allergy.

Tell me a bit about your favorite place to go for walks.

We live above a creek that runs through our community. We walk along the path along the creek. There are lots of ducks and an egret or two. I know the other dogs that walk there too. I know the smells and feel most comfortable there.

Do you like to wear clothes?

Are you kidding? I accept my halter.

What kind of dog food do you eat?

After multiple foods, I now get 1/3 cup twice a day of Eagle Pack Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine, Salmon Meal with Oatmeal kibble with a teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese & some crumbled cod that Mom bakes for me. She also adds a 3V cap. My treat is my beloved goldfish cracker or a few Charlie Bear Beef Liver Treats from Trader Joe's. This has really helped get rid of my red, itchy tummy.

Are you pretty quiet or are you vocal?

I'm extremely quiet. I will do the low woof or the yodel for a good reason. Though many a time my parents have no idea what my reason is as they get up & look out the window.

How do you like being in a car? What is the longest road trip you've gone on?

I love the car. It's an automatic nap. The farthest trip so far is Yosemite from our home in Southern California.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

I think the reason you humans love us Shibas so much is that we are a conumdrum of sorts. We are a riddle. We are full of contradictions.

Though I've been blind half my life, and I'm different than I used to be I still reserve the right to run & greet you at the door with sheer abandon or I will stay sound asleep in my crate so you have to find me and wake me up.

I reserve the right to respond appropriately to your every command or I will "stare" at you and do either nothing or the exact opposite of your request.

I reserve the right to give you back the affection you give to me or I will turn away in absolute disgust.

That said, thank you for the interview. On this day of Thanksgiving I give thanks for all of your support. I will try to accept a hug from my Mom today......


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